Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Flirt

The Flirt: Part 6

I awoke the next morning with someone kicking sand in my face. Ironic right? Just a kid playing on the beach a little too far from his parents. I got up and flexed every muscle as hard and tight as these new babies could go and let out a ferocious roar. He ran off screaming back to his mom.

Today was going to be a “ME” day. After a quick shower, I grabbed a bite to eat, checked my phone and saw way too many texts and emails for me to deal with. I pulled up the State Qualifier’s website to see who won. It wasn’t me. I first thought it was because of my quick and unexplained growth, but it turns out they disqualify you if you leave before it’s over. Another oops.

The sun was shining brightly, so I crammed these magnificent new muscles into the biggest bikini I had and went out to explore my new body. I’ve never been much of a runner but somehow it felt right today. Each stride was effortless, quickly gaining speed and stamina. When I finally started breaking a sweat, I stopped at a nearby beach-side gym to catch my breath.

Let’s test this muscle out. There were some pretty big boys there and a ton of gawking tourists and muscle fans. I racked my normal set then added a little extra. The weights felt so light. I know I put on a decent amount of muscle last night, but this was way lighter than I expected. I looked around and saw what the biggest guy was pressing, then matched the same on my rack. It took a lot effort but I did a few reps, then slammed the last rep down with a thunderous clank. Everyone turned.

The big bodybuilder came over and introduced himself as Cliff. He checked me over and what I had had just lifted, then went into an egotistical rant about now being shown up on his beach. Apparently Cliff was a big shot in these parts and he liked to put on a show. He gave me a coy smile letting me know he was just playing to the crowd.

“So some muscle bitch thinks she’s as strong as me, huh. What do yous guys think?”, Cliff spurted and the crowd started yelling. I got up and started heading for the gate.

“No, no honey pants, let’s do this right.” Did he just call me honey pants? Cliff added more weight to his rack and settled in. “We call this MOOSE, like HORSE or Pig but with weights instead of balls.” He lifted the set easily, got up and roared. “This is just my warm-up. Your turn.”

OK, it’s on. Time to do what I do best, flirt with the crowd. I sensually walked over and played “poor weak ole me” to the crowd although my body said something completely different. I could feel their thought, they like it. The set was easy with my new strength from last night’s competition.

Set after set I matched Cliff and the crowd loved me more for it. I was pushing more weight than I ever dreamed… but I was at my limit. Cliff started to look worried that I may show him up and added another 100 lbs to the bar. It seriously started to bend as Cliff’s hulking buddies struggled to lift it up for a spot. Cliff grabbed hold and they slowly released. It went down like the Titanic, slow to sink and never to come back up. He was out. His first failure and my turn to steal.

The crowd cheered as I settled in. Cliff’s buddies were ready to spot me, but I waved them off. Concentrate Meg. I could feel the crowd, sense them wanting me to beat Cliff, show him up. I wrapped my hands on the bar and started to lift. It didn’t budge.

This was more weight than I’ve ever had racked. Way more. Concentrate damnit.

The bar started to move from the stand. I could feel my muscles thickening and tightening to give me more strength as I strained every fiber to lower the bar to my chest. Bigger & stronger was on everyone’s mind and I let it pour into me. OK, I successfully lowered the bar as it bent wide over my chest. I still had to lift it up though.

Nothing. Concentrate.

I turned beet red as I struggled, every muscle excruciatingly painful. It took everything I had just to keep it from crushing my chest. Only for a moment though.

The crowd was fever pitching chanting “HONEY PANTS! HONEY PANTS!” My chest began to billow with fresh muscle. Shoulders and arms ballooning. Blood coursing through engorged veins and feeding my body with unbelievable strength. The bar started to rise and the crowd went wild. I was growing quickly as a flood of the crowd’s emotions poured into me. Deep striations formed as my chest grew stronger and pushed my bikini top to its limits. I’ve never felt so powerful and didn’t want it to stop. More. More.

I successfully landed the bar on the rack and simply said, “More.” Cliff looked shocked but grabbed another 50 lbs. I motioned for 200. Just like before, I could barely lift it only this time the crowd wasn’t feeding me enough thoughts of super strength.

The bar came crashing down on my chest and again struggled to keep it from crushing me. So much weight this time though. I looked up at the sky like my nights on the beach, searching for more. The pain fueled my mind as fatigue racked my body. I was at the brink of complete failure and melt down.

For the first time, thousands of tiny voices with those far off desires became loud and clear in my mind, wanting me to get bigger and stronger. More muscular than any man. Any living being. Let’s give the voices what they want.

