Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Just a quick note to say Happy New Year everyone. I've had such a wonderful 2010 and know 2011 will be even better.

I'm off tonight to be naughty and get into trouble, lots of it. Maybe I'll see you around :)

Lottsa Luv,

Monday, December 27, 2010

Megan’s Day Off: Chapter 1

My good buddy Sarge... I mean Jason wrote this super sexy story for me. Here's Chapter 1

By Jason

Megan pushed her glasses onto her face and tapped away at her keyboard willing herself through the first of four research papers that were due tomorrow. It was all still so new for her and trying to balance some semblance of a normal life and being the most powerful superhuman in the known universe had meant no time to herself. Megan was pretty sure there wasn't an instruction book on how to be an unstoppable eighteen year old college girl. The gifts she'd been given, the near infinite well of physical power she possessed, made it hard to find a negative, however. The young girl smiled recalling the effortless feats her body had performed over the last week, the punishment she could take and how wonderful it felt, and the unimaginable speed she could move and perceive with. She was capable of all that and more and the thought of it warmed her as she stretched out leaning back in her chair. Megan eyed her clock for the time watching the seconds tick by. It was dark out and her roommate was out enjoying college life, something else she had no time for.

“Ugh! Screw this!” The young brunette looked back at her laptop, making a decision, and grinned, “What good is being a supergirl if you can't have a good time?”

Megan pushed herself back from her desk and pulled her mid-baring tank top over her head dropping it to the floor. Her small, youthful breasts barely jiggled as she felt the familiar warmth of power at the tips of her nipples which soon adorned two DD-sized mounds. Surprised the change was coming so quickly, Megan slipped her tiny boy shorts down over her widening hips to her right ankle, now nearly filling the leg of the shorts, kicking them over head giggling with excitement.

“Whoa! I must have needed this! It's coming much faster than usual!” She sighed into the swell of power looking over at her thickening arms with pride. Her hands filled with her heavy, growing breasts and her bones tingled and stretched as she rose in stature passing six feet within seconds. As her tits jiggled and solidified into place, Megan could feel her diamond hard clitoris slip passed her soft, bare lips. Muscles twitched and popped under her tanned skin and her head rolled. Reaching seven feet in height, she sat upright allowing her spreading back some much needed room within the confines of the chair. Her soft, shiny chestnut hair spilled over her shoulders and Megan smiled satisfied, for now.

The amazon stood up looking herself over in her long mirror fingering one of her nipples admiring every move as her muscles danced and her power soared rushing to her flush, angelic face. Megan reached up flexing every supercharged muscle, her fingers now poking through the ceiling, “Oooo, I don't think I'll ever get tired of that. Oh-oops!”

She took her seat at her desk and, without much pause, her right hand became a blur over her keyboard as her left flipped through a stack of text books, her eyes taking in every word several pages a second, organizing theme into an outline of information to be typed out as coherent ideas. The image flickered on her special desktop- given to her as a gift for stopping a nuclear meltdown- as paragraphs scanned over the screen struggling to keep pace with Megan's one-handed typing. It wasn't long before it's simple PC brain had to play catch up.

“I know they meant well, but this laptop is slow!” She thought. Megan, waiting a short moment for it to catch up, pulled out her personal laptop, laid out her notebook, and a few writing utensils. “I guess I could work on next week's theoretical algebra project in between while it catches up...”

Her right hand took up the double duty of typing and writing page-long computations, the pages filling faster than the the word application on her computer, as she continued to flip through her text books faster moving between history, algebra, and computer science simultaneously. Her eyes darted about perceiving, absorbing, and relaying information effortlessly. With a knowing smile, still working diligently, Meg noted her curriculum papers and grabbed her workbooks.

“Hmm...with exams around the corner I could do those workbook assignments,” Meg mused opening one of them. She pulled over her roommates laptop, “might as well finish up that take home exam and computer science project, and the extra credit papers couldn't hurt...”

Megan happily busied herself adding to her workload, her entire upper body a blur of movement, wondering why she hadn't done this before, “No more all-nighters for, Megan! As a matter of fact, I don't even feel like I'm doing much...”

The blurring girl grinned glancing over the syllabus for all six of her classes in a quick instant memorizing her course load. Utilizing her entire desk space, twelve more books were stacked next to the three that she continued to read, three workbooks were opened as she began writing through those while completing her algebra assignments in four separate notebooks, different windows opened and closed as she typed and researched on all three computers. Megan could feel her head beginning to warm while synapses in her brain fired at an incredible rate and she calmly, effortlessly absorbed an influx of complex information effortlessly processing it into an entire semester of assignments.

Megan smiled confidently pulling her right hand away to place it on her hip leaving her left to take on the entire course load. She giggled very impressed with herself, “This is ridiculous. Am I so powerful? I don't even feel like I'm trying! Let's see how far I can push this...”

She set up her webcam to record the event on top of the monitor and patch it into her special laptop so she could watch everything while working. Her arm was beginning to glow slightly and the completed assignments were either saved or pushed aside in a neat pile in quick succession. With her right she laid out both her Xbox and PS3 controllers and started them up with Gears of War in one and Call of Duty in the other, set the game to their highest difficulty, and played both flawlessly with her right hand. Her mind worked out strategies and worked through a semester of six different subjects of schoolwork and Megan smiled with amusement knowing this was only small fraction of her capability. Between load screens she played a puzzle game on her phone and read through her reading assignments so she could write reports on those as well. Her eyes began to glow giving only a glimpse of the massive amount of activity happening in her head and she noticed it on the camera feed. Megan giggled excitedly, delighting in the ease of her superhuman feat.

“Wow, I can't even feel this. Ooo...look at me!” Megan laughed, her body an almost invisible blur of flesh from the waist up, “Go, girl go! Ohhh...this is making so hot!”

Instantly she felt her hands touching her in all the right places. Her finger vibrated against her clit like a tiny jackhammer while she massaged her breasts and fingered her nipples. Megan stole a glance at her clock again, the second hand moving like the minute hand. She kept it up, never slowing down, as with each finished assignment, every finished level, her arousal soared. Megan giggled deciding to make a game of it climaxing as many times as she could while she worked and played. Just under five minutes minutes passed before she panted for breath through her release and sent all eight papers to the printer and put everything away in a quick instant.

“AUUUGHHHhhhh...FUCK! Whooo, that was fun! What a rush! Ugh, and I'm still so horny. Get it together, Meg!”

“Let's see, 17 books, eight ten-plus page research papers, four workbooks, four full notebooks of theoretical algebra, an eight page take home exam, and nine extra credit assignments, all of it checked through twice,” Megan happily numbered them off in her head her eyes finally beginning to dim, “12 reading assignments and their one page reports. All while playing two shooters, four flawless levels of Bejeweled, and got off at least a hundred or more awesome times, all in under five minutes?! They keep calling me a goddess, and to be honest, I beginning to feel like it.”

An errant shudder rushed up her spine jiggling her sensitive nipples. Megan instantly went hypersonic rumbling through another unexpected aftershock, “OooooOOHHH- WHOA! A very naughty goddess!”

Megan glistened, her skin moist, as a haze of steam wafted from her skin. Through sleepy eyes she watched herself in the mirror, her muscles warm and pumped, as she rose from her desk fixing her wild mane more out of habit than necessity. She willed her body to harden listening to the stressed, stretching steel of her own perfect skin as her breasts tightened and and perked on her chest. Megan bit her lip hearing her body creak and groan becoming more dense and heavy. The floor creaked beneath her, still managing to hold her building weight.

