Thursday, March 4, 2010

Megan + Belle

Here's a new story from me & Belle to you. It promises to be HOTT so we hope you enjoy.

I had just come home from a workout when I got a surprise call from Belle. She sounded distraught and needed a place to stay for awhile. I didn't ask why and offered her my place to crash. The apartment is kind of small (and very messy) but I'm always there for a friend in need. Besides, it would be fun to have a roommate for a few days.

Now, I haven't known Belle for long but we've become good friends fast. She is awesome and we have so much fun together... sometimes too much fun. How much trouble could we possibly get into?

We both share a passion for muscles, trained together a few times and even traded secrets on how to get stronger. It's almost become a friendly contest on who can get the biggest.

When she shows up at the door, I'm amazed at how great she looks. She's added some muscle mass since I last saw her, even her breasts look bigger. I would be jealous if I hadn't grown too. She drops her bags and gives a big hug. It lasts longer than a normal "hello" hug and I can tell something is bothering her.

I show her to my 2nd bedroom which I've been using as a home office. It has a futon which makes a great make-shift bed for visitors. She plops down and begins to cry. Something is definitely wrong. I hate to pry and will let her tell me when she's ready. In the meantime, I put my arms around her and hold her tight.

I start to feel a little dizzy the longer I hold her but shake it off. Does she feel more muscular? Belle gets up and the dizziness fades. My god, she does look bigger.

She starts to dry her eyes and looks at me. "Meg, there's something I need to tell you"... >>


  1. Good start, so many possibilities, can't wait to see which direction this goes in!

    Benji Dude

  2. As you know, I have been seeing Brad for a couple of months now. Lately he has been working nights a lot, and is always 'tired' when he comes home and does not want to have any 'fun'. I knew he would never cheat on me, but I decided to follow him tonight anyway. I saw him go into a nightclub, so I followed at a distance, and sat down in a dark corner. Brad was sitting with a blond, maybe half his age, her breasts were so big they practically covered the bar. I told myself this is maybe his sister, there is some family matters to attend to, but it soon became clear this was a date he was on. She drank a lot and laughed at EVERYTHING he said, her breasts wobbling like jello every time. What an idiot Brad, I thought, taken in by this 'lady'. I should not really blame her, she has a life to live and bills to pay, maybe even kids to bring up, she was doing what she had to, but she looked such a slut.
    It obviously worked for Brad tho' as he had eyes for no one else. I was on the point of leaving when they got up. They would pass close so I decided I had better confront them, and my fears.
    'Evening, Brad' I said. He jumped like he had been shot. 'The fuck are you doing here' he said. I could ask the same I replied. The bimbo giggled and said 'Brad I will leave you and superman here to work it out, see you later sweety', and she kissed him on the lips as she went. 'See ya Candy' said Brad.
    'What did she mean' I asked brad 'calling me superman'. Brad sighed and rolled his eyes 'When we first met you were a nice quiet, attentive dumb blonde, with a fit body. Lately you have become much more, well, clever, and your muscles are bigger than Swarzenegger's.'
    'So you are intimidated by stronger women, is that it, scared of how powerful I have become?' I asked. 'Yeh, guess I am shallow' he said 'and making love to you is like sleeping with Superman, I want some soft bodied airhead with huge tits in bed with me when I have sex' he said. So that was what Candy had meant. 'So she plays up to you, and you lap it ALL up' I said. 'Yes, and while we are at it, you had better clear your stuff from my flat, Candy is moving in with me'. Oh Brad you are a fool I thought. Well good luck to Candy, at least she will have meal ticket - for a while, till Brad tires of her. I could have thrown Brad thru the wall, but decided he was not worth it.
    "I collected all my stuff, such as it is, and contacted you. There is still a ton of weights, and exercise benches, to get from Brad's, but they can wait.
    I have been scared to listen to my inner voices because I thought they were demons taunting me, but now I realize that was my true self speaking. I have done with men for ever now, I know where my future lies.
    I have developed a new exercise regime based on the menstrual cycle, it works great, you may notice I have made some remarkable gains recently. It does have side effects in that I give off positive energy which kindles feelings of well being and maternal instincts in others, but I think I can control that with better supplements.
    As you re a good friend, can I stay here till I sort my life out?"

  3. "Aww Sweetie, Brad's an idiot and you can stay with me as long as you like." I know from experience what she's feeling and wrap my arms around her to comfort the heart-broken Belle. "You're a beautiful person with great spirit... this Candy has nothing on you."