In a wave faster and more powerful than before, steel-hard muscle exploded over my body. Arggggghhhh…. YES! It felt as if a light turned on for the first time in my life and I could see. Besides much bigger muscle, it was becoming incredibly dense and thick. So much power coursed through me. I started to lift the bar as the muscle kept expanding.

The first rep was complete but it took everything I had. I need more, much more. The next rep was a bit easier as more muscle kept flooding in. Thick, round and dense with a roadmap of veins popping all over my magnificent new body to feed this power. I piled on more beautiful muscle with each rep. By the 10th rep I stood up with the bar in one hand and curled it like a dumb bell… a very light dumb bell.

I stood up and the crowd was silent. They just watched a gorgeous, well muscled girl turn into a magnificent Goddess with more muscle than anyone has seen before their eyes. Damnit, not again. I realized my bikini was in tatters next to the bench.

Holy shit was I big and felt so wonderful with all of this power. I looked down at my awesome nakedness, then over to Cliff with a coy smile. “Take that Honey Pants,” I said. I was in so much in self-muscle lust, I didn’t notice someone had caught it all on their phone.

I ran back home with amazing speed. Each stride felt so effortless. When I looked back I could see the trail I had left behind in the broken pavement. Christ, how much did I weigh?

My messages had piled up exponentially since my jog on the beach. One after another asking if I was OK. What happened at the show? Some I knew, most had found my name and email from the Qualifiers website asking me to contact them.

Then a text from my old friend Jessica. “I knew it! - GOOGLE Meg’s Muscle Growth.”

I googled it right away. The first thing that came up was a strange blog about a girl writing muscle stories with badly morphed pictures of muscle girls (although they do kinda look like me :) Then I saw a link to a video from last night’s competition. I clicked on it and sure enough it was me going all hulky on stage. Over 30,000 views since last night and climbing fast. Wow.

I skimmed through the comments and past the Troll remarks. Luckily in the digital age most people don’t believe what they see. “Badly Shopped”... hey now. “Quit the roids ladies”... puhlease! I hit refresh and another 5,000 view. This thing is going viral.

A new video link popped up. SHIT, it’s from this morning. This could be bad for me. I text Jess back. WU BAE. MISS ME AS MUCH AS I MISSU? DON’T BELIEVE WHAT YOU SEE. COME SEE ME IN VENICE.

As much as I LOVE my new muscle, there’s no possible way I can explain any of it. I reluctantly size down to my pre-contest musculature. I decide to keep the denseness and still feel 10x stronger than I had. At least now I can fit into my bathrobe.

Then a knock at my back door and I nearly jump out of my chair. It’s Cliff. I instinctively crack it open slightly like he might attack me… but then I’d like to see him try.

“Uh, what are you doing here?” I question him in a surprising tone. He motions to the trail of pounded concrete leading up to my patio stretching 15 miles long. “Mind if I come in?” His bravado is long gone and I sense his bewilderment at my smaller muscles.

I open the door and invite him in. He sits on the sofa as I make us some tea. He just stares in confusion, trying to say something then abruptly stopping. Ain’t it cute, big strong man is tongue tied.

I set his tea down and sit close. Then, I give my breasts a little extra oomph to make him even more uncomfortable. I put my fingers to his lips. “Don’t say a word honey buns, I beat you fair & square”. He smiles as I wrap my hand around his arm and squeeze his huge bicep. The other hand goes a bit lower.

Now you might think this would be a good place to insert a revenge story. The thing is, Cliff is really hot and I’ve had a stressful couple of days. I look deep into his feelings and desires which turns me on more… more than ever before. He finally gets out, “what happened to your…” as my lower hand clamps tighter. He likes the muscle on me. I straddle his legs, pinning him to the sofa beneath me.”

“Touch me and find out.” He pulls open my bathrobe slightly then slowly reaches up and caresses my breasts as I let out a slight moan. He stops in amazement as I make them bigger before his eyes. I whisper into his ear, “please continue.”

Every spot he touches I make bigger. Breast tissue, muscle, you name it. The robe falls completely to the floor as I straddle him naked. His hand slowly crosses my shoulders as they balloon in size behind it. Twice as large, three times, then more. I envelope Cliff in a mass of muscle and tissue as he continues to stroke every inch of my body. The sofa finally breaks from my weight and I land on top of him, nearly knocking him out. He doesn’t stop caressing me.

My clit has grown large also and I scream in ecstasy as it throbs across him. I rip open his pants as if they were paper and thrust him inside of me. I can barely see him now beneath me as he continues to caress me larger and larger. I don’t know if I’m more turned on by him or myself. Damn I look and feel amazing. His dick is pretty large but I feel him wishing it was even bigger. I do too. A new sensation fills me as I feel it growing inside of me. Wider, longer, stronger.

