Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Miss Ultra Universe

Here's a new story from Belle with a little help from Cele.
I'm glad some of us Buffies have been writing lately (Bad Meg, Bad Meg)

'From all across the multiverse, the mega-goddesses gathered once again for the Miss Ultra-Universe Contest. It was held every billion years to determine who was simply the most massive, most powerful, and most ravishing ultra-goddess in existence. Thousands of women of all sizes and levels of musculature poured into the mega-dimensional building, all the super strong women from the multiverses are here - Annie Huge, Average Woman, Static Girl, Tetsi Fli, The Shulk, Quadra Six Pack, and Princess Death from Planet Oblivion is here, all heavy lifters and working their massive bodies to the max. They range from a few million light years tall to several billion light years tall. They are all working out in the trillion light year pump room when the doors swing open and the sculpted mass of bronzed titanic muscle known as Mega Goddess Belle walks in.

It was clear she had spent the last billion years working hard on her physique after placing second in the last competition. It looked like she had enough muscle to equal the muscle of the thousands of other competitors put together. Even the previous champion, Princess Death, only now came up to Belle's waist. Looking down at the previous champion, Belle flexed her colossal right bicep and watched as the perfect split peak rose to attention criss-crossed by a network of thick veins pulsing with white-hot plasma-the stuff of stars.

"Hey little girl. It looks like my arm has more muscle in it than your entire body. You should have worked harder. Just wait'll you see me with a good pump."

With casual ease, she brushed by the seemingly tiny Mega Goddess and entered the pump room. Each step of Belle sent shockwaves through the building, caused her thighs to surge and swell with power, and saw her calves explode outward with inconceivable power.

Belle walks up to the cables moving the setting from 1 megaverse to 100 megaverses and giggled out loud, "Who was the little girl warming up with one megaverse? I like to use 100 reps at 100 megaverses just to warm up my biceps."

"But, this is impossible," the seemingly tiny mega-goddess stammered, "I worked even harder than I did for the last competition. I'm more ripped than ever. I added twenty billion light years to my stature!"

"Ha, you're so cute like that. I added one hundred billion light years in stature, increased my muscle volume fifty times over, and increased my muscle density by over a million times. I'm a super-pumped mega-muscular ultra-goddess Fifty million times stronger than I was last time. Just wait'll you see me with a good pump. It's mind-blowing! I just hope this little gym has enough weight to satisfy me. These muscles love pumping the big weights. I mean, all the mass in all the universes in existence can't even begin to quench my muscles need for pump."

As she warms up the weights seem lighter and lighter, and no matter how many universes she puts on, she finds it becoming too easy.

Belle moves to a bench to try tricep dips, she might get some more resistance just using her own weight. This proves a bit better, and her triceps swell and her arms are almost as big as her thighs now, but Belle decides she is not getting anything like a good pump with the small weights they have, and goes outside. The building shines and glitters in the light from the multiple galaxies, and is built to look like a stack of weights, going up in decreasing sizes. There must be about a million floors, and the bottom 'plate' of this huge construction is at least 100 trillion light years across.

This gives Belle an idea, she bends down and gets a finger hold under the edge of the bottom floor. With huge effort she strains to lift the megalithic structure. There is the sound of snapping girders and earthquakes shatter the mega-dimensional planet the foundations are rooted in. Her muscles strain and bulge as she lifts the building. Massive veins infused with solar plasma swell all over her ultra-powerful body. Now at last she will get a good workout!

Holding the building by one edge, and ignoring the sound of people and weights falling about inside, she begins free weight squats. At the first squatting she finds the weight almost unbearable, but as she straightens her legs, keeping her abs tight and chest high, she manages it without locking her knees. After the tenth squat, she is beginning to enjoy it, and the building feels much lighter. Thick masses of striated muscle bulge in every direction and surge ever more massive with each rep until at last her gargantuan layers of rippling exotic muscle surge against each other.

The feeling of her muscles rubbing against her womanhood sends shivers through her massive erotic body. Sweating heavily, her sweat and juices run down her pulsating muscles, lubricating as her legs crash together like continents. Better try something else now she thinks, my thighs are so huge, any bigger and I will not be able to walk!

Changing her stance, Belle starts to do overhead dumbbell presses, slowly lifting the building up and down. Each titanic rep causes the exercise to become much easier, causes her shoulders, biceps, and triceps to swell with inhuman might, causes the muscles to split and separate into masses of ultra-feminine power. She breathes deep letting her chest swell in and out. As she goes past the hundred rep mark, her shoulder muscles explode to twice their size in deeply grooved striated masses covered in huge thick veins pumping nutrients to swollen masses of muscle. With one more deep breath, her bikini top bursts and is fired out into space.

Giggling, the ultra-goddess muses out loud, "I didn't need that anyway. Now I wonder how I'm going to get my tiny little bikini bottom off now that my legs are so incredibly massive?"

Casually dropping the ultra-massive building, Mega-goddess Belle drew her massive arms in front of her and thrust her luscious hips backward while flexing down hard. Every muscle in her body exploded outward with colossal force. Huge veins snaked across her body rising to their full glorious prominence. Her massive traps surged up threatening to engulf her ears as her massive biceps fought for space with her mountainous breasts. Each of her twin glutes surged into massive striated mounds of perfection and squeezed the tiny fabric caught between them and pushed it to the breaking point. The fabric stretched and strained over her swollen clitoris sending shockwaves of pleasure coursing through her mega-titanic body.

