Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'

Here's a collaborative story with my new friend Tom. Comments are welcome from everyone but won't be part of the story. We hope you enjoy. XOXO Meg

It's a sunny weekday afternoon as Tom cautiously walks into Angelo's. He's cautious everywhere he goes, just in case he touches someone. You see, Tom has a "special gift" that manifested early in life.

He considers it a curse and still has nightmares about that first time he discovered he was different. It's a constant reminder and is always careful, although he's learned to somewhat control this mysterious ability.

The old looking gym is deserted, just like he hoped. He knows to come at the slowest time and already in his workout clothes. Can't take a chance of bumping into someone in the locker room. He takes the station at his usual secluded corner and looses himself in a heavy workout.

The door swings open as Meg walks in. Tom is immediately drawn to her. Her beauty and physique are amazing but there's something else about her that makes his heart jump. Her energy? Her spirit? Tom can't quite place why he feels this way. He has dated before but this curse has always gotten in the way. The mental control is exhausting and has to make an excuse before the good night kiss or a simple caress. How he wishes to just wake up next to someone in his arms.

"My Megan," Angelo greets the young brunette with the exuberance he would his own daughter. "You no working today?"

She drops her gym bag and gives him a hug. "The boss is gone and I need ME time. Besides these muscles won't build themselves!" Tom smirks from the corner. The idea of muscles on women has always thrilled him. Raw power on a feminine frame, like a well-oiled machine. It's another of his deepest desires.

Meg makes her way to a bench and carefully adds more weight to the bar. Its more than Tom thinks she can handle and can't take his eyes off her as he stops his workout. She glances over to see him in the corner and flashes a wink and a smile. His heart flutters. Meg lays back, plants her hands into position and begins breathing deep in preparation. With a swift upward motion, she raises the bar then slowly brings it down.

The bar begins to rise back up as Meg puts all her might into the heavy weight. It's not enough and Tom can tell. She's going to loose it.

Tom races to help, forgetting all his caution and training about not getting involved. As the weight begins to crash down on the young brunette, she looks up to see the handsome man from the corner grab the bar and help it to its rest.

"I was hoping you'd spot me," Meg says trying to play down the fact she nearly lost it. She takes a deep breath, gives him another wink and goes for a second try. Concentrate Tom, he thinks to himself. You can control it.

She grabs his hands and puts them over hers as she begins to lift the heavy weight again. Her touch is so soft as he looks down upon her. Her tight, thin body with a light glisten of sweat. Her flowing hair and face like an angel.

Meg raises the bar and feels an electricity begin to surround her. Her innermost desire is to be strong... and that's just what it feels like. She feels Strong! She lowers the bar and begins to lift up again, much easier than before. Near the top she begins to struggle but a new flow of strength enters her.

Back down and and up again as each rep gets easier. Tom looks on in deep concentration, trying to curtail his special touch but with little success at this point.

"What the hell!" Meg says as she puts the bar to rest after 15 successful reps. Her arms and chest look bigger and she feels supercharged, like she could take on the world. Tom knows what comes usually next and quickly leaves.

"Give me more of that," she says but looks around and no one is there. Something magical just happened. All her years of working out, Meg has never felt anything so powerful or had that much gain in just one set. The front door of Angelo's flies open and she sees him run out.

"Oh no you don't." Meg races out after him. >>


  1. Panting, Tom ducks down an alley. "Shit.... well, at least I lost her.." he said to himself. Suddenly, he saw the brunette running toward him. He quickly turned to find himself trapped at a dead end. "Please don't hurt me! I'm sorry for what happened. I didn't think I touched you..." he quickly stammered, shielding his eyes from the woman approaching him.

  2. Meg rounds the corner and gets her first good look at the guy from the gym. He looks scared and slightly out of breath from the run.

    "I'm not gonna hurt ya, sweetie," Meg tells him as she slowly moves closer. "I just want to know what happened back at the gym. I've never felt anything like that before."

    Tom starts to catch his breath and seems to relax in front of the brunette... or so Meg thinks. Tom has been in these situations before and knows just what to

    He bolts to the left, hoping to keep from touching this woman. In his current state, he can't control his "gift" and can't afford any more contact with her. He's in good shape, but Meg has been working out for years. She may not have the size she dreams of, but she certainly has speed, endurance and is much stronger than she looks.

    Just as Tom thinks he clears her, a hand comes out to grab his arm... his exposed arm. Meg holds on to him with all her might.

    In a split second, she feels a surge through her body, much stronger than she felt at the gym...

  3. "Oh, joy..." he sighed, watching her musculature increasing slightly. "You clearly wanted to be stronger...." he muttered under his breath. He suddenly realized that this woman knew nothing about him or his special talent.