He pulls out quickly and looks over his slightly enlarged manhood. I easily pick him up and thrust him back in harder. Pushing so deep it feels I may swallow him whole. We both continue to grow. Can I control things inside of me? I imagine him twice the girth and feel the growth instantly. He moans but continues on, desiring me to get bigger. I ram him in and out of me with such force but his dick is strong as steel and nearly big as an I-beam.

We crash through the floor. He climaxes as my full weight lands on him for a final thrust. He’s out like a light with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. I look up at the damage we caused.

The ground shakes as I head up the stairs to the bathroom to check myself out in the mirror. I can’t squeeze through the door, so I stand back a ways. I see is tits and muscle. Lots of them and I like it.

I look down the hole in my floor and see Cliff still passed out. Back to the computer and check the YouTube video from before. Over 300,000 views. I click the newer one from this morning thinking it may hit 50K by now. 3 MILLION!

Christ what have I done.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Flirt


The Flirt: Part 5

To say I was “built” was putting it mildly. Venice Beach was the Mecca for bodybuilding, so I left my home in the middle of the night with what little money I had and decided to make a new start. No need to pack much since my clothes didn’t fit anymore. I grabbed an extra pair of loose sweats then left my parents a note and a kiss on their sleeping cheeks as I crept out the door.

I drove through the night and arrived at first light. Muscle Beach.

After a quick bite to eat, my first stop was a local beach-ware shop to get a new bikini and wrap. Straight from the dressing room to the checkout counter, I could tell the young male clerk was doing his best not to stare. He rung me out and I gave hive a little extra swagger as I walked out the door.

I immediately felt at home as 5’ 9” ripped young hardbody. I could really experiment with my special gift here.

I lived out of my car for the first week or so and loved to spend nights on the beach. I paraded around to the local gyms and beach spots and it didn’t take long to grab the attention of some top bodybuilders around Muscle Beach. They took me in, ready to mold and shape me into a top Figure competitor. I was soon offered Anobolics, HGH and other black market enhancements. I accepted them all, but didn’t take a one. It was simply cover for my sudden growth about to happen.

Over the next few weeks I spent most of my time at the gym, working out a little but mostly flirting with the guys that liked strong muscular woman. I drew their desires, molding my body to their idea of feminine muscular perfection. Very soon I was ripped (although I ate like a pig) and gained thicker, stronger muscle. My breasts even grew bigger which some thought was a boob job. Nope, just my little special gift.

Money was running out and hadn’t found an apartment. A photographer came to the gym looking for fresh talent. Not one of the top names I’d seen but he did good work. He was smitten and asked if I would model for him. I gladly took the money for spending the next few hours on the beach in quite honestly the smallest bikini I’ve ever seen. The photos soon hit the internet and spread like wildfire. It didn’t take long for a buzz about the new girl on Muscle Beach and sponsorship and modeling offers started coming in.

I hired a serious pro trainer to look legit and an agent to manage my sponsorship & modeling offers. Both soon pressured me to take the next step and start competing. They saw meteoric growth and thought I had potential to be a top pro. Why not, I knew I could build better muscles quicker than anyone and decided to enter the State Qualifier. I had come to town with a Figure level physique, but in no time grew to the dense musculature of Women’s Physique.

It was late at night laying on the beach, deserted with stars shining bright. I’m always sensing other people’s wants and desires so the peaceful quiet is rare and welcome. Then I started to sense something else very faint.

I got up, dusted the sand off me and looked around. A dog walked off in the distance but he didn’t even see me. Just the sand, surf and stars around me. Another faint desire, then another. I tried to block them out but the more I did, the sharper they became.

That first modelling gig turned into a flood of offers as well as a few major corporate sponsorships. My Instagram & SnapChat accounts were exploding too. I eventually found the cutest little place for rent by the beach, although I still preferred to sleep under the stars on a warm night.

I was ready for the State Qualifying competition even though I barely worked out. It helps when you’re surrounded by female muscle hungry schmoes on the beach and peering into the gym. My muscles were dense and thick to the point of bursting through my paper thin skin with hardly any body fat. Haha, I didn’t even need to get a fake tan, just pulled that desire from anyone that walked by.

The night of my first competition came and I was backstage in the pump room getting ready. The other women around me were all so buff and beautiful. Way more than I thought for an non-pro competition, but then again this was California. A chorus of clanking weights played while overly tanned women got pumped. Sweat poured down the spray tans leaving tiny streaks across heavily veined muscle.

The Women’s Fitness competitors were on stage now. The auditorium wasn’t packed, but I could feel a lot of desire for big, muscular women pulsating from the audience. Although it wasn’t towards me directly, I was able to pull from them and beef up a little. I wanted to go out there and be the biggest and best on stage. I slowly packed on even more thick, dense muscle as I pumped up for the show. Just enough to make my new competition suit fit snug in all the right places.

