Thursday, May 14, 2009

Path of Destruction

It's been quite the week from Hell! Big project at work going live so no sleep and I couldn't make it home for a funeral. I'm hungry from this diet I'm on and I ran into Ben's ex-bitch Lily who I HATE!!! People all around me seem like assholes. I need to break something, so help me out. Here's a new audience participation story thread. Make me big, strong, whatever. I just want to leave a path of devastation behind me. I'll start and thanks for the therapy.

I woke up and got ready for my morning jog. My neighbor was out with her yappy dog so I went over, grabbed the annoying little fur ball and drop kicked it into next week, then took my knee to the old lady. She went down quick and I felt a little better... even a little stronger.

I noticed my neighbor parked his car way to close to mine. Asshole SUV thinks he owns the parking lot. Well not today... >>


  1. Oooh, nice idea. Could I make the request we keep it roughly human sized? breaking stuff is much more fun that way ;)


    Walking over angrily, I kick down the mirror, break the front window and tear off the wipers. Mmmmm, I feel good, I never thought breaking things could be this much... fun.

    I pick up a brick and start bashing in the hood. The bigger the dent gets, to easier it becomes to lift the brick and the harder I slam it down. I toss the brick away and grin as I my elbow breaks the side windows. Wow, I really feel great.

    I give a hard kick, shattering the rear window and start pounding on the bonnet with my hands. I notice that it get easier with each smash, "must be the metal bending" I think to myself. I give one kick to the driver side door, the metal bending backwards a good 6 inches.

    "Wow, I must be stronger then I thought" I say to myself. Flexing my arm for comic effect, I suddenly notice a 12 inch bicep bulging up. "Hah, seems like my time in the gym is finally paying off"

    Now that my asshole neighbor's car's looks like a wreck, I turn around to continue my jog and work off some anger. Suddenly the door behind me slams open and my neighbor, a huge burly guy with arms like my thighs, comes rushing out shouting. "You bitch! What the hell do you think you're doing!"

    "Oh shit", I think to myself, "I'm dead"...

  2. "Really Pissed" is right. And he's as ugly too, as I run to get away.
    I hope those weird green "Gamma Protein Shakes", Ben and I drank earlier at the gym give me energy.
    "Hey Bitch, I'm gonna put my fist up your ass!"
    he yells as he grabs me and turns me to face him.
    As my rage grows, I feel another more powerfull sensation and growth building inside of me.... (next)

  3. I easily break free of his hold and make a dash for the park. I wanted a light jog, not a run for my life. He catches up to me a block away and tackles me to the ground. I struggle as he punches me and my rage grows. One last try, I lift him off and he goes flying. I want to run but am so angry.

    I kick him in the ribs and he howls. I'm amazed I can pick him up and begin to pummel him. His friends show up ready to take me on. Let them. I feel so strong...

  4. Time to try something here ;)

    As I punch my neighbor in the ribs, I hear a loud cracking noise. I grab my hand, thinking I broke it, but I feel no pain. In fact, it looks quite flawless, my skin smoother then I remember. I look down and see the victim of my punch hunched over in pain clasping his chest.

    I reach down and grab his shoulder, lifting him off the ground with one hand. Amazed at this, I look at my arm. It looks strong, the muslces more defined then I remember. The man feels a little heavy, but nowhere near as heavy as he should be, held in my dainty hand on my outstrechted arm. I squeeze my hand on his shoulder and he screams in pain. "It feels so soft", I mutter to myself. Experimentaly, I pull my other hand back, punching him in the gut as hard as I can.

    I look astonished, as he flies out of my hand, and slides along the grass for 10 feet. "Wow" is all I can say, as I look at my hand.

    Totally forgetting about the four equally burly men running up behind me, I flex my arm, seeing my muscle peak at least three inches larger then when I left home just a few minutes ago. Suddenly, I hear a dull thud behind me and feel a great pain on my head. I see the ground closing in and the world fading to black. Just before I pass out, I can hear a man laughing.


    Waking up again, I feel something cold and hard on my wrists and ankles, the light hurts my eyes as I open them and my head is still pounding. Slowly, I start looking around...

