Monday, October 26, 2009

The Buffies - New Life part 2

Previously on The Buffies
Written by Diana

We slowly awoke and stretched our arms and legs. No one had the urge to stand up so we laid back down and thought about the happenings from the last weeks, especially yesterday. We began to chat and laugh as the sun rose higher and the warmth spread over our bodies. But soon a snarl interrupted our peaceful world. Taking a quick glace over to Amanda, which giggled because the sound was coming from her stomach. Massaging her bulging abs she said, “I guess I need a big breakfast to stop these sounds.” We laughed and agreed with her. So we got out of our big beds and looked for something comfortable to wear. Skin-tight tops and pants seemed to be the decision. You could see every muscle fiber through our clothes, which made them look painted on our skins.

We walked down to the ground floor. Without high heels, we noticed the perfect control we had over our bodies. If we wanted (and we tested it) you wouldn’t hear any of us move. And so Josh proved this correct as we opened the door to the dining room. His head was in the daily newspaper, thoughtfully reading it. He looked up as he heard the door open and welcomed us with a warm smile.

“Good morning, Ladies. Please have a seat and take what you want to eat. How was your night?” He asked.

We took a seat on the fully loaded breakfast table, grinned and answered, “Good morning, Josh. Yeah we slept very well, thanks. How are you doing?”

“Well I feel great, but I am a little worried about your actions last night. They made you popular in Malibu.” He said and showed us the first page of his newspaper. The large headline read “BUFFIES: MALIBU’S NEW HEROES”. While we ate, we took a look at the article. Meg and Diana choked as they saw it. Josh could read from our faces that we were surprised.

“Don’t tell me that you haven’t expected something like this. You have to be careful. I think it would be better to keep a low profile for now. Your powers are untested and we don’t know if Eric & Kat are looking for you. Besides, I would like to keep thousands of ‘BUFFIE’ fans away from my home.” He said with a smile and a sarcastic tone in his voice. “It’s a good thing the Malibu Sentinel is a small paper. I know the reporter Cel Vada and can smooth things over with him if needed.” We agreed with him. Of course we thought being famous would be fun but we also wanted to have a social, private life. “Well, he certainly chose a name that fits us” Jewel added “I kind of like the sound of Buffies.” The other girls nodded in agreement.

“And on to the next topic.” Josh said. “Benji and Nic have been working hard to rebuild the machine that made you like this. With the knowledge of Eric’s version, they can make an exact copy. I would like to test your strength and your powers since you four seemed to be the key to make it work.”

“Oh yeah I would love to know what these guns can!” Jewel said as she flexed her arms in a mighty double biceps pose. We nodded our heads eagerly. Deep within us, everyone had the urge to know what strength and power is contained deep under our beautiful skins.

Meg jumped in with “Why do you need to rebuild it, we’re already so powerful?” Each of us had different takes on the newfound power. Change can be hard and not everyone was excited to live the rest of their lives in these new bodies. Sure its fun for now but what about friends, families, old lives. Josh picked up on this and added “If we know how the machine works, we can control it, make it so everyone can live a normal life… or give others the power to overcome evil like you did” That seemed to make sense to us.

Josh continued “Maybe you’ve already noticed the hidden panel in your closet.” We nodded. “When you enter the pin code, a hidden door will open. In there you will find four special nano-suits, which can be connected to our analyzing system. The suits will evaluate and record every aspect of your bodies and transfer them to our computers. I just have to ask you to take a shower with a special liquid. Besides a good cleaning, it will create an invisible film on your skin that will connect with the suits. I bet you can’t wait to start.” He grinned.

So we finished our breakfast and were eager to start testing. Josh called for his butler, George, who soon arrived with a white shampoo bottle and a sheet of paper with the code. He took both and handed them to us. “I guess you know what to do with them. I await you in the lab when you are done.”

So we walked upstairs, pulled our clothes off and headed into the shower. Meg opened the bottle Josh gave us, and began to rub it over her body. It looked and smelled like every other shampoo. The bottle made its round through our hands and we began to massage it into every inch of our bodies. As we stepped outside the shower and dried off, we noticed something special. It left a gloss on our skin, like oil, but our skins were dry and it didn’t seem that this gloss faded. It almost looked like we were in a bodybuilding contest. Our skins shone and our bodies were pumped up. So we went on and posed in front of the mirror for several minutes.