The Women’s Physique round finally came and my number was called. I walked out into the white hot spotlight and started hitting a few key poses. Nothing too graceful since I didn’t really practice much, but the crowd seemed to like what they were seeing.

A flood of desires started coursing through my mind as the audience reacted to my routine. They like me this big. I even felt some urges to go bigger. I’m a flirt by nature so I played up the audience with a couple off the book moves. A school girl dance here and a couple stripper moves there. The crowd went wild as I took a bow to leave the stage. The looks from the other competitors dig through me like dagger, but I don’t care. The audience loves me.

A few minutes later we were back on stage for the posedown. No need fighting for center stage… I was center stage. Cameras flashing throughout the crowd and I felt so strong. More desires come flooding in, way more than the people from the audience. It was more like when I was laying on the beach. Hundreds if not thousands of tiny far off voices.

Probably not my best decision, but I decided to let loose at the end of the round. They wanted it. I wanted it. Why not give them a show they wouldn’t forget. I reached out to the crowds desires and my muscles became thick and massive. Deep cuts and gorging veins popped as I flirted on stage with the crowd. They went wild as I continued my routine and growth into a full fledged bodybuilder. The applause finally turned to a collective gasp, then completely silent as people started to realize what was happening to me. I kept going, mind racing and body pumping. Completely unaware while I was so engaged in this fantastic muscle lust.

Then I felt a pop. My top burst and shot like a rubber band into the front row of judges. I quickly ran off the stage when I realized what happened. Back in the pump room, I started laughing uncontrollably. Janet Jackson could pull off NippleGate, I may have just started MuscleGate. I grabbed my phone from the locker to post a selfie. This should hopefully add a few thousand or more followers. Walking over to the wall mirror to grab a pic, I looked up and my jaw dropped.

F. U. C. K.

Mounds of massive muscle covered me. I mean, I knew I had grown some but this was ridiculous… amazing was more like it. I’ve seen bigger muscles at Gold’s, but I wasn’t far off now. I always felt the REALLY big female bodybuilders looked a little too manly. This was different. Huge, luscious muscle draped my body and accentuated every curve. A quick turn to the backside and my ass would make any Brazilian jealous. Flaring lats that tapered like angelic wings. My tits seemed small now in comparison, so I added a couple extra cup sizes to balance it off.

I could control each muscle group as they danced beautifully for me. A beautiful ballet of pure beef. I pulled a dumbbell from the rack and lifted it without any effort. A heavier one, then a heavier one with barely any struggle.

I finally turned to see the entire a horde of competitors, promoters, staff and fans staring. Being topless was the least of it. I simply walked back to the locker room, grabbed my clothes and left. How could I possibly explain this? At least it was a small show and I doubt many people saw it.

I drove for hours and when I got home the night was full of stars and the beach mostly empty. I laid down in the warm sand, cleared my head and the distant, far off urges I had sensed before were clearer. My mind wandered through them, trying to focus, isolate and enhance. There were seemed to be dozens at first, then hundreds, thousands. Continually getting a little clearer, stronger and multiplying.

I slowly drifted off as the waves crashed against the beach.


Friday, August 12, 2016

Muscle Beach Meg

Muscle Meg
New artwork of ME!! Thanks so much TaylorTunesAdventures, I love it.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Flirt


The Flirt: Part 4

A week or so later, Jessica came down to Angelo's to see where I "built" my toned body. Angelo had taught me some basics so it looked like I knew what I was doing. She came a couple times but soon went back to her mega-chain fitness center and invited me to join her there. I didn't have any interest. Besides, I had grown fond of Angelo and he offered me a job for the Summer. I accepted.

Angelo's didn't have many customers but business started to pick up after I started. It could have something to do with my outfit, which might have been a little skimpy and tight. I loved the attention and did what I do best... flirt with men for their attention.

I must have achieved the perfect body, since the desires coming from the men around me didn't alter. Long, lean with a firm muscle-tone and gravity defying breasts.

That was until a new patron walked into Angelo's.

I greeted him as he came in, introduced myself and showed him around as I do with all new customers. His eyes were rolling over my every curve, which everyone's did, but the lust emanating from him was for big muscle. As I demonstrated proper technique on one of the machines, I could feel a new desire coming from him. He was imagining rock hard muscles growing and stretching my outfit to it's limit. The transformation started before I could control it which startled me and I quickly shut it down. I stopped, looked deep into his soul and simply asked, "Well Joe, do you have any other questions?" trying not to look freaked out.