“Who's a girl of steel?” Megan flexed her right arm cuddling the massive muscle to her cheek. Her left fingers attempted to massage her breast only to be resigned to rubbing over it's hardened surface. She sighed, her warm breath lingering over her bicep, “I am.”

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Very Meggy Christmas

I want to wish all of my friends a Super Merry Christmas and an Awesome New Year! I've had such a great time this past year and had a lot of fun with all of you. All my best for 2011!!

Thanks to Mav for this super-buff, snow bunny, Santa elf morph of me. Who's got the Mistletoe?

Kiss, Kiss

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Miss Ultra Universe

Here's a new story from Belle with a little help from Cele.
I'm glad some of us Buffies have been writing lately (Bad Meg, Bad Meg)

'From all across the multiverse, the mega-goddesses gathered once again for the Miss Ultra-Universe Contest. It was held every billion years to determine who was simply the most massive, most powerful, and most ravishing ultra-goddess in existence. Thousands of women of all sizes and levels of musculature poured into the mega-dimensional building, all the super strong women from the multiverses are here - Annie Huge, Average Woman, Static Girl, Tetsi Fli, The Shulk, Quadra Six Pack, and Princess Death from Planet Oblivion is here, all heavy lifters and working their massive bodies to the max. They range from a few million light years tall to several billion light years tall. They are all working out in the trillion light year pump room when the doors swing open and the sculpted mass of bronzed titanic muscle known as Mega Goddess Belle walks in.

It was clear she had spent the last billion years working hard on her physique after placing second in the last competition. It looked like she had enough muscle to equal the muscle of the thousands of other competitors put together. Even the previous champion, Princess Death, only now came up to Belle's waist. Looking down at the previous champion, Belle flexed her colossal right bicep and watched as the perfect split peak rose to attention criss-crossed by a network of thick veins pulsing with white-hot plasma-the stuff of stars.

"Hey little girl. It looks like my arm has more muscle in it than your entire body. You should have worked harder. Just wait'll you see me with a good pump."

With casual ease, she brushed by the seemingly tiny Mega Goddess and entered the pump room. Each step of Belle sent shockwaves through the building, caused her thighs to surge and swell with power, and saw her calves explode outward with inconceivable power.

Belle walks up to the cables moving the setting from 1 megaverse to 100 megaverses and giggled out loud, "Who was the little girl warming up with one megaverse? I like to use 100 reps at 100 megaverses just to warm up my biceps."

"But, this is impossible," the seemingly tiny mega-goddess stammered, "I worked even harder than I did for the last competition. I'm more ripped than ever. I added twenty billion light years to my stature!"

"Ha, you're so cute like that. I added one hundred billion light years in stature, increased my muscle volume fifty times over, and increased my muscle density by over a million times. I'm a super-pumped mega-muscular ultra-goddess Fifty million times stronger than I was last time. Just wait'll you see me with a good pump. It's mind-blowing! I just hope this little gym has enough weight to satisfy me. These muscles love pumping the big weights. I mean, all the mass in all the universes in existence can't even begin to quench my muscles need for pump."

As she warms up the weights seem lighter and lighter, and no matter how many universes she puts on, she finds it becoming too easy.

Belle moves to a bench to try tricep dips, she might get some more resistance just using her own weight. This proves a bit better, and her triceps swell and her arms are almost as big as her thighs now, but Belle decides she is not getting anything like a good pump with the small weights they have, and goes outside. The building shines and glitters in the light from the multiple galaxies, and is built to look like a stack of weights, going up in decreasing sizes. There must be about a million floors, and the bottom 'plate' of this huge construction is at least 100 trillion light years across.

This gives Belle an idea, she bends down and gets a finger hold under the edge of the bottom floor. With huge effort she strains to lift the megalithic structure. There is the sound of snapping girders and earthquakes shatter the mega-dimensional planet the foundations are rooted in. Her muscles strain and bulge as she lifts the building. Massive veins infused with solar plasma swell all over her ultra-powerful body. Now at last she will get a good workout!

Holding the building by one edge, and ignoring the sound of people and weights falling about inside, she begins free weight squats. At the first squatting she finds the weight almost unbearable, but as she straightens her legs, keeping her abs tight and chest high, she manages it without locking her knees. After the tenth squat, she is beginning to enjoy it, and the building feels much lighter. Thick masses of striated muscle bulge in every direction and surge ever more massive with each rep until at last her gargantuan layers of rippling exotic muscle surge against each other.

The feeling of her muscles rubbing against her womanhood sends shivers through her massive erotic body. Sweating heavily, her sweat and juices run down her pulsating muscles, lubricating as her legs crash together like continents. Better try something else now she thinks, my thighs are so huge, any bigger and I will not be able to walk!

Changing her stance, Belle starts to do overhead dumbbell presses, slowly lifting the building up and down. Each titanic rep causes the exercise to become much easier, causes her shoulders, biceps, and triceps to swell with inhuman might, causes the muscles to split and separate into masses of ultra-feminine power. She breathes deep letting her chest swell in and out. As she goes past the hundred rep mark, her shoulder muscles explode to twice their size in deeply grooved striated masses covered in huge thick veins pumping nutrients to swollen masses of muscle. With one more deep breath, her bikini top bursts and is fired out into space.

Giggling, the ultra-goddess muses out loud, "I didn't need that anyway. Now I wonder how I'm going to get my tiny little bikini bottom off now that my legs are so incredibly massive?"

Casually dropping the ultra-massive building, Mega-goddess Belle drew her massive arms in front of her and thrust her luscious hips backward while flexing down hard. Every muscle in her body exploded outward with colossal force. Huge veins snaked across her body rising to their full glorious prominence. Her massive traps surged up threatening to engulf her ears as her massive biceps fought for space with her mountainous breasts. Each of her twin glutes surged into massive striated mounds of perfection and squeezed the tiny fabric caught between them and pushed it to the breaking point. The fabric stretched and strained over her swollen clitoris sending shockwaves of pleasure coursing through her mega-titanic body.

Relaxing her flex, Belle licked her lips and prepared for another herculean effort. Again she threw her body into a crab flex with everything she had. Her muscles responded like never before surging to new heights of definition and size. Sweat rolled off her titanic body, down the crevices between her muscles, and along the groves of her veins. Every striation of every muscle in her body rose to magnificent prominence and then finally, at last, the tiny constraining bikini bottom snapped and fell to the ground.

Now that's much better she thinks, I will try one handed overhead presses now. As she raises and lowers the building with one hand, her bicep builds peaks on peaks and as it brushes her face she kisses on it and thinks "These babies are going to win me the title this time!" Her triceps bulge into huge horseshoes of rippling striated muscle as she continues to overhead press, first one hand, then the other. She loses count of how many she has done as the weight of the building seems to get lighter and lighter each time and she dreams of what she will do with the other contestants when she is the supreme goddess of all the entire universes.

She is woken from her daydreams by a voice calling her. It is the Boy Wonder, hanging out of the front door of the building "For gawds sake Belle," he says, "put us down. The other contestants have conceded defeat. None are as strong as you; you are the new Miss Ultra-Universe!"

"What," thinks Belle, "it was that easy? And I had so many more muscles to exercise as well. What a bunch of wimps." She flicks her fingers and the building clangs onto the ground. "Oops, should not drop heavy weights on the floor," she giggles.

She enters the building, and the other contestants are helping Boy Wonder to carry the trophy to her. Tho' it is only the size of a medium planet, it is made from super heavy metals, and a mere superhero like Boy Wonder could not carry it. As Belle receives the trophy, she thinks how light it feels in her hand while the other ladies are lying on the floor recovering from carrying it. The previous winner, Princess Death, looks on with envy.

