Monday, November 1, 2010

High School Reunion

I love fan stories and just got a great one from Michael. If you like it, I'm sure he'll work up a continuation. XOXO Meg

Written by Michael Bradshaw

as i stood there watching the double doors close behind them i reminded myself again why i came to the reunion. i knew why and it was that reason that i clung to as i watched with no amount of resurfaced fear the foursome that made my high school life a misery. dereck glass, jason kane, monica beauregard and sally days. the four beautiful people. the four that for four years ripped on me on a dailey basis. wedgies, pants-ings, and even one broken arm. i felt an old tremble i hadnt felt for years as they moved away from the doors, knowing they would spot me within moments.

"be calm" i whispered to myself. "you know why you came here". indeed i did know. it wasnt to have a walk down nightmare street with those four. it was to see her. it was to see meg. meg like myself was a nerd in high school. and i guess it was that that brought us together back then. we made a good pair. me; five foot eight, maybe a hundred and twenty pounds soaking wet. and meg; five foot five, flat chested, and big thick glasses. that was the two of us ten years ago. two losers. but two losers that were inseperable. we both endured together. all the beatings, all the humiliations, everything. she was my best friend. . . my only friend. and it was like that from grade seven till grade eleven. until the worst day of my life. the day her family moved to toronto, canada. it was there that i realised i made the worst mistake of my life. i never told meg i had a crush on her. i was too afraid of the possible aweful consequences to think of any good that may come of it. but no more. thats why i came tonight. tonight i tell meg exactly what i should have told her ten years ago.

i ran a hand over my shaved head in anticipation. where was she. . . was she even coming tonight. but before i could send myself into panic attack mode, a voice i hadnt heard in ten years surfaced. and nit was a voice i hadnt missed.

"hey look guys. it's michael muscle-less" dereck glass. just as i remembered him. tall, at least six foot. big, wide shoulders and still sporting that smug "im so much bigger and stronger then you" smile on his face. i felt my face turn red as his cohorts all laughed.

"hi michael" monica laughed cruelly. 'it's been so long. you still long. you still look like a dork though"after ten years their insults still stung. i looked around, hopefully to see someone else that might be able to break up this spectacle. but no. the community hall remained empty. as it had been until i got here and waited all alone. well this was great. all alone with the four people that made my life misery.

several times i tried to speak, but my mouth was dry. i couldnt muster any words. nothing at all that might defuse the situation. i felt my hands shake as they continued their cruel taunts. i tried to slowly inch my way to the door. maybe slip out. but no. and that only seemed to inspire them.

"give him a wedgie!" jason kane cried with great delight. roughly they grabbed me and took hold of my underwear. wonderful. a twenty seven year old getting a wedgie. the world seemed to blur. all i could do was hear their cruel laughter and feel my underwear riding higher then should be legal. but then all of a sudden the double doors slammed their way open and a loud, commanding voice bellowed;

"STOP!" and thats what happened. the wedgie was dropped and we all lin a stunned silence turned to the owner of that voice. and it was their that my world changed. standing their in the open doorway was the biggest, most massively muscled woman i had ever seen. she had to be at least seven foot tall. her biceps were as big as basketballs. her legs corded with huge thick muscles. and her breasts. i had never seen breasts so enormous before. if her biceps were the size of basketballs, these had to be at least twice as big again! her purple tank top was stretched to what had to be breaking point to contain them. even so i could still see her big, thick nipples sticking out at least three inches.

she marched forward in silence matching our own. it was then as she got closer that an i realised something;

"MEG!" i cried out in shock. yes it was meg. no glasses, but that was definately her. how could this be? how could she have gotten so big?

"hi everybody" she said sweetly as though nothing was out of the ordinary. nobody said anything. if i was stunned then the other four looked as though they were going to pass out. "nice to see everyone"meg continued. "oh and by the way in case you were wondering where everyone is, well they are not coming. you see i set this little reunion up just for us. because the most fun thing about a reunion is seeing how much everyone has changed. . . and i do prefer small crowds. " i had to admit i was a little afraid. never had i seen anyone so huge. male or female. i took a tentative step back as the others stood glued to the spot. as i stood there wondering what was going to happen, meg shot me a small wink.

"sally days" meg smiled down at the pretty blond who now looked like a frightened rabbitt. "so good to see you again. you know sally i never did forget what you used to call me. nowe what was it?" sally quivered in obvious fright. "oh thats right. "meg said pretending to remember. "you used to call me flatso. isnt that right. "sally couldnt even stammer a response. "well look at me now. "meg said, inhaling to make her already enormous breasts seem to grow even bigger. "not bad 'eh. and look at you" to be fair, sallys chest was a very nice "c" cup. but compared to meg, it was like comparing a speed bump to mount everest. "still think im flatso?" when sally just stared wide eyed meg laughed again and lifted one of her huge boobs. her hand looked so tiny on it.

"im not going to drag this out and do all the things to you that you deserve. because im not like you. even though i could rip the four of you into little pieces without even breaking a sweat. "i could see meg meant that. she was obviously enjoying watching the four of them squirm but she seemed to find no more joy in it then that. . . but still. meg then, with speed i didnt know anyone had, spun both jason and dereck around, grabbed the back of their underwear and lifted them clean into the air in what was the most insane wedgie i had ever seen. the pair squirmed like worms on hooks as meg roared with laughter. their females companions squieled and shrieked in fear, begging meg to let them go. finally though meg, at last, had had enough.

"ok, now beat it. "with a quick flick of her wrists, meg literally threw the two "bullies" across the room as if they were no more then rag dolls. they flew so fast that their screams were faded before you realised they were there. their two girlfriends quickly sprinted after them and with what was an obvious burst of adrenalin, lifted their boyfriends off the floor and hustled them out of the hall. that was the last time i ever saw any of them.

