Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Meg's Bistro & Inn: Joshua & Megan

Meg's Bistro & Inn is open for business. Please visit the front desk if you would like to make reservations.

Running late as usual as I finally make it to the Bistro. My life seems to be moving at light speed. The office, restaurant, writing, blogging, working out and saving the world leaves me little time to play. Jessica greets me at the door, rolls her eyes and gives me the usual look.

"How long?" I ask her and she points to a table in my special section. There sits Josh with a few empty drinks and a plate of half-eaten appetizers. "What do you think?" she exclaims.

Josh doesn't see me as I walk up and when I get close, he assumes I'm the waitress and orders another drink. The look on his face is priceless when he realizes who it is.

"I'm so sorry to keep you waiting and I hope you forgive me." >>


  1. Well Hello. My jaw drops as I see you standing front of me Megan. There is absolutely not one word to describe you but drop dead gorgeous. Your body is ripped to the hilt bulging with muscle everywhere and yet it all fits very beautifully in your tight backless dress that squeezes your shoulders and lats together and makes that cut down the middle of your back look like a chasm of beauty in your back coming down from your big broad beautiful shoulders. I am stunned by your beauty your body and for a minute I don't know what to say. I am thinking that I have met a goddess who I want to get to know intimately and find out all of your wonders and secrets and many hidden talents. That being said. I ask you to join me and I pour you a glass of wine that from what I have heard around the restaurant is not only magic but it can do amazing things to guys and women. You oblige sit down I kiss your hand like a gentleman and I wait to see what you have to say and will do next.

  2. Josh doesn't say much at first so I give him a chance to calm down & relax. I get that a lot from guys but am actually quite friendly and talkative once they get past my looks.

    A sip of wine here, a little small talk there, and Josh & I slip into a nice conversation. It's mostly about my life, what I do, where I come from, goals aspirations, family... stuff like that. He seems fascinated, or at least is pretending to be.

    "Enough about me Josh, I want to know more about you."

  3. "On the contrary" I say to Megan. I am most fascinated in what you have to say and I want to get to know all about you. Anyway I start to tell her about me and how I have traveled the world doing many different types of jobs training women in the fitness and bodybuilding field but that I also have my own company that does the latest in research in development of the womens body whether it be from stimulants or different various means of muscle tissue regeneration and other special products that can make you grow when you want and go back to your normal size when you want based on sexual body heat and pheremones and genetics.

    Very much like the special wine your restaurant serves. I am well dressed in a 3 piece suit and I am well built you can see that I am buff and very muscular through my clothes and you keep looking at me and your piercing blue eyes lock with mine. You are listening intently and you have so much you want to know about me and what I do for a living. I do not have any family so to speak accept one sister who lives in Switzerland with her husband and two kids. It is kind of personal what happened to my parents and you want to know more. So I say if you would like to continue dinner here or we can move to my private jet and we can go anywhere you want in the world and finish dinner there.

    You start to blush but you carry yourself very well and you say...............

  4. Well, the food here is really good... trust me. But it's not everyday you get a chance to go anywhere in a private jet. Besides, it's not like the management of the restaurant is going to be mad if we dine & ditch.

    "Anywhere?" I ask and he nods. Paris & Rome are two of the most romantic cities on earth but I can't make up my mind. "Paris or Rome?"

  5. "Whereever your hearts is content" I say we will go to both. We will spend the week in Venice in Italy on the canals in my villa, shoot over to my Rome and see ancient history and beauty and end out the weekend in Paris the most romantic city on earth. No need to bring anything with you accept your amazing self. I will have all the clothing to your exact specifications and in your style on the jet and besides you won't be needing a lot of it anyway, because the places where we are going to be spending our week in are all in private areas with the most discreet of privacy. I also don't think you will be in that clothing very much as you will be in and out of hulking in and out of dress, pants etc. due to all the flexing and the amazing romance that will ensue and the fine dining and everything else. So what do you say Megan.

    So you let me know when you would like to go my dear..... and you say.

  6. Hmmm, he's a little presumptuous in his manner which takes me back a bit. Sure, he looks good and has a private jet but I'm not ready for a week with someone I just met, let alone presumed sex. It's overwhelming.

    "Hold on there Josh, I need a little wining & dining first." I tell him. He looks shocked that someone would oppose his will. He's about to say something before I cut him off. "Besides, you only get ONE night. How can you impress me, really impress me in the next 6 hours."