We loved exploring our new muscles. Jewel was larger than the rest but she had quite a bit of muscle before the transformation. Her cuts were deep, like the rest of us, and her veins popped through her skin. The other had varying levels of vascularity, Meg & Amanda appeared a little smoother while Diana was somewhere in the middle. They all strained and pushed to make the largest muscles possible, biceps, then quads, on and on. Jewel showed them the standard poses for bodybuilding and laughed as they put the professionals to shame.

No one had seen each muscle so defined (and large) before. They almost looked like specimens in an anatomy book and they enjoyed testing and pushing each muscle to the fullest. Diana started a “chest wave” like in sports but with muscle. Her left, then right pec rose high and Meg quickly caught on to continue the wave. Amanda then Jewel completed the cycle. Time to move on.

We stepped into our closet and looked for the secret pin pad. Amanda entered the code and we stepped back as two steel doors slowly swung open. Four purple suits hung there in a small metal room. We carefully stepped inside and pulled them out. We realized how small they really are as we held them in front of us. They looked like they would be designed for a beanpole. Well we thought they might stretch when we put them on. Like other clothes we’ve recently, the suits looked like painted on our muscles. They glowed golden then returned to the former purple color. We guessed the suit has connected itself with our skin like Josh said. Now that the preparation was done, it was time to head to the lab.

We heard voices and fast footsteps as we approached. We stepped in and saw Benji and Nic working on the device. They both wore long, white lab coats just like Josh, which stood with his back turned towards us and taking notes on a clipboard. He turned around and welcomed us.

“Nice to see that you found the way.” He said with a smirk. “And by the way, you look fabulous in the suits.”

Benji and Nic heard us talking and they turned and welcomed us with smiling faces. Whatever they were discussing quickly ended and they gave their full attention to the four beautiful, massive women before them. Electricity seemed to fill the air. Finally Josh said the words, everyone wanted to hear, “Shall we begin?” In one voice we all answered “Yes”, even Benji and Nic.

“And now an introduction to the process. First my big thanks to Benji and Nic which made this possible.” He paused while the two technicians blushed. Their hard work was evident looking at the complexity of the surrounding equipment. “See these four green bases on the floor. When you stand upon them, the computer will collect data of you and much more. They can simulate every weight on a special metal.” He said as he pointed to a wall were four long, full metal barbells laid. “These only weigh a few pounds but when combined with the computer and these bases, they can simulate around 250 tons. And I hope it will be enough for you strong ladies. So please if you are ready, step up and let’s start.”

We each stepped up to our own base. Nic started typing on the computer while Benji laid out the barbells at our feet. As he stepped off, our suits began to glow golden again for a brief moment. “The suits are connected with the system and their data will be recorded.” Said Nic.

“OK, now I need you to pick up…” but Josh stopped as he saw we already were holding the light barbells. Benji pushed the power button and a humming noise started then became louder. We expected the weight in our hands to become heavier but nothing happened. Josh took notes while he watched us.

“Uhm just a question but when will you start to increase the weight of these things?” Jewel asked.

Benji and Nic quickly spun around. “Are you going to kidding us?” Benji asked. “The weight of the barbell is around a 2,000 pounds at the moment and rising.”

“Well, they don’t feel that heavy.” She said as she held the barbell in one hand and threw it easily in the air, catching it with the other. They looked at the others and we all had the same opinion. “So do us a favor and add a few more tons?” she said grinning.

“Sure. I’ll increase the speed in which the system adds the weight.” Benji said.

It took a few moments until we noticed a difference in the weight. It became a little heavier but not much. While the weight slowly increased we started doing one arm curls with the light barbells. “We have reached a weight about 10 tons and are still adding.”

Our curls became slower and eventually Meg, Amanda and Diana had to grip the barbell with both hands. When we reached 20 tons, Jewel had to use both hands but none of us had even broken a sweat yet. We continued on to 40 tons and our reps became a little slower. Each rep stretched the fabric over our biceps as they grew bigger each time we brought the massive weight to our chest. Our arms started to burn as rep after rep we urged ourselves to one more. But each move became slower. Our arms looked like they would explode through the rubber-like suits. But even we reach our maximum sometimes. So one after another we stopped our movements. Our reps kept slowing until we couldn’t bring the 40 ton weight up anymore. Jewel kept going a few more reps but she also could do anymore.

