Thursday, November 12, 2009

Meg's Bistro & Inn: Mr. Thunder & Jewel

Meg's Bistro & Inn is open for business. Please visit the front desk if you would like to make reservations.

The Bistro is hopping and the Inn is fully booked for the next few months. Business is good.

My good friend Jewel is coming back for dinner tonight and I'm so happy to see her. She walks in and looks ravishing as always. Her red hair, deep blue eyes and... well her impressive physique always make her a standout in any crowd. I give her a big hug and she introduces me to her date for the evening, Mr. Thunder.

"I'm very pleased to meet you" I say with a welcome. "Your table is all set and I hope you have a wonderful time at Meg's."

Take it away Mr. Thunder >>


  1. Good evening Meg...(as I admire your beauty, and the wonderful architecture of your bistro..)It's an honor and a pleasure to met you!(as I shake your hand)..Then I turn my attention to my lovely date Jewel. Wow I am amazed at your stunning beauty. Your silky, shinny red hair, your eys sparkle brighter than the stars in the heavens. Your big red sensious lips...that make my heart flutter! As I continue to gaze at your most elligant eavning gown..I am well as speachless. In all my years I never seen a woman neverless 2woman in one night that poses so much beauty and elligance to go along with charm and sexiness as well as class! I think to my self wow Meg is great, but as continue to be star struck looking at Jewels aluring beautiful face..Jewel is Awesome. I am thinking I hit the jackpot! First, the bistro that Meg runs, the Architecture and decore is beyound 1st class. The grounds with its rich tropical landscape, the water falls and the elligant pools and spa's are breath taking. The dinning area is so plush, roomy,peacefull and very romantic.(I cant wait to see the other amenities the bistro has to offer!)
    I have know Jewel for some time now,however we never had an oppertunity to meet and have a real date. We have communicated every wich way possiable over the past several months,email,
    phone,instant messenger and even old fashion letters.With all the corrisponence,we have established a real connection, a bond, trust and a deep friendship with one another that is blossoming into something very special. We even shared our most deep fantacies! With me being in the Navy reserves special forces, with the current state of affairs, witch I have been forward deployed for the past 2 years in Iraq, you can see its been real hard for me to have a date with any woman, unless its a! I am so looking forward to spending time with Jewel. As I am trying to catch my breath looking at Jewels elligant evening gown that is form fitting, bulging with sexy femmene muscle, I scratch my head and thinking back to one of our manny corrispondce, I rememembered she saying that she worked out and asked if i liked muscles on women...but wooow.. she is fricken smoking hot,I say she is 5'4" tall and 170 pounds of hot muscle and a rack that would make Dolly pardon jelous in her youth!Dang I did hit the jack pot! My self, I am a very athletic gentleman, standing 6'2"-260 pretty muscled and very fit. I have short blond hair and baby blue eyes, tanned..(years in the middle east would do it lol)For the evening I picked out my best sport jacket to go along with my tight polo shirt and tight dress kakies. with some Tommy Hilfigure colone (i hope she likes).
    As I get out of my magical spell, and regain my composure,noticing my kakies are just a bit tighter,i turn to Jewel and give her a slow deep passionate french kiss, tasting her sweet lucious lips as our tongues dart in out...I slide my long thick tongue along her cheek bone to her ear lobe nibbling for a sec, and whisper into her ear...You are the most beautiful woman I ever laid eyes on...are you ready for a wonderful dinner and a magnifigant evening my dear?
    I hold your hand as we follow Meg into the dining room to our private table over looking the wonderful garden near the huge pool. I pull out your chair and jester for you to sit. I walk towards my seat. Meg hands us the menu's and the wine list. I ask Meg send us your best bottle of wine, please....Jewel Begins the conversation/recall of our knowing one another.......

  2. Although we have never met, I feel like I have known Mr. Thunder he has always been a part of my life. He is as handsome and exciting as I could have possibly hoped for and his scent is intoxicating. As we sit and I look deep into his eyes he is mesmerizing and I am so taken by him I can barely concentrate on our dinner, before I know it dessert is served and we are being wisked away to our incredible accomodations. Our room is breathtaking as is my date. As I look deep into his blue eyes I feel like I am under a spell, a magical and wonderful spell. We drink champagne and dance alone in our room for what seems like hours. We kiss and hold each other and share our innermost thoughts and dreams. As my dress drops to the floor I hear a slight moan from Mr Thunder as he sees my body for the first time. My soft tanned skin stretched across chiseled muscles, perfection that I have worked so hard to create, that is now being appreciated by the one man I have so longed for. I slowly undress him, kissing his soft tender skin. He is amazing...his body takes my breath away. My breathing quickens as I touch him gently. My hands glide across his huge muscular arms across his pecs and down his rippling abs until I find his sweetness.... He lifts me into his arms and lays me on the king sized bed kissing me, caressing me. We make love for hours, falling asleep in each others arms. This has been an amazing night for us as we have waited so long to be together.
    Jewel has met her Mr. Thunder......


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