Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm feeling soooo lazy today! I just wanna go home, open a bottle o' Zin and watch my shows.

Have a great weekend... luv ya,

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'

Here's a collaborative story with my new friend Tom. Comments are welcome from everyone but won't be part of the story. We hope you enjoy. XOXO Meg

It's a sunny weekday afternoon as Tom cautiously walks into Angelo's. He's cautious everywhere he goes, just in case he touches someone. You see, Tom has a "special gift" that manifested early in life.

He considers it a curse and still has nightmares about that first time he discovered he was different. It's a constant reminder and is always careful, although he's learned to somewhat control this mysterious ability.

The old looking gym is deserted, just like he hoped. He knows to come at the slowest time and already in his workout clothes. Can't take a chance of bumping into someone in the locker room. He takes the station at his usual secluded corner and looses himself in a heavy workout.

The door swings open as Meg walks in. Tom is immediately drawn to her. Her beauty and physique are amazing but there's something else about her that makes his heart jump. Her energy? Her spirit? Tom can't quite place why he feels this way. He has dated before but this curse has always gotten in the way. The mental control is exhausting and has to make an excuse before the good night kiss or a simple caress. How he wishes to just wake up next to someone in his arms.

"My Megan," Angelo greets the young brunette with the exuberance he would his own daughter. "You no working today?"

She drops her gym bag and gives him a hug. "The boss is gone and I need ME time. Besides these muscles won't build themselves!" Tom smirks from the corner. The idea of muscles on women has always thrilled him. Raw power on a feminine frame, like a well-oiled machine. It's another of his deepest desires.

Meg makes her way to a bench and carefully adds more weight to the bar. Its more than Tom thinks she can handle and can't take his eyes off her as he stops his workout. She glances over to see him in the corner and flashes a wink and a smile. His heart flutters. Meg lays back, plants her hands into position and begins breathing deep in preparation. With a swift upward motion, she raises the bar then slowly brings it down.

The bar begins to rise back up as Meg puts all her might into the heavy weight. It's not enough and Tom can tell. She's going to loose it.

Tom races to help, forgetting all his caution and training about not getting involved. As the weight begins to crash down on the young brunette, she looks up to see the handsome man from the corner grab the bar and help it to its rest.

"I was hoping you'd spot me," Meg says trying to play down the fact she nearly lost it. She takes a deep breath, gives him another wink and goes for a second try. Concentrate Tom, he thinks to himself. You can control it.

She grabs his hands and puts them over hers as she begins to lift the heavy weight again. Her touch is so soft as he looks down upon her. Her tight, thin body with a light glisten of sweat. Her flowing hair and face like an angel.

Meg raises the bar and feels an electricity begin to surround her. Her innermost desire is to be strong... and that's just what it feels like. She feels Strong! She lowers the bar and begins to lift up again, much easier than before. Near the top she begins to struggle but a new flow of strength enters her.

Back down and and up again as each rep gets easier. Tom looks on in deep concentration, trying to curtail his special touch but with little success at this point.

"What the hell!" Meg says as she puts the bar to rest after 15 successful reps. Her arms and chest look bigger and she feels supercharged, like she could take on the world. Tom knows what comes usually next and quickly leaves.

"Give me more of that," she says but looks around and no one is there. Something magical just happened. All her years of working out, Meg has never felt anything so powerful or had that much gain in just one set. The front door of Angelo's flies open and she sees him run out.

"Oh no you don't." Meg races out after him. >>

Monday, August 2, 2010


Come on in a little closer. I won't hurt ya... much :) Thanks to the Marvelous Mav for these scrumptious closeup morphs.