    The strange dizzy feeling comes over me again as I hold Belle but I don't let go. She weeps into my shoulder as I stroke her hair, "I promise it will be OK."

    My other hand caresses her back and I swear I can feel muscle forming. I hold it still in one spot and feel a swell of tissue building beneath my hand. "Ummm, Belle, tell me more about your new workout regime."

    She dries her eyes as we remain in a close embrace. "It's a combination of this new supplement I developed along with intense training during the menstrual cycle. It's all based on scientific research how the body releases megadoses of extra hormones during that period, I'm just giving it an extra push... why?"

    I turn her head to face the mirror and pull up the back of her shirt. The amount of muscle has increased significantly in the past few minutes and she looks shocked. Strong waves of steel muscle now line her back. "What happened?" she says in disbelief.

    "I'm not sure" I tell her "but I think I did it, somehow." I've been working on my own muscle growth supplements and somehow the mixture has caused this rapid gain, initiated by skin-to-skin contact. This could be a revolutionary break-through.

    Belle's shocked look turns a little devious as she stares at the gorgeous flowing muscle down her back. I see her mind working and know instantly what she's thinking. I turn away and see myself in the mirror. Good lord, I've grown too. Fascinating, the effect is reciprocal.

    Belle turns to me with a new found confidence and determination. "Meg, I know just what to we need to do..."

  4. 'Meg, we need some more skin to skin and body to body contact - some 'one on one'.

    Let's undress right now, and see how far this effect goes. Better get lots of protein drinks as well, i think we will need them!'

    We get our clothes off, and lay down on the bed, Meg below me.

    Meg's hands mover over my thighs, i can feel the burn as my muscles grow. I return the compliment, and Meg sighs with pleasure as her legs expand. I run my hands over her ass, she has buns of steel now!

    The effect seems to be continuing, it looks as tho' it will go on as long as we want.

    People say i have a swimmer's body shape, i do swim, and i imagine what it would be like with a wider back. My breasts are a nice rounded shape, it would be nice to have them bigger tho', but nothing like Candy's.

    'Girl, what are you doing?' asks Meg 'you are getting bigger and i am not even touching you in those areas. Your lats are spreading out, and your breasts are enlarging'.

    WOW, i think, this means that thought as well as action can make our muscles grow now.

    'Meg, it is my imagination that is doing that - it looks like we can wish the body we would like, and our muscles follow our thoughts. Imagine what this is going to do for female bodybuilding. I hope we can bottle this stuff!'

    As i caress Meg i can feel her muscles move and enlarge, i can feel the blood pulsing thru' her veins, the room fills with her energy, i can taste it in the air.

    As we move deeper into our thoughts and our embraces, i have always wondered what men get out of the sex act. What is it like from the other end, as it were. Do they really get as much pleasure from it as we do?

    Meg giggles and asks 'Girl, what are you doing now?'


    It is right what they say, be careful what you wish for, in case it comes true!

    I hope the effect is reversible.

    Well, it is too late to worry about it now.

    I start to excite Meg's vovla with my enormous, blood engorged . . .

  5. Something buries deep within me and I feel the full ecstasy of... oh my god.

    I look down and see Belle's engorged clitoris has grown to enormous proportions, grinding against me and looking for entry. How could this be possible?

    Belle jerks her head back in the throws of passion as the over developed clit grows bigger and digs deep within me. It keeps getting bigger as I imagine it filling my insides. I want more.

    Our bodies become one, entwined in passion. I've never been with a women in this way but it feels so right. So good. The ecstasy seems to fuel this strange growth, increasing it's potency exponentially. Every thought I have of Belle transforms her in an instant.

    Belle's clit is now larger than most male penises. All that exposed sexual energy must be the ultimate feeling and I want to feel it too.

    Her body is magnificent and I dream of her packing on more muscle. Ripples of steel form up and down her body as she continues to drive her clit deeper. Her blonde hair falls across my breasts as her heavy breathing causes her body to expand and contract in extreme proportions.

    "You're not getting off so easy, Meg." she says as she realizes I'm turning her into an ultimate goddess. All of a sudden, an intense pleasure hits me harder than anything I've ever felt. Belle grabs ahold of me tight as if waiting for a storm to come...

  6. Meg, I pull you closer and tighter to me, I want you to get the full effect.

    Clit and cock are good, but the Queen of organs is the tongue.

    Mine is full of fresh blood now, and I bring it into your mouth and rub round its walls, your teeth and your tongue.

    The positive bacteria in my blood move into your bloodstream, and start to convert your body.

