Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Flirt

It's been absolutely forever since I've posted here. I'm not dead or gone, just kinda moved on to other things and feel super bad. I was going through my computer and found this story "The Flirt" that I've had in the works forever and forgotten about.  It's not finished and the title isn't set, but maybe this will inspire me to finish.


The Flirt: Part 1 
The Awakening
I truly believe everyone is special in their own way, but I have a uniquely special gift. My name is Meg and this is a story of how I became... well, let me start from the beginning.

Spunky was the word most people used to describe me growing up. Great personality and attitude but not the prettiest by far. It was a nice way of saying dumpy. That all changed when I hit puberty.

The first time I noticed my special gift was at Jessica's slumber party back in 7th grade. It was late at night as overdoses of sugar and caffeine kept us up talking and laughing until dawn. We compared bra sizes since most of us were starting to develop. Jess had us all beat and was developing at a rapid pace. She was almost a D cup already and the Middle School boys were taking notice. It amazed me how stupid they acted when she walked by, even guys we've known for years.

I thought I heard a noise from outside as Jess finished showing off and put her Hello Kitty pajama top back on. I started to feel queasy and thought it was from the 5th Pixy Stix I just inhaled. This was much different than a sugar rush, more intense than anything I've felt before.

"C'mon Meg, it's your turn," shouted Diana. I wasn't ashamed of my body, it was just hard to follow Jessica’s ampleness. As I started to pull off my top, there was more noise coming from outside. I went to the window and could faintly see two boys staring at me, exposed in my bra.

I should have been mad but the queasiness hit me harder and I slumped down after what seemed like an eternity at the window. Jess dashed over to yell out at the perverts who were already running away into the darkness. She closed the blinds. We laughed. I liked the attention even though we all knew it was directed towards Jess.

She said, "Nice rack, babe" to cheer me up as I almost forgot I was partially exposed. The queasiness was gone and now replaced by a tightening in my chest. I looked down and could actually see cleavage coming from my A cup as they seemed to be spilling out. I quickly put my top back on and was quiet for the rest of the night.

Something strange had truly happened and I needed to figure out what it was.

Monday came and we had become quite popular with the boys at school as rumor of our slumber party spread. At first it was a glance here and whisper there but quickly became much more direct. While at my locker, that queasy feeling came over me again as Sam and Bill walked up. Sam and I used to be good friends, until Bill moved into the neighborhood a couple years ago. He wasn't exactly a bully but definitely liked to tease girls. The two quickly became best friends and an annoyance to me.

The closer they walked towards my locker, the stronger the feeling came over me. Their macho bravado almost made me chuckle as they tried to mimic the worst pick up moves seen in B-rated movies. Their eyes moved up and down my body, not even trying to cover the fact they were visually raping me. It turned me on, a completely new experience for me.

Instead of shying away or running, which was my first instinct, I leaned in and let out my best 13 year old version of a breathy moan. In that instance I could actually feel their thoughts and desires. It set a charge through my body, a tightening in my chest and a yearning for more.


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