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Twilight of the Buffies

Edisode 1: WildKat's Revenge
Written by Belle

At the mansion, The Buffies are on 'red alert' as reports come in of seismic activity in the deep ocean, and predictions of a possible tsunami hitting the coast. Josh is in contact with the White House, and all the news channels are on. "There is a chance that there will not be a tsunami tho' " Josh is saying "but if there is, it could take 6 hours to reach here".

Evacuation of the city is proceeding with only minor problems, on the news channel a father in a seafront property is saying "my ancestors came here 6 generations ago, we are not leaving our home, I don't believe the news reports, we will stick it out here, this is our family house and we are never leaving, for no one", he says, cradling a golden haired little girl in his arms.

"Your first priority, ladies, when or if the tsunami hits, is people, not property, property can be rebuilt, but if there is anyone left behind we must save them. Looks like this family could be a problem" Josh says.

The Buffies sit and wait it out, waiting and waiting for the wave to hit, if it ever comes.

"This is beginning to do my head in", says Belle "I'm going to have a wander round this mansion and see what is what".

"OK don't be too long, this is driving us all crazy" says Meg.

Belle wanders up stairs and along long corridors, looking in rooms where the strangest equipment and machines bubble or whir, lightning flashes from electric poles and spheres, rooms with banks of video screens that seem to cover everywhere and everything on the entire planet, even an egg is under observation.

A room full of ancient weapons and armor - this is more like it thinks Belle, and wanders in - swords and weapons of ancient wars fill the room, siege engines, mortars, artillery rockets, until her gaze sees something familiar - "Now that is more like it, a Claymore" thinks Belle, "the ancient 2-sided war sword of my people".

Belle walks across and lifts it off the wall "Wow it is certainly large, one of the biggest I have seen, but I can lift it easily with one hand". Belle starts to work the sword, its huge size makes it swings faster and faster, becoming more powerful with the mass behind it. "Oops" says Bell as she unintentionally demolishes a suit of armor. "Better move to the corridor, more space there" she thinks.

As Bell swings and plays with the giant war sword, she does not see behind her the video screens all starting to show the same picture, waves breaking on the seafront and a familiar but unwelcome figure rising from the water, at least 100 feet high and covered in armored scales . . .

"Shit" everyone shouts together as the images come in "it's WildKat!"

"OK everyone, you know what we have to do, Meg get your girls together, get weapons, we have a fight on our hands!" shouts Josh.

The Buffies are already running for their equipment, they were ready for the tsunami but no one had thought of this. "We don't have time for Cuttiepie" shouts Meg "grab your stuff and let's head for the seafront. Gawd knows how she has survived, I feel this is going to be one of our toughest battles yet".

"Where the hell is Belle" asks Josh, "we don't have time for this - ok everyone go! go! go! - time is running out".

The Buffies run out of the mansion as tho' their life depends on it, which it probably does, and head for the seafront, vaulting over traffic stalled in the jams and knocking down anything which gets in their way - lamp post or high rise, it's all the same to them, pavements and roads crumble to dust under their feet as they run, they must get to Kat before she comes ashore.

Belle wanders back down the corridors of the mansion, past the rooms with their strange equipment, the video screens all showing the same image, to the room where all the Buffies were - "Hey girls look what I found . . . " she says, 'What the???!!! where is everyone?' she thinks. On the news channels, pictures of a giant dark figure, barely human, rising from the waters and approaching the seafront "Shit" thinks Belle.

The Buffies gather at the seafront behind a breakwater, and ready their weapons for the assault - Kat's path is going to take her right to the property where the family are holed up.

"What's that" asks Diana - in the far distance a small bright diamond of light shimmers, growing slowly larger as it approaches. "It's Belle, it must be, it's Belle" shouts Josh.

Heading straight for Kat, blonde hair blowing in the wind her honed body rippling with bulging muscle Belle grips her Claymore hard, the sun glinting off it, her arms engorged with blood, her veins writhing under the skin like giant snakes as they pump it to her muscles. Deep breaths bring her pecs rising up hard like mountains of marble.

"Girls, I guess Belle could do with a diversion, right now!" says Meg.

"Diana, move quick and get that family into their truck, we will take on Kat in a full-on assault to distract her" says Meg. "There is something different about Kat, apart from still being alive", says Meg "take care". "Something about her head" says Diana "she's like a Medusa or something".

As Diana runs for the property, the Buffies leap the breakwater and begin their assault - weapons of unimaginable power blast Kat with beams of energy and rockets with warheads just short of nuclear smash into her, grenade launchers throw bombs which explode harmlessly against her scales. Kat moves towards the Buffies, the assault barely hindering her.

For a moment the diversion works, then Kat sees the fast approaching Belle.

