Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Getaway

I'm so excited to get away for a little camping trip with friends this weekend. The six of us have driven, then hiked for hours to a special spot in the middle of the woods. We setup camp in a clearing next to a river, miles away from civilization. It's so peaceful and beautiful with nature all around and picturesque mountains in the background. After the tents are setup and we have dinner, the six of us gather around the campfire on this dark moonlit night.

"Let's play a game" I tell everyone as I dig into my bag and pull out a strange looking stone. "I bought this at an antiquities store in Chinatown." As I hold it in front of me and it begins to glow with a soft green light. "The owner told me it's centuries old and said to have mystic properties." The stone glows brighter the longer I hold it. "It's supposed to be able to synch up with it's holder and make all their fantasy's come true."

"Let's start the first round by telling a little bit about ourselves. My name is Megan but most people call me Meg. I come from a small town in Pennsylvania but moved to California about 3 years ago. I'm a whiz with computers, a bit of a flirt and enjoy having fun with friends. I'm 5'7" and weigh 125 lbs but dream of being big and strong." The stone glows even brighter and I pass it to Josh.

  1. Only write in when the stone is passed to you. The order is set below and please follow it.
  2. You can write whatever you want, but try to stay within the storyline others have written before you.
  3. At the end of your comment, you MUST pass the stone to the next person.
  4. If someone who has the stone doesn't respond in a timely manner, let's say a day or two, the stone is automatically passed to the next person.
Story order: Meg, Josh, Amy, Nic, Jewel, Eric. >>


  1. My name is Joshua. I currently reside in Malibu. I grew up in
    Burbank and I am a personal trainer and a musician and a singer.
    I am 6'1" 215 pounds and love fmg fantasy stories, working out,
    And living life to it's fullest and with purpose.

    I pass the stone to the next person.

  2. Ohhh it's getting brighter. Amy's turn.

  3. My name is Amanda, but all my friends call me Amy. I'm 21 years old, I was born in the UK, but I've traveled all over the world as a gymnast. I'm 5'5" and 140 lbs. I want to be stronger and have larger muscles, but I'm afraid it'll get in the way of my hobby and job of gymnastics.


    The stone glows more brightly as I pass it to Nic.

  4. My name is Nicolas, or Nic. I'm a musician and writer from Canada but have been just about everywhere at Martial Arts tournaments. I'm 5'11 and a nice 185 lbs but have always wondered if I could get a bit (or more than a bit) bigger. I'm very open minded and easy going.

  5. I of course pass the stone to Jewel

  6. Jewel posted this to the wrong story by mistake. Here's her entry:

    "Let me tell you a little about me before we get started....I am a sexy red eyed female body builder...currently have 15" guns but working on those big 17' eyes are the kind that make you want to get closer and look deep inside...never knowing what you might body is constantly growing and transforming into the most awesome rock hard chiseled muscle you will ever want to see...I love lifting heavy and anyone who lifts knows what you feel from the moment your hands touch that cold hard steel...the intensity is amazing and very sexy...more later...

    And on to Eric and the end of round 1

  7. My name is Eric. Like Joshua and Nic, i'm a musician, born and raised in New York City. I'm 5'10, weighing 170 pounds. I'm feeling ok about my body, but i think i could do with some weightloss. I also imagine sometimes what it would be like if i had some muscles. But i never get around to do some exercise.

    The stone glows incredibly bright now, and i pass it back to Meg.

  8. 3 musicians around a campfire. We should get a round of Koombayah going:) Now we all know a little bit about each other and have hopefully synched with the stone's mystic powers. I hold it and it glows brighter and turns a shade of blue. Let's test this out and try to see if it really makes our fantasy come true.

    I close my eyes tight and concentrate hard, trying to pour my thoughts into the stone. A coyote howls in the distance and I grab for Josh & Eric on either side of me. I'm amazed how easily I drag them closer. I get spooked easily. With the two boys close, I concentrate again. I want to be stronger and sexier and pour everything I have into my feelings. I strange sensation comes over me as I feel a tightening in my body. I open my eyes to see a thin layer of muscle rising from beneath my skin. I quickly take off my shirt (still in my bra boys) to watch the thin muscle layer become a little thicker. My breasts increase also, expanding in my bra and starting to cup over. A thin vein runs down my arm and I flex it. It's small still but rock hard.

    Everyone is staring and I notice the hard-ons from the 3 boys. I'm kinda turned on by this and without thinking, imagine them getting bigger. The stone glows more and I see their erections rising, almost to a point of ripping through their pants. I watch the pain on the faces and I snap back to reality. Not only can this stone transform you but it also gives you the power to transform others. Amazing. I better pass it over to Josh.