  5. My beer guzzling retard neighbor has me tied up in his apartment. I'm stripped naked and his asshole friends are fondling me and making sexual advances. "Good she's awake, time for payback." The start undoing their pants as I strain to get free. The rage builds in me and I slowly build the strength to break the restraints. A little more... pop, I'm free. Now I've got 4 200lb dilholes to deal with.

    The first one comes at me, kick to the crotch and he's out. The next one comes close and gets a right cross to the face. I swear I could feel bone crunch as he flies back. The next one swings a bat, but my reflexes seem heightened and I catch it. It stings a bit, but not as much as his ribs when I swing it back at him. Three more hits with the bat and he's out. All that's left is my neighbor who's still pretty beaten from before. I grab him by the throat and lift him a little. "Leave me and my parking space alone!!" He wimpers in agreement, I put him down and leave. Luckily my apartment is in the same building so no one sees me streaking home.

    I want to call in sick but can't. I jump in the shower and notice the changes in my body. Beneath the blood and bruising, I see how firm and muscular I've become. Flex up, flex down, flex up... I've never seen muscle this large and defined on me before. I feel powerful and like it. I examine every part of my body and feel dramatic change all over.

    I dry off and start getting dressed. My clothes all seem tight. I try on more but they're all snug. Crap, just what I needed today. I break out my fat pants (ladies know what I'm talking about) and an old sweatshirt. I feel and look like shit. Arrg this day sucks, how could it get worse.

    I hear a loud pounding on my door. I open it to see 2 policeman standing there. Thank god. "Mam, we received a report of vandalism and aggravated assault. We need you to come with us." I tell them I can't, late for work but will stop by later to file a report. He says "You're being charged and need to come with us now!" He puts his hand around my arm. Big mistake!

  6. I should have known that big asshole next door would do this!!
    This cop doesn't realize that the jerk assaulted me and tied me up!
    He turns me around and pushes againest the door. He takes his handcuffs and puts them on me. I'm consumed in rage again. But I try to hold it in. No good. I can't control the power I feel building up inside me. My muscles tense and throbb with power and grow in density. I turn and grin an evil smile and easily break the cuffs in two and hold them up to the stunned cop.
    "Holy Shit!" he cries..........(next)

  7. They go for their guns, but I'm quicker than they can react. I send one flying down the complex stairs and kick the other in the groin. He goes down, I pick him up and smash him into the wall. The plaster crumbles against the force. I pick up the 230lb cop and heave him down the stairs to join the other. Jumping down the flight I land on them with a crunch. God this feels good to let loose.

    Shit, I'm in big trouble. Better head out before more police come. I have to step over the wrecked SUV to get into my car. I grab some loose debris and send it flying across the lot. How strong am I now? I debate what to do next... go to work or head for the hills? I have to at least check in so I head for the labs.

    It's 9:30am and highway traffic is still bad. I want to punch the gas, but decide I don't need another run in with police. Just then, a dickhead in a sports car cuts me off and gives me the finger. He's so friggin dead!

  8. I push the pedal down, and quickly cut him off, making him slam on the breaks. He gets out of the car, and so do I.

    He looks intimidating, but I realize I've just beat up half a dozen guys bigger than him, and I don't even feel tired. In fact, every punch or kick makes me feel more energetic, more powerful. He walks up to, raises his hand me and is about the start shouting, as I grab his hand and squeeze hard, making him shout in pain instead.

    "It's not nice to flip people off" I say in a stern voice, "And people who aren't nice should be punished". I bend up his middle finger, "so, what is it about this one finger... I think I should start there" I say. I put his middle finger between my thumb and index finger, squeezing hard. The driver collapses on the ground, screaming in agony, and I'm only putting half my strength into it.

    I try to really push my fingers together, I hear a loud crack, and his finger suddenly goes soft. Staring at it, I realize I just shattered his bone. "Well, that's what you get for flipping me off little man" I tell the driver, who is easily 6 inches taller and twice as wide as me. "Now that I've made sure you won't do that again, let’s make sure you won't be speeding".