"Now that I am the Ultimate Goddess of all the entire Universes, you will ALL do my bidding from now on," she tells them.

"Yes Great Goddess Belle," they all reply.

"First then," she says, "I see from the bulge in your pants, Boy Wonder, that you like what I have become. Drop your pants and let us get to it!"

"YES MA'AM," he shouts as his giant man sausage bursts forth.

"In fact" says Belle "you can ALL join in the fun - I insist. It's my birthday, no harm can come to you."

"Yes Great Goddess Belle," they all reply, even Princess Death kneels down before her.'


So remember, children, we are ALL made from star stuff - we can all be heroes, and we don't need magic to help us.

*hugs* from Belle

Super Meg

Here's another great cartoon created for me by Taylorandtoons. I just love when people send me stuff, even if it takes me a while to get them up. Thanks so much Taylor

Luv ya,

Super Meg by ~TaylorandToons on deviantART

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mavelicious Morphs of Me

I know, I know, it's been a while since I've blogged anything. I hope these amazing new morphs from Mav keep ya going.

Luv ya, Meg

Monday, November 1, 2010

High School Reunion

I love fan stories and just got a great one from Michael. If you like it, I'm sure he'll work up a continuation. XOXO Meg

Written by Michael Bradshaw

as i stood there watching the double doors close behind them i reminded myself again why i came to the reunion. i knew why and it was that reason that i clung to as i watched with no amount of resurfaced fear the foursome that made my high school life a misery. dereck glass, jason kane, monica beauregard and sally days. the four beautiful people. the four that for four years ripped on me on a dailey basis. wedgies, pants-ings, and even one broken arm. i felt an old tremble i hadnt felt for years as they moved away from the doors, knowing they would spot me within moments.

"be calm" i whispered to myself. "you know why you came here". indeed i did know. it wasnt to have a walk down nightmare street with those four. it was to see her. it was to see meg. meg like myself was a nerd in high school. and i guess it was that that brought us together back then. we made a good pair. me; five foot eight, maybe a hundred and twenty pounds soaking wet. and meg; five foot five, flat chested, and big thick glasses. that was the two of us ten years ago. two losers. but two losers that were inseperable. we both endured together. all the beatings, all the humiliations, everything. she was my best friend. . . my only friend. and it was like that from grade seven till grade eleven. until the worst day of my life. the day her family moved to toronto, canada. it was there that i realised i made the worst mistake of my life. i never told meg i had a crush on her. i was too afraid of the possible aweful consequences to think of any good that may come of it. but no more. thats why i came tonight. tonight i tell meg exactly what i should have told her ten years ago.

i ran a hand over my shaved head in anticipation. where was she. . . was she even coming tonight. but before i could send myself into panic attack mode, a voice i hadnt heard in ten years surfaced. and nit was a voice i hadnt missed.

"hey look guys. it's michael muscle-less" dereck glass. just as i remembered him. tall, at least six foot. big, wide shoulders and still sporting that smug "im so much bigger and stronger then you" smile on his face. i felt my face turn red as his cohorts all laughed.

"hi michael" monica laughed cruelly. 'it's been so long. you still long. you still look like a dork though"after ten years their insults still stung. i looked around, hopefully to see someone else that might be able to break up this spectacle. but no. the community hall remained empty. as it had been until i got here and waited all alone. well this was great. all alone with the four people that made my life misery.

several times i tried to speak, but my mouth was dry. i couldnt muster any words. nothing at all that might defuse the situation. i felt my hands shake as they continued their cruel taunts. i tried to slowly inch my way to the door. maybe slip out. but no. and that only seemed to inspire them.

"give him a wedgie!" jason kane cried with great delight. roughly they grabbed me and took hold of my underwear. wonderful. a twenty seven year old getting a wedgie. the world seemed to blur. all i could do was hear their cruel laughter and feel my underwear riding higher then should be legal. but then all of a sudden the double doors slammed their way open and a loud, commanding voice bellowed;

"STOP!" and thats what happened. the wedgie was dropped and we all lin a stunned silence turned to the owner of that voice. and it was their that my world changed. standing their in the open doorway was the biggest, most massively muscled woman i had ever seen. she had to be at least seven foot tall. her biceps were as big as basketballs. her legs corded with huge thick muscles. and her breasts. i had never seen breasts so enormous before. if her biceps were the size of basketballs, these had to be at least twice as big again! her purple tank top was stretched to what had to be breaking point to contain them. even so i could still see her big, thick nipples sticking out at least three inches.

she marched forward in silence matching our own. it was then as she got closer that an i realised something;

"MEG!" i cried out in shock. yes it was meg. no glasses, but that was definately her. how could this be? how could she have gotten so big?

"hi everybody" she said sweetly as though nothing was out of the ordinary. nobody said anything. if i was stunned then the other four looked as though they were going to pass out. "nice to see everyone"meg continued. "oh and by the way in case you were wondering where everyone is, well they are not coming. you see i set this little reunion up just for us. because the most fun thing about a reunion is seeing how much everyone has changed. . . and i do prefer small crowds. " i had to admit i was a little afraid. never had i seen anyone so huge. male or female. i took a tentative step back as the others stood glued to the spot. as i stood there wondering what was going to happen, meg shot me a small wink.

"sally days" meg smiled down at the pretty blond who now looked like a frightened rabbitt. "so good to see you again. you know sally i never did forget what you used to call me. nowe what was it?" sally quivered in obvious fright. "oh thats right. "meg said pretending to remember. "you used to call me flatso. isnt that right. "sally couldnt even stammer a response. "well look at me now. "meg said, inhaling to make her already enormous breasts seem to grow even bigger. "not bad 'eh. and look at you" to be fair, sallys chest was a very nice "c" cup. but compared to meg, it was like comparing a speed bump to mount everest. "still think im flatso?" when sally just stared wide eyed meg laughed again and lifted one of her huge boobs. her hand looked so tiny on it.

"im not going to drag this out and do all the things to you that you deserve. because im not like you. even though i could rip the four of you into little pieces without even breaking a sweat. "i could see meg meant that. she was obviously enjoying watching the four of them squirm but she seemed to find no more joy in it then that. . . but still. meg then, with speed i didnt know anyone had, spun both jason and dereck around, grabbed the back of their underwear and lifted them clean into the air in what was the most insane wedgie i had ever seen. the pair squirmed like worms on hooks as meg roared with laughter. their females companions squieled and shrieked in fear, begging meg to let them go. finally though meg, at last, had had enough.

"ok, now beat it. "with a quick flick of her wrists, meg literally threw the two "bullies" across the room as if they were no more then rag dolls. they flew so fast that their screams were faded before you realised they were there. their two girlfriends quickly sprinted after them and with what was an obvious burst of adrenalin, lifted their boyfriends off the floor and hustled them out of the hall. that was the last time i ever saw any of them.

"hello michael" meg smiled almost shyly.

"meg, what has happened to you?" i stammer. "you. . you. . your. . "

"huge" meg laughed, again almost shyly. "i have had a few changes over the last few years. "

"so i can see"

"but the one thing that never changed was how i felt about you. "my heart began to beat faster. "in high school you were my only friend. the only one who was kind to me. you were the only one who saw me for who i am. "meg's voice quivered and almost seemed as though she were about to cry. but steadying herself she went on. "i always had a crush on you and i knew you had a crush on me. and i hated myself for not saying anything before i moved away. thats why i set up this reunion. to see you. and to give you a gift. "

"what gift?" i asked with a little confusion.