  9. As the stone is passed over to me. I can still feel the sensations that Megan was feeling and the strength and power that this stone brings. This stone has amazing power and also along with the amazing things it brings it brings awesome feelings of strength as I close my eyes. I feel the power coursing through my veins but I don't want to push it or see the full power of what this stone can do to me and to all of us. Especially Megan and Amanda. I put my arm around Megan and the warmth and power of what I feel through me turns me on and it makes Megan tingle and her skin start to ripple a bit.

    My body temperature rises and I realize that this is going to be a long trip with many amazing things to come. I am especially interested to see how it will affect the beautiful women that are on this Getaway with us Megan, Amanda and Jewel.

    I think I have had a taste of the power of this glowing rock. Time to pass it with much anticipation and excitement to Amanda.

  10. Eagerly, I take the rock from Josh, seeing what it did to Megan.

    As soon as I touch it, I can feel the power in it, what it can do. I concentrate on the rock, on my body and on my strength. Suddenly, I feel a hot stream of energy pouring from the rock and into my body.

    My shirt gets tight, being stretched by my breasts, which swell from a small C-cup to a rather large, but very firm and pert DD-cup. My growing breasts pull my shirt up, showing off my stomach. Looking down, I can see my previously flat and toned stomach tighten into a sexy six-pack.

    I put one arm around Nic's body, pulling him close, pushing my newly grown breasts into his side. I barely notice how little my breasts give, as I raise my arm in front of Nic's face, pumping it up and down a few times, each time makes the biceps grow, reaching an amazingly defined 16".

    Looking down at Nic's crotch, I can the strain on his pants still increasing. "Oooh, looks like I'm not the only one enjoying my muscle" I say, as I pass the stone to him. "Your turn to have fun"

  11. I take the stone, and my initially eight inch erection has grown beyond that and is threatening to destroy my pants. I take them off now in only my boxers and a t-shirt. I focus the energy of the stone inward and begin to grow. I grow about half a foot in height and my muscle mass begins slowly building.

    My decently defined pecs become rock hard and expand, stretching my t-shirt, which rises to reveal a new, chiseled 6 pack. My arms swell to 20" as I see if its okay to take it a bit further than Amy. I flex my arms in front of Amy as she stares approvingly.

    My erection is now pressed against the entire right leg of my boxers, with the head almost visible under the opening. I lean in close to Amy's embrace. "You're right, this is fun" I say and pass the stone to jewel

  12. I smile as I take the stone from Nic...he sees me look down at his incredible erection...mmm...but more importantly I feel the surge of energy through my blood is on fire...almost scorching as it goes across my forearm up my bicep to my chest....the intensity overwhelms me but I am not ready to pass it on quite I toss my long red hair down my back I feel the need to growl....grrrrrrrr.....time to pass the stone to Eric...

  13. Seeing what it did to the rest of us, i eagerly take the stone from Jewel. Instantly i feel an incredible rush of power, that makes me stand up. First all my body fat melts away, which causes my pants to fall down. Through my boxers, a very proud erection of 8 inches is showing, thanks to Megan's transformation. But all i am focused on, is to be as sexy as my fellow campers. I feel every part of my body inflating, filling itself with raw power. My abs and pecs become really defined, my legs take on more size. My back widenes, stretching my t-shirt to its limits. My arms start ballooning up. My bicep gets bigger with every tiny flex: 12", 14", 16",... Finally, i feel something rising under my shorts: my already huge pole gains another 2 inches.

    The feeling of power is immense, and i feel the urge to hit a double biceps pose. When i do this, my t-shirt pops right off of me. I feel incredibly sexy: 6 feet tall, 20" biceps and a 10" love-rod.

    "Wow, i can't wait to start round 2. Here you go Meg."

  14. That was a good test of the stones power, lets turn it up a notch and see what it can really do. I take hold of the stone and it turns a violet color. The night is pitch black except for the roaring fire between the 6 of us. Light flickers off everyone's faces and you can see the intense look of anticipation for what is coming next.

