Monday, March 29, 2010

Meg's Growth: Week 10

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My ongoing, real-time, Audience Participation journey to becoming the ultimate muscle woman. Story addition comments take place in real time so help me grow.

It's contest prep time, just a week to go and I'm getting ready. It's just a local show but I intend to make a big splash. I'm using vacation time (again) to focus and channel everything I have. My boss didn't mind me taking time off, especially after the incident with Bill last week. He may be a little intimidated by me, too. I've always used my smile, looks and charm to get what I wanted, this could become a new weapon in my arsenal.

I weighed in at 215 today (yikes) and am still buzzing from the Myostatin overdose. I lifted tirelessly for hours, only stopping to eat and take Sammy out. The muscle gain was off the charts, I could almost see the muscle packing on minute-by-minute and the body fat melting away. My trainer also mentioned using Insulin to gain even more mass. I took some. It's completely legal and easy to get. I wonder what the combined cocktail will do.

Well, I'm off to do cardio then heading back to Angelo's. Sammy's gonna get the run of his life! >>


  1. "My god Meg" Angelo said in shock, "You'll have to tell me your secrete!" he added as he took a moment from his admiration to comment on Meg's prolific development.

    "I don't know what to say" Meg replied with her beaming smile, "I guess I'm just lucky" she added before adding an extra 100lb weight to the bar she was using. After last nights visible growth Meg took a precaution and got herself a spandex outfit to workout in, it showed off all the caverns of her muscles and she loved the way it stretched over her growing muscles as she pulled and pushed the weights. She hadn't stopped since she got into the gym, even her trainer was impressed with her stamina. What they didn't know though was that Meg was constantly horny since she pumped her body full of myostatin and she currently had her dildo firmly lodged inside her womanly folds, it was the only thing keeping her from going mad with sexual need.

    However the more she worked out the more that nagging feeling of discomfort in her Achilles built up and the heavier her chest felt. Meg just prayed that the bra was thick enough to hide her erect nipples and blossoming bust.

  2. Meg stopped pumping iron for a quick break. She took a sip from her water bottle and sat on the workout bench for several minutes allowing her body a little respite from all the hard work.

    She had been working out, packing pound after pound, layer after layer pf muscle on her body, that she practically forgot how long she had been doing this. In barely a few weeks, she had gone from mere athlete to bodybuilder. She flexed her arms a bit and as her muscle bulged and retracted, she felt so powerful, power she didn't feel a month ago.

    She took off her heels to massage her feet and her Achilles a bit. Before the contest, she wanted to make sure that her feet will not cause any problems for her. After the contest though, she was thinking of treating herself to a nice hot bath or a massage parlor.

    She took another sip of her water, stretched a bit, and got back to her training.

  3. Still training tirelessly this week and have been quite the attraction at Angelo's. Everyone has been coming to see me pack on more muscle and cheer me on.

    I weighed in at 255 lbs today! Yes, that's 40 lbs in just 2 days. My muscles have really become mountainous and am currently the strongest woman at Angelo's. There's only a couple guys that are bigger and I'm quickly gaining on them. My body fat is plummeting which is giving me unreal definition and pronounced veins. My new posing suit already is too small, so I'll have to wait till closer to contest time to get a good fitting one.

  4. My sexual urges have been growing more and more intense with each workout. I've had to keep the Silver Bullet inside me to control the feelings, putting me in an almost constant state of pleasure. The wear and grinding by my ever growing vaginal muscles has quickly worn down the casing.

    Today it broke!

    I've been without my special dildo for only an hour and the sexual energy is about to drive me mad. With only a few days left until the contest, I need to push myself even harder, but I can't concentrate.

    I need to satisfy my urges before I turn into an animal!

  5. I woke up this morning in a strange bed with an unknown man next to me. I looked over and noticed he was bruised black & blue all over but had a smile on his face.

    Did I do that? I really don't remember.

    The last thing I do remember was working out hard yesterday, fueling all that sexual energy into my workout. It dramatically increased my progress and I was pushing unheard of weights for a woman and most men. The harder I lifted, the stronger the urges became until... well this.

    I quietly got out of bed, dressed and out the door before he woke up. I could hear him moaning in pain. I wish I could remember what happened.

    Luckily my car was parked outside. Inside was a box with a note. I opened it up and saw another Silver Bullet, only this one was bigger and made of thick gauge Titanium. The note read "We need you focused for what's to come, The Guardian."