"hello michael" meg smiled almost shyly.

"meg, what has happened to you?" i stammer. "you. . you. . your. . "

"huge" meg laughed, again almost shyly. "i have had a few changes over the last few years. "

"so i can see"

"but the one thing that never changed was how i felt about you. "my heart began to beat faster. "in high school you were my only friend. the only one who was kind to me. you were the only one who saw me for who i am. "meg's voice quivered and almost seemed as though she were about to cry. but steadying herself she went on. "i always had a crush on you and i knew you had a crush on me. and i hated myself for not saying anything before i moved away. thats why i set up this reunion. to see you. and to give you a gift. "

"what gift?" i asked with a little confusion.

"come here to me"meg invited with a smile. slowly i walked to her. curiousnous and excitment building within me. "here"she whispered, flexing her incomprehensible biceps. "feel them. touch my huge muscles". my cock sprang to attention and eagerly ran my hands over those rock solid mountains. i could feel and hear the fabric of her sleeves straining to hold together. "touch me. "meg whispered. "all over. i want you to feel my huge body. feel my strength. "slowly i slid my hands down from her biceps to her steel plated stomach. feeling the bumps and valleys of her insanley strong abs. meg slowly flexed them and they sprang to life, becoming harder and more defined then i thought possible. from there i tentively lowered myself and began to rub her huge thighs. the muscle was so big and hard, i could not get BOTH hands all the way around.

"hey, watch this" meg whispered interupting my longing gaze at her massive legs. i let go of her thigh and watched as i was told to. meg began to slowly flex her leg muscles. to my amazment the denim jeans she was wearing began to stretch and whine painfully as her monstorously huge muscle expanded. the seams on her keans began to split. i held my breath as i watch the tight seams begin to split along the length of her pants legs, revealing her bare skin beneath. meg seemed to be doing this deliberately slowly, because as i looked up with a look of absolute shock on my face, she winked at me and with a sudden hard flex, her jeans literally explode. my breath, which i had still been holding came out in a loud whoosh as i gaped in awe at her now naked lower body. her legs were indeed beyond enormous. the muscles bunched so tightly it was beyond comprehension. i let my eyes feast as they wandered her muscular ranges. traveling up one leg, down the other until they settles on megs shaved, and glistening wet vagina. meg noticed my stare had stopped there and let out a giggle.

"do you like?" she asked in a teasing voice. i couldnt speak. i could barely get out a nod. meg smiled a sweet, sexy smile.

"good. then come here"still crouched on the floor, i stumbled forward towards meg who immediately took her hand and placed it on the back of my head and shoved my face into her dripping wet pussy. although stunned at first, i needed no second invitation and eagerly began licking away at her hot slit. i could hear meg moan in content as my tongue probed about, tasting her sweet nectur which flowed into my mouth. i found her large, swollen clit and began to suck away. her clit was big. at least 3 inches and coated with her sweet juices. i wraopped my hands around to her bowling ball arse and gripped it tight, trying to shove my face deeper into her huge pussy.

meg staggered on her feet. her moans betraying how much she was enjoying this. leaning over she picked me up under my arms, and nursing me like a small child, planted a deep kiss on my lips.

"you like that dont you" she whispered. "if you think thats good, then have a go at these. "with that meg grabbed the neck of her tank top and tore it open, letting her monstorous boobs spill out. i nearly passed out. i simply coiuld not believe how huge they were. huge was an understatement. each one was three times the size of my head, with huge aereolas and big thick nipples. "come on little man, suck"meg urged. "suck my big 'ol titties"

meg pressed her big nipple to my mouth which i eagerly latched on to. meg let out a loud moan of ecstasy as i sucked as hard as i could.

"yes. yeeeeeessssssss" meg cried loudly. "suck my tits. drink my milk and make me cum" no sooner had meg said that then a warm stream of creamy milk invaded my mouth. it was so divine i coulnt even think straight as i sucked even harder trying to swallow as much as i could. harder and harder i sucked. and as i did i began to feel what at first i thought was an earthquake. but soon realised it was meg. her body was shaking violently and her breathing was becoming rapid. i could hear the cum dripping from her pussy. slowly at first, sounding like rain drops on the floor. then the drops became a torrent as more and more cum gushed from megs huge pussy.

"fuck me little man" meg moaned suddely laying herself down on the floor. "fuck me now" i crawled up onto megs giant body and slid my dick into her cavernous snatch. her big pussy quickly gobble up my 7 inch cock as i began thrusting away, slamming into her with everything i had. meg moaned louder as i reached up and grabbed her humungous boobs and pinced her thumb thick nipples. i could feel megs pussy muscles clench on me, so strong she could no doubt trap me in her pussy if she wanted to. finally i could hold back no more. the heat of her cum combined with the strength of her pussy caused my cock to blow and shoot my cum harder then ever before deep into megs heavenly pussy. i screamed aloud in pleasure as seconds later megs pussy contracted and with a scream three times louder then mine came. meg came so hard and with so much force, the only thing taht stopped me being thrown across the room was megs big, muscular arms holding me tight. meg moaned in delight as i slid down to her pussy and happily began lapping up her cum as it ran from her burning hot snatch. it was heaven. sweet ambrosia. meg squieled with delight as i sucked the last drops off her big, swollen clit.

"well well well" she giggled as i looked up at her with a big smile. "that was fun"

so many things swirled in my head. so many things to say, but one thing came first and it was something that had weighed on my head from the moment meg reentered my life.

"how?" i asked. "how did you get so big and strong? i have to know"meg smiled a dreamy smile and sat up.

"well let me tell you a story. . . "

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