"come here to me"meg invited with a smile. slowly i walked to her. curiousnous and excitment building within me. "here"she whispered, flexing her incomprehensible biceps. "feel them. touch my huge muscles". my cock sprang to attention and eagerly ran my hands over those rock solid mountains. i could feel and hear the fabric of her sleeves straining to hold together. "touch me. "meg whispered. "all over. i want you to feel my huge body. feel my strength. "slowly i slid my hands down from her biceps to her steel plated stomach. feeling the bumps and valleys of her insanley strong abs. meg slowly flexed them and they sprang to life, becoming harder and more defined then i thought possible. from there i tentively lowered myself and began to rub her huge thighs. the muscle was so big and hard, i could not get BOTH hands all the way around.

"hey, watch this" meg whispered interupting my longing gaze at her massive legs. i let go of her thigh and watched as i was told to. meg began to slowly flex her leg muscles. to my amazment the denim jeans she was wearing began to stretch and whine painfully as her monstorously huge muscle expanded. the seams on her keans began to split. i held my breath as i watch the tight seams begin to split along the length of her pants legs, revealing her bare skin beneath. meg seemed to be doing this deliberately slowly, because as i looked up with a look of absolute shock on my face, she winked at me and with a sudden hard flex, her jeans literally explode. my breath, which i had still been holding came out in a loud whoosh as i gaped in awe at her now naked lower body. her legs were indeed beyond enormous. the muscles bunched so tightly it was beyond comprehension. i let my eyes feast as they wandered her muscular ranges. traveling up one leg, down the other until they settles on megs shaved, and glistening wet vagina. meg noticed my stare had stopped there and let out a giggle.

"do you like?" she asked in a teasing voice. i couldnt speak. i could barely get out a nod. meg smiled a sweet, sexy smile.

"good. then come here"still crouched on the floor, i stumbled forward towards meg who immediately took her hand and placed it on the back of my head and shoved my face into her dripping wet pussy. although stunned at first, i needed no second invitation and eagerly began licking away at her hot slit. i could hear meg moan in content as my tongue probed about, tasting her sweet nectur which flowed into my mouth. i found her large, swollen clit and began to suck away. her clit was big. at least 3 inches and coated with her sweet juices. i wraopped my hands around to her bowling ball arse and gripped it tight, trying to shove my face deeper into her huge pussy.

meg staggered on her feet. her moans betraying how much she was enjoying this. leaning over she picked me up under my arms, and nursing me like a small child, planted a deep kiss on my lips.

"you like that dont you" she whispered. "if you think thats good, then have a go at these. "with that meg grabbed the neck of her tank top and tore it open, letting her monstorous boobs spill out. i nearly passed out. i simply coiuld not believe how huge they were. huge was an understatement. each one was three times the size of my head, with huge aereolas and big thick nipples. "come on little man, suck"meg urged. "suck my big 'ol titties"

meg pressed her big nipple to my mouth which i eagerly latched on to. meg let out a loud moan of ecstasy as i sucked as hard as i could.

"yes. yeeeeeessssssss" meg cried loudly. "suck my tits. drink my milk and make me cum" no sooner had meg said that then a warm stream of creamy milk invaded my mouth. it was so divine i coulnt even think straight as i sucked even harder trying to swallow as much as i could. harder and harder i sucked. and as i did i began to feel what at first i thought was an earthquake. but soon realised it was meg. her body was shaking violently and her breathing was becoming rapid. i could hear the cum dripping from her pussy. slowly at first, sounding like rain drops on the floor. then the drops became a torrent as more and more cum gushed from megs huge pussy.

"fuck me little man" meg moaned suddely laying herself down on the floor. "fuck me now" i crawled up onto megs giant body and slid my dick into her cavernous snatch. her big pussy quickly gobble up my 7 inch cock as i began thrusting away, slamming into her with everything i had. meg moaned louder as i reached up and grabbed her humungous boobs and pinced her thumb thick nipples. i could feel megs pussy muscles clench on me, so strong she could no doubt trap me in her pussy if she wanted to. finally i could hold back no more. the heat of her cum combined with the strength of her pussy caused my cock to blow and shoot my cum harder then ever before deep into megs heavenly pussy. i screamed aloud in pleasure as seconds later megs pussy contracted and with a scream three times louder then mine came. meg came so hard and with so much force, the only thing taht stopped me being thrown across the room was megs big, muscular arms holding me tight. meg moaned in delight as i slid down to her pussy and happily began lapping up her cum as it ran from her burning hot snatch. it was heaven. sweet ambrosia. meg squieled with delight as i sucked the last drops off her big, swollen clit.

"well well well" she giggled as i looked up at her with a big smile. "that was fun"

so many things swirled in my head. so many things to say, but one thing came first and it was something that had weighed on my head from the moment meg reentered my life.

"how?" i asked. "how did you get so big and strong? i have to know"meg smiled a dreamy smile and sat up.

"well let me tell you a story. . . "

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hiya everyone and sorry I haven't written much lately. I'm still around and trying to think of new ways that we can have fun together here on the blog. Unfortunately I've been kinda busy and have a mental block for new stories.

Write in anything you want, even if its just to say hi. Would love to hear from ya.

Lottsa luv, Meg

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Meg Toon

I always love it when you guys make pictures for me. I get all tingly inside. My new friend Taylor sent me this awesome cartoon and I love it!! That's one big bicep and a great six-pack.

Check out more of Taylor's Toons at DeviantArt.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Nappy Time

It's a nice long holiday weekend and I'm looking to relax a little. Here's some great morphs from Mav so you can pretend you're with me. Not sure the bed is big enough for the both of us :)

Happy Labor Day,

Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm feeling soooo lazy today! I just wanna go home, open a bottle o' Zin and watch my shows.

Have a great weekend... luv ya,

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'

Here's a collaborative story with my new friend Tom. Comments are welcome from everyone but won't be part of the story. We hope you enjoy. XOXO Meg

It's a sunny weekday afternoon as Tom cautiously walks into Angelo's. He's cautious everywhere he goes, just in case he touches someone. You see, Tom has a "special gift" that manifested early in life.

He considers it a curse and still has nightmares about that first time he discovered he was different. It's a constant reminder and is always careful, although he's learned to somewhat control this mysterious ability.

The old looking gym is deserted, just like he hoped. He knows to come at the slowest time and already in his workout clothes. Can't take a chance of bumping into someone in the locker room. He takes the station at his usual secluded corner and looses himself in a heavy workout.

The door swings open as Meg walks in. Tom is immediately drawn to her. Her beauty and physique are amazing but there's something else about her that makes his heart jump. Her energy? Her spirit? Tom can't quite place why he feels this way. He has dated before but this curse has always gotten in the way. The mental control is exhausting and has to make an excuse before the good night kiss or a simple caress. How he wishes to just wake up next to someone in his arms.

"My Megan," Angelo greets the young brunette with the exuberance he would his own daughter. "You no working today?"

She drops her gym bag and gives him a hug. "The boss is gone and I need ME time. Besides these muscles won't build themselves!" Tom smirks from the corner. The idea of muscles on women has always thrilled him. Raw power on a feminine frame, like a well-oiled machine. It's another of his deepest desires.

Meg makes her way to a bench and carefully adds more weight to the bar. Its more than Tom thinks she can handle and can't take his eyes off her as he stops his workout. She glances over to see him in the corner and flashes a wink and a smile. His heart flutters. Meg lays back, plants her hands into position and begins breathing deep in preparation. With a swift upward motion, she raises the bar then slowly brings it down.