    He's speechless for a moment as we drive towards the airport.

  7. Josh's silence seems to last for a day. Before long, I can't hold it back any longer and burst into laughter. "I'm just kidding silly. I need a break more than anyone and a week traveling the world with you sounds wonderful." he barely emits a smile.

    Not many get my humor but Josh slowly comes around. The car pulls into his private hangar and we board the jet. "Tell me more about your research in muscle regeneration." I ask him.

  8. Knowing that I smile at you and we board the jet. You notice that inside the jet there it is very plush and that there is a fully stocked bar and that the entire cabin is lit with very romantic mood lighting. You look up and at the back of the plane there is a private room. You ask me what is in there?

    I say. You wanted to have a romantic evening to start off our wonderful week and so I have had a menu of the finest wines, cheeses, fruits, and main course dishes to your hearts desire and desserts from different countries from around the world flown in and anything you want and your heart desires food wise my airline chef will cook for you. You say anything my heart desires. I say anything. So the plane starts to taxi down the runway and into take off mode and I lead you back to the private dining part of the cabin for a nice romantic long meal of wine and wonderful food and I tell you about how I have been working on developing muscle rengeneration properties that are scientificly injected into food and never tested on animals of any kind and that we are in the final tests of developing a regeneration serum to be given to women who are interested in building muscle and lots of it. Most of the research is very secretive because I say I do not want it to get out into the open until we have found that we are happy with the formula. Between the first course, I ask you if you would like to dance and the middle of the cabin as I press a button on the wall turns into a dance floor with fine wood and a small mirror ball comes down out the ceiling. You love what you feel and see and you say.............

  9. "The impromtu jet Disco is impressive but no Bee Gees?" Again my humor is lost on him as we begin with a slow dance. He's a devine dancer and literally sweeps me off my feet.

    Time flys by and it only feels like minutes until we are notified by the pilot "Prepare for landing". I buckle into my seat and look out the window to see beautiful Venice approach.

  10. As we approach beautiful venice the plane transforms from a private jet into a hydro plane so it can land on the canals and it taxis into a private garage underneath my 25,000 square foot italian villa. The gate comes down on the garage and the pilot comes out and opens the door to the plane. When the door opens a ramp comes down from the door and I take your hand and lead you off the plane to the walkway that goes up the back stairway to my villa. As you walk through the large heavy oak door, we take the european elevator up to the 2nd story where we come out into a huge beautiful entry way and living room which when you look down the hallway leads to a beautiful gorgeous dining room that has a huge beautiful old oak table in the middle. The table is set with a beautiful breakfast buffet and there is a violin player playing beautiful music. As my butler leads invites you to come to the table, I say to him that we are going to unwind first and I want to take you down to see........and you say. To be continued.

  11. "I'm a little tired but let's go see what you have to show me." Meg says

  12. I take you down to the end of the hall to another elevator and we go down to the bottom floor subbasment and we get off and the door opens up into this amazing lab with machines and exercise equiptment all hooked up to monitors to record progress on the formula that we are developing. Your eyes light up when you see the gym and you go up to the barbell machine and say first I want to go upstairs and change into something more workout like and come down and pump out a few 100 reps in this gym and get pumped and show you what muscles and my body can really do and to show me your rippling muscle contract and grow. I say I have no problems there. Since we will be here for two days. I say there is a private spa room where you can be pampered by massuse after a woman and then I will be in the private secluded hot tub on the other side of the gym unless of course if you want me to workout with you. But if you want to do your own private workout take all the time you want. You are worth every minute of seeing you and being with you........You go to the elevator and like a goddess you wink at me as the door closes.........You are thinking....

    Tell me what you are doing upstairs while I am waiting for you to come down in detail........

    We will be here for two days so relax and take your time. I can't wait to see you when you come down..........

  13. I walk into the room and notice the breathtaking view over the city. My bags have been brought up and neatly put away for me. I'll let Josh have some "workout" time while I have a little "alone" time.

    I draw a hot bath with extra bubbles and strip down. It feels good to be naked after such a long flight. My toe dips in first to feel the temp. Just right. The rest of me gets in and slowly sinks into the rejuvinating bath. Ahhhh I could live in this moment.

    I give myself a massage beneath the bubbles and make sure to hit every inch of my muscular body. Who needs a professional with hands like mine. My buoyant breasts seem to float to the surface and I play submarine with them. Up and down.