Did men find big muscles on women attractive? I've loved this athletic body I've had for the last few years but never thought of having bigger muscles. I already felt strong and full of energy, but maybe it was time to experiment more... and Joe was my new target.

A few days went by after Joe's initial visit to the gym and he left me with a decent amount of muscle. I watched as they reacted to my every movement, dancing at my command. Had to wear less revealing clothes, but not much. The additional strength and energy felt wonderful and I wondered what even more would feel like.

I've seen pictures of female bodybuilders but started to Google more about them. Many were bigger than I had thought possible until I ran across the fantasy sites. Drawings, morphs and stories about impossibly huge women with immense strength and gargantuan muscles. Wow, some people were really into this which fascinated me.

I called Joe. "Ummm, hi Joe? This is Megan from Angelo's. Just a standard follow up to see how your experience at Angelo’s has been and see if you have any questions?" I was lying through my teeth and made up a couple bullshit questions regarding the gym's equipment and service. A slight funny feeling came over me, like I could almost feel his desires of me through the phone. That was new and he was definitely thinking about me and my toned muscle.

We ended up going out for coffee that night. I didn’t plan on staying long. After a cup and a refill, I asked him if he wanted to go to Angelo's for a late night workout. Business hours were long over, but I unlocked the door and seductively led him to the free weights, leaving a trail of clothing like breadcrumbs for Joe to follow. He was full of raw of desire as I finally revealed the barest of my workout attire.

I laid down on the bench and grabbed a few twenty five pounders. Joe came over and sat by my feet just watching as I lifted the iron dumbells over my head, then back down. Again. I didn't need to look into his eyes to feel what he was thinking. He simply watched as my taught and slightly muscular body reacted against the weight. His muscle lust was intense.

I crossed my arms and started a few sit-ups which quickly made my abdominals a defined six-pack. By the tenth sit-up I was at a full eight-pack. Joe rubbed his hand over my hard core, feeling the ridges as they became more defined and pronounced.

The muscle and unbridled strength began to flow into me as a mesmerized Joe kept wishing for more. I didn't have to lift a weight at this point to gain mass, it was all done by my new friend and his desires for muscular women. Larger, stronger and leaner as my little body fat began to melt away, making my fast growing physique ultra defined.

I straddled Joe as my body began to sweat, grabbed his hands and thrust them along my side and up around my chest. A new wave of desire came stronger as he held on to feel the growing muscle beneath his hands. Not only did they become bigger, but also harder as Joe's strong physique now felt like marshmallows against the iron growing beneath my skin. Such power.

As my sports bra stretched to it’s limit, Joe tried to remove the little fabric left on my growing breasts. I easily pinned his arms back to stop him, set him back on the bench and lay on top. The harder I’d grind on him, the more the more muscle flowed into me. I could see his pain and need for release, but I kept grinding and growing as his pain and pleasure increased.

The desires and amazing growth emanating from Joe simply turned off as he finally came and passed out. I grabbed a weight that I used to have trouble with and it felt light as a feather. I had thick, sinewy muscle covering my body from head to toe. Simply amazing at how much I gained in such a short time. I wanted much, much more.

I grabbed a towel and went to the locker room for a quick shower and change. Joe came out of his haze and I escorted him home before he was fully conscious of how much muscle I had truly packed on that night.

A problem I've always had after a significant body change is explaining it to others. I could always come up with something believable but not this time. I tried on baggy clothes and other tricks to hide the mass muscle that "appeared" overnight. I had as much muscle as a pro figure competitor and there wasn’t any way I could hide or explain it.

It was time to move on and start fresh.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mega Meg 3

Part 2
By steelknight3000. A Short story based on jnw550's story Meg's Day Off. The latest (last?) chapter in Meg's adventures. She can never have enough sex...or power.

Bikini-clad Megan sauntered over to the pool and set herself down. She was normal sized but with a bit more of tan and a few cup sizes bigger than her usual skinny form. She arched her back as the Hawaiian sun baked her, tingling her hyper-sensitive yet impervious skin. She donned a pair of designer sunglasses and licked her luscious lips as she let her body relax.

Stretching her muscles as her body soaked up the tropical rays. Not one to avoid letting her hair down, metaphorically, she let herself unwind and took the lid off her powers ever so lightly.
Like slowly releasing pressure she eased into it. Power trickled into her body tickling her nerves.

Meg's body went from lightly tanned skinny 18 year old college girl to bronzed Brazilian Olympic supermodel. Her breasts doubled in size until her top stretched taught. Her glutes swelled and hardened to an awe-inspiring shape. The brunette put her hands behind her head and run her fingers through her long dark hair. Stretching her legs her height increased as well, from 5 foot 4 to 6 foot 2 as well as the size of her quads and calves which grew to accommodate her increasingly voluptuous figure. The growing young girl's stomach was flat before, but now she sported an impervious wall of abdominal muscle. They flexed as she leaned forward, propping herself up by her arms. The super teen's biceps inflated in size and were visible even while her arms were still straight.