    I hold the stone with both hands and gaze into it. I want to increase my chest first and as soon as I begin to think about it, I see my ample bosoms growing well beyond the capacity of my bra. Josh puts his hand on my leg for support (I think... or maybe a quick feel) and the stone's light sputters then lets out an even more intense glow. My chest balloons to beach ball size proportions, ripping the braziere into a thousand pieces and leaving a massive mound of flesh covering my entire torso and drooping past my knees. Shit, way more than I wanted. Josh's touch must have increased the stone's power. I have an idea and ask everyone to get as close as possible and hold hands around the fire. With the stone in my lap (what's left of one) I concentrate on becoming stronger. The stone goes completely dark.

    3, 4, 5 seconds later and like a mini explosion the stone bursts to life with a blinding white light. In an instant, my body takes in all its power and grows. My god does it grow as giant slabs of steel muscle form on my petite frame. The feeling is intense as I become more muscular than any current female bodybuilder with hard granite-like mounds of muscle tissue. Now larger than any male as my biceps grow to 50 inches and continue on. My large bosoms rise high as the wall of chest muscles beneath them grow to immense proportions. My jeans rip apart as my leg muscles grow to 5 times their previous thickness. I now sit completely naked with everyone around me still holding hands. All that growth from a single thought of becoming a little stronger. I look down and see the fire's reflection dance across the ripples in my massive body. I think I like it. Let's see what Josh can do with this as I pass it on to him.

  15. As Megan passes the stone over to me, it still is warm and glowing and Megan has chosen her mate and a person to consumate her love and strength with. She looks at me with her piercing blue eyes and from the looks of my manhood and erection I am extremely turned on to her. Amanda looks at Megan and is also very turned on by her. Megan comes over to me and whispers into my ear that she wants to be alone with me but that she would like to have a threesome with me and Amanda, with me in the middle of the two of them going at it. My erection and power from the stone starts to glow bright neon green and I place the glowing rock on my chest and the power surges into my body while I start to grow to Megan's size and bigger. As my get taller my muscles stretch and grow and my biceps expand to 45 inches and my chest spreads with veins coursing through my huge pecs and lats. The power is making my skin glow and turn a beautiful tan and my eyes turn a piercing green. My clothes rip to shreds and fall off my body like nothing and I am standing front of Megan in all my glory ready to make love to her and make the heavens shake. Amanda sees this and she wants to join us. So I toss the rock down to her which is small in my huge hands and now it is her turn......Enjoy your transformation Amanda and Megan and I are waiting for you.

  16. I catch the stone; it feels hot in my hands, but light as a feather. I feel energy pouring out, much much more then the first time I held it. Power streams from the stone, into my hands and underarms, making them stronger than ever, my forearms grow massively.

    I rub the stone over my body, like a soapy sponge. Everywhere it touches my flawlessly perfect skin, muscles spring up, my body swelling massively. I start at my feet, making them grow straight out of my shoes, one of them literally explodes, slamming into Josh but harmlessly glancing off his massive muscles.

    I trace the stone upwards, along my calves, making them swell larger then my thighs used to be. My pants tear upwards, my massive muscles tearing the tough denim with ease. As I move the magic stone up along my thighs, they grow wider then my chest, swelling with perfectly smooth, vein less, but perfectly defined muscle. The remains of my jeans, now reduced to pair of super-tight hot pants cling on with only a few threads, as I move the stone upwards further.

    I circle the stone along my already nicely defined butt, making it harden, smooth out and fill with super strong muscle, each half becoming a perfectly round bowling ball, only much harder. I look seductively at Josh "Oh, you're enjoying the show aren't you? Well, I'll get to you in a minute" I wink sexily.

    Turning to Nic, I trace the stone along my small six-pack, making each block grow out several inches, adding four more, to turn it into a perfect 10-pack, with matching oblique. I rub the stone over my back, making it grow and grow, until I'm twice as wide as I used to be. Seeing Nic stare at my abs, I flex them, making them ripple up and down as he reaches out to touch them. I grab his hand "no no, not yet, try feeling this", I say, as I put Nic's hand firmly over my nipple. I push the stone against my breasts, making them swell and grow, both with hard, perfect muscle and excellent breast fat.

    Nic looks in amazement as my DD-cup swells and hardens, to perfect roundness and smoothness, while still being harder then steel. My stretched shirt finally tears apart under Nic's hand as I reach an F-cup. My nipple presses into his hand.

    I take the stone away from my breasts, softly brushing it over his massive erection, making it tear through his pants with ease, rising up to 10 inches. I wink at him seductively, moving the stone back to my biceps.

    Holding it there, my shoulders and arms grow. I start pumping my biceps as they grow, adding inches with every flex. After 25 pumps, I finally stop with 52" biceps, rising up to my head.