    Your bones become harder and tougher, every muscle fiber becomes as strong as steel rope, your beautiful skin remains soft and warm, but no knife or bullet could cut it now.

    You are more than a mere goddess, now you are becoming a super human, the next generation!

  7. Our bodies writhe and entwine more and more.

    We are lubricated with our bodily fluids and as we pleasure each other we make our muscles grow bigger and bigger . . .

    In the background, 'The Ride of the Valkyries' is playing - how appropriate!

  8. The pulsating rhythms are intoxicating as our bodies grow and change at a moments whim. All time is lost as we explore the depths of each other.

    The night turns into morning and we finally pass out from exhaustion, lying side by side on a bed way to small for the massive goddesses we've become.

    It's the dawn of a new day...

  9. It's the dawn of a new day...

    A new day for the world, tho’ no one knows it yet. The next generation of humans has evolved – Meg and I are the first of this species, waking wearily from our exertions of the previous day and night.

    I am glad to find that my clit has reduced to more manageable proportions, I might not need a g-string now, but our muscles remain huge bulging mounds rippling with giant veins that rise and fall as the blood pumps thru’ them.

    ‘Breakfast?’ asks Meg.

    Why not, I am famished.

    ‘Well’ Meg laughs ‘I might have a side of beef or two – looking at us I think we are going to be high maintenance!’

    Meg finds a couple dozen eggs, well that will do for starters, and some salami, so sausage omlette it is. There are cartons of juice, so we have one each – for starters.

    Luckily Meg has some pints of milk, so we down that as well.

    ‘Hmmm’ Meg says ‘I think I am going to run out of food and supplements pretty fast today’.

    OK, then why don’t we go out and get supplies, the least I can do is pay for them. And at the same time we can get my weights and equipment from Brad’s.

    ‘Let’s do that then’, Meg agrees.

    OK, but I don’t think we will fit easily into my Shelby Cobra now, never mind carrying loads of stuff, we will need to hire something.

    ‘That’s no problem, I have a heavy truck licence, let’s go to the rental yard’ Meg replies.

    What on earth can we wear? I ask.

    Meg says she has some T-shirts and jeans that might do – well, talk about a tight fit, we manage to squeeze the jeans and shirts on, but they are stretched to bursting and show every muscle bulging beneath, they look like they were sprayed on!

    Baseball caps and trainers complete our outfit, and we set off on the walk to the rental yard a couple of blocks away.

    We get some strange looks, maybe it is our huge physiques, or the sound as our sinews and muscles mesh together as we move, like rolling thunder in the distance. Maybe need to take more olive oil to lubricate the fibers! Or maybe it is just the bright pink T-shirts that Meg found for us.

    We reach the yard, and go to inspect some trucks. ‘Can I help you guys?’ a voice from behind us says.

    We turn round ‘Oh jeez, gawd, I mean, ladies’ the guy blurts out. Meg giggles as we see he seems to be getting a ‘rise’ as his eyes wander all over our pumped bodies.

    ‘Yes’ Meg says ‘we need a truck to move a couple of tons of stuff’.
    Meg, when I said I had tons of weights at Brad’s I wasn’t joking, it must be a hundred or more.

    ‘Well’ the guy says ‘I have the Mega Hummer here. This was built for NASA to move the new moonbase to the launch pad, but as they aint going to the moon now they are selling them off as surplus. They can carry hundreds of tons’.

    ‘I’ll take it’ Meg says.

    The guy gives Meg a magnetic card ‘Swipe that on the dash’ he says.
    We climb up the ladder to the cab, we must be a storey high. We sit in the high-back swivle chairs, Meg swipes the card and the dash comes alive, giant engines burble somewhere below us. She looks at the flashing lights and computer screens, ‘Don’t look at me, this is like mission control compared to the Cobra’ I tell her.

    ‘No problem’ Meg says as she moves the sidestick control.

    Computer controlled gears grind and the giant moves forward. Meg moves the stick to the side and we turn out of the yard. ‘Girl, I thought I knew all about you’ I laugh. Meg smiles.

    ‘OK then’ Meg says ‘of to Brad’s place’.

  10. Meg drives thru’ the city with ease, ignoring the constant chatter of the sat nav - ‘turn RIGHT now’ ‘you have missed your turning’ ‘turn LEFT now’ - it continues to say in an annoying voice. ‘Jeez’ Meg says and brings down a fist the size of a ham shank on it, squashing it to the thickness of a credit card. The voice stops.

    Meg parks the giant Hummer round the back of Brad’s apartment, it will be easier to load the stuff out the bedroom windows here.