    Time passes by and I finally get up, dry off and change into workout gear. Can't wait to see what Josh's research can do.

  14. As you come down stairs, I am in getting out of the jacuzzi and you are dressed and looking very hot and ready to work. As I come out the very steamy jacuzzi you can't help but notice me walking out of the jacuzzi looking very huge and ripped and very muscular and it turns you on tremendously. I have a towel on around waist and you can see besides by big buff very ripped huge muscular body that I am very well endowed which makes you think things.

    As I put on my workout sweats and no shirt since most shirt I rip out of anyway from the massive muscles that I have I see you and you look incredible. You are wearing a workout shirt cut off at the abs so your abs look like chiseled marble and your eight pack ripples and your top which you are wearing barely holding in your pecs and your massive rock hard breasts that stand at very perky attention as your nipples show through and your biceps are pumped and your rock hard butt looks amazing. I take you over to the holding tank where we keep the formula and I ask you to disrobe and take off all your clothes and get into the tank.........and you say..........Inside the tank of the formula is a weight set that is perfectly set to your specifications of your body and you easly lift up the 250 pound dumb bells and start to curl set after set as I hook up the breathing mask so when you are underneath and in the solution you can breathe. I also put some wires and connect them to your body and you continue to pump your body and contract your muscles over and over and over as I increase the amount of weight that the formula is in the tank until there 3000 pounds of pressure inside and tickles your massive huge body and you want more and look at me and I say after you have been in there for an hour that you should start to feel and see some definite changes in your body all over and also an extreme heightened sexual awareness and ecstacy from the formula going into every pore of your body...........and you say and then you..................and what happens............

  15. The developing muscles astound me, such mass at a quick rate. I breath deeper and deeper. The Pressure increases while my sexual desire becomes unbearable. I need someone soon and can't hold back.

    I point to my wrist, giving the universal "time signal" How much longer? Josh moves to the panel, flips a couple switches then the unthinkable happens.

    A red alarm light goes off and Josh quickly calls his techs for assistance. He looks frantic. The pressure in the tank drastically increases, the mask starts emitting a thick gas and the fluid all around me turns blueish.

    Uh oh, here it comes...

  16. As the pressure becomes unbearable, I flip off the switch and with one fell swoop run and jump into the tank with you. You are unconscious, but as the fluid continues to change color and of course I have never seen this happen before the effect of the fluid to your body chemistry is fascinating. I lift you out of the tank and put you down on the ground, your body pulsing with power and your muscles have grown so so big. I take out a syringe and inject it into your left shoulder blade and it calms you. Your body also reacts and it starts to contract again as you breathe harder. I give you mouth to mouth and you your breathing becomes more normal. But what I notice more than anything is that you are like a sexual dynamo. You open your eyes and you can hardly contain yourself. I pick you in my arms and I carry your amazing gorgeous naked body up stairs to my huge master bedroom. I put you down on this huge oak bed and I stand over you and we make love over and over and over sending waves of orgasm through your body each time like a tsunami each one more intense than the next. This fluid has not only caused your body to react but it has caused you to not want to stop having sex. You love it so so so much and after 14 hours straight of having sex you lie there next to me. As you open your eyes you see me looking at you and into your eyes and instantly you see my body grow like the hulk in front of you. Muscles expanding and ripping away my clothes to the point that now you see how the fluid effects both of us. You take my penis in your hand and you see I have a huge hard on and you suck away and keep sucking and when you finish you kiss me long and deep. We have been going at it now for 14 hours and you are exhausted and you are ready and prepared to sleep for the next 10 hours. You wrap your naked body around mine and the next day you open your eyes and I take you out sightseeing around Venice..........You love the culture, the food, you have a very great apetite and you love to shop and you and I have a wonderful time seeing the sights. That night we come back to the villa.............and then.............and I say to you in the morning we will be going to Paris gets you all giddy and you come home.... and without thinking you start to hulk out and grow out of your dress and I close the oak door to the huge dining room and now the Giant oak dining table becomes our private place for us to make love and since I have sent the butler home for the evening we do it in every place imaginable in the villa......................and you say and you want and you feel and..................and you are thinking.........................You are in true heaven and ecstacy..................

  17. I'm now three days into my one evening date... and having a great time. We decide to take a train to Paris which sounds much more fun than the jet. It will take a full day to get there but Josh has a private car with all the amenities of his villa.

