Saturday, April 17, 2010

Megan's Day Off

My good (and cute) buddy Sarge has been gone for a bit. I'm so glad he's back and with a story about me! Check it out and visit his DeviantArt page.

Written by Jason.

The facility vibrated once again as SSG White sighed shaking his head. He’d have to recalibrate the machine for the twelfth time in the last three hours and it was getting a bit tiresome. He punched the intercom button bringing his agitated face close to the speaker.

“Megan! I’m not going to finish this suit of yours any time soon if you keep it up.” He heard her sighing giggle echo through the concrete halls. It was bad enough she decided to tunnel through two and half miles of earth to get there when they had a perfectly good door, now she was destroying the place. Unintentional or not, someone was going to have to answer for the damage.

“Ooo…just a sec…Mmm-YEAH!” She yelped shaking the foundation once again. Jason cursed under his breath once again picking himself off the floor.

“Fuck…that’s good. Oh, you naughty boy, Jason! You didn’t tell me you had all these neat little sex toys laying around.” Megan adjusted herself over the superheated barrel of her latest find eyeing the trigger with anticipation. Goosebumps traveled over her skin as it warmed her inside.

“Those prototype weapons are millions of dollars in tax payer funded research that you’re abusing. We didn’t build them to be your personal sex toys.”

“If you say so.” She laughed. Megan’s beautiful brown eyes looked about curious if anyone was watching unaware of the security cameras. Biting her lip, she reached over to gently press the up arrow marked ‘power’ on the console. As she’d hoped, the weapon began to hum between her thighs as the internal plasma core grew bright. She fingered a nipple pondering the trouble she might get into if something went wrong, but the urge decided for her.

“Just one more!” She smiled punching the trigger confidently.

“Ooo…YEAH! THERE we go-OHH! Ah-ah-AH-YESSS!” She breathed through her teeth her quaking muscles shaking shelves and equipment in Jason’s office to the ground. Quickly regaining his footing, he pressed the intercom.


“Just a sec- OHHHH…almo-OH GOD! Nee-“ Megan grasped at her hardened breasts holding on as she enjoyed the erotic ride of annihilating energy pumping into her body. Sweat steamed from her skin as every muscle flexed into warm steel then harder still as her body ballooned into cartoon proportions. Her skin, sounding like over-stressed metal, stretched as the muscle underneath struggled for room. Her tits firmed and her nipples engorged easily pushing away her hands winning the battle against her own unyielding strength. Her breathing rolled through the facility slamming doors while scientist rushed about collecting files as months of research flew about their heads.

His intercom now cut off, Jason could only watch through distorted and broken security cameras as Megan quickly overloaded an entire grid spanning several states while walls began to show signs of collapsing. Despite the destruction, he couldn’t take his eyes away Megan.

“No way, Jason. She’s way out of your league. Not that she’s the least bit intimidating or anything.” He watched her hands grasp at the steel flooring crushing chunks of it to melting puddles as she rode the machine on her hands and knees. Megan’s face was flush and her lips moist and red and blood rushed to her features. Her body ballooned with muscle and her breasts carved trenches into the floor as she rocked to ebb of flowing energy. Unable to help himself, he switched over to another camera looking closely as she fingered herself. She noticed him, though. Her eyes smoldered at him as she looked over her shoulder at the man behind the camera.

“I should get down there before security does.” Before he cleared the door, back-up systems powered up and Megan’s rumbling sigh sent a warm breeze through halls.

“Aww! Come on! I was right there!” She pouted. The weapon sparked with an electronic whimper as if pleading for mercy. Megan pressed the trigger button insistently, forcing a hole through the mechanism, hoping it had something left.

“Crap. I think I broke it.”

Helpfully, her hands began gathering up the defeated machine like gathering paper to be taken out with the trash. Though disappointed, Megan felt the least she could do is clean up the mess as the plasma core melted over her arms trickling down her tummy and thighs to a puddle cooling at her feet. Once twice the size of her 6’8” massive frame, she casually wadded her used up sex toy to a ball smaller than her own breast. Working the soft metal, Megan smiled thinking about what she’d become.

“How was I ever so weak and fragile? Being a normal woman, some things were such a struggle and I was so reserved. Now I feel so uninhibited.” Memories of her effortless feats moved like a picture show through her head.

“I’ve had to hold back so much. I beginning to wonder if there is anything I can’t do!”

