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Meg's Growth: Week 18

Previously: Week 17
My ongoing, real-time, Audience Participation journey to becoming the ultimate muscle woman. Story addition comments take place in real time so help me grow.

It's been a fun journey but all good things must come to an end. It's time to wrap up "Meg's Growth" so this will be the last chapter. I hope everyone writes in and makes it a great ending. XOXO Meg

I pull up to 125 Pinewood Crescent at precisely 1pm. It looks like an old abandoned warehouse in the run down industrial section of town. I sit in my car for a moment, trying to get up the nerve to go inside.

"C'mon Meg, you can dot it," I say to myself as I turn the engine off and open the car door. What is there to worry about? I'm much stronger now in this new smaller body than I was at my biggest. I feel so unbelievably powerful and it seems to grow by the second. I pull one of my old dented Silver Bullets from my purse and hold it in my hand. A gentle squeeze reduces the titanium device to powder.

What has happened to me? I feel strong enough to throw my car for miles. Did the Myostatin cocktail do this or was it something with Bill's attack & rape? Was it both?

The main entrance is large and full of rust as I finally get out of my car and walk up to it. I hear a creak of the hinges as it slowly open, revealing my old friend Angelo.

"Welcome my Megan. Come inside. We have much to talk about."


  1. We walk through the old building, winding farther through this seemingly unending complex. We finally enter a new section which has the words "Guardian" sprawled across the door.

    I'm downright shocked at what I see next. Standing in the room is most everyone important in my life. Andrew and Sammy. Jan and Diana. My trainer and Jess. Shit my whole life is in this room and it's feels like a weird intervention.

    Angelo motions me to the center of the room where there is a strange looking chair in the middle.

    "OK, let begin..." he says

  2. Meg can feel the eyes of everyone in the room on her as she approaches the single chair and gets comfortable, there's a moments silence as Angelo gathers his thoughts.

    "Your second birth was foretold over a thousand years ago" he starts, standing in front of the goddess, "From the moment you were born your fate was sealed, Megan, Goddess of Strength and Beauty" as Angelo said her name everyone else in the room repeated it, causing Meg to look around her in surprise. "It was foretold that a woman of strife would achieve great things, inhuman things and when that woman achieved the impossible she would be struck down by an equal and recast as the Goddess of Strength and Beauty".

    "But, why me?" Meg asks struggling to take it all in, "How did you know I was the one to become the Goddess?"

    "The prophecy said that the woman would be born of mans hand and under unnatural light while the moon was full" Answers Angelo, Meg gasped at the words of the prophecy.

    "I was an IVF baby!" she declares, "And mum always told me about my delivery in a night club" she adds, "Wow this is heavy" she admits, leaning forward and resting her head in her perfectly sculpted hands.

    "That is how we knew Goddess, your mother was a follower of The Way Of The Goddess" Admits Angelo.

    "Strength and beauty! Power and wisdom!" everyone calls out in unison.

    "But the Myostatin?" Meg asks confused, "Was that real? Or just a manifestation of my, destiny?"

    "The Myostatin was very much real my Goddess" Andrew chimes in, "Any normal person would have experienced some growth but your destiny allowed you to tap into the full potential of your body, enhanced by the Myostatin"

    "And Bill?" Meg asks sceptically, "How does he fit into all this?"

    "He was your equal" Angelo says, taking over the conversation once more, "The opposite side of the same coin. Your other half if you like".

    "So, he was pre-destined to use the Myostatin as well?" confirms Meg

    "Well not really" Angelo answers, "But as the prophecy says you would be stuck down by an equal. so the only way for an equal to be around to strike you down would be for someone to use the Myostatin".

    "I'm sorry Goddess" Jan says softly, "I gave him the first dose of the Myostatin after you beat him in the arm wrestling match" she admits, almost looking ashamed of her self.

    "But Jan! Why Bill?! Meg asks hurt.

    "As we've said Goddess, he is your opposite, he is cruel and boisterous while you were kind and measured, he is cocky, you are considerate" explained Angelo, "For the prophecy to be fulfilled it had to be someone who was the opposite of you, it had to be Bill"

    "And the rape? Was that part of the damned prophecy?" Meg asks, getting slightly angry at her so called friends.