    Licking my lips, I grab the driver by his leg, turning him upside down; I lift him up with one hand. He feels much lighter then my neighbor, but he's not that much smaller. Holding him in one hand, I curl his whole weight a dozen times, barely registering it. "What do you weigh little man?" I ask him, but I doubt he heard me over his screaming and whimpering. No matter, I've got another test to do. This time, I close my dainty, soft hand over his lower leg and quickly tighten it as hard as I can.

    I hear two loud snapping noises, which I know recognize as bones breaking, I love that sound. The driver, or rather ex-driver, is shouting even louder now. It'll draw a crowd, but I don't care, I'm having way too much fun.

    Smiling, I drop the whimpering weakling and walk to his car. It's a very nice looking sports car, very new and very expensive. I draw my fist back, ready to break the windshield, when I reconsider.

    I walk back to the driver, reach into his pocket and grab his keys. "Thanks", I tell him mockingly, as I turn and walk back to his... no, my sports car.

    I have a wide grin as I sit down, still enjoying every second of beating up that asshole. I quickly think about how I curled him up and down, he must weigh at least 180 pounds, but even a dozen reps didn't tire me in the least. I feel my arm, is it larger then before? It feels a lot stronger then just 5 minutes ago.

    Well, I can safe that for later, right now, I've got to...

  9. I pull into work over 3 hours late. Maybe I'll just check in then leave. Vince greets me at check-in and I start to go through security. The scanners go wild and sirens go off as I pass through. He says "I can't let you through". Fine, whatever, I really didn't want to work today. I tell him to tell my boss I stopped in and may come back tomorrow. "I can't do that Meg, we have a situation and need you to come with me." Not again. Screw it I'm leaving. I feel so strong, I've had a bad morning and now have a kick ass car waiting outside.

    A door opens and a team of soldiers in Hazmat suits & weapons file in to take form around me. They get into a stance and lower weapons. What the hell, I'm only 3 hours late! All I heard was "Megan LXXXXr (sorry, can't give it away) you are a danger...." before I forced my way through. A shot was fired, I look down to see blood and go into a rage like never before...

  10. In the blink of eye, one of my fists is inside the head of the pointman, the bastard that shot me. The tick plastic of his helmet never even slowed me down. One moment later, I kick the man next to him into a third one, smashing them both into the wall behind them.

    I pull my hand out of the first man's head, punch another man in the chest, cracking all his ribs and crushing his organs. I slam another on top of his head, breaking his neck and most of his spine. I grab two of the soldier, ram them together so hard that both my hands meet in the middle, ignoring their frail bodies.

    I grab the last man in a bearhug, squeezing him against my breasts. I easily break him in half, my soft DD-cup breasts far harder then his bodyarmor.

    12 seconds after the shot was fired, eight battered corpses litter the entraceway. I look down at my stomach, where the bullet hit me. I see a small scratch, allready healing over. I've just been shot and I'm perfectly allright. "holy crap" I say "I'm bulletproof".

    After killing the soldiers, I feel so powerfull. Looking around for anyone else, I don't see anyone. I flex my arm, seeing my biceps bulge up 22 inches, tearing straight through my shirt. "WOW!", I shout out "I'm huge!". I lift up my shirt, seeing my unlexed stomach, allready showing a 6-pack. I flex my muscles, and it turns into a massively defined 8-pack that most bodybuilders would kill for.

    Still holding my giant arm flexed, I turn towards the front door, as I hear alarms going off. "Run all you want, I'm still going in to get you!" I shout at the door, before....

  11. The giant steel security door slams shut before I can get out. Their bad, looks like I'm gonna have to get stronger to break free so I turn back and walk towards the lab entrance.

    Everything I see in my path gets destroyed. Tables, chairs, desks. I pick up each one ripping it apart or throwing. Each times gives me more strength. I need much more. The doors to the inner labs are sealed so I put my hands on them and push with everything I've got. I can see my triceps peak through my shirt and my legs build with more muscle as I push harder. The door doesn't give but I strain harder and let the rage build in me. My body takes it all in and obeys by giving me the power I need. Intoxicating. I watch as my arms form into thick steel cables, my legs balloon out and my back widens.