“There! All cleaned up!” Megan smiled proudly as what was once a powerful weapon oozed to a molten liquid between the fingers of her left hand to cool on the floor. With muscles pumped and warm, she stretched her body enjoying the sound of own body’s steel rubbing over steel as she moved to another area of the bunker.

“God, I love this body! It doesn’t seem right that one person, one girl, should be this powerful. I feel so god-like sometimes!” She laughed flexing and expanding her entire colossal frame.

“Mmm…ooohh…” She cooed as her thighs pushed against each other each fighting for space. Her arms bulged to inhuman size as she hugged herself tightly as if holding back the tide of strength that rushed through her blood. Her biceps pressed in against the sides of her breasts as they surged forward hardening to a steel sheen.

“Oh fuck…and such a horny god, too!” Megan’s head reeled as she stretched her arms high over her head. Her face snuggled between her own cleavage and her back widened casting a large shadow over most of the room. Writhing in her own self-pleasure, Megan cooed and moaned and giggled flexing and expanding her body harder and larger finally- since her transformation- giving in to urges as powerful as she was.

“What the hell is that?!” Jason covered his ears. Though the bunker was holding, the resonating echo of the shifting mountains of muscle surging from Megan’s body sounded like pistons driving the destruction of a massive steel cliff. He heard her sighing, erotic laughter.

“This is ridiculous. I feel like a fucking cockroach scurrying around when she does this.” Then it was over. Jason keyed his Motorola.

“Brad, make sure everyone is okay while I straighten out what happened.”

“I’ll tell you what the hell happened!”

“Save it, Brad.”

“Whoa- that was amazing! Wow, look at me! I’m amazing!” The thought sent a stirring rumble up her spine that made her nipples itch to be touched.

“Oh- whoa girl! Don’t let it get to your head! That was certainly different.” She ran her fingers through her hair, now wild with afterglow sending tingles through her body.

“Not that I’m complaining! Ooo, what’s that?” She questioned curiously removing a metallic tube from its perch. Turning it over in her hands she noticed nuclear sign on the shell. She remembered the first time she’d been nuked fondly.

“But Jason always has the good stuff.” The phallic shape of the device wasn’t lost on her as she considered the possibilities.

“Mm…why not? It never hurts me to try something new.” Megan laughed at her little joke before swallowing the nuclear pill whole. She gulped it down feeling the tube slide down her throat to rest in her belly. Patting it, her face grimaced.

“Blech! Mental note: nuclear devices taste nasty!”

“Eeep!” She stifled a burp covering her mouth sheepishly while nuclear fire roared in her stomach. Megan was reminded of drinking cola as a child while the tingling in her belly pleasantly tickled and warmed her. With a dimpled smirk, she reached for another of the nine remaining silver tubes. Mischievously, but carefully, she snuggled the small nuclear warhead within her plentiful cleavage.

“Gently girls. Don’t want any premature detonation.” As she adjusted herself, Megan stifled another giggle listening to the rubbing of her mounds like two wrecking balls rolling around.

“Oh, now that’s funny!” She thought as she juggled her impervious mounds in her hands, slamming them together with a clank, having a little too much fun with the rumbling noise as they slid over each other. She flicked her nipple curiously and was rewarded with a satisfying ‘clink’.

“Who’s the girl of steel now?” She joked. Finally leaning to see over her expanded chest, she picked up a third tube.

“Sir, what the fuck are we supposed to do against her? Did you see what she just did?”

“Eeep! Excuse me!” Megan hiccupped again.

“Oh, no big deal I just swallowed a thermonuclear device and have the hiccups. Why are doing this?!” One of them whined.

“I don’t’ know, but we’ll all be out of job if we don’t do something.” Steeling himself, the man in charge stood up.

“Drop it, ma’am!” Megan looked over her shoulder at a security team with weapons at the ready, but unsure faces.

“Oh, hi guys! Just give me one second.” She raised a finger to them. Megan parted her lips dipping the small warhead into the warmth of her mouth before slipping it out and slowly sliding the cold device through the tight lips between her legs.

“Cold! A little small, but you know what they say about small packages. They make great nuclear vibrators!” Megan winked at the small detail of men swaying her hips feeling the bomb snug inside her. Hypnotically, they stared at the muscular dance of her hips and waist as her abdominal wall began to emanate a dull glow.