    Well, I'm headed back to Angelo's now. I plan on using that Sexual energy to drive my advances further... just need to use my new toy before I black out again and possibly kill someone.

  6. On the way to Angelo's Meg made a quick detour to a specialist shoe store. Two minutes later she was walking out wearing a new pair of 8" stiletto heels. Her Achilles had contracted so much now that she was walking like a ballerina, right on the tips of her toes. It felt a little weird, and she got a few odd looks but at least her Achilles weren't hurting any more, "Maybe I can use this as part of my talent section in the show" Meg thought to her self as she squeezed her bust into the car, "Must get some new bra's as well" she added as she pushed the chair back slightly.

    A couple of minutes later and Meg turned up at Angelo's to a small crowd, she was a little overwhelmed as all these people came up to her, showering her with compliments. Thankfully before she was swamped Angelo came to her rescue, diverting her to his office.

    "I have a little something for you" he said pulling a large box out from his desk and handing it to Meg.

    "For me?" Meg replied, taking the box, "You shouldn't have" she added as she opened the box and blushed a little.

    "I'd noticed that you've been overflowing a little lately" Angelo said softly.

    "I, I don't know what to say, thank you" Meg answered pulling out the gigantic bra from the box.

    "You're welcome Meg" Angelo said, taking the empty box away.

    "It must have cost a fortune" stated Meg as she looked at the label, her eyes going wide at the size, "A 48PP!" she gasped.

    "Don't worry about the cost, if it's too small I can take it back and get it replaced" answered Angelo.

    "Too small!" Meg chocked, "If anything it'll be too big!" she added, "I'll try it on today though, it's wonderfully soft" she continued, rubbing the material between her thumbs and forefingers. Angelo didn't say anything, instead just opening his office door and escorting her to the ladies changing rooms.

    Meg sat down on the bench in the changing room, looking at the bra, "This thing can't possibly fit me" she thought to herself, before looking at her bust once more, "But then my breasts have grown ridiculously huge lately" she reasoned.

    Throwing caution to the wind she stripped down and slid the new bra on...

  7. Amazingly the new bra fit like a glove! This astronomically large garment fit Meg's impossible shape perfectly. It fit so well it made Meg ponder about her guardian once more, was it possible that Angelo was her guardian, it would certainly explain his hidden talent in bra shopping.

    That was a couple of days ago now anyway, and unfortunately for Angelo's bank balance the bra was once again starting to look small. Meg hadn't left the gym, opting instead to spend all her energy (which seemed to be boundless) into getting bigger. She'd been pumping away none stop, apart from the odd toilet break and quick drink. Meg's stretchy spandex outfit was starting to show the signs of strain, pressure areas becoming see through from being stretched so much, Meg was secretly wishing that she'd get big enough to just rip her way through the spandex. If nothing else it would give her the perfect reason to buy another, larger one.

    Her pussy getting wet at the thought, she refocused her sexual energy and continued pulling rep after rep, stacking the lbs onto the dumbbells.

  8. Easter Sunday and Meg had to put her exercise regime on hold for a couple of hours while she had Easter Lunch with the family. "This is going to be interesting" Meg thought to her self as she slipped her super silver bullet between her womanly folds, trying to take some of the sexual edge off. Meg hadn't seen her family since Christmas and she hadn't mentioned her latest drive to get big to any of them.

    Still, family is family and Easter Lunch was a bit of a tradition, Meg put on a nice floral dress, actually it was more like a maternity gown one of the few dress like things that still actually fit her. Still wearing her 8" ballet shoes, which totally clashed with the dress (but what was a girl to do) Meg hoped into her car. Meg prayed that her bust wouldn't set the horn off as she got into position, the chair as far back as it could go that still let her reach the pedals, and drove to her parents house.

  9. I caused quite the shock at Easter dinner today. Even in a modest dress, there was no hiding this new magnificent body. Most people thought I was sick or something was seriously wrong with me, so I had to start from the beginning and explain.

    When I told them everything, they were supportive. I even gave them a little show of how strong I've become. I could tell my little sister was jealous.

    The food smelled good but I had to bring my own. Special contest diet doesn't allow for ham, mashed potatoes and pie.

    After dinner and spending time with family, I got home, took Sammy for a run and am now getting ready for one last big workout before the contest. I'm really nervous and want to add as much possible. This may be my most intense workout yet.

    We leave tomorrow, so wish me luck!