Monday, May 17, 2010

Meg's Growth: Week 17

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My ongoing, real-time, Audience Participation journey to becoming the ultimate muscle woman. Story addition comments take place in real time so help me grow.

Bill's body is dripping with the largest muscle I've ever seen on a man. I'm getting so turned on, the most I've ever been while on the Myostatin. Control yourself, Meg. This is still Bill Sanders, one of the most vile men I've ever met.

He walks up close to me and I dwarf him by quite a lot. But still, how could he get so big in such a short time. He was always big, but slightly overweight and a little flabby. He's now has rock solid muscle that's larger than any male bodybuilder I've seen.

Andrew and I were the only ones with the formula. Then it comes back and hits me like a brick. The missing Myostatin package!

He looks terrified as he asks for help, but his eyes are glued to my body and I see the enormous bulge in his pants get even bigger. I thought he had an erection we he came in... but it was still his flacid penis. What the hell did he do? The front of Bill's pants grows and stretches until the fabric can't take any more and gives way. My GOD... now that's an erection that would make a horse envious.

Bill pleads, "Help me, please!"


  1. Meg wants to help him, he's clearly in distress, but she also wants him to suffer. Meg leans down as much as her gigantic tits allow and looks Bill in the eyes, "How did this happen?" she asked, she was pretty sure she knew the answer but she wanted to hear him say it.

    "I don't know" he starts, "All I know is that one day I started getting stronger and bigger" he continues looking around for a chair and quickly taking a seat, hand in head. "A few days later I was screwing my girlfriend, things were going great she was really enjoying it, saying how big I felt to her. Next thing I know she's screaming in pain, saying that something cracked" Bill stops for a moment and looks up at Meg, "Turns out I shattered her pelvis" he admits, "I didn't know what to do after that… I was still so horny… I ended up hiring an escort to help me take the edge off" he looked down in shame, "She did the job for a few days… I kept it a secrete from my Grace… but then the escort said she couldn't fit it in…"

    "Stop the bull crap Bill" Meg said sitting up again and dusting her tits off, "No one just suddenly starts going massive" she added giving him a stern look.

    "Ok ok" Bill acknowledges, "I stole some of that Myostatin stuff Andrew ordered in" he admits, "But the rest is true! Please Meg, you gotta help me!"

    "How did you know what it would do?" Meg asks crossing her massive arms over her mountainous tits.

    "I checked the company orders, saw that you'd ordered some, right before you started getting bigger, then Andrew put an order in and the next thing I know you'd disappeared. I put one and one together and decided I wanted some of the magic… to relive my high school football days" Bill answered, standing up again, his hard cock bouncing to his movements, "Please Meg, my balls are on fire! You're the only girl I can think of that has a pussy large enough to take my cock… you gotta help me please!" Bill begged, fear clear in his eyes.

    Meg looked at his huge erection, it may have been big enough to satisfy her but would it be strong enough to survive her. The more she looked at it, the more she felt her heart race, it had been a long time since she was last satisfied, and there certainly wasn't anyone else stepping up to the plate. Would she succumb to her urges? Could she succumb? It was still Bill. Bill, who amazingly, had found a woman who accepted him as he was. She could feel her juices lubricating her solid thighs. It was so tempting! It was so revolting!

    Benji Dude

  2. Bill sits next to me and begins to cry. I instinctively put my arm around him to comfort the man that gave me such torment only weeks ago. I alone could feel his pain and know the overwhelming urges that comes from this potent muscle enhancer.

    Sexual desire continues to build within me as I use all my might to hold it back. I just can't give in to the feelings, although I haven't actually had sex in such a long time. The Guardian's... or Andrew's Silver bullet and special machine have been my only source of outlet.

    He looks up at me with soft eyes and puts his hand on my leg. "I've been horrible to you Meg, but I want you to know it's only because I think you're the most desirable women I've ever met. I couldn't let the others know."

    He's so sincere. I look around to see if Angelo & Andrew are around... they're not. I lean into him and share a deep passionate kiss. His rock-hard mammoth cock rubs up against me and I hold on, feeling the strength & power within it.

    Fuck it! I've never wanted anything so bad and finally succumb to the desire. I begin to stroke him, soft at first, then harder and faster. His cock grows even larger when he stops me.

    "Not here," Bill says and points over to the pile of oversized tires next to the CAT equipment. I quickly move to the rubber bed and look back, expecting Bill right next to me. He hasn't moved.

    I watch in horror as I see him take one of the missing vials of Myostatin Blocker and thrust the needle deep into his member. He presses the plunger, releasing a full dose of God-making chemicals straight into his cock. His face changes quickly, back to the menacing look I remember so well from before. He was playing me!

    He slowly walks to me but I'm mesmerized. Everything's getting bigger before my eyes. His muscle and most definitely his... I can't move.