    Finally, I press the stone against my shaven pussy, strengthening it and making it tighter than ever. The growing strength in my softest flesh is turning me on massively, leaking a tiny bit of juice on the stone.

    I kiss my biceps sexily, holding on to the stone a little while longer, using its power to strengthen my muscle even more. Instead of the massive strength they already have from their size, they are now five times stronger than their massive size suggests.

    I start moving a finger over Nic's, now tiny, body. Softly stroking his soft muscles, I kiss him on the cheek, tracing a finger along the underside of his massive erection, as I pass the stone over.

    "Time to impress me stud"

  17. I quickly grab the stone and power rushes through me even before its in my hands. I want it and I want it now. My erection, now free and throbbing intensely as I stare at Amy, shoots itself to 16 inches and virtually doubles in thickness.

    Its growth slows as the power spreads to the rest of my body, which begins to pile on muscle and size at an incredible pace. My T-shirt doesn't stand a chance as I grow to monstrous proportions. I am nine feet tall with massive pecs that I can barely see past. I flex them seductively at amy as my six pack lengthens into an eight and then a rock hard ten pack.

    I flex both biceps as they pump to a massive size, peaking above my head at over 60" and climbing. I begin to slide my hands over my body, bringing Amy's attention to my now-gigantic erection, standing proudly in front of her and still growing. She stares at it as if in a trance, and reaches out and grabs it with both hands. I pull her in close and say "not just yet, gorgeous," her hands move to my stomach and, her face about level with my massive chest, she begins to kiss my pecs. At this point, I pass the stone to jewel and put my hand on Amy's gigantic F-cup breast.

  18. So, do we skip jewel?

  19. Nope, Jewel's up next. Take it away you sexy redhead.

  20. as I take the stone in my small hand, I immediately look to Joshua...his naked body and those intense green eyes have me mesmerized....I move closer to him as my body explodes in immensity and chiseled muscles begin to form slowly...bigger, thicker and huge ropes of veins crisscrossing my body as my nakedness appears ....everyone gasps as the stone glows bright red like my hair...the ground shakes as I walk to Joshua...I pick him up and kisse him powerfully as Meg watches and wants....his manhood grows wildly....and slides itself between my ever growing quads...Joshua is speechless as we kiss and Meg walks closer....I hand the ston over as much as I want to keep it....

  21. Being the last to hold the stone, i feel dwarfed by my fellow campers. But that won't be for long...

    At the first touch, i feel the powers and desires of everyone else. This makes me so horny, but i concentrate on my own growth. And what a growth! It feels like i'm hooked to a water hose. My thigs swell to triple their size, wider than the trees around us. My abs become hyper defined, but are overshadowed by my enormous pecs. They keep expanding, until they brush my chin. My shoulders widen, until i got the feeling i could put our car across it.

    I wait to expand my favourite bodypart, my arms, as last. My bicep, which started as canonball, is slowly taking the form of a soccer ball, then a bowling ball,... For a moment, i get scared it's going to rip through my skin. But at that tought, the stone creates more skin. Feeling more relaxed now, i give my bicep and extra spurt. 40", 50",... until i have two giant boulders of 60" sitting on my arms.

    There i am: a 3' tall, incredibly muscular giant. I try to look down, and i see i forgot something. My 10" erection is barely visible under my muscular pecs. Time to do something about that. Slowly i let my cock grow, until its more than a foot wide, and incredibly wide.

    No longer the smallest one of the group, everyone stares at me. I sense a lot of admiration from the girls, especially Jewel, but a bit jealousy from the guys. Don't worry fellas, you'll get your next turn. But first i want to see what Meg is gonna do next.

  22. Does it show that i'm not used to thinking in feet? When i say i'm 3' tall, i meant 3 meters of course :p So make that something like 10' if you can change that, Meg

  23. The nights getting late and the fire starts to fade. I go to the closest tree and easily rip it from the ground. The tree bends and snaps under my strength and I lay the wood on the fire. The sexual energy in our campground is so intense as I look around to see 6 perfect beings of muscle and sensuality. I've never had such yearning for sexual release. I sit back down in the circle of my friends and grab ahold of the ancient stone. I hold off my sexual desires for the moment and think about real power, not just the physical superiority i now have. I want to become a goddess.

    Josh is first. I gaze into his eyes and will his mind to become simple and primitive. A look of confusion comes over him as he is no longer able to speak, just utter grunt & noises. He starts to scurry off like a wild beast before I give him back his mind. I have total power with this stone! I go the other direction with Amanda and increase her mind to genius level then beyond. As her I.Q. passes 500, I can see the veins in her forehead bulge and her cranium begin to expand to fill the mass amounts of gray matter. I take back some of the intelligence but leave her just above genius level.