“That was very impressive.” Josh interrupted the silence. “Your strength is higher then I expected. How do you feel?

“Great, not tired a bit! Meg answered as she flexed her right arm. Her biceps exploded upwards, like it’s screaming for attention.

“Can we continue?” Amanda interrupted the conversation. “My legs want something to do.” She said with a large smile.

“Sure, let us continue testing.” Josh mentioned.

We put the barbell on our necks ready for doing squats. “We will increase the weight a little faster now. I don’t want you ladies getting bored.” Josh said as he turned to Nic and Benji. They typed a few commands into the computer and the humming started over again.

We easily did squats until Nic mentioned a weight of 80 tons. Our speed slowed a bit but we enjoyed the increased weight. Our quads flared out wider every time we powered the barbell upwards.

“We’ve reached 90 tons.” Nic noted. “And still increasing. That’s simply awesome.”

Our movements became slower but the weight still wasn’t a problem. Each minute the weight increased by one or two tons and every minute our thighs became bigger. Muscles bulged through the thin purple fabric, showing almost every fiber and soon veins were visible through the suits.

“95 tons!” and slowly the barbells began to bend as the enormous weight rested upon our shoulders.

“100 tons!!” Our squats become even slower but still we didn’t want to stop. We willed our legs to rise with the weight but finally had enough. One after another we let the barbell carefully slide to the ground. Our legs burned hot but our heartbeat wasn’t faster than after an easy warm up.

“I am very impressed.” Josh broke up the silence. “All of you have strength a bit over 100 tons. Jewel was the most at a top press of 107 tons. So I can proudly say you are the strongest beings on earth. In addition, we’ve also analyzed your unique individual special power. We have better insight to how Meg can manipulate the minds of people, Jewel can make herself invisible, Amanda and her super powered senses and Diana changeling ability.” Josh had our full attention.

“The powers you used to defeat Katherine were still in their beginning stages and will become more powerful. Meg should also have the ability to effect the minds of mass amounts of people. Just touch something that is ‘connected’ with those people, for example the floor. Amanda you should be able to reach out with your senses. Like your mind is at another place where you can see, hear, smell and feel everything. You, Jewel, should have the ability to cover anything and anybody around you with an invisible protective layer. And last but not least, Diana should be able to change not only her appearance but the appearance of any person or object around her. These are just theoretical from our readouts and you will still need to discover this powers in you. We have a special training facility setup for you to train and discover your newfound powers.”

“Sounds awesome to me, I would love to get this powers under my control!” Amanda said with an excited view in her eyes. “When can we start? Please say now.”

Again Josh grinned and answered. “Of course you can start right now.” He called for George, who arrived a view moments later. “Please follow me.” He said with a smile and a little bow, turned around and let us into the training room.

The doorbell rang and Josh left the lab to answer it. He opened the door and saw an attractive young blonde woman with an inquisitive look on her face. He said, “Hello, can I help you?”

“Yes, sorry to bother you” she said in a thick British accent, “but I’m looking into the four super women that saved those people in the fire. They mysteriously vanished afterwards and I was wondering if you have seen them?”

Josh was quick to answer, “No, I’m sorry, I haven’t.” The visitor at the door felt he was hiding something and did a quick scan of the mansion. It was clean. “But I’ll be sure to let you now if I do… Miss?”

“Belle, you can call me Belle”

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  1. Good stuff there Dianna, flows really nicely.

    Benji Dude

    p.s. I still need more of a role though. :P

  2. Come on Benji, get creative and make a role for yourself. Don't make the lovely ladies do all the work. Think of something you can do. Start small, give a suggestion here or there to maybe expand your role a little bit, but always remember this story is about the girls and you will always be second stage. ;) Just be happy you are a part of this.

    I like the addition Diana, and I'm really looking forward to Saturday!

    Hugs to all the girls and extra huggles for Jewel,


  3. Hey, we're always looking for sideline stories... like Cele7110 wrote the article on the fire. Do you wanna write a lab adventure Benji... it must be so hard working in a place where big gorgeous women are constantly flirting with you :)

    XOXO Meg

  4. Hmm it's a tempting offer Meg, I shall mull the idea over and see what comes out the other end.

    Benji Dude


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