Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Little Latenight Loonacy

Written for me by CrazyCurt

All I've ever wanted for most of my life was a woman with ever burgeoning muscles.

A goddess of the extreme who has the strength of lifting my cat.

He's really fat. Me? Not so much. Ah I love dying.

One day I was walking my cat ... yes on a leash ... and I went down. Things make me fall and suffer and I go into seizures. In rain. And wet. And alone. Well here came Meg. I never would've thought this would happen.

Dressed in a dark leather outfit that barely fit her massive thighs and bis, here I am, a cat on a leash, staring at the most massive and gorgeous female of all time. She's towering over me, glistening and rippling muscle by every inch of her fabulous work, knowing I am a weakling ... with a cat.

"Hi may I help you?", she asked with a flex of shoulders beyond belief.

"breewooba duff nurber fleh?" I said stupidly, beyond the realm of stupid.

With one bicep-bulging arm she picked me up, and I ain't into to lift and carry stuff but hey I was lying dead in the rain. Here's Meg to the rescue. And then my cat ran off weirdly. I am in no condition to deal with that cat.

Meg Is.

She got him.

Imagine a woman the size of a truck able to run faster than a cat. And save your life. And still flex every muscle in her wickedly hot body, with a glowing smile that would kill any man.

I am smitten but lucky to be alive.

I miss you Megan, but you are not forgotten.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Diana Photo Shoot

More amazing art from Paddy86. Think he may be working his way through the Buffies? Hope so.

“She’s Here!” Someone shouted.
Damn it! I was hoping I wouldn’t be noticed if I slipped through the backdoor…at least for awhile.

A mob of people ran towards me.
“You’re looking Beautiful Diana,” an older man said. Read More >>

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Meg at the Pub

Here's a great new pic from Paddy86. Thanks babe!

The second Meg walked into the pub a hundred fans surrounded her.
Signing autographs she saw me and asked, “ready for my photo-shoot?”
I said smiling, “I sure am!” >>

Monday, January 25, 2010

Meg's Growth: Week 1

Next Week 2
A fan wrote in and wanted to do a AP growth story on a smaller/slower scale. To highlight the struggle and sweat it takes to achieve strength. I think it's a great idea and will start a new ongoing series dedicated to my daily journey to becoming huge. Nothing magical, mystical or scientific here, just hard work and proper training. Lets do this in real-time, so each new comment takes place at the time of writing.

I'll post a new entry each Monday to start the week off. Please be mindful to follow what was written before you. You can add new characters & twists but it must make sense. I'll start it off.

It's lunchtime on Monday. The week's starting off like every other and am already thinking about the weekend. Our normal Monday morning production meeting went long and did all I could to stay awake.

Now, I don't hate my job, it just get boring and monotonous. The work itself is exciting but processes, policies and management can be a real bummer.

One of the few perks is the company fitness center. That's where I am now. Angelo's is still my main gym but it's nice to have a light mid day workout to take my mind off work's problems. Besides, I'm really trying to gain some mass and workout whenever possible. It's almost become an addiction for me.

My trainer at Angelo's gave me some prescription supplements. Nothing illegal, but the best at what's available on the open market. He's been drilling proper techniques into me and have been mostly following them. "Don't overdo it" and "Plenty of rest between..." blah, blah, blah, I get it. It must work because I've been drooling over his body for months now. Maybe someday he'll ask me out.

Working on arms today and going through curls. Barbell, concentration, hammer, preacher, you name it. I've enjoyed the nice little bicep I've acquired and love imagining it bigger. My strength has really increased over the past few month's and have already beaten my previous 150 lb bench record. It's only the beginning. With hard work and patience... someday I'll be the biggest. >>


Getting ready for the week. Oh, the dread of Monday's. Here's something from Mav that brightened my day and hopefully yours too.

Have a great week, luv ya!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Lotion

It's been really dry at work and I keep a small bottle of lotion with me. Don't laugh, moisturizing is important. I was rubbing some in & started thinking of a new story idea. Meg + lotion = muscle growth. Sure it's been done before but isn't it always a little more fun with me ;D

I'll make it Audience Participation so please write in. I know you're thinking to yourself "...but I don't wanna help Meg get big". Well tough luck buddy, this blog needs your help and I want muscles. Now give them to me dammit! I'm feeling saucy today... let's get started.

Lab environments can be hazardous. Icky substances, high voltage equipment and unknown specimens. It's funny, but what bothers me most is the constant ventilation systems that dries my skin out.

I always have a bottle of lotion with me but today I used up the last of it. Crap. I can probably just wait until the end of the day and pick up some on my way home.

A couple hours go by and I get itchy. The vents are blowing harder now and I feel like I'm shriveling.

Jan is an older, overweight lady that sits in the office across from me. We are cordial but wouldn't call us friends. She's big into scrapbooking and goes on and on about it every time I enter her office. I'll have to suck it up and ask her for lotion.

After twenty minutes of checking out her latest card stocks & rubber stamps, I finally get a word in and ask her if she has any lotion. "Sorry, Meggy" she says.

Now my skin is super itchy, I've lost brain cells listening to Jan and annoyed at being Meggy. I march down the hall looking for lotion.

Some of the lab boys might have some, hell, most have some sort of skin condition. I love them though. Their very sweet and I can get about anything from them with minimal flirting. It's been tough coming up with excuses not to go out with them now that I've been dating again. I try not to be mean, they're just not what I'm looking for.

Everyone is gone. Must be some sort of meeting.

