Monday, May 3, 2010

Meg's Growth: Week 15

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My ongoing, real-time, Audience Participation journey to becoming the ultimate muscle woman. Story addition comments take place in real time so help me grow.

My desire to be strong and muscular became an obsession and now it's an addiction! Could this new Myostatin (blocker) cocktail have something to do with it? I feel my body aching and starving unless I'm pumping cold hard iron... and lots of it.

My body weight has exploded to 400 lbs but there's hardly any fat, just massive ripped muscle which gets larger by the second. Angelo and my trainer have been with me over the past day. They force me to take a break every few hours, to refuel with protein and nutrients until the pain becomes unbearable. I begin to break into sweats and my body starts to ache. I go back... lifting even more than I had before, pushing myself farther.

The weights of the gym are almost maxed as I can lift nearly all of them combined. I need more and Angelo has ordered even larger ones. I offered to reimburse him but he wouldn't think of it. Some of the other gyms have been sending over their equipment to help, but I quickly devour the weights. How long can this go on and how strong could I possibly become?

My doctor was called in and ran tests while I continued to lift. My heart is strong. No signs of stress or fatigue and he's never seen anyone so healthy... ever. "It's almost an evolutionary step in human development," were his words as he encouraged the growth process. Angelo didn't seem convinced, seeing the mountain of inhuman muscle before him.

I'm a little frightened where this will take me but I can't stop.


  1. Meg was still growing, still pumping iron. She was now over 800lbs of pure adrenalin fuelled muscle, standing just shy of ten foot tall, she was a mountain of woman Veins popped out of her skin like streams, her muscles like rocky outcrops of a mountain peak, her breasts, her massive, impossible large breasts, two sides of a valley.

    Her doctor had taken her off of the steroids partly because she seemed to be in such good health but also because it may have helped reduced the rapid growth, so far things weren't looking promising but it was early days. Meg's trainer had also stopped giving her his secrete cocktail.

    Angelo hadn't left Meg's side since he walked in on Monday morning, sleeping on the floor beside her. Last night he slept better than he did on Monday thanks to a faithful patron of the gym providing a camping bed for him. Angelo had arranged for screen to be put up around Meg's work area, her workout clothes had long since been shredded by her growing mass and all subsequent clothing didn't last very long, so she was working out in her birthday suit. Although he noticed the dildo and egg when her clothes first ripped apart he didn't ask about them. Though when the egg flew off Monday afternoon and dented his wall, the egg shattering into a million pieces, he was going to ask about it, till Meg groaned in need, diverting his attention.

    Tuesday afternoon she crushed the dildo in her pussy, no crushed is the wrong word, she obliterated it, for five minutes there was a fine silvery powder escaping her slit. "I need SEX!" Meg demanded still curling impossible weights. Angelo, ever the good friend attempted to slid his finger between her folds but to no avail she was just too tight, her trainer went by Meg's house and picked up the sex machine but that to was too weak to penetrate her sexual doorway.

    Now, after a day without any kind of sexual stimulation (her need for bigger muscles overriding her sexual urges) there were faint signs of Meg slowing down. Her breathing was starting to get deeper, her body was ever so slightly perspiring.

    Meg hadn't spoken since her demand for sex, focusing mind on getting bigger, despite the efforts of those around her she couldn't break herself free from her workout, the desire was just too great and she was too strong, too heavy to be over powered. Angelo was sitting quietly on his camp bed, reading a book, when Meg suddenly spoke, "Andrew Timothy Gradson"

    "Who is that Meg?" Angelo asked, putting the book down and walking up to the hulking mass of muscle, "Who is Andrew Timothy Gradson?" there was a moments silence, it didn't appear likely that Meg would speak again, Angelo lightly tapped Meg's huge leg in support and started to turn away.

    "Work" Meg said, causing Angelo to snap back around, "Lab…. gay" she added. Angelo called Jess over.

    "What is it Angelo?" she asked concerned, he hadn't really talked to anyone in a couple of days, "Is Meg ok?"