    I take a step back, catch my breath and look down at myself. My clothes are tattered from the growth and I see how thick, vascular and muscular I've become. The door shouldn't be a problem for me anymore so I take one hand and lay it flat on the door. Pushing my fingers together, the door warps and bends under my strength. I easily rip it off, send it flying and it embeds 3" feet into the solid granite walls. I finally make it into the lab, time for some real destruction...

  12. I smile grimly, maliciously. I know I should be feeling something- remorse, or pity for the insignificant limp-dicks that are even now scrambling to escape my wrath, but all I feel is contempt. How dare those worms try and contain me?!

    One of the scientists has realized that I'm between him and the only exit. He scrambles around, trying to approach from my side so that he can slip out without me noticing. Negligently, I reach out and grab his head. My hand is pretty small compared to his skull- my fingers actually have to dig into his eyeballs to secure a grip- and I almost knock him away from me, but my thumb and pink manage to secure a grip on his lower jaw. "Going somewhere, sweetcheeks?" I growl.

    He whimpers, realizing I hold his life in my hands, that he is completely at my mercy- and that I ran out of mercy early this morning. I tighten my open grasp into a tight fist, the motion crushing and splintering his face into an unrecognizable pulp and catapulting his body off my arm into the wall. I follow up with a right cross that drives through his body and into the wall by close to a foot.

    "Nobody leaves," I snarl. "Not until I say so."

    I look around again. Nervous scientists are desperately trying to figure out some way to stop me, to shut me down. I sneer at them and turn back towards the opening I'd made moments earlier. I grab either side of the door frame and plunge my arms deep into the wall. Electric current arcs through my body from severed conduits, doing nothing except making me stronger and angrier. I grab onto the most solid structures my hands can find and pull my arms together, simultaneously tearing through the steel supports and the solid bedrock that make up the walls of this room.

    The door collapses under a ton of rubble- they're going to need some serious equipment to get that moved- and I turn around brushing off my hands.

    "Now," I say, stalking forwards, "where were we?"

  13. The falling boulders bounce off me as I walk deeper into the labs. I didn't come looking for trouble but with the day I've had, they'll wish they hadn't started with me. My anger keeps fueling my muscle growth and with the way I feel now, my strength must have doubled in the past few minutes.

    I reach the center column and easily tear off the security door. This one is twice as thick as the outer one but I removed this door without any effort. There's an open shaft to the lower levels and I jump down. I dig my arms through the steel walls to slow down but still hit the bottom with enough force to split the ground open. I get up and just walk through the security. I've become so powerful, just my forward motion can tumble mountains.

    The head scientist is alone (and probably the last living person here). He turns to me and says "I've been expecting you, we need to talk." I want to smash him and everything around but am somehow compelled to listen. We walk into the lowest level labs and he begins to explain...

  14. Unfortunately, the head scientist isn't as stupid as I would wish. I can feel slight tremblings emanating from him, the fear that he tries to contain so consistently. He succeeds in his job, and as he walks through a fully metal chamber I am suddenly aware of sizzles and cracks in it. I follow him through it, but unfortunately my pair of shoes had disappeared a long time ago. The first step I take, and I get a vague impression of a lightning revenant seizing my musclebound torso, constantly shutting my limbs down, holding them in place as impressive current shoots through them.

    The X-ray view of my bones doesn't come; instead, sparks begin erupting from my skin, and for the first time in my life I feel the torture of extreme, prickly heat.

  15. I fall to my knees, the pain burning away at my body. Pain is something I had almost forgotten about in my rage. I refuse to be defeated though. Placing my hands on the side of the machine I begin to tear and squeeze through the side panels. The arcing electricity hurts even more now but I refuse to give in to it and grit my teeth as sweat begins to pour from my body. I raise myself to my feet,unfurling my massive body and tear the machine right off the lab floor and turn my attention fully to the smiling scientist. "Smiling?" I think to myself, and notice a flashing sign that says "energy transfer partially complete" and some kind of strange, smoking ray gun next to him.


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