Relaxing her flex, Belle licked her lips and prepared for another herculean effort. Again she threw her body into a crab flex with everything she had. Her muscles responded like never before surging to new heights of definition and size. Sweat rolled off her titanic body, down the crevices between her muscles, and along the groves of her veins. Every striation of every muscle in her body rose to magnificent prominence and then finally, at last, the tiny constraining bikini bottom snapped and fell to the ground.

Now that's much better she thinks, I will try one handed overhead presses now. As she raises and lowers the building with one hand, her bicep builds peaks on peaks and as it brushes her face she kisses on it and thinks "These babies are going to win me the title this time!" Her triceps bulge into huge horseshoes of rippling striated muscle as she continues to overhead press, first one hand, then the other. She loses count of how many she has done as the weight of the building seems to get lighter and lighter each time and she dreams of what she will do with the other contestants when she is the supreme goddess of all the entire universes.

She is woken from her daydreams by a voice calling her. It is the Boy Wonder, hanging out of the front door of the building "For gawds sake Belle," he says, "put us down. The other contestants have conceded defeat. None are as strong as you; you are the new Miss Ultra-Universe!"

"What," thinks Belle, "it was that easy? And I had so many more muscles to exercise as well. What a bunch of wimps." She flicks her fingers and the building clangs onto the ground. "Oops, should not drop heavy weights on the floor," she giggles.

She enters the building, and the other contestants are helping Boy Wonder to carry the trophy to her. Tho' it is only the size of a medium planet, it is made from super heavy metals, and a mere superhero like Boy Wonder could not carry it. As Belle receives the trophy, she thinks how light it feels in her hand while the other ladies are lying on the floor recovering from carrying it. The previous winner, Princess Death, looks on with envy.

"Now that I am the Ultimate Goddess of all the entire Universes, you will ALL do my bidding from now on," she tells them.

"Yes Great Goddess Belle," they all reply.

"First then," she says, "I see from the bulge in your pants, Boy Wonder, that you like what I have become. Drop your pants and let us get to it!"

"YES MA'AM," he shouts as his giant man sausage bursts forth.

"In fact" says Belle "you can ALL join in the fun - I insist. It's my birthday, no harm can come to you."

"Yes Great Goddess Belle," they all reply, even Princess Death kneels down before her.'


So remember, children, we are ALL made from star stuff - we can all be heroes, and we don't need magic to help us.

*hugs* from Belle


  1. i feel like you don't know the values of a number...

  2. I feel like you don't know how to express constructive criticism. It helps if you expound on why you feel that way.

  3. fair enough...well, for starters, the universe is inconceivably large. i get that you're trying to get the picture across that you're incredibly large, but this is not the way. the definition of the universe is basically everything that exists. TWO universes, therefore, would be two WHOLE existences...that means EVERYTHING that is out there right now, is doubled...that's BIG (and not in a way that we can fathom with our feeble minds)

    what i'm trying to say is, having a competition that takes place once every billion years is just too unbelievable...if it were every century for example, then it'd be much more conceivable...

    another thing (and ill end here), a megaverse, shouldn't be viewed as a weight...u can't weigh the universe...a terraton is 1000000000000 tons (1 trillion) and that's the weight system they use for put that in perspective for you: 1 ton is 1000 kg most pro male body builders can usually bench press about 400 kg...

    i like your stories, but please, try to be reasonable with your numbers...wen i write stories, i DO go into the realm of the impossible, believe me, but my character has to yet be able to lift anything heavier than a car...because anything heavier would be playing with the border of impossibility....

    and with that, my rant is over...sorry if i come off as being rude or mean or too critical...consider it CONSTRUCTIVE criticism ;)

  4. Actually, the universe does have a finite mass. Astronomers have estimated the density of the universe to be 3x10^-28 kg/m^3 with a radius of about 1.7x10^28 m. This roughly extrapolates to the universe having a finite mass of about 6x10^51 kg.

    I find it to be quite comprehensible though I suspect that the very idea was to create a story of an individual with incomprehensible strength.

    By the way, good constructive criticism always begins with a positive statement or two. This serves the purpose showing consideration for the writer and a genuine interest in the writing. Thus the critic creates an avenue that his critique will be read and potentially incorporated. A blunt attack will almost always be disregarded by the author. Perhaps if you wish your critiques to be well-received in the future you could open with something like this:

    Hey Belle,

    I must admit I enjoyed several aspects of your story. The descriptions of the main characters musculature were pretty solid. The only thing I really became hung up on was the extreme size measurements. They were so inconceivably large that I don't think many readers will be able to grasp what you were trying to achieve with this story. Other than that, I thought it was a entertaining story.

  5. It's the internet age, Cele. It's easy to come out swinging when you don't have to look the person in the eye or be in the same room. I'm just glad that this person actually took the time to elaborate.

    Not a fan of internet ninjas...

  6. WOW and hey, have just found these comments - it was just meant to be a bit of fun, a complete nonsense about muscle growth and strength, not to be taken seriously, i thought - but then i am blonde!!!!

    I love you all, keep exercising those grey cells as well as your muscles, Belle xxx

  7. And then at the end, you find out it's all a hallucination of an 800-pound fat guy with a littl eboy locked in his white van. Because that's who Belle really is.

  8. If you don't like that story, make up one of your own :0)