Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Pleasure Genie

Written by Celia Thorne
From my Deepest Desires post came a new friend Celia. She contributed this great story and I'm happy to post it in it's entirety.

I sat alone in a bar, drinking happily. I happened to see a beautiful young lady sitting across the room. She had some muscles on her too. I saw her smiling at me. I got up from my stool and walked to her while swaying my hips. I sat next to her and introduce myself. "Hi. I'm Celia."

"I'm Megan."

She didn't seem to me sliding my arm up and down her muscular thigh. "You like working out?"

"I like being big. I just wish I didn't need to strain myself so much."

"What if I told you you didn't?"

"What do you mean?"

"Do you want to become the biggest?"

"Yes. I want to become the world's strongest!"

I smiled. "Kiss me then."

Her eyes opened with shock. "What?"

"What's wrong? Never been with a woman?"

"Well... I..."

"Kiss me," I repeated.

Megan closed her eyes. I saw her lips parting. I brought mine to hers and we both groaned from the contact. I pulled back and opened my eyes. She opened hers and looked down in surprise. "My clothes feel a little tighter! What is this?" She then knew what had happened. She flexed her arm to see a nice bulge. "I got a little bigger! This is great!" She leaned forward for another kiss.

I stopped her and grinned. "Uh-uh. That was a sample. If you want to grow bigger beyond youd your dreams, come to my house." I left a piece of paper with my address in her hand and walked out of the bar while she looked at me in shock.

"Who was that girl?" Megan looked at the paper. "Should I?"


I was asleep in my room when the door bell rang. I grinned and got out of bed, wearing only a green robe. Only one person would be at my door at this hour. "She must be desperate for a new body. I should give her what she wants." I opened the bedroom door and calmly walked down the stairs of the hallway. I reached the front door and opened it, halted by the chain lock. "Hello again. You do know it's 1 a.m., right?"

Megan stood on my porch wearing her silk pajamas. I could tell by the look on her face that she had not gotten much sleep. "Uh, hi, Celia. I'm sorry. I was thinking about it and I want you to make me into the biggest hunkiest woman on the planet. I was going to wait until morning-"

"It is morning," I reminded her.

"Oh. Right. Well, I was going to wait until dawn, but I couldn't get an ounce of sleep! I'm too anxious! I ran here as fast as I could. I didn't even take the time to make myself presentable! Please, make me big and beefy! I want a body of pure muscle!"

I giggled at her request. I briefly closed the door and unhinged the chain lock. I then opened the door with a smile. "Come in, Megan." She stepped inside my house and I closed the door. "Have a seat." She sat on the sofa and I turned on the light. I sat in the chair across from her and allowed my robe to fall open, revealing my dark-skinned body to her. I saw her looking at my breasts as if she were in a trance. "Megan? You're drooling."

Hearing my voice snapped her out of it. "Oh! Sorry. I just... You're hot!"

"Why thank you." I stood and dropped my robe to the floor. My perfectly straight jet black hair fell to my hips. I came closer to her and rubbed my breasts againts her shoulder. "Would you like to know how I was able to make you bigger?"

She grabbed my head with temptation. "Tell me later. I need to grow!" She brought me to her and we both were making out madly on the couch. Almost immediately we both noticed that her muscles were becoming much harder and much more massive. One of the buttons on her pajamas popped off and shattered my mirror. More buttons popped and it wasn't long before we heard fabric tearing. We were both moaning from the pleasure we felt. She grew and grew and grew.

After three minutes of making out I pulled away. "That's enough for now." Megan seemed disappointed. "Come with me." She followed me into the bathroom. Heavy footsteps were made as she walked with her new body. Her ruined pajamas were nothing more than strips of cloth which failed to hide her enormous body. I brought out a scale and set it on the floor. "How much did you weigh yesterday?"

"Ummm. About 185."

"Well, let's see how much you gained."

