Monday, June 13, 2011

Twilight of the Buffies

Edisode 3: New Worlds
Written by Belle

The Buffies Previously on Episode 2
"Are thy wings plumed indeed for such far flights?" - Walt Whitman

"OK everyone, you know what we have to do, Meg get your girls together, get weapons, we have a fight on our hands!" shouts Josh.

The Buffies are already running for their equipment, they were ready for the tsunami but no one had thought of this. "We don't have time for Cuttiepie" shouts Meg "grab your stuff and let's head for the seafront. Gawd knows how she has survived, I feel this is going to be one of our toughest battles yet".

"Where the hell is Belle" asks Josh, "we don't have time for this - ok everyone go! go! go! - time is running out".

The Buffies run out of the mansion as tho' their life depends on it, which it probably does, and head for the seafront, vaulting over traffic stalled in the jams and knocking down anything which gets in their way - lamp post or high rise, it's all the same to them, pavements and roads crumble to dust under their feet as they run, they must get to Kat before she comes ashore.

The Buffies gather at the seafront behind a breakwater, and ready their weapons for the assault - Kat's path is going to take her right to the property where the family are holed up.

"What's that" asks Diana - in the far distance a small bright diamond of light shimmers, growing slowly larger as it approaches. "It's Belle, it must be, it's Belle" shouts Josh.

Charging towards them is a huge shining metal horse, thunderclaps rend the air and its diamond studded hooves pound hard as it gallops faster and faster thru the sky, the sun shines on its golden wings - astride its back wielding a Claymore sits a naked Belle, her blonde hair blowing in the slipstream, her honed body rippling with muscles, and they are heading straight for WildKat!

"Girls, I guess Belle could do with a diversion, right now!" says Meg.

"Diana, move quick and get that family into their truck, we will take on Kat in a full-on assault to distract her" says Meg. "There is something different about Kat, apart from still being alive", says Meg "take care". "Something about her head" says Diana "she's like a Medusa or something".

As Diana runs for the property, the Buffies leap the breakwater and begin their assault - weapons of unimaginable power blast Kat with beams of energy and rockets with warheads just short of nuclear smash into her, grenade launchers throw bombs which explode harmlessly against her scales. Kat moves towards the Buffies, the assault barely hindering her.

For a moment the diversion works, then Kat sees the fast approaching Belle.

Kat turns her green eyes towards Belle, and her mouth slowly opens.

But this time the few precious seconds count - Belle leans far out of her saddle as Dragonfly turns sideways to fly past Kat "Well I have fallen out of a few saddles before now but at least I was wearing a body protector" thinks Belle "this is my last chance . . . cut off the Gorgon's head is the way it goes".

She stretches her arm out as far as she can, and gripping the Claymore tight she heads for the giant neck of Kat. "Gawd I hope this sword is big enough" she thinks. As it hits the steel like scales of Kat's neck Belle's arm goes from hundreds of miles an hour to zero - her muscles respond to the enormous strain put on them and the weapon bites in - it starts to slice thru Kat's thick neck, Belle's wrist going in deep as she makes sure the sword has maximum effect - black blood burns her as the sword slices thru tendons like steel cables, muscles like living plastic and bone like re-inforced concrete - there is the stench of rotten flesh.

Belle's arm feels like it will be pulled from its socket and she grinds her teeth with the unbearable pain as her body screams in agony at the strain put on it, then suddenly - nothing. Belle is free.

"Gawd I hope my arm has not been pulled off" she thinks.

Dragonfly turns back and Belle sees Kat's head tumble slowly away like some crazy cartoon - it bounces off the giant chest and falls towards the ground but it never reaches there - as it falls it crumbles to dust which blows away in the wind.

WildKat's carcass sways and begins to fall - "OK everyone take cover" shouts Josh as the Buffies scatter.

As the slain beast hits the ground WildKat bursts into a million fireflies which clear leaving no trace.

Belle lands Dragonfly on the seafront beside the cheering Buffies and slides down to the ground, sweat running off her toned body.

An old friend of Belle, Cel, Ace Reporter and Photographer for the 'Malibu Sentinel', is waiting for her. Cel is one of the old school (tho' he is not that old), reliable and dependable with a 'Press' ticket stuck in his hatband.

Cel gets his notebook and pencil out. "Well girl" he says to Belle "you have pulled some stunts in the past, but this beats them all. I have some questions for you."

"What is that creature?"

"This is my new friend, Dragonfly" Belle says "she needs a strong rider to control her - strong in mind and body".

"What happened to you, naked and looking like you have been in a war?"

"It's a long story" says Belle. "I lost my 'Buffie powers' but it was worth it" she laughs.

"Where did Dragonfly come from?"

"She came from beyond the stars, to teach us not to be afraid of the dark" Belle replies. "Now she just wants to go home".

Belle sees Josh and Nic in deep conversation - Josh walks across looking angry.

"Young lady, you have some explaining to do" he says.

"I'm guessing you are talking about Shed 9" Belle replies.

"What do you know about that?" Josh asks.

"It's a long story" says Belle.

Josh looks very angry.

"I'm guessing that it's empty now" Belle says.

"How did you get in and out without being seen?" Josh asks.

"It's a long story" says Belle.

A squadron of jet fighters arrives overhead.

"These aircraft will escort you to a secret Government establishment. I will send Cuttiepie to bring you back here" Josh tells Belle.

Belle mounts Dragonfly, and gets ready to go.

' are we going home . . .'

With a few beats of her wings Dragonfly rises into the air, and Belle guides her towards the jets.

"Auf Wiedersehen, Belle" shouts Diana.

Belle smiles - "Watch the skies" she shouts back.

Dragonfly passes the jets, and carries on upwards.

"What the hell is Belle doing?" rants Josh.

"She's going home" replies Diana.

"Home - where the hell is that!" shouts Josh.

"Beyond the stars" says Meg.

Dragonfly rises high into the clear sky, the last rays of the setting sun glinting off her golden wings - then she is gone.

"God speed, Belle" Cel says.



  1. Belle died on the way to her home planet.

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  5. Either you have misread the story, or I have not written it well enough, but 'home' is Dragonfly's home, not Belles'.