The bar begins to rise back up as Meg puts all her might into the heavy weight. It's not enough and Tom can tell. She's going to loose it.

Tom races to help, forgetting all his caution and training about not getting involved. As the weight begins to crash down on the young brunette, she looks up to see the handsome man from the corner grab the bar and help it to its rest.

"I was hoping you'd spot me," Meg says trying to play down the fact she nearly lost it. She takes a deep breath, gives him another wink and goes for a second try. Concentrate Tom, he thinks to himself. You can control it.

She grabs his hands and puts them over hers as she begins to lift the heavy weight again. Her touch is so soft as he looks down upon her. Her tight, thin body with a light glisten of sweat. Her flowing hair and face like an angel.

Meg raises the bar and feels an electricity begin to surround her. Her innermost desire is to be strong... and that's just what it feels like. She feels Strong! She lowers the bar and begins to lift up again, much easier than before. Near the top she begins to struggle but a new flow of strength enters her.

Back down and and up again as each rep gets easier. Tom looks on in deep concentration, trying to curtail his special touch but with little success at this point.

"What the hell!" Meg says as she puts the bar to rest after 15 successful reps. Her arms and chest look bigger and she feels supercharged, like she could take on the world. Tom knows what comes usually next and quickly leaves.

"Give me more of that," she says but looks around and no one is there. Something magical just happened. All her years of working out, Meg has never felt anything so powerful or had that much gain in just one set. The front door of Angelo's flies open and she sees him run out.

"Oh no you don't." Meg races out after him. >>

Monday, August 2, 2010


Come on in a little closer. I won't hurt ya... much :) Thanks to the Marvelous Mav for these scrumptious closeup morphs.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wow, I can't believe it's been over 2 whole weeks since I posted anything. Sure, some comments her and there but nothing major.

Been busy lately with work and play. It's so hard to stay inside and sit in front of a computer when it's so gorgeous out. Hope you forgive me and I plan on having new stuff for all of you soon.

kiss kiss, Meg

Friday, July 2, 2010

All American Meg

Just in time for the 4th of July, Mav has created these awesome morphs showing me wearing the Stars & Stripes (granted, not much of it). Get a load of my "Bombs bursting in air." :)

Happy 4th of July to all my American friends,

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Pleasure Genie

Written by Celia Thorne
From my Deepest Desires post came a new friend Celia. She contributed this great story and I'm happy to post it in it's entirety.

I sat alone in a bar, drinking happily. I happened to see a beautiful young lady sitting across the room. She had some muscles on her too. I saw her smiling at me. I got up from my stool and walked to her while swaying my hips. I sat next to her and introduce myself. "Hi. I'm Celia."

"I'm Megan."

She didn't seem to me sliding my arm up and down her muscular thigh. "You like working out?"

"I like being big. I just wish I didn't need to strain myself so much."

"What if I told you you didn't?"

"What do you mean?"

"Do you want to become the biggest?"

"Yes. I want to become the world's strongest!"

I smiled. "Kiss me then."

Her eyes opened with shock. "What?"

"What's wrong? Never been with a woman?"

"Well... I..."

"Kiss me," I repeated.

Megan closed her eyes. I saw her lips parting. I brought mine to hers and we both groaned from the contact. I pulled back and opened my eyes. She opened hers and looked down in surprise. "My clothes feel a little tighter! What is this?" She then knew what had happened. She flexed her arm to see a nice bulge. "I got a little bigger! This is great!" She leaned forward for another kiss.

I stopped her and grinned. "Uh-uh. That was a sample. If you want to grow bigger beyond youd your dreams, come to my house." I left a piece of paper with my address in her hand and walked out of the bar while she looked at me in shock.

"Who was that girl?" Megan looked at the paper. "Should I?"

Friday, June 25, 2010

Meg Morphs from Mav

Mav is so great to continually send me new fantastic morphs. I love them soooo much and can't thank you enough.

Big hugs and kisses, Meg

Monday, June 21, 2010

Deepest Desires

What are your deepest desires, the ones you're afraid to let anyone know? Do you feel it's too kinky to talk about?

I assume if you're reading this blog then it has something to do with muscular women, or me or something else entirely. Do you fantasize about women growing big and powerful beyond your wildest dreams. Am I the destroyer or your savior? Are you watching me... or are you inside me? Am I dominating you? Are you worshiping me?

Write in and tell me your fantasies. Let's explore them together.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Chillin' with me

Been feeling really blah lately so thought I'd share some this awesome morph from Mav. Come on and snuggle close to me, let's relax together.

I feel better already,
kiss kiss, Meg

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Josh has been waiting patiently for our new story together. He may have his work cut out for him this time :) Comments are welcome from anyone but won't be considered part of the story. Here we go and hope you enjoy.

In the early hours of the morning, Joshua works deep within his lab. The last few tests have had limited results and ultimately failed. A recent breakthrough gives hope as he retools the main tanks and rewires the feed. He is exhausted but continues on as the sun comes up.

The M.E.G. program must succeed.

Joshua take a swig of strong coffee and rechecks his settings. The new test is almost ready to commence, it must be perfect this time. He takes a single strand of hair, of HER hair, and places it into the centrifuge. Everything is ready.

A simple hesitation then a push of a button. The display reads "Project M.E.G. Commencing."

Joshua sits in deep thought, thinking of what lead to this point. It started many years ago as Human Cloning gained worldwide approval. The world today would have been a better place, but then came the 'Lederberg Incident' 12 years later.

The physiology was correct. Subjects were full breathing humans and the genetic modification potential was off the scale. Problems arose. Some argued a lack of a soul, but I knew better. The rapid rate of growth didn't allow for mental maturity, essential to maintain stability. The ensuing slaughter became a dark point in human history and cloning was once again banned. Those poor souls.

It would have all been ancient history if not for the accident. Josh tears up just thinking about her but wipes it aside and continues on. Five years is a long time to grieve but the pain has driven Joshua and fueled his radical ideas. If only she could see him now. Maybe if everything works out... she will.

"Incubation complete." Joshua checks the settings and prepares for the next phase. A quick look inside gives him hope. There she is.

He became possessed with research and the idea that he could have her back. After a year, he came across a moving film from the early days called "The Matrix." An interesting concept in flash feeding mass information. These genetically superior beings could emerge with full grown personalities, experiences and most importantly... moral safeguards. Those poor, poor souls.

The process approaches its final stage. This is the farthest its ever reached and the excitement gives him renewed energy. Everything still checks out and systems appear normal. It's time and he feels alive again after all this time.

Joshua has spent years piecing her life and memories back together. No detail was overlooked, mind, body or soul. Even the bad was left to keep the balance of who she was. We are all a sum of our parts. He did allow himself a few tweaks but knew there was no way it could alter her persona.

The systems release the latch to the main chamber and the doorway slowly opens, releasing a cloudy mist. He watches as the single mostly lovely women walks through the chamber. She is younger than he remembers... and with a little more muscle. Curious? He knew she had always desired to be strong and had encouraged her in life. With all her workouts, she never got past a healthy, firm physique. It looks good on her and he is surprisingly turned on.

He waits to hear the sound of her voice again and begins to sob. This is really happening. She looks around the lab inquisitively and in a slight daze. After a second, she becomes fully aware of her surroundings and sees Josh standing close by in tears.

"What the HELL Josh! Where the F•©k are we and why am I buck-ass naked... you friggin' pervert."

