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The Buffies - Homecoming

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Written by Meg | Photo by Mav

Seeing the clouds through the airplane windows gives me a sense of peace and a chance to reflect. I'm flying back home, my real home, for the first time since this whole whirlwind of an adventure began.

I have lot to think about. The Buffies are like sisters to me and love the guys too. I've always dreamed of being a superhero and wanted this strength & power. So why am I conflicted? Is this what I was meant to do? I mean, I've worked hard my entire life to become independent, hard working and successful. I just don't know if I should go back to my old life or forge a new one with the Buffies.

“Can I get you anything?” the stewardess asks and I nod a simple “no”. She moves on as I look down at myself. Nic & Benji's device isn't permanent but I can be the old me again, at least for a little while.

The plane touches down and I prepare to depart. No messages on my phone... good. Everyone was reluctant for me to leave but they understood. Josh offered to take me home in Cutiepie but I needed to do this myself.

I get my bags and head to the bus terminal for the last leg home. Walking through the airport, I feel subconscious about my massive muscular body but forget that people don’t see me that way. Just an attractive young brunette in a tattered Steeler's sweatshirt.

The bus is almost ready to leave as I show up. The driver puts my bags in the undercarriage and I make my way through the tiny aisle. I grab an open seat, sink into it and put my ear buds in. The bus makes its way out of the airport, through the city and suburbs then into familiar countryside where I grew up. The hum of the road is comforting and I quickly nod off.

We pull into town and it still looks the same. There is a mall, big box stores and other modern conveniences but everyday life remains slow and easy going. Most people grow up and move to the big city... just like what I did.

We turn into the small bus station and I see my sister Cassie waving. It's been a while since I've seen her. She's always been a little heavy but appears even bigger. I make my way down the stairs and am quickly greeted. "Hi big sister" she says, putting her arms around me in a bear hug and lifting me off the ground. Wow, she is really solid. "Ooooh, easy Squirt, when did you get so strong. What have you been eating?" I joke and can tell she likes the attention.

Dad pulls the car around and I get my bags and put them in the trunk. He's his usual stoic self. I know he loves me, he just doesn't show much emotion. Hasn't for a while now. "Megan" he says with a nod and a smile. It's his typical solemn greeting but I give him a big hug and kiss anyways. We pile into the old Buick and head out.

On our way home, we pass the new Wal-Mart and I see my dad sneer as we drive by. He owns a hardware store and is one of the last holdouts of locally owned businesses. I know he's hurting and can't compete but most his customers remain loyal. With the tough economy, more & more are slowly turning away. It's sad, the business has been in our family for over 40 years. My Grandfather started it and Dad worked there when he came home from the war. He took it over when Grandpa died.

We pull up to the house and Dad says to rest up before dinner. Cassie is eager to show off and takes the bags to my room, lifting them like they were 1,000 lbs barbells. I open the door to my room, which hasn't changed much. There’s still an ‘N Sync poster (yikes) on the wall and my favorite stuffed animal Ms. Lion is waiting for me on my pillow. I close the door and make sure it’s locked before I lay down on the bed.

Remaining in my old body feels like I've been wearing a corset for weeks. It's hard to cram 900 lbs of muscle into a 125 lb bag and I can't wait to change back. I slip off my sweatshirt and jeans and lay back on my bed in my Buffie undies to begin my transformation to Super Meg. Benji gave us the tutorial but I've only done this once before and have to concentrate. He says it will get easier over time. I clench my eyes tight and think about muscles covering my body, enormous power and ultimate strength. The change begins to happen. The neural blockers start breaking down and the flood of energy flows back, making me a Buffie once again. As my body packs on immense muscle, the bed starts to squeak from the added weight. My uniform stretches to accommodate the growth as muscles balloon and breasts expand. My feet start hanging over the end of the bed and my head drives into the headboard as my body becomes taller. So much strength and power exploding out of a confined small body. The change doesn't take long and luckily nothing broke in the process. I feel like I can breathe again. I'm not little Megan from Pennsylvania anymore. I'm a world-class Buffie again.

I look down and see one of my old bodybuilding magazines next to the bed. Cassie must have found them. I've had a long fascination with muscle, on both men & women. The cover has Ronnie Coleman, Mr. Olympia (at the time) on the cover, and I laugh. He looks absolutely puny compared to me. I put everything I have into emulating his pose and watch my muscle grow into a perfect mountain. Sorry Ronnie, no comparison! The bed groans under my weight as I grab Ms. Lion and lay back down.

On my nightstand is a framed picture of me and my mother when I was young. She died not long after it was taken. I pick it up and the faded memories I have of her come back. Dad wasn't prepared to raise two little girls by himself but did his best. It wasn’t always easy but we all pitched in and got through the hard times. If only I could go back with the strength I have now... I could have... Well, things would have been different.