    On to Nic as I turn his incredible physique to stone with a simple thought. He truly is a work of art now and I leave him solid for a few minutes before turning him back to flesh. I know the stone can make us super strong, but I want to test the limits with Jewel. Again with a simple thought, the massive maiden starts to grow at an unbelievable rate. Super sized ribbons of steel muscle start bulging through her skin and she screams in pleasure. Her arms grow to the size of trucks and her legs take on the thickness of a small building. I give her the strength of a supernova and the size of a mountain range before easing off. I bring her height down to a manageable 10 feet but leave her with the boundless strength.

    Then there's Eric. I want to play with him and shrink his bulky frame down to mere half-inch tall. I pick him up with my fingertip and place him on my erect nipple. He begins to slide off and holds on for dear life. I laugh but quickly help him out and put him down on my thigh. He makes a mad dash towards my abdomen and dives into my vagina... it tickles. This is a new sensation and I slowly give him back some height while he's inside me. I sense his pleasure and he reciprocates with a full clitoris massage. Larger he grows inside until I finally remove him and restore him to his previous size. We coyly smile at each other.

    I know I must give up the stone and power for now but before I do I dig deep into everyone's mind and ramp up the sexual energies from before my turn. I turn the carnal lust of the entire group into into a supercharged primitive frenzy. The sky's now the limit and I pass the stone over to Josh.

  24. As you pass me the stone I look up in awe and now it is my time to take u and jewel and grow to the point where u and jewel can suck my massive cock dry. Which one will it be first ladies? So I harness the power of the stone and it glows bright blue. My body expands to 100 times my size and megan and jewel mount me and climb up to my 30 inch throbbing pulsating member and suck away. I then drop the stone down to the ground and it creates a crater. This gets amanda's attention and she wants to harness my power and create a foursome with megan jewel and I.

    Have at it amanda........

  25. I dig the stone from the ground, feeling the power running through me again. With my new intelligence, I can picture thousands and thousands of new things I want to try, but first, I take what I've always and make my body a hundred times stronger then it was previously. My skin pulls tight over my muscles, showing every single fiber of their massive size.

    I put the stone between my massive breasts, completely hiding from sight, as I want to use both my hands. First, I walk over to a huge boulder, over 10ft tall. I reach underneath, finding that I can't get a grip on it. I pull my hand back, extending my fingers I punch my arm deep inside the boulder, feeling no real resistance. Next, I raise my arm up, effortlessly lifting the rock to into the air.

    "Wow, I can hardly feel it's there" I say, as I throw the rock into the sky, hearing a massive boom a minute later as it lands in the distance.

    "That was so easy, it almost wasn't fun. Let me make it a bit... harder" I say, as I stare at Nic and Eric's crotches. I find another boulder, and using the power of the stone between my breasts, I turn it into lead as well as making it ten times as dense and as hard. As an afterthought, I create a handle as well.

    Walking up to the 10ft boulder, that's now about as heavy 40 ft boulder, I grab the handle with my "weak" left hand. Forgetting for a second my awesome strength, I crush the handle into dust. "whoops, I guess I don't know my own strength" I say joke, as I flex my 56" pumped up biceps". Creating a new handle, I grab it more gently.

    Slowly I start putting pressure on the gleaming lead "boulder", lifting it off the ground without much effort. I start curling it in my left hand. After ten reps, I look at Nic and Eric's raping faces, "what's the matter boys, never seen a girl lift a little weight?" I giggle, as I lower it between my arms.

    I grab the massive lead boulder between my arms and start pressing in on it. The metal creacks loudly, as I crush it smaller and smaller, my shoulders and biceps rippling under the immense pressure I put on the steal. Still smiling effortlessly, I shrink the boulder down to the size of a beachball. As soon as it's that size, I bounce it up and down in my hand, as I toss it to Nic. "Here, catch" I say, as I slowly toss it towards him. He tries to grab it, but even his massive muscles aren't strong enough to hold this ball, which seems no heavier then a balloon to me. As he drops it, I slowly walk towards him, sexily swaying my hips.


    Hmm... I went over the 4096 chat limit :p
    Continued in next post.