    "Please forgive us Goddess" Jan says, falling to her knees, "But the prophecy mentioned an act of primal need" she explains. Meg just sat there for a moment thinking, no one said anything.

    "Ok then" Meg finally speaks, breaking the silence, "I'm the Goddess of Strength and Beauty" she declares getting to her feet much to the awe of everyone around her, who all fall to their knees, "What am I supposed to do?" she asks looking down at her followers.

    "The prophecy" Angelo starts.

    "Enough about the bloody prophecy!" Meg snaps, cutting Angelo off, "What am I supposed to do now?" she asks again.

    "We… we don't know" Angelo admits.

    Benji Dude

  3. "You don't know!" snaps Meg, "What do you mean you don't know?!" she demands.

    "The last part of the prophecy has been lost for centuries. No one knows what you're meant to do" explains Angelo trying his best to calm his Goddess, "We were kind of hoping that you may know" he adds. Meg sits back down and thinks for a moment.

    "Well most gods come back to smite the world of evil" she reasons, "But that doesn't sound very much like me" she counters, "Then again, some gods return to restore balance, or peace" Meg crosses her legs and with elbow on knee, rests her chin in the palm of her hand. "Hang on, you said I was reborn as a Goddess, right?" Meg asks.

    "Yes that's right Goddess" Angelo replies nodding his head.

    "So, someone must have spoken to me thousands of years ago, for the prophecy to be made in the first place, right?" Meg suggests, clearly on to something.

    "Yes my Goddess" replies Angelo again.

    "So, maybe if I read the sacred texts some latent memories will come back or something and I'll find out what I'm meant to do in this new form" concludes Meg with a smile

    "Yes my Goddess" answers Angelo looking to the others nervously, "We had a similar thought, hence the chair" he adds with a hint of nervousness to his voice.

    Benji Dude

  4. While Meg begins to read the ancient text among the "Guardians," Bill Sanders is on a mission of his own. He is power hungry and has a deep desire for more. Much more and he doesn't know why.

    He now stands over 20 feet tall with the largest muscles ever seen on a human. Much more than Meg at her largest. He easily rips through the door to Meg's apartment, which he has been secretly watching for months.

    A quick search and he finds it. The box of Myostatin Blockers.

    The supply is vast, enough for decades of massive growth. He systematically opens the vials and plunges each dose into his veins. One dose multiplies his strength 100 fold and wonders what will happen now. Ultimate power awaits after he takes more than 500 doses... all at once.

  5. I sit bathed in a dim light reading the texts. The language is foreign but I can strangely understand what it says.

    Blah, blah, force of evil.

    Blah, blah, battle of two gods.

    Blah, blah, end of the world.

    I think I get the idea. Sitting in deep meditation, I can begin to see the future unfold. It's only a glimpse and I see what Bill will become. How can I possibly take him on... even with my goddess level strength.

    I think back over the past few months and the mysterious letters and packages. Some were from the Guardian but others were from someone else.

    I turn to Angelo. "The Way of the Goddess is an ancient group dedicated to... well me and some prophecy, right?" He nods as does the entire room of my close friends.

    "...and you said there is an equal force of evil, manifested in Bill Sanders, right?" They all nod again.

    "If you are dedicated to me, and there is an equal balance, then is there a group dedicated to the evil side?" They all look around.

    Jan comes forward, "Yes Meg, but you will never find them!" She lunges forward and pull out an ancient looking dagger. She's been training for this moment her whole life... to kill the goddess before her followers on the dawn of the great prophecy.

    The dagger begins to penetrate Meg's skin but her reflexes are too quick. She grabs ahold of Jan and tosses her through a 20" wall of concrete. Her strength has increased again and Jan is no more.

    I look at the small cut and the blood running down. So much for being a goddess! The group looks stunned. I need more power, more strength if I'm going to take on Bill. It all started with the special Myostatin mixture so I'll start there. It's back to my apartment to load up.


    Outside Meg's apartment, a group a robed figures stand watch over what used to be Bill. An enormous mound of flesh and muscle writhes in the center, growing at an alarming pace. His metamorphosis will soon be complete and the goddess won't stand a chance.