    "Get to Meg's work, find a gay guy called 'Andrew Timothy Gradson'" he said, pushing Jess towards the door, "Go now! Find him and bring him here!"

    Benji Dude

  2. Wow! 400 to 800 lbs in just a few days. You're not messing around Benji :) So much for my new car, I'm gonna need a flatbed truck to get around.

  3. Lol just trying to give the people what they want!

    Benji Dude

  4. My meteoric muscle gain continues as I'm pushing close to 1,000 lbs. My trainer gave up trying to calibrate my muscle & body fat since there's no instruments large enough. I'm beginning to look like MysteryX's morph and I think I like it.

    The feeling of supreme power is overwhelming. At first I was a bit frightened but came to revel in it. I can do things no other person in the history of mankind could accomplish. I keep pushing myself harder... but then again I can't stop myself.

    All the gym equipment is insignificant to me know so Angelo set about creating something special. The empty lot next door to the gym became my new weight room, full of various motor vehicles and construction equipment. Sammy seams to really like it here... the Junk Yard Dog in him. Not sure how long this will hold my ever growing body and my insatiable addiction to lifting.

    Andrew from work has been by my side for the past few days, taking samples and testing my body chemistry. Thankfully he hasn't spilled the beans about the experimental Myostatin blocker cocktail, not that anyone could do anything about it. He's trying to figure out what's so powerful in the mix... and there's some elements he still can't identify from any known origin.

    His boyfriend Juan has been by a few times and he's looking MUCH larger than I remember from the contest. Andrew gave him a single dose and that's all it took. He stopped after what happened to me, although I know he secretly wants him my size or larger.

    One thing that still puzzles us is the missing Myostatin pack. I assumed Andrew had it and he assumed I did. It's unaccounted for and hopefully not in the wrong hands.

  5. Meg couldn't believe how huge she's become over the span of two months. Not too long ago, she was just a regular person with an ambition to be strong and muscular.

    Ever since the introduction of myostatin blockers and a rigorous workout routine, Meg had gone from being athletic, to bodybuilder, to she-hulk, and now to muscle goddess in a relatively short span.

    The pure, raw power was so addicting, yet so wonderful. To be able to lift cars and several ton machinery with her bare hands was something only superheroes could do. Being massive had its advantages to be sure, but Meg also found it a bit hard to move with so much bulk packing on her frame.

    She had to walk sideways through double doors to get in and out of the gym, and clothes had to be custom made from bedsheets. But for Meg, the benefits of being huge and muscular outweighed the costs. She continued to push herself and her body. She wanted to see how much muscle one could pack on the human body. Her body was already as wide as it was tall, now she was going to see how wide she could get!

    (P.S. You flatter me Meg, mentioning my super morph. Is that the end result you wish to achieve?)

  6. Meg's growth had started to slow, though when you have abs that are larger than the biggest male biceps you don't really care. Thankfully she'd stopped getting taller too, standing an impressive 15 feet tall Meg was a sight to behold.

    While Meg had been in her crazed growth she was largely unable to speak, however as her growth had slowed, so had her ability to speak slowly returned. She'd been eyeing Andrew whenever he was around, she couldn't wait to get her full speech back. Ask him why, she couldn't believe how stupid she'd been, it all made sense to her now, he was her guardian, but why? Why her? Why to such an extreme? She both loved and hated what she had become, she was a freak, but a damn sexy one, god she was horny, her pussy was crying out for attention but her need for muscle was still stronger. when it got late she could see her reflection in the many muddied windows around her, her neck, shoulder and back muscles all soured above her, her biceps were the size of trucks, her calves VW beetles. She was monstrous not least of all because of all her veins protruding over all her large, sexy muscle. If you were to focus you could just see them pulse in time to her heart beat, it was revolting, it was sexy, it was confusing. But why did he do this to her? Would she ever be normal again? Did she want to be normal?

    Benji Dude