  26. I walk toward the lump of compressed lead, winking at Nic. "You want a hand with that, stud?" I ask, as I slowly bend over, showing first a view of my huge tits, and then a offering Nic a view of my perfectly muscular ass. Raising the lead beachball out of the hole, I remove the magical stone from between my breasts, handing it to Nic. "Hold on to this for me babe" I say, as I tear the piece of lead in two, easier then a piece of tissuepaper.

    One half I put between my breasts. As my breasts squeeze shut around it, a muffled creaking is heared as I start flexing my pects, rolling the piece of allready compressed lead between my 'soft' breasts. After a few minutes of Nic staring at my moving niples, I pull out a rod of lead, three feet long and a foor in circumference. "We'll safe this untill later" I say, winking at Nic and Eric.

    Then, walking to Eric, I toss this piece of lead beachball into the air, curl my right hand into a fist, and wait for it to come down.
    10 seconds later, it finally gets close to the ground again. With perfect timing, I punch my arm right through it. The whole half-sphere of superdense metal is now wrapped tight around my upper arm.

    Softly taking Eric by his arm, I place him in an exact position, doing the same to Nic. Laying my hand on the magic stone in Nic's hand, I make a few preparations for what I'm about to do.

    Then, raising my lead encased arm to my side, I flex it faster then the speed of sound, my biceps expanding hugely. The sonic boom is loud, even compared to the noise by the superdense ripping to shreds. Shortly after, two more bangs are heared. I look down to Nic and Josh's penisses, now sticking through the remains of the dense metal that exploded from my arm.

    Looking at both of them, I say softly "Oh my, look at what I did. Here, let me fix it for you" As I say it, I grab both their penisses tightly enough the squeeze the metal around them, making molten drop trail over my arms. It's a good thing I used the stone to make their allready hard organs even harder, or they would be ground to pieces with the metal.

    Using the molten lead as lubricant, I start squeezing and stroking both of them. Then, I lift both them off the ground, holding each of their massive form in one of my hands.

  27. ... so is there more or has the stone been passed? I won't complain either way :P

  28. It is, just not in the last line ;)

    quote "(...)the magical stone from between my breasts, handing it to Nic. "Hold on to this for me babe" "

  29. ah lol :P

    Amy puts me and eric down, and I immediately begin using the stone's power. I increase my intelligence exponentially and multiply my proportional strength by a few hundred times. I focus on my body and it begins to grow taller and taller as it turns into a wall of muscle.

    My pecs almost obscure my face from view, gigantic slabs of steel hard muscle. My arms are the most massive theyve ever been and they keep expanding as I flex them. My abs extend past a fourteen pack and beyond. Below them sits my expanding erection, now almost the size of my considerable forearm and very, very long. I grunt and moan as my muscles continue to expand into something god-like, and I finally stop at just a bit taller than Amy. Her equally impressive muscles expand and contract with each breath, and her enormous breasts heave with her breathing. Our sex drives are still amplified from Meg, and I use the stone to increase that further. Amy leaps at me and I quickly throw the stone towards Jewel as Amy and I begin to kiss passionately, her on top of me...

  30. As the stone flies through the air I notice it sparkle and it gleems with a brilliant light...I snatch it from the air and put it to my lips...its smooth and hard....and oh so warm....i slip the now small stone in my mouth and walk to Meg as she watches me....I grow as I walk...massive quads appear...calves bulging...I have grown to enormous height as I pick up Meg in my arms and kiss her passionately on her delicious lips....the stone rolls off my tongue into her mouth as we playfully pass it back and forth as we hold that kiss which seems like forever....we are oblivious to all around us who have stopped to watch the stones powers transform us into two perfect female lovers...the others have all returned to their normal sizes as our bodies grow and peaks form...muscles intertwined as we hold each other....breasts so round and perfect pushing us apart as they continue their growth...our arms still around each other we touch and explore each other ...feeling the chiseled enormity of our my hand slides down to feel Megs perfection I hear her purr as the stone falls between her breasts....I kiss and lick and bite as I take the stone into my mouth again....Megs orgasm coming strong she looks mesmerized as I kiss her and place the stone on her tongue to increase the intensity of her orgasm...we make love for hours as the others look on.....two enormous beautiful beauties....huge and strong...the stone being passed back and forth between us several times as we are exhausted we pass the stone on and hold each other tight....

  31. That was HOTTT Jewel. Almost makes me want to bat for the home team. Top that Eric.

  32. The first thing i want to become is a real GIANT. I let myself grow to 60 feet. I bump up my muscles even a little bit more. Wow this is great: i'm twice as high as the trees! I easily rip one out of the ground. Let's see how far i can trow this. With only a bit of my strength, i launch it into the air, and i see an explosion. Oops, must have hit the International Space Station there.