  6. Andrew stays behind, stating his need to study the dagger. If it was capable of puncturing a goddess, then it might be capable of being used as a weapon in this final battle.

    Final battle between two gods, end of the world. "I'm not exactly happy about that thought," mused Meg as she headed to her car. This was all happening so fast, she couldn't believe that her friends held such an incredible secret for so long, even her own mother. Lost in these thoughts of hurt and confusion, Meg felt are warm paw on her leg.

    "Except you sweetie," she sighed, petting her dog "Not this time, its safer if you stay here." Sammy gave Meg a pathetic look and trodded off back to the warehouse to lay down. As she enters the car, Angelo and her trainer come out holding what appear to be very large, very powerful looking automatic weapons.

    "What do you think your doing." says Meg, half concerned and half angry.

    "Coming with you, my dear," smiles Angelo, in that damn fatherly voice of his. " This, prophecy, was set in motion by us, but it is not under our control as Jan's betrayal suggested. We can not fight a god, but his followers....they are a bit more mortal."

    The look in Angelo's eyes shows regret, and despite her anger Megan lets them both in. "Besides my jobs not done," she hears Diane's voice chime in. Megan sees Diana wheeling out a a large motorcycle while wearing a form fitting leather catsuit which shows off her muscles. Megan wasn't the only one who put on weight the past few weeks and Diana is looking impressive, big, maybe even Susan/Kali sized. Clearly Megan missed something in her pumping frenzy. At her side she has a ancient looking Sumerian sword ("how did I know it was Sumerian" ponders Meg...) and a more modern looking compound bow on her back with arrows.

    "Your job?" inquires Meg.

    "Someone had the job of keeping you out of trouble until you were able to defend yourself. My friend, first, and my goddess. You are not yet complete, and I will continue my task. After all, Andrew was not an expert in satisfying your needs, and I done other things over the years." says Diane as she hands Meg a water skins pouch. She whispers to Meg "Jess found this and refined it a few years back. The chemical cocktail she made out of it could buy you some time if things get real bad....I'm...sorry." she says as hugs Meg and mounts her bike.

    These people manipulated her, but seem to genuinely care for her. Meg shakes her head and puts her conflicted feelings aside as she starts her car and peels open the water skin pouch.


    Meanwhile, hidden in the bushes of a nearby hill, a lone muscular man peers through his binoculars. Juan stares in horror at the site before him. All he can whisper is "oh mi diosa" Meg's neighbors have by now either fled or....worse. He sneaks off carefully, as to not be detected, and begins to jog in the direction of the warehouse. His cellphone and car dead to the eldritch energies streaking through the air. His only thought.....I must warn her in time.

  7. Meg arrived at her home, or what used to be her home, all that was left now was a pile of rubble and a pole with a strange insignia on it. Meg walked up to the pole and inspected it, "What is that about?" she asked her followers.

    "That" Angelo started, "That is the sign of the Destroyer" he answered.

    "My other half" Meg acknowledged, her followers nod in confirmation.

    "My Goddess! My Goddess!" came a voice from down the road, every looked towards the source of the voice and saw Juan running towards them, "My Goddess!" he stated once again kneeling down at her feet, "Forgive me, I could not stop them in time" he said.

    "Please Juan" Meg replied leaning forward and lightly grasping his arms, "There is no need to bow before me" she added as she gently lifted him to his feet, "You couldn't stop who?" she asked.

    "The Destroyer's followers" answered Juan, "They were protecting the Destroyer as he inject all the Myostatin!" he added.

    "But, that would mean!" Angelo stated.

    "That Bill is powerful beyond recognition" admitted Meg, "Just as the texts said he would be" she added with a smile.

    "My Goddess, why do you smile at a time like this?" Juan asked confused.

    "Everything is happening just like the texts said it would" explained Meg, "Which means I know how this will end and where" she continued looking down at Juan, "Did Bill say where he was going?" she asked with a knowing smile.

    "He said something about the city" replied Juan.

    "And the final encounter will raise the mighty empire to the ground" quoted Meg with a smile, "Come on, I know where he is!" Meg said as she strode over to the car with confidence, "This ends tonight!" she declared as she started up the engine.