Kat turns her green eyes towards Belle, and her mouth slowly opens.

But no scream comes - instead a beam of green light engulfs Belle who feels all the Buffie power drain from her - Kat shakes her gorgon head and sends out fireballs which engulf Belle.

Weakened, Belle falls down into the street, making a crater where her musclebound body hits like a wrecking ball. Picking herself up, she tries to fly at the Kat, but finds she cannot lift herself in the air. Brushing the ashes that were her clothes off, Belle runs at Kat, intent on stopping her reach the home at all costs.

Kat swiftly changes direction and with a few giant strides she is at the home before the Buffies - a giant foot smashes down on the property flattening it and killing everyone inside.

"Shit this is going to take all our powers" says Meg. "OK girls, lets do this" and she leads the Buffies in an all out charge on Kat.

Kat sends fireballs that feel like solid iron smashing into the Buffies, and her mouth opens as she turns the beam on them.

The Buffies attack hard and many strong arms hit Wildkat, their bones creaking and muscles straining as the Buffies land blow after blow. Kat's beam drains the Buffies of their powers - their weapons cease to function - fireballs fly from her gorgon head engulfing the Buffies and blasting the city demolishing and setting fire to more buildings - for a moment screams fill the air as queuing traffic is burnt with the occupants still inside.

A squadron of jet fighters arrives overhead.

Kat turns her attentions on them - she brushes off their missiles easily, shakes her head and fireballs smash into the aircraft, soon every one of them is sent crashing down in flames into the city, starting more fires.

Weapons useless, Diana grabs the base of a skyscraper, her biceps bulge, her thighs and quads ripple and her huge pecs squeeze together as she strains to lift it - steel beams snap like twigs as she lifts the building over her head, and throws it like a giant javelin at Wildkat. The building would hit Kat square in her huge chest, but she moves deftly out of the way without looking as it flies harmlessly past.

A platoon of National Guard arrive on the scene, and open fire on Kat with machine guns. They pepper her body with fire to no effect - Kat throws a tantrum and her fireballs hit the platoon, burning them alive and turning them to cinders.

Belle charges at WildKat and brings the Claymore down hard but Kat steps aside - the blade slices thru steel-like plated skin and tendons, and Belle cuts off Kat's little toe. Black burning blood flows but the Kat just moves on. "Crap how did she know what I was going to do" thinks Belle.

Taking her chance, Diana rushes out and drags the barely alive Buffies to the cover of one of the burnt-out buildings. Josh joins them - looking at the recovering Buffies, their clothes burnt off, the sweat running in rivers over their bronzed bodies washing the dust and ash off and showing their ripped, toned bulging muscles and pounding chests, he wonders how long his girls can hold out. Something attracts Kat's attention, and she moves off across the ruins.

"That was tough" says Meg.

"I thought I had her, but she anticipated my action and moved aside" says Diana.

"I have been here before, in a dream" says Belle "I know what is happening". The Buffies look at her. "In my dream, I had it after the last encounter with WildKat, I dreamt I was the Kat and was chasing myself thru the ruins. I never told anyone, but now I know what it means. The Kat has become us!".

What!!!!! everyone screams.

"Are you sure" asks Meg.

"Yes, I think the beam has robbed us of our Buffie powers, the way she anticipated our moves suggests she can read our minds, or at least think like us" says Belle.

"This is very serious if it is true, it makes her a more formidable foe" says Josh.

"The Whale and the Tiger are extinct, why not us?" Belle asks.

"She does not seem to have any Buffie powers yet" says Meg.

"Maybe it's too much for her to take in, she does not know how to use them, yet" Belle says.

"If she learns to use your powers we are in serious trouble" Josh says.

"Imagine if she could fly, be invisible, shape shift like us - or like we could" says Diana.

"Well we still have our muscles and strength, that must count for something" Meg says.

"How do you fight yourself - if she thinks like us" asks Diana.

"You have no weapons we can use against her, and I can't kill her by cutting off one toe at a time - there must be something we can get?" asks Belle.

"There is something that might be used" Josh says.

"Well for gawds sake what" asks Meg.

"The Government gave us an 'object' a while ago, Object Rama, it was found in a cave in Afghanistan, they could do nothing with it so they thought we could help. It is supposed to contain great power, according to legend, but we have not been able to do anything with it either. It's stored in a shed on the disused airfield, Shed 9" says Josh.

"Bags I get it - anyway I am the only one left with a weapon" says Belle.

"OK" says Josh "let's get moving - Nic and I need to get to the nuclear power plant. Belle, you will have to follow the subway to the suburbs and then make your way over open ground."

A cold wind blows and black rain starts to fall as they leave cover and head off on their quests - Belle heads for the subway system and the Buffies for the power plant.

to be continued . . .

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