It's music to my ears, Megan is finally back with me. >>

Friday, May 28, 2010

I hope everyone has a super Memorial Day Weekend, I sure plan on it!
Sorry I didn't get our story up Josh. I have it started and will post it after the long weekend.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Meg's Growth: Week 18

Previously: Week 17
My ongoing, real-time, Audience Participation journey to becoming the ultimate muscle woman. Story addition comments take place in real time so help me grow.

It's been a fun journey but all good things must come to an end. It's time to wrap up "Meg's Growth" so this will be the last chapter. I hope everyone writes in and makes it a great ending. XOXO Meg

I pull up to 125 Pinewood Crescent at precisely 1pm. It looks like an old abandoned warehouse in the run down industrial section of town. I sit in my car for a moment, trying to get up the nerve to go inside.

"C'mon Meg, you can dot it," I say to myself as I turn the engine off and open the car door. What is there to worry about? I'm much stronger now in this new smaller body than I was at my biggest. I feel so unbelievably powerful and it seems to grow by the second. I pull one of my old dented Silver Bullets from my purse and hold it in my hand. A gentle squeeze reduces the titanium device to powder.

What has happened to me? I feel strong enough to throw my car for miles. Did the Myostatin cocktail do this or was it something with Bill's attack & rape? Was it both?

The main entrance is large and full of rust as I finally get out of my car and walk up to it. I hear a creak of the hinges as it slowly open, revealing my old friend Angelo.

"Welcome my Megan. Come inside. We have much to talk about."

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Muscle Modeling

My favorite personal photographer is back with some great shots from our latest fashion shoot. Oh, I can't lie, the pictures may have been doctored... a little. Anyway, we hope you enjoy. Thanks to my super sweetie Mav for his awesome morphs.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Meg's Growth: Week 17

Previously: Week 16 Next: Week 18
My ongoing, real-time, Audience Participation journey to becoming the ultimate muscle woman. Story addition comments take place in real time so help me grow.

Bill's body is dripping with the largest muscle I've ever seen on a man. I'm getting so turned on, the most I've ever been while on the Myostatin. Control yourself, Meg. This is still Bill Sanders, one of the most vile men I've ever met.

He walks up close to me and I dwarf him by quite a lot. But still, how could he get so big in such a short time. He was always big, but slightly overweight and a little flabby. He's now has rock solid muscle that's larger than any male bodybuilder I've seen.

Andrew and I were the only ones with the formula. Then it comes back and hits me like a brick. The missing Myostatin package!

He looks terrified as he asks for help, but his eyes are glued to my body and I see the enormous bulge in his pants get even bigger. I thought he had an erection we he came in... but it was still his flacid penis. What the hell did he do? The front of Bill's pants grows and stretches until the fabric can't take any more and gives way. My GOD... now that's an erection that would make a horse envious.

Bill pleads, "Help me, please!"

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hiya Everyone!
I can't believe I'm blogging on a Saturday night 'cause I'm staying home this evening. Hard to believe, I know.

It's been a long couple weeks and I haven't really done much here. I want you all to know that I'll be back at it soon, stronger than ever. I also didn't realize that I've had my blog for over a year now. Yay!! I think we've really accomplished a lot in that time.

Everyone's been really great and I've made sooo many friends. Who knew you guys out there liked muscle chicks :) Well, there's females a LOT bigger than me but I don't think they have as much fun on a blog as we do.

All my love,

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Angelo's Gymnasium

How cool is this!! Ben from Area Orion sent me this poster he made of Angelo's Gym. Much different than a morph and I LUV it!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Meg's Growth: Week 16

Previously: Week 15 Next: Week 17
My ongoing, real-time, Audience Participation journey to becoming the ultimate muscle woman. Story addition comments take place in real time so help me grow.

My movement is really restricted from the enormous muscles and have started a yoga class to help with flexibility. You should have seen the instructor when I walked in with tights clinging to every crevasse of my body. I could barely do the basic poses but was surprised how well my body limbered up after the first class. I think this will be good for, especially with the movie coming up.

I heard back from my agent and they want me to be She-Hulk. I've grown so much since my screen test and I'm not sure if I'm right for the role. I now look bigger than the Hulk! Another problem is that production starts soon and I would need to be on set for the duration. The thought of being away from my new gym frightens me, I guess which is another sign of addiction.

Andrew is starting to get results back from his testing of me and the Myostatin blocker. It seems my genetic code is being re-written, which explains the rapid growth and even the height increase. He said my muscle is becoming much denser than typical tissue which will increase my strength exponentially. I have the innermost desire and need to see how far I can go. I mean, I'm already a few times larger than anyone else on the planet, but I'm just beginning to feel my true potential.

I get the next vial ready and plunge a fresh dose of the serum into my vein...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Buffies - Rebirth

This is my story, of how I was reborn, as a BUFFIE. I would like to thank the BUFFIES for their help with writing this, especially Meg, Diana and Cele. You may also notice some references to my fav shows in it.

Kisses, Belle.

Previously on The Buffies
Written by Belle | Photo by Cele7110

As I lay in my semi-conscious state I catch parts of conversations going on around me.'We found this in the ruins of the building where Belle was trapped' I hear someone say 'it's a brooch with her name engraved on the back'.

Cel looks at it 'I remember this, it's a kind of heirloom, handed down from generation to generation. Belle loved it and wore it all the time, she never took it off. It's the crest of her Clan, made from Scottish gold and a meteorite'. 'That's Diogenite says' Nic. 'Yes', Cel continues 'the legend is that is was made from a rock that fell from the sky. I have an interest in Celtic arts, and Belle told me the story one day.

It was always worn by the daughter of the Clan chief. Only once was it worn by a male of the Clan, and he was killed at the Battle of Culloden. Since then any female who wore it has suffered an early, gruesome death. The Clan was dispersed in the 19th century, and the last one to wear it was on her way to America, but her mother made her remove it, so she gave it to her mother for safekeeping. It did her no good tho', she went down on the Titanic. The mother was going to throw it away, but her sister took it. It was thought to be cursed, so was never worn again, eventually it was handed down to Belle. I asked if she was not worried by the 'curse' but she would just laugh, saying she was modern and did not believe in all that. The motto on it means 'This I'll Defend'.

'She did that alright' says Meg.

'The strange thing about it is that name has always been there. Belle would laugh about that and say it was meant for her anyway, as it had For My Belle on it' Cel said.

'Well' Benji says 'maybe it will help her recovery, on the sub-conscious level, to have something familiar with her, as it were'.

'I will put it on her' Diana says, and fixes it round my neck as she kisses me on the forehead.

'There is nothing more we can do now' Benji says 'it's up to Belle to do the work as it were, all systems are operating normally, it will just take time for her to heal. If her condition gets worse the alarms will sound. We may as well turn in for the night'.

Cel asks if there is a spare room he can have, as he would like to be around when I recover. Josh mumbles and fidgets, but Meg says there are plenty of spare rooms for him to chose from. As they leave Nic switches the lights over to deep blue uv to clean the room of bacteria.

As darkness descends on me again I dream, strange, disturbing dreams . . .

Monday, May 3, 2010

Meg's Growth: Week 15

Previously: Week 14 Next: Week 16
My ongoing, real-time, Audience Participation journey to becoming the ultimate muscle woman. Story addition comments take place in real time so help me grow.

My desire to be strong and muscular became an obsession and now it's an addiction! Could this new Myostatin (blocker) cocktail have something to do with it? I feel my body aching and starving unless I'm pumping cold hard iron... and lots of it.