    We board at the station and actually hear the train moan under our weight. Oops. I feel subconscious about the weight but there isn't an ounce of fat on me.

    We settle in as the train takes off, slowly descending into the Alps.

  18. As the train takes off and we settle in, I press a button panel on the wall and the entire top of panel of the train slides back to reveal a glass ceiling with glass that you can see on all sides of the train car but you can not see inside because they are mirrored on the outside for ultimate privacy. I push another button and in the middle of the room opens to a steamy hottub. We have along train ride so I want you to be relaxed and to pamper and make you feel as amazing as possible. So I unbutton my shirt and take off my pants and you take off your top coat and flex out of your shirt and pants and you stand in front of me glistening with power and sexuality and you are hungry and hungry for me and me to be inside of you. You step down into the pool and with all your muscle you don't even make the water ripple with your amazing grace. You flex a few times and your muscles jump out all over the place until you can see the veins pushing out of your biceps like chords and your eight pack abs glisten from the heat in the room. You are truly horny and want nothing but to make love and make more love. You come over to me and kiss me passionately and then you and I make love and after orgasm shooting through your body and mine many many times you rest in my arms and we look up and out into the Swiss Alps that lead on our train ride on our way to Paris, but I think we will make a stop in the Swiss Alps and go to my Chalet for the evening and get back on the in the morning. Unless of course you would like to keep going and get to Paris in the morning. Being that the room will turn into a full dining room with an amazing spread of food for your hearts delight and then into a huge bedroom with a beautiful oak bed for us to sleep in.......the choice is yours where you would like to end up tonight or tomorrow. You are amazing and I will do and spend my time with you any place you would like......and you say.......and you do.......and you are thinking..........and you want........and you feel.........and you want so badly................... and then you.........

  19. A night in a mountain chalet sounds too good to pass up. The train stops at a small town outside of Bern, Switzerland and we are met by yet another of Josh's butlers.

    The ride up is exhilarating with the fresh air and view. The chalet is enormous but quaint in its old world charm. We walk in and candles illuminate the place and the butler leaves for the evening. We are alone.

    "This has a one-of-a-kind spa that I think you will enjoy." Josh says as he leads me into the next room. The dark candle-lit room has a small pool in the center. It doesn't look like water and is slowly bubbling.

    "This is a mystic chocolate bath which has... a magical effect" he says. "Will you join me?"

  20. I ask you to join me in the chocolate bath and I tell you that the chocolate has magical growth effects to it. Not only that but it can take your sex drive through the roof. Just one little bit of it can make your muscles expand to huge proportions and ingesting it will make you explode in pure ectascy as you feel it go down your warm throat. The chocolate also has the reverse affect that it will allow you based on your body chemistry to change from your normal weight and size to an amazonian hulk goddess and grow your body to whatever size you want. You look at the bath and you dip your toes in. The very hot chocolate tickles your ripped and very muscular skin and your veins in your feet react and your calves explode with muscle from the back of them and this is just putting the bottom of your legs in the chocolate. What could happen next. You want to taste some. So you take a taste and it slides down warm down your throat until it reaches your stomach and your abs ripple and push out like pressed marble, and then 4, then 6 then 8 pack and finally 10 pack. You are loving what you see. You want more and you want pull down your skirt and hulk out of your shirt tearing it to shreds and stand gloriously naked in front of me and you want to suck my penis hard and you make me cum so hard and then you kiss me and we sink down into the bubbling chocolate bath and you coo with ecstacy and you feel the change again happening to your body..............and then you say............and then you do.............and you feel.................and you want me so badly................and then you want me to do...........................and then you.............

  21. I take in more of this wonderful chocolate... and more. I can't stop. Josh plays around, grabs my feet and I go under the chocolate pool. I didn't get a breath before and gasp for air. The chocolate fills me and I take in mass amounts before reaching the surface.

    Josh laughs but not for long. The growth cycle is multiplied and I shoot in height as my muscles balloon even bigger. I easily double in size, quadruple in strength and continue on as I scoop large handfulls to keep it going.

    Josh watches an enormous mountain of chocolate covered femuscle rise from the pool. I shimmer as the chocolate runs down every exaggerated mound and crevasse of my naked body.

    I go under the pool for more and allow myself to breathe it in. Must have more. I grab Josh's hard member as the next growth cycle begins.