I look around a bit. I love seeing what they're working on. Lots of formulas and equipment I don't understand. I'm CIS and we don't even come close to speaking the same language but it fascinates me.

Looking in a disposal bin, I see what looks like a bottle of Jergen's. Jackpot! You can never be too careful with these lab guys, so I open the bottle to smell it. Seems about right.

Back at my office, I pour a little lotion into my hand and start to rub it up and down my arm. The consistency seems a little off. It doesn't really seem to be moisturizing either. After a couple minutes I begin feeling a strange sensation... >>

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Amanda's Coming!

Well... not really. She's been absent for a few months and has turned off her Buffie signal. We presume she's out saving the world or more likely getting into trouble at this point.

Cele7110 is a master of detail and has put us all through the ringer to get the most accurate depictions. Since Amanda is missing, he & Diana are teaming up to give us an Amanda CG model. I can't wait to see what they come up with.

Here's a look back on other artists depiction of Amanda.

Friday, January 15, 2010

I'm finishing work up early and heading to the gym. Have a super weekend everyone!


Monday, January 11, 2010

Diana's New Look

Here's Diana restyled in Buffie-pink and sporting a new look.
A co-op project between :iconsynthya: and :iconcele7110:. Cel provides the basic body shape, pose, lighting, and costume. Synthya has reworked the hair, face, background, and skin texture.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The little girl and the tree

Her answer: "But mom, it wasn't a big tree."
Here's something new from Diana. Check out her DeviantArt page for all her awesomeness!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Big Belly

So, the bad news is I've gained 9 lbs since Halloween. Thanksgiving & Christmas were a little indulgent this year... oops. What's wrong with a little more of me to love?

The good news is I've been working really hard since New Years and have already lost nearly 4 lbs. Woohoo!

Luv ya, Meg

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Buffies - Kat's Back part 1

Previously on The Buffies
Written by Meg

It’s noon in downtown Malibu as crowds people are gathered around for lunch and shopping. A beam of white light fills the city center but no one seems to notice.

As the phenomenon fades, a hulking women steps out from the light. Her hair is long and jet black with bangs reminiscent of Bettie Page. She stands 9 feet tall, wearing a black string bikini that looks ready to burst from the massive muscles pushing behind it. Her black thigh-high boots and long gloves bulge to the brink of obliteration.

She steps forward and the ground trembles.

WildKat looks around and the lunch crowds begin to notice her. Buffiemania is in full swing yet no one has seen one of the mythical four yet. This must be one of them, they think and they rush to meet her.

It doesn’t take long to realize their mistake.

Kat’s plan is simple. She knows the four are in the general region, she just needs to draw them out. Gripping the corner of the closest building, Kat’s powerful hands dig in as the brick begins to crumble. Her actions are lightning fast and it takes no time to tear down the old establishment.

As the bricks, mortar and steel fly, the crowd begins to flee in terror. WildKat doesn’t care and seems to be enjoying herself. It’s finally a chance to give this body a proper workout since creation day. “Where are you” she cries out, barely audible over the crowd and destruction. As the last remnants of the building fall she moves onto the next

In a matter of minutes, police arrive on the scene. Her enhanced senses detect helicopters approaching in the distance but she continues on.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Belle – Before & After

How could you resist either one? Here's Belle's fabulous before & after transformation comparison from Cele7110.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Action News Brief

Channel 5 Action News with Phoebe Stardragon

In an undoubtedly devastating exchange of assaults this Saturday morning, twenty men-in-black have been found dead, strewn over the streets of Bunker Hill, Los Angeles, some of them stripped of most of their clothes, others in grotesque positions. Their destroyed bodies were greeted with shock by the early risers of Los Angeles. Among the dead were several prominent figures of the Los Angeles community

Noteable traces of gunpowder and C-4 waste were found at the scene, in addition to excessive messes of rubble and ruins of several famous office buildings. Inexplicably, the confounding metal carcasse of several howitzers were also found within the district.

Forensic scientists deployed to the region said “Contrary to popular belief, none of the dead were killed, or touched, by firearms or howitzer shells.” Instead, investigating detectives have labelled their cause of death as “Unarmed Physical Assault.”

There have also been reports that the CIA have been involved in this incident. Said NCS CMO Mr. Walters this morning: “The CIA, in collaboration with the NCS and domestic security forces, have sent several of its elite operatives to this operation.”

The involvement of these operatives in this case have been speculated to be an optimistic bid at halting what Californians have affectionately labelled as “The Northwestern Dust Devil”, an unknown individual thought to be responsible for the recent, unexplained cases of destruction on Californian roads. It is unknown whether this is true, but Jason Carnes has deemed it to be very likely.

“The Dust Devil has caused billions of dollars' worth of damage to the suburbs and road towns of California,” he added, when asked about the individual. “Reported sightings of this person have proven most unbelievable and unnerving.”

According to recent reports, the supposed Northwestern Dust Devil has caused the destruction of several road towns in California, including (insert town) and (insert town). Damages have been estimated at 1000 homes, 200 casualties and some 4000 homeless.

In an asserted unrelated incident on the same day, the chief scientist of Newfoundland Biotechnologies, Katherine Johnson has been spotted (for the first time in many years) on the beaches of California. She was reported missing…

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Belle of the Buffies 2

We've had a few previews of Belle in Buffie form the last couple weeks along with the "before" shots. Now here she is... massive, powerful, kick-ass, sexy and dripping with muscle thanks to our good friend Cele7110.