  8. Meg drove down the main street in the city and spotted Bill standing about 30' tall and as broad as a skyscraper knocking down every tall building around him, "Wait here" she instructed turning the engine off and getting out.

    "But my Goddess!" Angelo protested, "What about the knife that wounded you?" he asked, Meg looked at her friend come guardian and smiled.

    "You mean this wound?" she suggested lifting her outfit enough to show that where the knife had plunged into her skin was perfectly smooth skin, "I'm fine Angelo" she added stepping out of the car, "Now stay out of the way and keep his followers out of my way" she instructed.

    "Yes my goddess" they all said in unison.

    Meg strode with purpose towards the mountain of muscle that was destroying everything around him, "Bill!" she called out catching his attention. Bill turned around to see who was calling him by his mortal name, spotting Meg walking up to him he laughed, the bass in his voice causing a small earthquake.

    "What do you want you weakling?" he asked before throwing the large truck he had been using as a small mace on the buildings at Meg. It hit her square on exploding on impact but she just kept on walking towards him the myriad of small cuts healing almost instantly. She stops just outside of his reach.

    "I'm here for you" she said pointing at him, "Your time on this earth is over" she added with a smile.

    "You fool!" bellowed Bill, causing a nearby building to collapse from the boom of his voice, "You can not compare to me!" he added.

    "If that's so, then strike me down" replied Meg opening her arms for a free shot.

    "Petulant bitch!" Bill snapped as he picked up a bus and threw it at her. Meg didn't move a muscle as the bus crashed into her the metal crumpling as the force of the impact worked its way through the vehicle before exploding into pieces.

    Benji Dude

  9. Meg dusted herself off and smiled again, looking up into Bill's eyes, "This is how it ends Bill" she stated taking a single step forward and feeling a rush of strength fill her body but not altering it at all. Bill felt a similar rush but it was a negative rush, he felt like he just got weaker.

    "What the fuck did you do bitch?!" Bill asked, taking a lumbering step back.

    "You were my equal Bill, before I was reborn, but now you're nothing compared to me" she answered taking another step, feeling the same rush of strength again, "As the Goddess of Strength and Beauty I have certain powers" she explained with a sly smile, "One of them is being able to siphon off the strength of others and add it to my own" she continued, running her hands over her curves, "You're strong Bill, but no match for me" she added, taking another step and receiving the same rush as before.

    Bill kept stumbling back, each step of Meg's draining his strength, "Stay away from me you bitch!" Bill snapped.

    "This ends now Bill" she replied still walking towards the would-be-god. Every step causing Bill's hulking form to reduce in size until he looked just like a normal average man.

    "No, no, my my power! My strength!" Bill stammered as he collapsed onto his knees and looked up at the goddess before.

    "Bill, you've been a dick" Meg said as she clenched her fist and rose her arm above her head ready to swipe at her rapist. She was ready to kill him, to splatter his brains all over the city street, to reek her vengeance on the man who had done so much wrong to her, but she was conflicted, could she take a life? Could she still call herself the Goddess of Strength and Beauty if she took a life? Would she still be kind, measured and considerate if she just smashed Bill's head in?

    Bill looked up to her and saw the conflict in her amazing eyes, a smile crept onto his face and he started to laugh.

    Benji Dude

  10. His power keeps flowing into me, giving me even more strength. I may have it in me to kill Bill but I'm sure gonna give him a beating he'll never forget... and maybe save the world in the meantime.

    He reaches back to swing with all his might. His gigantic fist connects with my abdomen but I tense the godlike muscle. It hurts like hell but I barely move.

    My turn. I put all my strength into a right hook and connect with Bill. I expect him to go flying but he merely staggers back. Being equal in strength...this could go on forever. I need to knock him off his game and I know his weakness... his lust for me.

    Bill readies himself for his next blow by easily picking up a nearby SUV. I pretend to not care and slowly, very slowly, begin to unbutton my top. I let out a deep moan as I work my way down to reveal goddess sized breasts beneath.

    I have his full attention now and continue on...