    His body grows to nearly half my size and strength and continues on as he forces my legs open and rips off my clothes. I see his penis pulsating with power as he draws it closer and begins to thrust it down me. My god it's so big and it's takes every bit of his strength to break the surface.

    I scream out on the inside but all I can do is sit back and take it... take it all in.

  3. Meg's pride was hurt, twice now Bill has taken her for a fool and now she'd given him her body. She wanted to get off, this wasn't what she had in mind. She was the strongest being on the planet yet her sexual need paralysed her, forcing her to moan in pleasure as Bill's dick grew bigger inside her, gradually filling her out, hitting all the sweet spots.

    His thrusts got stronger as his muscles swelled larger, the familiar tingle Meg had felt all these weeks when she got aroused was gone, she knew that without any more Myostatin she wouldn't get any bigger quickly. But Bill was, still growing, still bulking up. He must have been 3/4 her height now and judging by the force he was thrusting into her equally as strong if not a little more so.

    Meg could feel her body tensing, the orgasm she wasn't sure she wanted was nearing its peak. She involuntarily tilted her head back, eyes closed, lips parted, her breathing was ragged. She felt a hand rub across a nipple as the other was sucked into a mouth, she couldn't hold it back any more. Her body tensed, pussy clamping down around the thick hard shaft invading her womanhood a low noted moan escaped her lips. Soon followed by a single tear.

    "I'm the man bitch!" Bill snapped as he felt Meg's pussy massage his tree trunk cock, "I'm the stronger, I'll always be the stronger" he added still thrusting away.

    "This can't be happening" Meg said softly, "I won't accept this" she added sounding a little more confident as she moved a hand to Bill's chiselled chest and tried to push him off.

    "Oh like you're not enjoying this Meg!" Bill snapped, grabbing Meg's arm and pinning it to the floor, "I'm gonna pump your pussy full of my cum and you're gonna enjoy every last minute of it!"

    "No!" Meg declared clenching her free hand into a fist and striking Bill across the chin, lifting him off the floor enough for her to get her foot into his chest and push him off completely. Before she knew what she'd done Bill had crashed through a wall and was laying in the street, within minutes the gathered press had flowed to the commotion, camera's rolling, photographers flashing away.

    "Leave me alone!" Meg snapped, turning away from the press as she held back the tears, ploughing through the opposite wall and into a back alley.

    Benji Dude

  4. I run like the wind but Bill is getting stronger and faster with every step I take. I never imagined I would be scared again with all this power.

    My shirt is barely holding on and my panties were easily discarded by Bill back at the Gym. I'm giving the world quite a sight and I see camera crew vans keeping up with me out of the corner of my eye. Great! I'm sure their getting this all on tape.

    My goal is simple, get out of the city and confront Bill (if I have to) in the countryside. I hear his thunderous pounding behind me, getting louder and closer but I don't stop. My breasts are so large that if I twist just a bit at this speed, I'll surely spin out of control.

    The thunder behind me stops for a moment and think he has given up. All of a sudden everything goes black.

    The next thing I know I'm laying in a crater and pinned under Bill. All I see is his upper body and his muscles easily equal mine... if not bigger. I can't move anything under his superior strength... and he knows it.

    As I get my wits back, I feel Bill thrusting deep into me. He uses all of his super strength to drive me into the rock beneath. Faster and harder with a look of pure evil, he looks at me and snarls, "Let's see your Guardian help you now!"

    Bill Sanders climaxes and the Earth shakes as he unloads gallon upon gallon of semen.

  5. Angelo and Andrew look down into the crater to see Meg, lying battered and still. Bill has moved on, feeling victorious in his conquest.

    "The end is now upon us," Andrew says. "We've done all we could."

    Angelo turns to him, "It was foretold."

    They vanish as camera crews arrive, about ready to film the birth of a true goddess.

  6. The camera crews gather around the crater, photography flashes sparking off, flood lights erected, casting the super muscle bound woman in intense light. Cameras are placed on their tripods, reporters getting their make up and outfits tweaked.

    Meg slowly comes around, her head feels heavy, her whole body feels heavy. Something changes inside of her and she feels her body shifting, changing. Her surroundings seem to be getting larger, her head throbs from Bill's knock-out blow. "Look down there!" one of the many crew members calls out, "She's getting smaller!" another adds.

    Sure enough Meg's body is shrinking she can feel her self getting lighter, yet she still feels as strong as she was before, none of it makes sense. Slowly she gets to her feet taking a few steadying steps, even her breasts are getting smaller. All the cameras are fixed on her altering form, the last of her clothing slipping off her body.