    As we walk up the stairs we hear shouting coming from one of the apartments. It’s Brad’s voice and he is giving someone hell. As we stop outside, Meg gets ready to smash thru the door with her fist. ‘I still have my key’ I tell her.

    As we go in Brad is still in his dressing gown and is shouting at Candy ‘You stupid bitch I told you I wanted my eggs sunny side up, not scrambled’ he throws the plate on the kitchen floor ‘now go tidy that up, and do it right this time.’

    ‘Well, I hope we have not come at an inconvenient time’ I say.

    Brad swings round ‘What the hell is this, a visit from the steroid sisters’ he spits out.

    ‘Brad, we had better talk’ I tell him. Meg takes the crying Candy thru’ to the other room.

    ‘The hell you want now’ Brad asks. ‘Well, I actually came to take all my stuff away, but I am glad we stopped you abusing Candy’.

    ‘Abusing her, I’ll show her abusing when you two go’ he says.

    Well, it takes a lot to make my blood boil, but when it does I go at it full throttle.


    I grab Brad with my huge arms and pull him into my cleavage. I decide to teach him a lesson he will never forget.

    My blood is really boiling now, I can feel it flow thru me like molten lava.

    I crush Brad into my pounding pecs with my huge biceps. As I squeeze him tighter into my chest my biceps and pecs bulge bigger and bigger and they throb as the hot blood flows in them, making the veins pump up and down, squashing Brad further.

    As he struggles, I squeeze harder and my growing muscles grind him with a sound like thunder, harder and harder I squeeze him . . .

    ‘OH! what the . . . oh no!’

    I go into the other room, where Meg has calmed Candy. Candy looks a lot fitter now than she did before. A lot.

    Meg looks up “Belle, what’s wrong?’ she asks.

  11. ‘It’s Brad’ I say 'he's . . . gone!'

    ‘Jeez, girl, have you killed him?’ Meg asks.

  12. ‘I don’t know what happened, I was squeezing him, harder and harder, thought I would teach him a lesson, and, well, he kind of vanished!’

    Candy and Meg look at me.

    ‘I squeezed as hard as I could and I felt him sort of squish into me, I seem to have absorbed him, all that is left is his dressing gown on the floor’.

    ‘Gawd’ the girls say.

    ‘I can’t feel him at all, I think I have suffused his entire body into mine.’

    ‘Girl, are you getting excited’ Meg says as she points to my groin. A large bulge has appeared there.

    I open my jeans, and a cock and balls appear. ‘That’s Brad’s cock’ Candy and I say at once. Brads, but much more now as well. I check them out, they are attached to me ok, they are my cock and balls now. I will have to learn to control them, Brad must have had a tit fettish, as I got a rise when I saw Candy.

    ‘Let’s get back to my place and think this out’ says Meg. ‘We will load your stuff and get going’. Candy offers to help, she seems stronger than she looks, and we are soon loaded up. Meg asks Candy along, and we set off back to Meg’s.

    We get unloaded, and sit down for a coffee. ‘I will return the truck to the Van Go lot, see you in a mo’ Meg says.

    Meg returns quickly, looking rather fragile.

    ‘Are you ok girl’ we both ask.

  13. Meg drops her jeans. She has a cock and balls.

    ‘Gawd what happened’ we ask.

    Meg tells us that when she returned the truck, the guy kept asking to feel her muscles. ‘Come on lady, let’s have a feel of those biceps’ he asked. When Meg refused, he made a grab at her arm.

    “I felt a tingle, then all that was left was a pile of clothes where he had been. I think I have suffused him like you did Brad’.

    Now what.

    ‘We’ve run out of milk for the coffee’ Meg says.

    ‘I’ll go’ says Candy, ‘there’s a 7/11 nearby, you guys have had quite a shock. Be back in a mo’.

    Candy comes back with the milk, looking fragile. ‘Are you ok girl?’ we ask.

    Candy lifts her skirt. She has a cock and balls.

    ‘Shit!’ we say.

  14. Candy says that on the way back from the store a gang of youths was passing. One of them kept saying ‘Let’s feel those huge melons lady, they are great, bet they are nice and firm.’

    She refused, so he grabbed a handful of breast. ‘The next thing I felt a surge of energy and my breasts seemed to suck him in. All that was left was a pile of clothes.’


    ‘Well now what?’ asks Meg.

    Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I am as horny as hell!

    ‘Me too’ says Candy. ‘Me too’ says Meg.

    We go to the bedroom and set up my equipment, and take all our clothes off to be 'comfortable'.