  11. Meg gives her chest a slight shimmy and smiles as she sees Bill's eyes track back and forth with the sway of her perfect breasts. She takes another couple of steps closer, sapping more of his strength, his arms start to buckle under the weight of the SUV and he dumps it to one side still fixated on Megs tits. "That's right Bill" Meg said pilling on the sexy overtone in her voice, "These are for you" she added hefting up each breast. Bill stepped towards his desire ignorant of the fact that she was sapping his power.

    "Beautiful" he hushed to himself reaching out to touch Meg's boobs, she could sense that his power was all but gone now, he was nothing more than a normal man now. Meg smiled at him as he reached out, she leant forward, letting her breast hang down for him to touch, looking into his eyes, which were fixed on her tits.

    "Bill" she said sensually, tracing a finger alone his chin line forcing him to look her in the eye. "Your ass is grass" she said coldly, the seductive look on her face gone, replaced with cold hatred. Before Bill could respond to the well laid trap Meg reached down to his crotch with one hand while the other went for the throat and effortlessly lifted him over her head.

    "No! Wait! Don't do this!" begged Bill trying in vein to break free.

    "It's too late for that Bill" replied Meg, leaning back ready to throw Bill into the distance and out of her life.

    "Destroyer! Nooo!" someone screamed, they were wearing a black cloak and were lunging towards Meg with a ornate sword, "Die wench!" the cloaked figure screamed as they readied them selves to plunge the sword into the goddess' body. Responding quickly Meg let go of Bill's crotch keeping him in the air by his throat and with her now free hand, deftly swatted the sword away then slapped the cloaked figure in the face with the back of her hand all in one swift motion, sending them tumbling to the curb side unconscious.

    The interruption dealt with Meg looked up at Bill in her hand and smiled, "So long Bill, you've been a pain in the ass" she said confidently and tossed him off into the horizon. Smiling to herself a job well done she quickly did her top back up and started walking back to her car.

  12. "My Goddess!" Angelo called out from behind a pile of rubble from the collapsed buildings, "How did you know you would win?" he asked, Meg smiled at him and wrapped her arm around his shoulders.

    "A follower will make a futile attack and the destroyer will fly away" replied Meg with a soft giggle, quoting the sacred texts once more. "The destroyer is no more, the Myostatin will be of no help to Bill now and his followers, well, they're just mortal men and women and pose no greater threat than common thugs" she added.

    The rest of her followers quickly came out from their hiding places, all gathering round Meg and congratulating her, "Hey, where's Juan?" she asked.

    "We got separated during a fight with some of the Destroyers followers" answered Diane, "He was holding his own when I last saw him" she added.

    "Spread out! We have to find him!" instructed Meg, "Andrew is going to kill me if anything happened to him!" she added.

    "Mios dios" a voice groaned from behind another pile rubble, "We can't have that now can we?" it added, as it weakly lifted an arm. Everyone quickly ran over to Juan.

    "Oh my god Juan! I'm so sorry! I should have been watching your back" Diane said as she saw Juan on the floor, a gash in his side, blood dripping out.

    "It's ok Diane" replied Juan blood spluttering from his mouth. Meg walked up beside Diane and hugged her for support, "My Goddess" Juan started smiling through the pain, "I'm honoured to have served in the final encounter" he added.

    "Oh don’t talk like that" replied Meg as she knelt down beside him and ripped open his top, "I'll have that sorted in a jiffy" she added as she leant forward and placed a hand over the wound, Juan grimaced in pain as she wiped the blood away, then Meg leant right down and kissed the wound, Juan breathed in sharply, Meg pulled away and the wound was healed. "Now get up you pansy and lets go home" she declared.

    Amazingly Juan got up with no difficulty much to the shock of everyone around, "But how?" asked Juan. Meg smiled to her followers.

    "Goddess" was all she said before laughing.

    Benji Dude

  13. The End.

    Thanks sooo much to everyone who participated and a special thanks to Benji. It's been a fun journey and couldn't have done it without all of your help.

  14. aww shucks!

    You're welcome Meg, I had fun. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to take part in a novel idea.

    Benji Dude

  15. Well that was fun.

  16. It sure was and I loved your additions. Maybe we can do a story together in the future !!!

    XOXO Meg