She was now impossibly beautiful, beyond any natural born human was capable of. Megan whispered a moan and didn't even feel the first straps snap as her red-and-black bikini failed to contain her superhuman physique. A physique that had exceeded the peak of perfection that sat at the convergence of stunning femininity and impossible power.

Her G-string fluttered away in the breeze as took a sip from a sugary drink, letting it dribble down her lips and trickle onto her enormous bare tits. She whispered a sigh of satisfaction and curled her toes as the mental dam that held back her power grew smaller letting leak the warm energizing sensation she craved.

Meg's reclining body responded quickly stretching to 6 foot 8 as she folded her leg back and took another sip. As her arm bent back her smooth shapely bicep flexed to the size of a melon and glowed ever so slightly.
Proud of her amped up bustline, she cupped her mammoth tits and pushed them up and together sending out a sound as loud as a cannon.

"Teehee! I really am fantastic..."

THOOM..THOOM..THOOM..she left petite craters in the flooring as she stopped by the poolside bar for a refill. The bartender nearly spilled the cocktail as he poured, overflowing the glass as he stood eye-to-nipple with the eighteen year old nude goddess.

"Sorry, don't have ID...don't need one do I?"

" miss, I think you can h-handle it"

"Thanks babe!" her sultry enhanced voice was enough to drive anyone mad with lust.

He nearly fainted as she downed the drink in one go, putting her leg up on a metal stool. It creaked and groaned as it was crushed. She slipped the glass into her mouth turning it into powder with her tongue.

A group of surfer girls in the parking lot piqued her interest. There were three of them, all gorgeous with fit bodies and barely dressed in shorts and bikinis. They all gave her the same lustful look as all the other men and women who laid eyes on Megan, but one of them, a tall well-muscled blond girl in denim shorts was practically panting with desire. Her sculpted abs dripped with sweat and she pinched her erect nipples as Megan toyed with her by flexing a bicep and swelling in size.

"I think it's time for a little ocean breeze," giggled Megan as her enhanced voice drew the surfers like flies.

Megan brushed aside the iron fence and swayed her sultry hips as she took the direct route through the parking lot. The earth shook as she crushed cars underfoot like paper cups and made craters in the asphalt. Bigger cars and trucks were simply finger flicked into the skies over the Pacific exploding into a million pieces.

THOOM THOOM THOOM echoed her footsteps.

Her tits plowed into the side of an SUV like an 18-wheeler totaling it completely. The row of cars behind it smashed together like dominoes creating a 15 car pileup.

The surfer girls followed behind clambering over wrecked vehicles and leaping over Megan's deep footprints.

As the super girl stood on the sands she stretched her arms as another growth spurt rocked her body until she was 7 foot 3. The earth trembled as she lay down one hand behind her head.

" girls mind giving me a little massage?"

The blond one leapt forward as if on command, wrapping her hands on the superwoman's muscled thighs kissing them passionately as she tried to press her fingers into Megan's harder-than-titanium flesh.
"Well you're a feisty one! What's your name?"

"M-Mara, mmf mmff, unnhh,"

She had close cropped hair and stood an impressive 6 foot 4, easily taller than the other girls who stood their watching and fondling themselves. Megan beckoned her closer, running her fingers through her hair as Mara went down on her.

Tammy and Lena could no longer stand on their feet thanks to the increasingly powerful tremors as their friend expertly pleasured the super freshman.
One glance from Megan and they found themselves naked, shaking with explosive pleasure. Tammy's perky tits bounced up and down as rode Megan's tongue as she simultaneously fingered Lena, who writhed in the sand.

The girls shared a house on a winding dirt road up the hill from the beach, away from the tourist hordes.

Inside lay Megan whose eyes opened as she lay on a queen sized bed that had long since collapsed. Her body no longer needed rest or recover but she loved to relax with a voluntary nap every once in a while.
The three naked surfer girls were all lying on top of her curvaceous form, arms and legs draped across like a human blanket.
She tweaked her nipple in admiration of her latest sexual conquest courtesy of her super-body.

"'re amazing...can never...keep up," mumbled Mara as she stirred from her sleep.

There was a loud thump as the powerful teen's bare feet hit the floorboards. She tied her hair up in a ponytail.

"Of course not sweetie! Though you are pretty strong...for a regular ol' mortal. Not your first time?" giggled Megan.

Mara stared lustfully through sleepy eyes as she ran her hand down Lena's bare back.