    He quickly looks afraid as I put on over 700 lbs of pure muscle before his eyes. I grab onto his penis with so much force he couldn't move is his life depended on it. It just might.

    My body fills the entire pool with over 5,000 lbs of electrifying muscle and strength. Josh looks tiny compared to me... and the only chocolate left covers my body.

    "You better get busy licking if you want to live" I tell him with a smile.

  22. I stand there looking at your awesome huge ripped muscular erotic body and I start from your calves and lick every inch of you in your nether regions and you coo with ecstacy as I orally pleasure you and you have earthshattering orgasms as I work my way all the way to your gorgeous 10 pack abs which I bite and suck on and then get to your breasts which are the size of boulders and your nipples as sharp as spikes and you love the feeling of me licking and sucking your whole body and every inch of it.

    When I have licked off every inch of your body my body starts to react and my muscles balloon to huge proportions to your size and I grow to your size putting on 6,000 pounds of massive muscle and strength and I look at you and you are so so turned on that we have both outgrown the chalet and you push out the roof like it is nothing but sticks and you and I stand their naked in all our glory as the snow falls down on us and it melts on our bodies from the body heat and chocolate and it makes us both glisten... as you look into my eyes and I look into yours.......You have found your love of your life your sexual partner and you want to explore this for much longer than a week. So you say........where should we go now and how are we going to get back to normal enough size to go where we want to go on our next destination........ You laugh thinking about it, but you and I are so sexually charged and I have a huge hard on for you.........So there is only one thing to do. You grab onto to my shoulders lift yourself up and wrap your massive legs around my waist and push me deep inside of you...........thrusting harder and harder and faster and faster and are massive bodies rest against a mountain alp on a blanket of white snow.........You are in pure ecstacy and you want it never to end........You say............and then you do........and you are feeling.........and you want to go...............and you want from me.............and then you............

  23. We fall asleep on the mountainside... hell we are the mountains.

    The next morning, our size has diminished a little but we still dwarf the chalet. There's no way to fit into the train so we take off on foot. Two naked, giant, muscle bound god & goddess, hand in hand. Paris, here we come.

  24. We wake up as the sun comes up and being as big and massive but still manageable in size I pull out of you since we fell asleep wrapped together in our making love position and you stretch up and moan and pull out my penis and suck away to give you some more energy for our on foot walking trip from the snowy alps to Paris France. After that you feel amazing, so you find a near by lake and you go take a dip in it and I join you and we have some fun and make love in it and when we come out the water has disappeared because of our bodies making all the water slosh out. We both laugh at that. We find a nearby field and dry up on the grass bed and start our journey hand and hand. We are truly in love and the most amazing god and goddess on the planet. You are rippling with muscle in every crevice of your body and so am I. Your breasts float on your chest like giant globes and your body is so massive as is mine. We love how it feels to be free and liberated. We walk for about 2 hours which would take at least a day to get to Paris and we stop at the edge of the city. We certainly can not go into the city looking like this or not we.........and then you...........and you want...........and you love...........and you say...................and we do............ and we look at each other and realize that we will have to go down quite a bit back to our super human selves still very muscular but to fit in, into the city and its people as normal but very muscular human beings..........We relish in the thought of getting back to this size and the playful thought of going back down only makes us want to get back this........So I take out a syringe that reverses the effect and inject you in the shoulder and your inject me in the butt and............then you say........and then what happens..................and then you.......

  25. The muscles slowly melt away and we grow back to normal height. It was sooo much fun being that big but there's no way to see all the sights in Paris like that.

    We hop a fence and grab some clothes to cover over nakedness. They don't fit right and are a little grubby but will do until we can buy something better. I'm sure Josh can afford taking me on a shopping spree.

    So that's what we do. He hails a cab and we make for the fashion district. All the latest styles by the world's best designers. I'm still quite muscular so whatever doesn't fit, we have the maker alter it on the spot. It's a girls dream come true.

    I finish up and Josh is dressed in the finest Parisian tuxedo. We look hot... damn hot. "So where to next?" I ask him as a horse-drawn carriage pulls up to take us away.