“W-what do we do?” One asked.

“Oh, I know! You can help me! I just-“ Megan managed one rumbling step forward. Feeling the torrent of heat from the young girl’s breath wash over them, they acted.

“Raise the shield!” One barked as another punched a nearby button and a blue energy bubble materialized around Megan who they could no longer hear. They each took a position down along the corridor as her quaking steps moved closer to them. With her nipples in the lead, the energy barrier distorted attempting to contain the steamroller momentum of Megan’s casual walk. The bubble burst overloading another system as her breasts led the unstoppable breach of yet another barrier of their belief in her limitless ability. Megan didn’t notice the feat as she approached them still keeping a distance for their safety.

“-so, do you boys have the detonator thingy for these little nukes?” She smiled down at them politely over her the bow of her bosom.

“Don’t move! Release the devices!” Megan rolled her eyes.

“Or what? You’ll shoot me? I mean, I’ll let you, if you really want to.” She teased biting her moist lower lip.

“Do it! Now!”

“Okaaay, if you say so.” Smiling, Megan gathered her wild hair over her head and gentle flexed. There was no sound, no explosion as a glow radiated outward from her breasts superheating her nipples to shine like little suns adorning perfect, white-hot breasts.

“Now, that’s interesting. Kind of tingles, really.” Energy arched between the glowing protrusions of her nipples then crawled along her body, tickling her skin as the second warhead went off inside her.

“Oh! Now that tickled!” Megan yelped letting her hair down and bringing her hands to cover her glowing sex sending the men ducking for cover from the audible clank of her hardened body stiffening with pleasure. The young super girl sighed, her muscles relaxing as the initial explosion subsided inside her. The hardened security force stared in awe as Megan confidently let her hands rest on her muscled hips smiling as a nuclear maelstrom grew exponentially and warmed her from within.

“You should try this, guys! It’s like a warm, cuddly hug inside me!” Megan offered. Her flowing hair billowed out becoming a fiery amber halo framing her face. The concrete at her feet began to glow as tendrils of energy leaped between her legs teasing her clit. Her body shuddered as fingers of lightning gripped her nipples. Opening them, she looked back down at the soldiers behind their cover through glowing eyes.

“I sure back-up is on the way, Sir.”

“Back up? I don’t know why you wimps are so worried. I’m the girl with the nukes going off inside her!” She teased, clearly pleased with herself, watching them through the aura of heat swirling from her bosom. More security agents turned the corner only to recoil to cover as Megan’s body heat rose to levels too unbearable for their fragile human skin.

“Geez, that’s hot. I can’t freaking’ breathe!” She heard one yell from the back.

“Is it getting a little warm in here? I really hadn’t noticed.” Megan chided truthfully while pretending to cool herself with a waving hand.

“What the hell, Megan?!” Jason barked at the end of the corridor. Startled by his presence, a trigger was pulled and, on instinct, the security team gave her all they had. The beam weapons were little more than a pleasant inch compared to the star raging inside her. Megan giggled, entertained at the audacity of the group of trigger happy soldiers; but, more than willing to provide an easy target as she raised her hands over her head.

“Mmm…a little lower, please.” Megan closed her eyes feeling the heat rise inside her as the energy beams fed the burning star within her. The effect was unexpected, but not unwelcome, as her hands found her hips once again while she shined like a sun goddess in the dark corridor letting them bathe her in their attentions.

“Cease fire!” Jason yelled. Those in ear shot obeyed while a majority continued with blind panic. Megan waited patiently, happily as they coordinated their fires desperately hoping for a weakness only to see their efforts prove useless as the smiling young woman’s body soaked up the energy like a sponge feeding the fusion reactor contained in her willing body.

“Oh, don’t stop now! Watching your little soldier boys is way too much fun!” She pleaded catching a well-aimed shot in the eye. Unblinking, she offered encouragement.

“See? That was a great shot!” Their armored shielding was beginning to lose the battle against Megan’s quickly growing heat.

“Megan! This is getting out of hand!” She sighed sending another wave of superheated air through the hallways.

“No fun.” She pouted raising her hands in surrender. However, the impromptu firing practice continued.

“Um…guys?” She attempted to get their attention over the cacophony of their onslaught.

“Look at them trying so hard! It’s so cute!” Megan gushed, but the hilarity of the situation got the better of her.

“Okay! Okay!” Her glowing body shook with laughter. “I give up! I surrender!”