"Tell you what, you guys eat something nutritious while I go for my morning run! Don't back soon..."

Stepping out into the dawn, Meg conjured her pink titanium-encased phone using her super speed and strapped it to her shapely bicep with superstrong metal cable. Putting on a pair of wireless earbuds, she began a slow gingerly jog down the dirt path. Her well-muscled bare legs made a thump-thump sound that echoed across the green hills. The thumping increased in frequency with her speed.
Usually, she started out normal sized and jogged into the countryside before kicking off her shoes and growing a foot taller as she sped up. But since she was on vacation she decided to skip the first step and speed up to 300 miles an hour.

Before she could run out of road, she cranked it up to supersonic, maxing out the volume on her phone as she blasted music into her ears. Her feet practically floated across the Pacific creating a huge plume of water in her wake. Soon she felt the cold waters of the Southern Ocean and the soothing ice winds of the Antarctic. She looped around feeling the warmth again before the Arctic ice cap touched her skin.
The super brunette soon doubled and tripled her pace, rounding the Earth 30, 50, 80 times every few seconds. After her thousandth lap, she came to a standstill right in the girls' backyard.

Her bronze skin was glowed a dull red as steam rose off her body. The girls rushed over from breakfast and peeked through the open sliding glass door at the glowing goddess that stood on their lawn.
Though the feat required no effort on her part, her pulse quickened as her muscles swelled in response to the stimuli. Her calves, quads, and glutes bulged with power as they grew rumbling the ground beneath her feet. Her abs hardened further to even greater definition flexing beyond their previous size. The super teen's hips grew wider as her ass hardened into the size and shape of two wrecking balls. Steaming moisture trickled down her thighs burning the grass, her pussy dripping with wetness.

The young Amazon pinched her nipple with force that would vaporize a moon. Mara could only lick her lips as she started to masturbate.

Megan grabbed a hose and started to shower rubbing herself down slowly and deliberately , sizzling plumes of steam rose into the air.

"Mmm, this is TOTALLY making me wet. You girls mind if you play with each other for me?"

Tammy nodded with excitement, turning to lock eyes with Mara and Lena. She gave each girl a deep passionate kiss, then embraced the blond athlete and began kissing her friend's tits. Mara responded by fingering each girl with one hand each while Lena went down on her.

"How about we make it into a game? Every time one of you orgasms, I'll grow BIGGER..." Meg rose another 3 inches taller
"...and SEXIER," her tits swelled in size as her face became even more perfect than before, her beauty now beyond comprehension. Her muscles twitched and sparked with raw power as they filled out even further. Despite her increasing muscle mass, her body somehow sculpted itself into perfect female proportion.

Practically drunk with the sexual energy radiating from Megan's body, the girls' orgy increased in intensity as they all eagerly anticipated the reward. Tammy tossed her hair back as she was hit with the biggest climax of her life. Meg responded by buffing up past 8 feet tall and swelled to 1,300 pounds of girl muscle. She stretched her arm behind her and took in the erotic sights.

Mara panted with ecstasy as she lifted Lena into the air with ease, letting her wrap her sweat soaked thighs around her blond head. Soon. Lena too was screaming as the passion overtook her, brown skin glistening as her Amazonian companion went down on her. Megan giggled as she bit her finger, rumbling the earth with another round of girlquakes powering to 8 foot 7.

"Hehehe...I'm such a naughty superbeing, is this the best use of my powers?" Her fingers blurred as she started to masturbate at blinding speed.
"UUUUUUUUuuuhuuhuu theeeereee we goooooooo"

Mara tossed Lena onto the sofa as she writhed and picked shuddering Tammy off the floor dropping her onto the other end of the big couch. Eager for more, Tammy beckoned her with a piercing gaze. The 19 year old well-muscled female used her Crossfit sculpted frame to full effect, scissoring her black-haired young lover passionately. Even Mara's impressive willpower and stamina had it's limits. She convulsed with excitement as she approached climax, Tammy not far behind with her second orgasm in ten minutes. Lena was transfixed by Megan's superhuman sex display and quickly recovered masturbating feverishly.
Mara arched her back as she came, the sight of Super Meg playing with herself driving her over the edge for the first time...then the second...then third. Tammy collapsed in a heap as her world spun around.

"Mmmm...let me seeeee..."

Meg counted off as she burst with growth. Nine feet...nine foot six...ten feet...ten foot seven...

The four ton mountain of teenage girl muscle settled into a solid harder-than-steel form, gathering her hair behind her. The girls collapsed into a pile on the rug dripping with sweat and sex. They were rocked by tremors as Megan flexed her voluptuous arms and quads. She tapped her nipples, the air cracked with a sound like artillery cannons going off in quick succession. Beachball-sized tits heaved with each lustful breath.