    I see the girls watching me, and i want to give them a little treat. Slowly but steadily, my erection grows, to an enormous 10 feet. Jewel quickly climbs up my legs, grabs a hold of my pole, and starts sucking it with her very agile lips. Wow i have never felt this good, but i'm sure there's room for improvement.

    I want to do a little trick Meg taught me. I make Jewel grow even bigger than me. Higher and higher she rises, her boobs becoming enormous globes. She moans so loud, the ground shakes. She has become a veritable mountain of a woman. I let myself shrink a little, and let my muscles deflate so i become like a smooth, 40 feet long dildo. I levitate myself towards her vagina, and i enter her. This is too much for her: her love fluids stream out of her pussy, causing a flood below. She quickly reaches an orgasm, that causes a real earthquake. Everyone else stares in shock and awe.

    I finally leave Jewel, and i start growing until i'm as big as her. Oops, forgot my muscles, look at me, looking like a skinny, weak, 200 foot giant. I bump my muscles back up. And because they are this large, it takes a lot of power from the stone, but it feels incredible. Jewel looks hungrily at me and my now 30 feet long dick. Afraid to lose it, i pass the stone back to Meg. Then Jewel and i start making love that is causing tremors throughout the entire earth.

    Don't know if i topped it there Meg, but i sure had fun :)

  33. I take the stone again just as daylight appears over the mountains and the fire finally goes out. I think "What a night!" My 5 close friends have all become super beings and the amount of sexual pleasure would put all Roman orgies combined to shame. I don't want it to end but we only have a couple hours before its time to pack up and head home.

    "Time for a swim!" I grab the ancient stone tightly and make a dash for the river. You can hear the thunderous pounding from miles away as I run to the rivers edge. My muscles don't move since they're so dense but my breasts swing side to side with so much force that the slam into my face with the power of a tank. I jump into the air and cannonball into the river causing a mushroom cloud size splash. It feels so cool on my body. I make a splash with my hand which sends a wave to shore, drenching the others.

    All I hear is "Let's get her" before 5 naked behemoths race towards me. 5 super simultaneous cannonballs part the grand river like Moses and we all stand in the dry river bed. Each guy walks towards me naked with cocks so big they drag along the river bed. I make them bigger! The girls all look like they could bench press a moon and I make them stronger. The water comes rushing back and I make myself bigger and stronger as my 5 friends are picked up by the wave and race towards me. All of us collide together and laugh as we become one large intertwined muscle mass.

    I create an invisible barrier around us and force us all to grow. The room for expansion is little to none so we press hard into each others bodies. The laughter quickly turns to pleasure as I feel a soft 30 foot penis grow to a hard 60 feet between my legs. I think Jewel's breast is by my ear and envelopes my face as it grows. I don't know who or what but I'm surrounded by dick, boobs, muscle and veins as deep as the river and I've never been so turned on. The 60 foot cock finds its way inside my to much pain. I think I hear Eric groan but I can't be sure. I make it grow thicker, much thicker and I give myself the vaginal muscle to take it. Josh takes my face and kisses me passionately while Amanda caresses my bosoms. And we keep growing.

    I tighten the barrier around us and we're thrust tighter together as the growth continues. With Eric still inside me and growing, I feel Nic's manhood by the side of my leg. I grab ahold and squeeze with all my super strength. Yup, it's Nic as he howls. Josh thrusts my head back and sticks his tongue down my throat. I don't know why but I make his tongue grow and it fills my mouth and starts down my throat. MY GOD I've never been this hot before.

    Nic finally comes inside me and I feel the river of semen fill me. I look around to make sure we're all still there and catch Jewel and Amanda in a similar state of ecstasy. Josh whispers in my ear. "Give me the stone Meg and I'll really show us all a good time" I have no idea what he has in mind but I release the stone to him and his eyes light up...

  34. I take the stone from Megan and I look up into her eyes with passion of fire and strength and then I look over to Jewel. The time has come to make something between us that is special. Sorry Amanda but you are into Nic and that is fine and the chemistry between Megan and Jewel and I grows.

    I take the stone in my hands and I want to enjoy every moment of the changes that I see in my two amazing ladies. I push the stone into my chest and it melts on me like ice running down my body through my veins and through every pore in my skin. As my body reacts my muscles do the same. I throw my head back and my biceps grow to 35 inches with veins so deep in them you could break a telephone pole with them. Then my back flares out to massive proportions and my shoulders and neck grow to massive size along with the boulder abs that form in my stomach. I start with 6 then 8 then 12 and when I am done I am up to 14. Glorious and beautiful and amazing. My body has shot up to 22 feet tall and my massive hard on is ready to take both of my amazing amazon ladies.