    The transformation only lasts a few minutes and once the odd feeling inside dissipates Meg looks down at her self, small beach ball sized breasts rest firm on her chest with a natural tear drop shape, her body has womanly curves, a thin waist and wide hips but she's abnormally toned and muscled, something like Power Girl but half as much more. Even her hair has changed, flowing over her shoulders, curling down to her small of her back, showing off her tight, round ass. Her pussy is still very much on fire and in need of attention, all traces of Bill's cum gone. Meg's face has slightly altered gone is the attractive facial structure of old replaced by one of sheer beauty, full plump lips, cute dimples when she smiles, high cheek bones, thick long lashes, small arched eye brows, piercing green eyes and above all a flawless, faintly golden brown tanned complexion.

    "Why are you all so obsessed with me?" she asked before quickly covering her mouth in shock, her voice had changed, the average womanly voice exchanged for a sexy sultry yet husky voice. No one answered her question opting instead to just look at her. "Fine then" Meg muttered to herself, "Just fuck off and leave me alone then!" she shouted taking a step to run away but instead finding herself leaping up into the air, above the tree line quickly finding herself back in the city.

    "What the hell just happened?" she asked herself in confusion. Meg looked around her to make sure no one was following her when she caught a glimpse of herself in a shop window, she gasped when she realised she was naked. She very carefully took a step, making sure not to propel herself into the air again, then another and before she knew it she was walking along, searching for a clothes store. It didn't take her long but unfortunately it was the middle of the night and all the shops were closed. She reached out to the door of a sports store and watched as it just shattered off it's hinges. Meg knew the alarm must have been triggered and quickly set out getting herself some clothes. somehow it seemed odd to be wearing normal sized clothes again, for so long she'd been forced into wearing abnormally large sized clothes but now she was back into normal ladies large sized clothes and they were still a little baggy on her but comfortable.

  7. Fully clothed, apart from her feet which still required high heels, Meg decided that the best place for her now would be back at home, where she knew her surroundings and felt comfortable. She started off walking but quickly found herself sprinting and not breaking a sweat, the next thing she knew she was back at her house, with Sammy sitting by the front door.

    "Hello girl!" Meg said squatting down in front of her faithful companion, Sammy trotted up to her and licked her face her big eyes expressing all the love and compassion Meg needed. Meg opened her door with extreme delicacy, "I don't get what's going on with me" she explained to Sammy, who just wagged her tail. As you'd expect from anyone who's been away from their house for a couple of weeks, there was a large pile of letters waiting for her when she stepped inside but the letter on top of the pile was instantly recognisable, there was no doubt it was from her "guardian".

    "Hello Meg,

    No doubt by now you're wondering what has happened to you, I can explain it to you but I suspect you'll want to do it face to face so meet me at 125 Pinewood Crescent at 1pm tomorrow and all will be explained.

    I should tell you that I'm acting against my orders.


    "What the hell is going on Angelo?" Meg muttered to herself as she crashed into her bed and quickly fell asleep.

    Benji Dude

  8. Meg woke up the following morning fully refreshed, Sammy was sleeping at the end of her bed. Meg got out of bed and looked at herself in the mirror, "Damn I look good!" she declared, "And tall!" she added, realising that though she had shrunk from her previous height of 20' she was still taller than she should have been. Quickly making her way to the wall markings she made what seems like a life time ago she measured her height, "Oh my god" she gasped as looked at the numbers, with her 8" heels on she was standing at an impressive 8'2", making her 7'6" without them.

    "You know what?" she asked her self as she walked into the bathroom to shower, "I think I like being this size more than that hulking mass I was yesterday" she said turning on the shower, "I feel so sexy, yet incredibly strong" she added doing a nice double bicep curl in front of the mirror, smiling at how her muscles bulged out.

    The water up to temperature she stepped into the spray and sighed contentedly, this was the first shower she'd had in a couple of weeks and it felt so nice. The water splashing all over her sensitive body, she couldn't help but get aroused, sliding a hand over her taut stomach, feeling the ridges of her tight abs as she moved down to her pussy and slid a finger inside. She was able to quickly bring her self to orgasm, then another, and another, everything she touched on her body gave her untold pleasure, even running her hand through her hair brought her close to orgasm, the wiggly finger inside her snatch finishing the job.

    After her firth orgasm she was sated and focused on getting her self clean, marvelling at the softness of her skin paired with the hardness and tone of her muscles she was a complete oxymoron, strong yet gentle, sexy yet powerful. She didn't want to admit it but Meg was almost falling for her self, she couldn't help but look at her curves, her tone, her face, such a thing of beauty.

    The shower finished Meg quickly dried herself off, fighting the urge to masturbate again. She put on some casual clothes she first brought when she started getting taller and with Sammy on her leash stepped out to her car. Meg smiled to herself as she realised that she could drive her little sports number again. Sammy jumped on to the passenger seat, Meg adjusted her seat, turned the engine on, then stalled it. She hadn't been focusing and ended up moving her feet too fast for the engine to cope. She tried again, this time much slower and was able to pull out of her drive and headed off to meet Angelo and get some answers.

    Benji Dude