  26. As the horse pulls away we take a long trip through the city and see all the sights from the Eiffel Tower, to the Tuileries, To the Louvre, Sacre Cour, Mon Marte and after a long day of sight seeing and me buying anything to your hearts content for my lady, the carriage drops us off at our chauffered car that is waiting to take us out to the French country side about 80 miles outside of Paris to my Castle which has 70,000 square feet to it 12 bedrooms a massive front lawn, an indoor pool, a huge dining room a basement pool where I do my research and a massive room for growing to what ever size with 180 foot ceilings for having fun if you know what I mean. We get to the Castle and we will be spending a couple of days here before we take off for Ireland and Scotland where my other castle is and you say to me that you are tired but extremely horny and hot for me and you want to get back to some experimental fun and grow and rip out of your clothes and play and really see what you and my body can when we get to the castle I pick you up in my arms and carry you over the threshold like if we were newly weds and we go down to the massive room in the subbasment under my castle 10 stories. You are giddy and excited and ready to you..........and then you say...........and you want.............and you feel.........and you would like and love to do to me..............and you want more than anything........and you are excited.................and then you say...........and then you......................

  27. The castle was damp and dark, like every medieval castle but the downstairs lab was fit with all the most modern equipment. I had no idea what anything did but knew I would have fun playing with it all.

    "OK Josh, I'm yours to play with. Make me into the ULTIMATE woman." This was a challenge I think Josh was up for.

  28. In the room is a circle somewhat like an arena. In the middle of the arena, I press a button and a sunken pool comes out of the ground and in this pool is the ultimate chocolate bath. My formula that really made you grow to places that you could not believe before. The room has 200 foot ceilings, so there is nothing that can not accomadate your or my growth in here. The walls are 28 feet thick of steel and titanium for growth and playing in here and totally 100 percent inpenertable from 90,000 pounds of pressure against them, so you know what that means. You and I can crash against them at our full size when me make love over and over and over and grow as big as we want and never destroy this room. This is a sheer paradise. Your eyes light up when you see the pool and you take my hand and follow me up the 200 foot tower above the pool that leads to a platform that you can dive into the pool from. You love the idea. You and I are dressed in our finest your beautiful gorgeous dress that is only made from the finest materials and your highheels and me in my parisian tuxedo. Wonder what will happen to those close once we hit the magical chocolate bath? lol. You look at the pool like a kid in a candy store and you follow me to the elevator to the tower. You are thinking.......and you want.........and you say.........and you are feeling........and you want so badly.........and you feel sexually.........and your body is saying.........and your mind is thinking..............and then you............and you want me so badly that you will.......................

    Describe to me all the feelings that you are thinking.......

    and then you...............

  29. I dive down to the pool below in my fancy new dress. Josh stays above to watch and see what happens. The last few days of constant growth and contraction have made me more susceptible to the changes. Quicker and with more intensity & power.

    The chocolate enters my pores and every other bodily orifice. The effect is instantaneous. Rock hard muscle fills my body again and I begin to grow in height too. Like in Switzerland, I go under the surface and force it in, breathe it, swallow it. I will take it all.

    Under the large pool, I found a deep canyon with vast magical reserves. I'm sure Josh had no idea they were there and I tap into it. The power is intoxicating and I grow easily to the massive size before and that's just the beginning.

    From above, Josh see's a bubble forming and getting larger. Meg seems to have disappeared under the surface and begins to get concerned. he bubble grows to 50 feet, then 100, almost halfway up the massive canyon.

    When the large chocolate bubble reaches 150 ft, Josh can finally see what it truly is... Meg's bicep. Good God!

    The transformation to godhood has made me ravenous. I stop from feeding and sit up, or try to. This place is starting to confine and I work my way around. Still sitting I look for Josh and find his tiny body below me... still on the 200ft platform.

    "Still think these walls will hold me?"

  30. I love what I see in front of me. You are massive. So I press a button on switch plate in the tower that makes the walls push out further and the ceiling higher. The ceiling has now moved to 500 feet and the walls have thickened to accomadate your size. So I jump down from the tower and disappear under the chocolate pool as you stand there in all the glory. I want to have fun with you too and now it is my turn to come up to your size to see how I can match your strength and sexual prowess. You love the thought of what will happen to me, so you stand there waiting and little did you know that I did not know about the magical source you tapped into not to mention what you did not know is that the other magical property is immortality and that you will never get old and stay a gorgeous beautiful amazonian women in whatever form you happen to be in at the time whether it is huge or just normal size. More of that to come later..............So you think..................and you wait for.............and you want...............and then you see.....................and you want me so badly that you will...................and you want me to be so huge that............................and then you.................and your mind is racing with thoughts about........................and then you...................