I put the photo down and look over at my desk. Still sitting there is the computer I built when I was 14. I became fascinated with them at an early age. Our first computer was an old PC running DOS that Dad bought to do the books for the hardware store. It gave him extra time to spend with us after hours and keep the business going. He showed me the basic commands and I was hooked. I wrote my first program when I was 8, a simple choose-your-own-adventure type story. Princess Megan rescues the handsome prince. I think you won it by drinking the magic potion to make you strong enough to defeat the dragon. I should try and find it.

On the shelf above the computer are a couple trophies. Some are from science fairs but my favorite is for Cheerleading, even though it's a consolation prize. You see, with all the added responsibility at home with Mom being gone, I started withdrawing from school and friends. Dad encouraged me to get out and have fun. It took me a little bit to come out of my shell but eventually enjoyed the experiences and learned I needed to have fun. I still battle with it.

My sorority pledge paddle is just to the side and I think how great my college years were. Cassie was older by then and took over many household duties while I was away. I continued my passion for computers and eventually graduated Cum Laude (don’t even think of laughing) in Computer Science. I was drifting farther away from home but Dad and Cassie always came first.

There’s a knock on the door and a jiggle of the doorknob. “Hey Meg, dinner’s almost ready and Dad says to come down,” Cassie says. “I’ll be down, just give me a minute.” She jiggles the knob again trying to get in but ultimately walks aways. Glad I locked the door. I don’t know how I’d explain this body to her.

My whole life is in this room and it feels good to be home again. So many memories come back to me. I see the “Greetings from California” postcard I sent to Dad & Cassie when I moved out to the coast. College was a big step in my independence but moving across the country was a giant leap. I had many job offers after graduation but one particular company in Northern California looked most intriguing. I remember how nervous I was driving out there with all my belongings crammed into my car. I felt like I was abandoning my family but they were supportive. Cassie had become the women of the house at that point and Dad knew I needed to get out.

Cassie yells “MEGGGGG” from downstairs as I loose track of time. Can’t go down there looking like this and begin the transformation process. My massive rock hard muscles slowly retreat into my body. The Buffie outfit snaps back to size to still give support in this smaller shape. My height returns to normal and I’m the old Meg again, or at least appear to be. I grab clean sweatpants and top from my bag, throw them on and head downstairs.

We sit around the dining room table and all my favorite foods are piled before me. What a homecoming. Cassie talks non-stop about everything she’s been doing. I mean everything. School, work, neighbors, boys, pets, gossip, sports, you name it. Dad rolls his eyes but I smile and let her continue. She works her way up to her new obsession... The Buffies. I knew we made the mainstream media but didn't really think it would hit home. Should I tell them? Her face turns red from excitement as she talks about her new heroes. "I'm gonna be as strong as the big red-head" she screams and comes over and flexes her bicep. “Here… feel Meg,” and I press down. Still a thick layer of fat but the muscle underneath is large and solid. “I’m impressed Cas, I bet you would be a great Buffie.” I'll tell them sometime but don't want things to change in the one place I feel normal. At least for now.

After dinner, the three of us cleanup the dishes then go to the back porch. It’s my favorite place, sitting on the porch swing next to Dad. He turns to me and says "Looks like you've got the world on your mind, wanna talk?" I'm a little shocked hearing these words from Dad. I do but how could I possibly begin to describe the last few months. I just tell him “Not really,” and lay my head on his shoulder. It's a perfect night.

I'm awaken early the next morning by my cellphone ringing. It's Josh. "Sorry Meg, we have an emergency situation and need your help immediately. Can you be ready in an hour?" He explains more and I agree to go without hesitation. Josh fires up Cutiepie and prepares to fly across the United States to pick me up.

I pack my bags and quietly go downstairs so I don't wake anyone. Dad is sitting at the kitchen table with a pot of coffee and two steaming cups. "I... umm... need to go," I tell him, trying to spit out the news.

"I hope you at least have time for coffee." He gets up and goes to the desk, pulls out an envelope and hands it to me. "I've been saving this till you were older. Now seems like a good time." The envelope is yellowed by age with my name written on it. I open it up and read the letter inside.

Dear Megan,
I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to watch you grow into a beautiful women. Just know that I'm always with you. I knew when you were born that you were special and would do something extraordinary with your life. Don't hold back and follow your heart, it will always lead you in the right direction.

Love always, Mom

I tear up and know the decision I must make. My father puts his hand on my shoulder. "It's good to see you again, just don't make it so long between visits". I hug him harder than I should.

"I promise."

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  1. Something a little different for the latest Buffie story. I had always wanted each of us to have an individual solo story to get to know us better.

    Here's my story and I hope you enjoy.

    XOXO Meg

  2. It's short and sweet, looking forward to the family reunion.

    Benji Dude

  3. *double checks the page* ah.... didn't see the rest of it before....

    It's a good edition, nicely paced. Would have been nice to have at least an extra day there though.

    Benji Dude

  4. Yes it would but there's no rest for a Buffie :D