    Meg shows Candy how to lift the barbell on the bench, 1000lbs!, 2000, 5000, a half ton! Candy’s muscles are groaning as they bulge and grow before our eyes, her breasts seem smaller now but only because her muscles are growing bigger fast! She is on to a ton now, this is a GREAT turn on for me and I grab the dumbells, and start to pump my arms. My muscles thunder as I easily lift 500lbs in each hand, a 1000 now, a 100 reps easily.

    Meg goes to the heavy weights and starts at 5 tons, doing a hundred reps with it. ‘Too light’ she says, and lifts the ten ton weight. “That’s better, getting a pump now’ she says.

    The whole room fills with our essences, and I feel my cock beginning to throb and rise. ‘Girls, I think it is time we went to bed’. Meg and Candy laugh, they know what I mean.

    Our cocks swell and juices begin to flow as we caress each others member, and then pump them hard, forcing them in and out of each other’s tight cunts. Fluid flows everywhere and we are covered in our own juices and the cum from our cocks.

    Our lubricated bodies tangle together and muscles grow to new incredible sizes.

    “Gawd I bet I can easily lift 500 tons now, maybe a thousand’ Meg says and we know she could.

  15. The three of us quickly grow too big for the bedroom and easily pick up the weights to take them outside. We need to find something heavier. Candy's muscles have grown to super human size... but it's her breasts that amaze even us. The bottoms drag across the floor as she walks but has enough chest muscle control to guide them so they don't get in her way. Belle trips over one of them on her way out and her giant flaccid penis (I'm still getting used to that) gets raging hard again.

    Meg's already out the door, carrying nearly 300 tons of equipment, as Candy grabs hold of Belle's cock and balls and jams it down her throat. Candy's vigorous stroke is fueled on by mountains of muscle being packed on as Belle wishes her to grow even larger. Candy's breasts envelope both of them and they are lost in sea of muscle & breast tissue. Belle works her way around in a 69 and takes hold of Candy's shaft, squeezing the end to create an engorged purple head. She jams it in as Candy continues to suck.

    Meg makes it down the stairs and looks behind her for the others. No one except for some other women walking around the park. "Do they all look bigger?" she thinks. Usually there's tons of guys but not today. They couldn't be fueling our growth could they? She starts back when she feels the earth begin to rumble. Two unearthly screams come from the apartment, then a shockwave hits Meg with nuclear force. Her massive body isn't hurt by the impact, in fact a new wave of growth comes over her. It's pure ecstasy. Every women around begins to moan as this growth wave seems to be effecting the other women, too.

    Before I can react, the ground moves again and I turn and look to the apartment. It's falling all around me as I see two mountainous figures rise from the debris. MY GODD, what did I miss...

  16. Two towers of flesh rise from the apartment wreckage. Belle stands over two stories tall, dripping with muscle and flowing blonde hair. Each muscle group is clearly defined and big as Winnebago. Candy stands next to her with slightly less musculature, but no less magnificent. Her boobs are bigger than she is, rising from the rubble to well over her head. With a simple pec flex, the left breast moves forward, then the right. Candy rides on top her chest carriage as it moves forward.

    Belle's cock has grown too as the head flaps on the pavement and rises high into the sky like a Redwood. Meg grabs hold and climbs like Jack & the Beanstalk.

    "What happened?" asks Meg as she reaches high enough for Belle to hear. Belle explains the last minute 69. There must have been some sort of power feedback loop or energy amplification during the act.

    "I want the power!" Meg exclaims.

    Meanwhile, the surrounding women recover from the blast to find themselves as amazons. Some have ungodly muscles, some enormous breasts, some even have inflated bellies, butts and legs. The varied effect is curious. In a mile radius of the blast, all the men have mysteriously vanished.

    Belle and Candy concentrate on growing Meg but the effect is minimal. In an effort to recreate the previous blast, Belle uses both hands to pick up her cock. Even flaccid, it's too large for just one hand. Meg makes her way to the tip and works to get the tiniest portion of the head down her throat. Belle gets turned on and her shaft grows hard, thrusting Meg deep into the concrete, forcing the cock down down her comparatively tiny throat. Belle leans down to take Meg inside her and Candy joins in to complete a three-way loop.

    The female onlookers are amazed at the site before them. Two giant muscle bound goddesses gyrating with another smaller, but no less impressive goddess. The ground shakes and crumbles under the strain as they stroke, fondle and suck harder and faster. They continue for hours as women are unknowingly drawn to the site from miles around.

    Then in a blinding light it's over as a new, infinitely more powerful explosion erupts...