    "Well, nice to meet you again." he chuckled, his eyes drifting toward her expanding arms. He attempted to break free of her hold, but to no avail. "My name is Tom. And yours is...?"

  4. Meg is supposed to be dead. How cheap.

  5. Meg was in a slight daze of ecstasy feeling the power flow into her. She never felt so alive or so strong.

    "I'm Megan but everyone calls me Meg." she said looking deep into Tom's eyes. She could see him struggle, both to get free from her grasp and trying hard to concentrate for some reason.

    "Don't be afraid, I'm not going to hurt you, if that's what you're thinking... I want to know more about what's happening." The truth is she needed to know, to feel the power again like an addict.

    The energy subsided as Tom closed his eyes and breathed deep. He had it back under control, at least for the moment. Meg looked upon him curiously and noticed the huge bulge in his pants.

    Meg let go and Tom opened his eyes, seeing a smile (and body) that made him melt.

    "Have a drink with me at my place," she said in a soft, sultry voice while brushing against Tom's erection. "I think we can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement."

    She started to walk off and it was now in Tom's court. It was the first time that someone discovered his gift and didn't run off screaming.

    Could she be the one?

  6. Tom began to run after her. "Wait! What was this... beneficial agreement?" he asked, catching up to her. He attempted to discreetly hide his raging erection. "I'd like to hear a little more about it." he said, smiling. "Just lead the way back to your place." he said, carefully trying not to touch her or her newfound muscles. 'They just keep growing every time I touch her...' he thought to himself, resisting the urge to squeeze her powerful arms.

  7. They arrive at Meg's apartment. Tom still looks nervous as Meg coaxes him in.

    "Have a seat," she tells him as she mixes him a drink, a strong one. Tom still looks nervous being so close but after a couple drinks he begins to open up. Meg is still in her workout gear but unzips the outer layer to reveal her hard flesh beneath. The curves are slight but defined and stretched tight across her frame. Tom can't keep his eyes off them, just how Meg hopes.

    "You're the first woman I really feel comfortable around," he says sipping on his third cocktail. "It's not easy with this curse I have."

    "Tell me more," Meg says softly, moving closer by the minute.

    "Well, I don't know how it works, but here's what happens. Every time I touch someone, whatever I'm thinking seems to manifest itself in the other person. The first time it happened..." he trails off not willing to talk more about it. It's all she needs to hear.

    Meg unzips the rest of her top and lets it dangle to the floor. Tom immediately gets the full view of her magnificent upper body with just an overly tight sports bra covering her up.

    "It's OK sweetie," she tells him. "Your thoughts and my thoughts are the same. There's no need to fear what I'll do since I know you want the same thing." She rubs her hand over his rock-hard cock, just trying to burst through his pants.

    "Come and worship me, make the strongest woman alive and I'll make every one of your desires come true."

  8. I don't suppose someone else could jump in and give this story fresh momentum?

  9. It's Tom's story but I don't mind. Helloo Tom, you still there?

  10. (I SO didn't die... lol. Sorry about dying. Busy life with college courses.)
    "Well... alright..." he said, not fully trusting in both himself and the woman before him. He gently ran his hand over her bicep. "It's so hard, Meg." he said, tracing a faint vein in her arm. He heard her moan softly as she felt his gift working on her. He smiled knowing that his gift was causing her pleasure. He concentrated hard, thinking exactly what he wanted. 'I want Megan to be stronger than any man alive...' Slowly, he watched the transformation Meg was undergoing.
    "Hmm, I see.. there's more to your body than your arms." he said, smirking. His hands wrapped around her waist, one hand tracing her developing six-pack. With every second, the indents in her stomach seemed to deepen. He began to softly kiss his new-forming goddess.

  11. Megan moans as she feels the muscles slowly build within her. Tom's hands are electric as he becomes more comfortable around her and caresses each developing muscle group.

    She moves in closer, wraps her strong legs around him and squeezes him to her until they become one.

    "Ahh yess, give me more!"

  12. Tom needs no further encouragement as he slowly becomes lost in Meg's ever expanding body. Shifting his hands, he draws one towards Meg's tight butt. His other arm crawls up her deepening abs, sliding under her smooth sports bra. Meg inhales sharply with a shout as the warmth of growth spreads across her bosom. Meg wants more and the fire in her needs release. She pulls Tom in close and kisses him deeply, sending her sensations into overdrive.

    Tom returns in kind, lost in the sensation of her warm lips as her powerful legs tighten and grow around him. Tears begin to form in Meg's ever strained workout clothes as she continues to grow the muscles she so desperately craves.

  13. Hve you ever use supplemets? You shoul loo them up.