  31. Josh went down deep as I continued to fill this cavern. He's been gone for quite awhile until I heard the rumblings. I managed to look down and see him growing through the magical pool. Upwards as I see his body take on unbelievable shape and definition in his mammoth muscles.

    Higher and higher, stronger and stronger until we were the same size. The cavern might be reinforced but I doubt it could hold us much longer. Our bodies pressed tightly together, maxing out the available space in the 500lb cavern.

    I was turned on by the sight of him and I could tell he was too. He said "I found the essence of it all down in the depths." He asked me to close my eyes and...

  32. As you close your eyes and I close mine. You feel this sexual tension between the two of us that is animalistic and passionate and very strong that, that you can feel me want to take you into my body. My penis is long and hard and I kiss your mouth and you spread your legs open and lie down on the ground of the cavern with a large but very gentle thud. Your muscle and grace is amazing and you and I are huge. The power surging from the muscle in my body electrifies your body and you love the feeling of me inside of you thrusting slower and then faster bringing you to these amazing climaxes over and over and over and over. You are so incredibly turned on that you take my large penis and dip it into the chocolate bath and then with your extra wide mouth which you have no gag reflex suck it all and all and let the chocolate and the cum and cum in your mouth and energize your body further and further and further. You have never felt this from anyone before and you are ready to explode with so much sexual energy that you could blow the walls off and the roof and make love to me in ways that I could not imagine.

    So then you say............and then you do.........and then you want................and then you grow to..............and then you look at me...............and you are so sexually turned on that you................and you are thinking..............................and you look into my eyes and feel............and then you.............................

  33. The love making was explosive and blew the thick reinforced walls to bits. We stood out in the fresh air naked and exhausted with no more energy to spend. You hold me as we nod off in the French countryside.

    We wake with hundreds of tiny people surrounding us, camera flashes going off everywhere. We've become somewhat of a sensation. Two mountainous chocolate people have a tendency to do that. You remind me of our power to grow & shrink at will, so we become smaller and run from the media.

    Josh's driver takes us to the airport after our escape from the onlookers. We're back to our normal size... well mostly.

    The week has been quite an adventure but it's time to head back to real life. He tries to convince me to stay with him, make a lifetime out of our adventures. It sounds tempting but I can't. Too many other adventures await me.

    We fly over the Atlantic, heading towards the States. Josh's mood is somber and I try to cheer him up. "I don't have to be back at work till noon tomorrow, how about one last adventure" I tell him. He cheers up and says "I know just the place."

    "Pilot, take us to my facility in the Grand Canyon." then he looks at me. "You haven't seen anything yet, my dear."

  34. As we fly home over the Atlantic at supersonic speed in my newly designed jet, we both look out the windows. We have had an amazing week and I am taking you to my grand top secret facility where very few people that I know have ever been. This place is so special because it is an entire city contained inside a mountain. Everything your heart desires. I say to you as we get close that we will be landing in a few minutes and I have so much to show and do with you here. So as we get the entry to the facility. I press a button on one of the panels in the plane and the outside of the mountain wall raises up and moves and the plane flies into the airport and touches down on the runway. The back face of the mountain closes the secret door and the plane taxies to its final stop. There is a bit of silence for a moment in the plane as we catch our breath. We have been so exhilerated by the trip that we automatically get down on the floor and I rip off your clothes and you tear off mine and we make love in every place imaginable in the plane until we are totally spent. The next you know you wake up in a large room on a table with little wires connected to you and your body is pulsing with power......I look at you as you open your eyes and I say the transformation for you will now begin. You say what transformation.........I say the one that will take place after I ask you a very important question...........You say what question? I get down on one knee and say that I want to offer you more than the world and what I can give you strength wise but I also want to offer you my heart and now that once you and I are together, we will share imortality for ever and love and power like you can not imagine. You say........and you want..........and you see me take out a small box.............and then you say.........and you are feeling...........and you need..........and you want to take me and..........and you want to rip off my clothes and...............and you want to grow and see what the transformation will be.........and then you...........................

  35. "Josh, ur super sweet but I'm not ready for that kind of commitment" I tell him as I'm strapped to a table with wires protruding from every part of my body. Oh Meg, what have you gotten yourself into? Could the rejection turn him hostile?

    He gazes deep into my eyes and asks me once again with more intensity. "Will you accept my heart forever?" His hand is on the switch ready for my answer.