My body weight has exploded to 400 lbs but there's hardly any fat, just massive ripped muscle which gets larger by the second. Angelo and my trainer have been with me over the past day. They force me to take a break every few hours, to refuel with protein and nutrients until the pain becomes unbearable. I begin to break into sweats and my body starts to ache. I go back... lifting even more than I had before, pushing myself farther.

The weights of the gym are almost maxed as I can lift nearly all of them combined. I need more and Angelo has ordered even larger ones. I offered to reimburse him but he wouldn't think of it. Some of the other gyms have been sending over their equipment to help, but I quickly devour the weights. How long can this go on and how strong could I possibly become?

My doctor was called in and ran tests while I continued to lift. My heart is strong. No signs of stress or fatigue and he's never seen anyone so healthy... ever. "It's almost an evolutionary step in human development," were his words as he encouraged the growth process. Angelo didn't seem convinced, seeing the mountain of inhuman muscle before him.

I'm a little frightened where this will take me but I can't stop.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Buffies - News Briefs

Previously on The Buffies

The Malibu Sentinel – Malibu is still reeling from the devastation recently caused by the superwoman known as "WildKat." Costs are estimated in the billions of dollars and the Governor has declared Malibu a disaster area. FEMA has arrived along with local heroes, The Buffies to help rebuild. Countless volunteers are also pouring in from across the world.

Sentinel reporter Belle was on the scene and seriously wounded during the attack. Reports confirm she fought alongside the Buffies to take down the monster. Rescue teams rushed her to Malibu General where she remains in critical condition.


The Malibu Sentinel – Reconstruction of the badly hit downtown area continues as the Sentinel's ace reporter Belle fights for her life. Friend and partner Cel has kept a vigilant watch and reports her condition remains grim. They ask in lieu of flowers and cards, people show their support by contributing to the Malibu Relief Fund. Here's where you can send your contributions...


The Malibu Sentinel – In a strange turn of events, Sentinel reporter Belle, who has been in critical condition for the past week, has mysteriously vanished from Malibu General Hospital. Doctor's had been working around the clock to stabilize her condition after her valiant battle with WildKat. She appeared to be making progress but took a turn for the worse around 3 a.m. yesterday morning.

Attendants rushed to her aid only to find an empty room. Belle has mysteriously vanished and partner Cel cannot be reached for questioning. One orderly reported seeing the Buffies in the vicinity but has since recanted the statement. When asked further, he responded with "I have no idea what a 'Buffie' is?" Hard to believe since the Buffies are worldwide phenomenons, but his answer appeared sincere.

We're currently awaiting word from The Buffies.


The Malibu Sentinel – Local Billionaire Joshua K. released a statement that reported Belle is safely in his custody undergoing alternative treatment. Malibu General's Chief of Medicine protested and has called for an inquiry into these so-called methods & treatments. Local authorities were called to the scene to investigate the well-being of Malibu's fallen hero.

They were met at Joshua's mansion estate by fellow reporter Cel, who assured them she was receiving the best possible care. He reported her condition as stable and has begun the healing process. Authorities pressed further, but backed down after the appearance and insistence of the Buffies.

We hope they know what they're doing and wish Belle a speedy and healthy recovery.

Next on The Buffies

Monday, April 26, 2010

Meg's Growth: Week 14

Previously Week 13 Next: Week 15
My ongoing, real-time, Audience Participation journey to becoming the ultimate muscle woman. Story addition comments take place in real time so help me grow.

What a whirlwind! I was so busy in LA this weekend.

I met with an Agent Saturday morning to discuss the movie and other possible deals. He had only seen a photo of me before and was quite shocked when I walked into his tiny office. It seems I've gotten a bit bigger since the photo was taken just a few weeks ago.

I was expecting a typical sleaze ball as I sat on his "Casting Couch" but I think he knew better. He was a small thin man that didn't stand a chance against me. We talked for a while and I officially signed on with his agency.

Next was a lunch meeting with the movie producers. We ate outside at a trendy cafe while the producers grilled me with questions. I did my best and they thought I was perfect for the roll. I felt their eyes examine every part of my body. They wanted to see more before they hired me, so they set up a screen test for the afternoon.

We walked into their offices. I was given a sheet of paper and asked to strip down to my undies. Not sure if this was normal... but I've never done a screen test before. The room was cold and made my nipples hard but I stood there waiting for instructions.

They asked for a lot of jumping, posing and different facial expressions. The ultimately wanted to see how big my muscle would look on screen. I didn't disappoint but what about the acting? I looked at the sheet of paper and it only had a few lines, most of them with grunting noises. We took a break and talked to my agent about it.

It turns out I wouldn't be acting. Hell, my face wouldn't even be used. He told me they plan on swapping my head with the lead actress to keep it more "real" looking. Shit, Bill Bixby doesn't look anything like Lou Ferrigno but that didn't matter. This kind of bothers me but I'm not that great of an actress anyway. Should I accept or not. I need to think about it.

The rest of the weekend I mostly spent at Muscle Beach. There were quite a few industry pros there and made some connections. I'm really amazed how many people knew me from the little contest I did. My cute spotter was also there and he gave me his number.

Sammy and I got home late last night. So many opportunities ahead for me, what should I do? The one thing I know for sure is my body is opening doors for me. I currently weigh in at 315 lbs of power packed muscle and not much can stand in my way. >>

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


There's nothing I like better than spending time at home. I can let it all (and I mean ALL) hang out. Here's some great photos from Mav to give you a taste.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Meg's Growth: Week 13

Previously The Contest Next: Week 14
My ongoing, real-time, Audience Participation journey to becoming the ultimate muscle woman. Story addition comments take place in real time so help me grow.

It's funny how quickly life went back to normal after the contest. I'm not sure what to do with the prize money. It's not enough to retire on but I could buy something real nice for myself. I've got some a ton of fans now and have been getting calls from agents & sponsors. I may even start a blog so people can watch my progress ;D

I've made great friends in Kali & Denise and we talk, text or email every day. It's great to have other bodybuilder friends for support and talk about stuff. We may all take a vacation together this Summer along with Diana & Jess. My Gawd would we have FUN!

I got a promotion at work and am a bit of a celebrity there now. It's funny how everyone wants to buddy up to a champion bodybuilder... even if it's just a small time title. Bill Sanders is back but he's really changed. More dark & brooding instead of his older cocky, asshole self. He still makes me nervous and I need to keep an eye on him.

Then there's my training. I've cut back a little since the contest but have still packed on more muscle. The Myostatin has worn off and I don't have any more. Need to find a supply if I want to continue to grow at the pace I was.

Well I'm off, time for my Monday morning production meeting again.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Megan's Day Off

My good (and cute) buddy Sarge has been gone for a bit. I'm so glad he's back and with a story about me! Check it out and visit his DeviantArt page.

Written by Jason.

The facility vibrated once again as SSG White sighed shaking his head. He’d have to recalibrate the machine for the twelfth time in the last three hours and it was getting a bit tiresome. He punched the intercom button bringing his agitated face close to the speaker.

“Megan! I’m not going to finish this suit of yours any time soon if you keep it up.” He heard her sighing giggle echo through the concrete halls. It was bad enough she decided to tunnel through two and half miles of earth to get there when they had a perfectly good door, now she was destroying the place. Unintentional or not, someone was going to have to answer for the damage.

“Ooo…just a sec…Mmm-YEAH!” She yelped shaking the foundation once again. Jason cursed under his breath once again picking himself off the floor.

“Fuck…that’s good. Oh, you naughty boy, Jason! You didn’t tell me you had all these neat little sex toys laying around.” Megan adjusted herself over the superheated barrel of her latest find eyeing the trigger with anticipation. Goosebumps traveled over her skin as it warmed her inside.