Slowly each of them slung their weapons shocked at the futility of their actions and confused for what to do next. Protocol never covered god-like young women. Shielding their faces from the heat still pressing out from Megan, they retreated back toward Jason who was suited up properly for the situation at hand. The beautiful girl’s laughter subsided to a warm smile as her hands, once again, rested on her hips proud of her shining, perfect body.

“You guys are cute, but I think Jason’s right. You’ve had enough for one day.”

“Megan! What the fuck?!” Jason pleaded. Megan raised her eyes feigning concern through bright, beautiful glowing amber eyes.

“God, she’s beautiful.” His eyes rose to meet hers, reading them. Behind the tiny suns of her pupils, an electrical storm raged in the background of her irises.

“You’re so full of shit.” Megan crossed her arms under her breasts pressing them up so that Jason could only see her aggravated, irradiated eyes. Trails of energy flowed behind her movements and Jason took a step back as her body heat continued to rise.

“You’re so uptight! I didn’t really hurt anyone. It’s just that I was so…you know!”

“Megan, you’re always ‘horny’. You’re a good friend but a bit of a pain in the ass sometimes. What am I supposed to tell my superiors when you act like this?” He turned to start giving orders for following clean-up. His question wasn’t followed by an answer.

“Megan?” He turned to look at Megan looking down at him with a cat-ate-the-canary smile. His suit noticeably got hotter as he took a few steps back. Unable to keep control any longer, the young goddess’s head rolled back. Her eyes closed as she moaned, grasping her nipples until the feeling passed. Jason’s head darted to the row of canisters then back at his friend. Almost immediately, her skin transitioned from a dull, amber glow, to nearly white hot. Her eyes turned white as her nipples burned like twin stars. Noticing another two of his canisters gone, Jason spread his arms in defeat.


“What?” She bit her nail giggling and teasing him. Jason turn eye shield down to his face looking at Megan who was clearly enjoying herself.

“Look, I can help clean up. Do the heavy lift-“ Megan offered attempting to pick up loose piece of concrete that melted through her hands.

“How? You’re a walking reactor!” Jason pointed at the floor now bubbling beneath her bare feet. Megan laughed again.

“Yeah, funny.” Jason eyed the younger super girl feeling a familiar stir in his pants.

“You totally think this is sexy.” Megan’s hands found her hips again.

“What? No!” Jason protested. He shifted his stance a bit. Megan cupped her energy soaked breasts sighing.

“A young, sexy, infinitely-powered girl using your nuclear sex toys to make herself horny- and this is really making me wet right now- and you’re not the least bit interested?” Megan’s finger circled a star-kissed nipple as a small bolt of energy bridged the distance between it and her digit.

“No, no…I mean yes, but…you know…”

“One more?” She smiled through glowing eyes.

“Take ‘em. We’re not supposed to ha-“

“Yay!” Megan squealed seeming to become two Megan’s for less than a breath- the other at the shelf- before becoming one again.

-ve them anyway?” He looked over to the shelf blinking confused. The remaining five were already gone.

“Did you just?” He pointed where the other Megan was confused. His suit spoke.

“Ambient temperature rising above safe working parameters. Please evacuate the immediate area.” The robotic female voice deadpanned in his ear.

“I guess I should go burn some of this off, huh?” An errant arc of energy sparked from her left nipple to her right before leaping to her clit. Megan shivered.

“NNNghhh-uhhh…fuck-yes. Yeah, I really need to go.” Her whole body tensed up suddenly. Balling her fist, Megan struggled to hold the now building supernova inside her. Her own urge feeding the nuclear fire, she allowed herself a small release. When it passed, she looked at Jason panting, her chest heaving.

“God, if you only knew, Jason. I feel like a goddess!” She added. Keeping his distance, Jason waved her off. In an instant, Megan disappeared leaving a dissipating afterimage of her perfection behind her.


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  3. It's all good. I don't always comment when I read a story either. As long as you enjoyed it, I'll write more.

  4. It's got quite a pace to it which surprised me, giving it's length and it was enjoyable enough. Though I have to admit that I'm not a fan of indestructible women, even if they are as sexy as Meg, it's just a step to far for me and reduces any chance of risk.

    Horses for courses.

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  5. Even I'll admit that a girl written to be as powerful as I do leaves little room for any physical strife or drama. No risk there.

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