    Megan's eyes light up like a kid on Christmas morning and she takes her hands to her clothes and tears them off like tissue paper. Her body wet and sweaty and massive with rippling muscle of a goddess. She takes my massive cock and bends down and sucks on it as Jewel lets down her Red hair and grabs me from behind as her clothes incinerate from the heat of my massive body and she gets very wet and hot and wraps her legs around my waist and pulls my cock out of Megans mouth just as I am about to come and puts it in her. She kisses megan and the ground shakes as their bodies press up against each other with me in the middle. It sends seismic shocks through the ground and the sky gets dark and lightning strikes.

    The orgy between the three of us does not stop and it goes on and on to the point that there is no possible way that we can be spent as I come into Megan and Jewel as they take turns one after another having me enter them so so deep and letting them fill up with the super powered cum that is inside of me.....

    The others watch in awe and have no idea what to do................... There is no stone anymore and so it can't be passed Amanda grabs a boulder from a near by hill and crushes a piece of molten rock and starts a new stone......

    Have at Amanda.........

    But what ever happens that orgy with me and Jewel and Megan has just begun....

  35. Posting this from my phone. Internet broke, can I skip this round? Nic's up.

  36. Wow. Quite a hot little scenario here, if you don't mind me saying so...

  37. Come on nic. It is your turn. The whole fantasy is being held up. Or skip yourself and let jewel go. Megan can u intercede on this.

    Thank u,


  38. Oh Nic, come out out, come out wherever you are:)
    No email to contact him so we'll just have to wait or Jewel take over.


  39. Amanda approaches me with the new stone blazing as blue as the heavens....she whispers she wants to be alone with Nic and passes the stone to me as the two disappear into the forest....with the sun coming up soon I look toward Meg and Joshua...they smile wickedly as they see my beauty and strength move toward them...."what is she thinking....what will she do??" With the stone in my hand I take Megs hand in mine and Joshuas in the other...I tell them to close their eyes...we all feel it at the same moment...the heat flows through us...from one to the other until it feels like our blood is about to burn through our molten lava...the intensity and pleasure makes Meg purr like a kitten and Joshua growl like a wild animal....I pull Meg to me and kiss her with the love I feel for her...she returns the kiss as Joshua pulls us all closer...he has given us the pleasure and intensity that three massive perfect muscular beauties deserve...I have brought the love and Meg has given us all something we will never we take each other like never before...muscle on muscle....sexual beings touching and exploring with heat that could melt to the core of the earth..we continue taking and wanting more and more as I pass the stone on and hold Meg and Joshua close to me...never wanting this getaway to end....

  40. Eric is nowhere to be found so Jewel passes the new stone to me. It feels cold to the touch and I ponder how it has powers since it was formed by Josh. The energy from the original stone must have passed through him and I feel my power draining into it the longer I hold it.

    We all gather at the camp site to cleanup and say our farewells. The grounds are destroyed from the massive sex play but it was well worth it. We sit around the fire pit once more and I ask everyone to hold hands to grow stronger and more powerful... one last time.

    With the stone glowing blue we all imagine ourselves as the most powerful beings in the universe. The anticipation is great as we await the final transformation. The stone sputters and it's light goes out. 1, 2, 3 and then back with a burst like before but this time its different. The energy that was once given to us is taken into the stone and we revert back to our old selves. Another flash of light and the mystic stone flies off to the sky and we're left without a single memory of what happened the night before. We pack up, say goodbye and head down the mountain back to our daily lives.

    Amy is in the passenger seat of my car and Jewel's in back looking out the window. She says "Meg, there's a bright light in the sky that seems to be following us!" I look out the rear view mirror with a smile. "I don't see anything" and continue to drive home.

    The End

  41. Nice wrap up Megan. I can't wait to see what is coming next for your next blog story.

    Goodnight Megan. Keep me posted.

    Happy Muscle Dreams,


  42. Very nice ending. Sorry i skipped my last part, but i had too much to do. I had fun. Hope we can do it again some time.

  43. Meg,
    Perfect ending to a perfect "getaway"....I am looking forward to the next to be a part of it...

  44. Agreed, awesome ending, and apologies for missing my turn earlier it's been a busy month. Can't wait for more good stuff though! :D