    "Sorry babe, it's still no"

  36. Wow oh so dramatic. I would never do anything to endanger or hurt you Megan and I only have the most respect for you and this adventure has been wonderful between the two of us. I just want to be able to give you the gift of imortality and strength and power that you shall so seek. I will take my marriage proposal off the table and leave it at that and respect your wishes, but the button that I will press will do things to you that you could never imagine and you will be able to will yourself to whatever size you want at any time and you will be invincible and immortal after that like I am............and you say.........and you look at me...........and you want............and you are turned on by.............and you have an idea of............and you need it.............and then you say.............and then you.....................

  37. "Sorry, to be so abrupt, I've... well I'm just not ready for that kind of commitment." I tell him. Josh looks down with his warm eyes and smiles with compassion.

    "But lets have fun our last night" I eagerly say. The connected wires run all over my pulsating body and I anticipate his next move.

  38. I am not sure what my next move. What would you like and want Megan? We are getting to the final thrilling climax of the week long date and I watch the power run through your body. You want from me.............and you want to say.............and you feel.......and you need.................and you want to grow...........and you are so turned on that you..........and then you................

  39. Josh leans in to kiss me. As soon as our lips touch, he hits the power button sending untold energy though our bodies. The last few days were just the tip of his power transformation, this will complete it.

    Our bodies have been slowly changing with each new experiment, re-writing DNA, expanding on an evolutionary scale. Josh knew this time would come and was hoping to have me as his wife. He'll have to settle for lover.

    The power shorts out from the massive wattage but quickly reconfigures to tap into the regional grid. More power!

    We hold our embrace as the energy flows through us. Power goes out again and quickly taps into the entire western US grid. More power! Then the entire US grid... the North American grid until finally we tap into every bit of energy the entire world produces. We are still embraced in a kiss.

    When the power finally goes out, Josh removes the wires and gets on top of me. "Prepare for the ride of your life"

  40. Since we have shorted out the power across North America and now in this man made city in this mountain in the Grand Canyon, your eyes start to glow cobalt blue and your hair has turned platinum blond and you open your eyes and the power that flows through your veins in our bodies is so electrifying that when we break our kiss we both get a tiny but jolting electric shock which makes us both laugh.

    You are so incredibly horny and powerfully energized. You sit up and your senses have been heightened your sexual feeling is out of control and you are ready to see the transformation of this week happen in the way your body wants to will it and how you want it to happen. You look up at me and see that my clothes have been burned and shredded a little and you lick your lips and you are ready to feel the rush of power. You stand up and the transformation is ready to begin in a way that you have never seen and felt before from the previous times.......You look at me and say.......and you want.........and you feel inside of you..........and you want from me.........and you are sexually turned on from deep down inside and you look at me and........and you want to grow..........and you want............and then you.........and you want me to grow and change to...........

    and then you...................

    How do you want this to play out with the most description and detail you can think of Megan.......

  41. The growth is rapid & explosive. Muscles form and multiply while vascular rivers flow hard & deep. It feels like an intense orgasm a thousand fold as we become god-like together.

    Bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger. We quickly outgrow the man made city and fill the Grand Canyon with our bodies. Such power. The electricity all around us feeds the growth as we've already taken in the man-made energy of the world.

    My breasts grow to the size of cities, my biceps balloon larger than islands. Josh's penis grows larger than a mountain range and I want to take it all in.

    And just when we thought the growth had stopped, something happened. Electricity shot out of us in waves and the growth process started reversing. Joshed cried out "Nooo!" as the perfect being before him started slipping away. We kept growing smaller and smaller until we reached out normal size.

    I looked all around and no sign of Josh. Hell, I'm not even near the Grand Canyon anymore. We had become so big that a step or two in a direction took us hundreds of miles apart.

    I looked around and discovered I wasn't far from home. I quickly found some clothes and started walking.

    A week or two went by with no word from Josh. It felt good to get back to work... back to the restaurant... back to normal. A special packaged arrived and I opened it up. It was a box of chocolates. The attached note read "Special chocolate for my special goddess, Josh."

    How sweet. I wonder how it goes with my special wine?

    The End.

  42. A great ending Megan to a wonderful eventful week that I will never forget and with such a special.



    Lets do it again you goddess.

  43. We shared an amazing date and story together. We both have that same passion.


  44. Can I make a future date with you Megan and do something totally different or are you a one time date woman.

    I would love to go out with you again some time.


    Let me know when your next opening will be.


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