Megan stepped on the scale and watched as it shook. "Oh my God! 225! I gained fourty pounds in three minutes?" She looked in my bathroom mirror. "I... I..." She didn't recognize herself. She looked at her virtually naked reflection in amazement. She tore off whatever was left of her clothes to get a full view. She had a solid six pack, each ab was a solid ball of pure muscle. She flexed her arm to see biceps the size of a basketball. She put a hand to her butt, it was round and felt like steel. She had twin solid pecs with nipples that were larger than life. "Hey! What happened to my boobs?"

I laughed. "You did say you wanted to have a body of pure muscle."

"Okay, just who are you?" she demanded.

"Hehe. I have this unique power. Whenever share pleasure with another person, I can grant that person whatever they desire. Think of me as a... pleasure genie."

"Pleasure genie?"

"Yes. And once I've given that person what they want, I can't change it, but I can improve what I gave them. And if you gained fourty pounds from three minutes of making out..." I closed my eyes and focused hard. I felt my body grow and my muscles swell. Power pumped into me and I opened my eyes again. I was now ripped with muscle, but not as much as Megan. "Imagine how much you will gain from hours and hours in in bed with me!"

I saw her eyes light up...

The bed was destroyed the moment we jumped onto it. Megan had her bed the wall while I moved my head to the lower parts of her body. I found her 'other lips' and licked them gently. I could hear her moaning as her wet juices spilled out of her. She moved her garantuan hand and began fingering me. I could feel her growing larger. Her whole body was burning hot. I watched her lift her free arm to flex it. It grew larger before our very eyes. It went from the size of a basketball to the size of a bowling ball to the size of a water melon! "Oh, fuck yes! Larger!" She growed larger and larger. I had to grow with her in order ro keep up. Ten minutes passed and we were both eating each other out madly, recycling the juices. My own muscles were a sight to behold as well. We grew and grew and grew and grew and grew. Time was lost to us. We felt our heads pressed againt the wall, and our feet against the other. We still grew. The walls crumbled and we fell through the floor, still growing...

...And growing...

...And growing...

...We were becoming stronger...

...and stronger...

Noon came. My work was done. I shrank back to my normal size and sat on Megan's naked nipple, resting against the erect tip. I was completely covered in her cum. Megan was sleeping on the hard sunken ground. She was as wide as she was tall, and she was TALL! From head to two, she was about as long as Manhattan Island. The entire city of Buckland was buried underneath her. Her arms were far too massive to keep at her sides. Her pecs and her traps were so large that her enormous neck was impossible to see. Each pec was as large as a small town. Every breath she took caused her chest to raise a mile off the ground. Each ab on her ten-pack was the size of my house (pretty big). Her pussy was so tight that not even a flea could get inside. Above it was a literal forest of pubic hair. Each ass cheek left a crater in the earth. The only thing that didn't change size was her head, which looked weird on this massive body. I reached inside of my own snatch and pulled out my cum-covered cell phone. I dialed a number and waited. "Hello, can I speak with Mr. Norris? Yes I'll hold." Two minutes passed. "Chuck? It's Thorne. Yep. Got another one. Buckland, Alaska. Yeah. Good then. And where do I pick up the money? Good. I think you'll be interested in this one. It looks like you'l need at least TWO roundhouse kicks before she's down. You're right, I'm being crazy. Chao." I hung up the phone and walked across her massive chest. I looked down at her regular-sized head and kissed her on the lips. "You were fun, trophy." I walked off to the next dead-drop (assignment point) naked.


  1. Started off Good. Girl on Girl and muscles!!
    Got a little weird at the end though.

  2. I liked it, a lot, the ending kind of ties it all up tho' and it would be interesting to see it continue.

    What does Meg do now? Who does Celia work for (apart from Mr C Norris)?

    Hey, I am asking too many questions, I enjoyed the story and that is enough.

    Celia, hope to see more of your work here :)

  3. Nice work but the ending felt a little rushed and forced.

    Benji Dude