“Those prototype weapons are millions of dollars in tax payer funded research that you’re abusing. We didn’t build them to be your personal sex toys.”

“If you say so.” She laughed. Megan’s beautiful brown eyes looked about curious if anyone was watching unaware of the security cameras. Biting her lip, she reached over to gently press the up arrow marked ‘power’ on the console. As she’d hoped, the weapon began to hum between her thighs as the internal plasma core grew bright. She fingered a nipple pondering the trouble she might get into if something went wrong, but the urge decided for her.

Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm Famous

Well, not really.
I just saw an article with me in it. It's about Female Muscle Stories and there's a mention about my blog. Thanks Ben for the continual support, I really appreciate it!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Buffies - Homecoming

Previously on The Buffies
Written by Meg | Photo by Mav

Seeing the clouds through the airplane windows gives me a sense of peace and a chance to reflect. I'm flying back home, my real home, for the first time since this whole whirlwind of an adventure began.

I have lot to think about. The Buffies are like sisters to me and love the guys too. I've always dreamed of being a superhero and wanted this strength & power. So why am I conflicted? Is this what I was meant to do? I mean, I've worked hard my entire life to become independent, hard working and successful. I just don't know if I should go back to my old life or forge a new one with the Buffies.

“Can I get you anything?” the stewardess asks and I nod a simple “no”. She moves on as I look down at myself. Nic & Benji's device isn't permanent but I can be the old me again, at least for a little while.

The plane touches down and I prepare to depart. No messages on my phone... good. Everyone was reluctant for me to leave but they understood. Josh offered to take me home in Cutiepie but I needed to do this myself.

I get my bags and head to the bus terminal for the last leg home. Walking through the airport, I feel subconscious about my massive muscular body but forget that people don’t see me that way. Just an attractive young brunette in a tattered Steeler's sweatshirt.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Meg's Growth

Hiya everyone.
I'm having fun with the bodybuilding contest story and think we have lots more to explore. Let's keep on the same storyline for another week and I'll figure out how to get us back on track later.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Super Mega Meg

Don'tcha think I look good in socks & high heels? What, not the first thing you noticed :D Thanks to Paddy86 for another rockin' larger than life portrayal of me. This one gets a super special flexxy flex animation!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Meg's Growth: Week 11 - The Contest

Previously Week 10 Next: Week 13
Hi everyone, we're going to change things up a little this week. Week 11 WILL NOT BE REAL-TIME in order to focus on the events of my first bodybuilding show. We'll go back to normal next week. I've included some great photos by Mav to get us all motivated. Hope you all participate. XOXO Meg

It's a gorgeous day as we pull up to the hotel & convention center. I have an entourage of friends that came along to support me. It's not a national contest, but it's my first and I'm buzzing with energy and trying to keep calm.

My trainer parks the SUV by the lobby. Jessica is first out and opens the back to grab the bags. Sammy's tail starts wagging and he licks her face as she pulls out the suitcases. Angelo heads inside to check us in. Diana gets out, stretches and follows behind.

Diana was quiet on the way here... I hope she's OK. We met months ago at Angelo's and have become close friends. When I joined, she was the strongest and most muscular woman I had met in person. A real inspiration. My recent gains have far surpassed Diana, even at her biggest. She's so sweet but I know it has to bother her to be #2 now.

We walk into the hotel and it's a buzz of activity. The lobby is filled with contestants, judges and fans checking in. The convention center is just off the lobby and I can see miles of booths and displays from local and national companies trying to show their BB related goods. I feel like I'm in Wonderland.

I peek into the Grand Hall with Sammy close on his leash. Technicians scurry about as lighting, sound and decorations are still being setup on the main stage. I'll be up there soon enough.

I'm brought back to reality with a blow to my shoulder. A solid woman knocks into me and continues on without a word. She looks like one of the contestants but it's hard to tell since we're all wearing baggy clothes. No one wants to reveal too much before show time. She looks back with a sneer, sizing me up and down in an instant, and letting me know I'm nothing compared to her. What a Bitch! I'll remember that face when we meet again.

Angelo returns with our room keys. "So what's next on our agenda?" I ask him as we all head to the elevator... >>

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bulletproof Megan

A friend sent me these great photos she did. They are from Mav's Morphs, with a little something extra to show how futile bullets are to SuperMeg. Thanks Sweetie!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Diana the Mighty

Here's a couple new AWESOME pictures of our very own Buffie Diana from Paddy86

Monday, March 29, 2010

Meg's Growth: Week 10

Previously Week 9 Next Week 11
My ongoing, real-time, Audience Participation journey to becoming the ultimate muscle woman. Story addition comments take place in real time so help me grow.

It's contest prep time, just a week to go and I'm getting ready. It's just a local show but I intend to make a big splash. I'm using vacation time (again) to focus and channel everything I have. My boss didn't mind me taking time off, especially after the incident with Bill last week. He may be a little intimidated by me, too. I've always used my smile, looks and charm to get what I wanted, this could become a new weapon in my arsenal.

I weighed in at 215 today (yikes) and am still buzzing from the Myostatin overdose. I lifted tirelessly for hours, only stopping to eat and take Sammy out. The muscle gain was off the charts, I could almost see the muscle packing on minute-by-minute and the body fat melting away. My trainer also mentioned using Insulin to gain even more mass. I took some. It's completely legal and easy to get. I wonder what the combined cocktail will do.

Well, I'm off to do cardio then heading back to Angelo's. Sammy's gonna get the run of his life! >>

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Workin' Out at Angelo's

Some recent workout photos from my personal photographer Mav :D
These morphs look great, thanks Sweetie

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sexy Meg

Here's another awesome picture from Paddy86, this time of me! Show some love and check out his DeviantArt page!

Meg's Growth: Week 9

Previously Week 8 Next Week 10
My ongoing, real-time, Audience Participation journey to becoming the ultimate muscle woman. Story addition comments take place in real time so help me grow.

The weekend was intense & grueling but the brand new Megan has far surpassed any of my expectations. I was close to an FBB amateur middleweight size before... but now have a solid professional heavyweight level physique. I honestly don't think Iris Kyle would have stood a chance against the new me at the recent Arnold Classic, and I'm only getting started.

A crowd started to gather yesterday at Angelo's and people took bets on my progress. Their cheers helped to push myself farther. I was setting new personal records every hour without any signs of slowing. We didn't have time for measurements but the muscle weight was being packed on at lightning speed while my enhanced metabolism kept melting away body fat. My breasts have grown too which is weird. It's almost as if the body fat is funneling straight into my girls.

I did have to spend a few hours to go clothes shopping (darn). Nothing would fit my new mass and I had to work today. I got lots of stares at the mall and had a really hard time finding normal clothes that fit. I ended up at the Plus Size store which actually had some really cute clothes for larger women. They still didn't fit quite right since my proportions were in different places from their regular customers.

So now it's Monday morning and the entire office went silent when I walked in. Surprise! I've been covering up at work over the last month while I've made the most gains. My attire is low-cut with plenty of flesh showing, yet still meets dress code policy. Each step and breath I took sent my muscles flaring with rivers of deep, engorged veins criss crossing every inch of me (I may have done an early morning pump-up for extra effect).

That muscle-loving asshole Bill's look was priceless. I sauntered over to him and let his eyes wash over my magnificence. He tried to remain calm, like nothing had changed but I could tell he was turned on like never before. I moved in close with every muscle in full flex and raging hard.

"Ready for our rematch stud?" >>

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