"What an awesome body...MMMM..."

The earth beneath her feet was now a red hot pool of molten rock. Her body cooled enough for her to don a pair of sunglasses and grab her phone. She took a bunch of selfies posing with one leg up in the air, flexing a planet-crushing bicep, pouting her full red lips. She snapped a few more of herself masturbating before putting the phone down and going hyperspeed. The brunette's hands were everywhere at once as she turned into a barely distinguishable blur that moaned and cooed at ear splitting volume. She disappeared before her girlquakes could consume the island.

As the girls came to their senses, they looked around in puzzlement.


" about orgasmic...this more like...Megasmic!" thought the super girl as she floated in deep space.

"Can't even call it a's like climbing a hill that has no peak! It only gets better and better and..."

She was lost in thought as she blurred. She had grown so massive, she didn't bother measuring herself mentally though she knew she was at least the size of a small asteroid.
 During a sudden moment of clarity the thought occurred to her that she had lost track of time. A quick telescopic glance of Earth revealed that only a few days had passed, but she quickly calculated how much time the light from her home planet took to reach her super-eyes.

"Three months!"

Apparently she had spent most of the summer masturbating. Megan realized the movers were coming to drop her stuff off at her new off-campus housing very soon.

"Hmmpph, I could probably stay here forever but life on Earth calls..."

Once again she amped up her speed until she drifted outside of normal space, re-materializing in Earth's orbit seconds later. She gently flew down towards North America giggling as the heat of reentry tickled her bare skin.
She shrunk as she descended towards her new abode touching down on the grassy backyard until her bare feet sunk 4 inches into the dirt. As the movers arrived, she sped to her parent's house to grab a change of clothes from her old bedroom. Pulling out a tank top and shorts from a cardboard box, she realized she was still 8 feet tall and wider than her door. Her parent's had yet to see her true self and they were blissfully ignorant of her powers despite some of her more public displays.

She had yet to stop cumming so she snuck in a few more seconds of masturbation before attempting to shrink back to her scrawny alter-ego. The intensity of her Megasms were so intense she could only will herself to 5 foot 7, with a slightly buffer than average gymnast body which still managed to weigh 320 lbs thanks to her superdensity. She slipped on her clothes without bothering with underwear and briskly walked the 300 miles back to her college town in a few seconds.
She waved to the movers.

"Hey! You can leave it at the door, I can take it in myself."
Though she was little again, she was far from normal looking. Her size-too-small top stretched tight and left her abs exposed and she remained barefoot in her tiny blue shorts. The burly dudes helped themselves eyeballing her generously shapely butt.

"Miss, you sure? Some of this stuff if pretty big,"

"No thanks! I do a little pilates, should be fine!" she proclaimed as she hoisted a washing machine up in her arms like it was made of foam. The two men who needed a hand truck to move it stood and watched with their jaws agape as the slender 18 year old girl lugged the huge appliance into the house without effort. A huge wooden cabinet that had taken quite a bit of effort to haul was next. Without so much as a grunt, Megan propped it up on her shoulders taking it inside with less effort than needed to carry a kitten.

The fridge, couches and dresser were all effortlessly hauled in at a brisk pace. She was sweating, but only because of the intense orgasms that were rocking her body continuously.

"See, no problem!"

"What kind of vitamins are YOU taking hon'?"

"Need me some of that..."

She scooped up a stack of 4 boxes filled with housewares and books.
"Umm, mostly clean living and pancakes!" she said as tiny bit of her true form leaked through causing her muscles to bulge for just a moment as she flashed a smile holding the heavy load in her hands.

When she was finished she tipped the hulking dumbstruck gentlemen and waved goodbye while holding a 60 inch TV in one hand. As soon as she closed the door behind her she exhaled lustfully and tripled in muscle almost instantly, shooting up to 6 foot 3.

"Whew! That took a whole five minutes!" Meg said the growing teen as she playfully fanned herself as if it was a real workout. She turned to a full length mirror on her living room wall.

"Can't believe I'm still cumming! Such a naughty little god!" joked Megan as she carefully slipped off her clothes before another 300 lbs of muscle were added to her frame. The curves and buffness of her body combined with perfect proportions gave it an otherworldy look. She fingered herself gawking at her own image.

"Oh Meg, you're dirty! I'm so hot I make myself hot!"

The super girl decided to hover in the air prevent any damage to the new house, it was a rental unit after all. She masturbated gleefully expanding to 10 feet tall nearly filling the living room with her tanned steel flesh.

A text message interrupted her crude entertainment.


Military goons wouldn't leave her alone, she though. Might as well do a little multi-tasking.

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