Friday, October 2, 2009

Death of a nerd... birth of a Goddess

Belle has written the beginning to a story and is asking for your help to finish it. Treat this like an Audience Participation story and please add on to it, just remember to keep the integrity of what was written before.

Belle, we will call her that for that was her name, was hurrying home from the office, tfi Friday she thought, another week of hassles, which she had sorted out, and not a word of praise from her boss. She would be glad to get out of the stinking city streets to her flat in the burbs where she could chill for the weekend, a noisy bus jolting bus trip home then it was in to the local mall to buy a quick 'TV dinner' and a bottle of wine.

Looking for the stop to see what the queue was like, she noticed a woman walking towards her who stood out from the crowd, not because of her height or the fact she was colored, but because of her width, this lady was large! A bodybuilder, thought Belle, as she looked at her the lady smiled back obviously aware of Belle's attention, before she turned into the lobby of the Taft Hotel. Belle stopped, why was she rushing, she could make the time, it was the end of the week. Belle thought of the moment last year when she had seen a female bodybuilder going into the mall as she was leaving, she had the idea of turning round and following her to speak to her, but carrying her messages she had thought it not a good idea to go trailing through the mall again with all that. She had never seen that female bodybuilder again. Belle had had enough of men, they were always interested in the sex but never a commitment, and she needed something in her life she could get involved. At school Belle had always been attracted more to the cheerleaders than the hairy assed players in the football team, but she had repressed these thoughts. She had missed her chance last year to talk to a female bodybuilder, maybe she could make up for that now. If there was any problems Belle could legitimately say she worked for a publishing house and she was researching for a magazine, ok, they did not publish any bodybuilding magazines, but who was to know?

Belle went into the hotel lobby and saw that the lady was now in the bar, sitting at a table with a juice. Belle gathered all her courage and walked over to the table introducing herself "Hi, I'm Belle, I hope you don't mind if I ask you something?". "Hi Belle", she said, "I'm Nikki, please, take a seat. How can I help you". Belle felt her whole body tingle as she sat opposite Nikki, she had never seen anyone so beautiful as her and she felt strangely aroused and alive. Since that passing encounter last year with a female bodybuilder Belle had found videos on utoob, and links to female bodybuilding sites. She wondered if she could look like that and had found the women strangely arousing, they had amazing bodies with huge muscles, but they could still be feminine and attractive. Now that Belle was sitting next to a real female bodybuilder she felt nervous and excited at the same time. "Well, you probably get asked this all the time, but you are a bodybuilder, aren't you" Belle found herself thinking, what a stupid thing to say, she obviously was! "Well, yes" said "Nikki, what do you want to know?". Belle felt herself shaking as she asked "Where do you train, is it hard work?" - what a stupid thing to say thought Belle, what is wrong with me? "Would you like something to drink" asked Nikki, and Belle was happy to ask for some wine.

Nikki ordered more fruit juice for herself and a glass of wine for Belle. Belle took a sip of the wine and began to feel more relaxed. "I mean, I know you have to lift weights and have special diets, I just wondered how difficult it was". Gawd thought Belle, I am still gibbering, what an idiot I must seem. "Well," Nikki said, "it depends on how far you want to go, if you want to be a fitness or figure person you still need to do the exercises that are relevant to bodybuilding, but you don't have to build huge muscles if you don't want to". "But I do want to" Belle found herself blurting out "I want to be bigger than any other bodybuilder, male or female, and be as strong or stronger than the strongest man . . . but I don't want to use roids or whatever they are called and look like a man myself". Gawd where did that come from she thought. Nikki laughed gently and assured Belle that you did not need drugs to get big, there were other ways. "You look fit tho'" said Nikki "Well I do cycle and I have those weights you use at home, you know those pink plastic things". "That's good, it shows you want to improve yourself. I don't use steroids myself" said Nikki "but I can tell by the way you look at my body that you like what you see." Belle blushed, she did not think she had been that obvious, but she had noticed Nikki's muscles flex and bulge as she did the simplest thing such as lift her drink or move in her chair. "But don't you have to go to the gym every day just to keep the muscles you have got, never mind building new ones" Belle asked? "That is not entirely true, you can spend days in the gym building muscles, but you can take it at your own pace as well, and there are other ways to work on your muscles" said Nikki. "Gawd I would love that" said Belle, noticing that more wine had arrived for her while Nikki stuck with fruit juice.

Belle found conversation with Nikki easy, it had been a year or so since she had been out with anyone since the last man in her life had dumped her, but she was enjoying talking with this female bodybuilder and she found the experience pleasurable, helped by the wine that Nikki kept supplying her with. "What are your plans for tonight?" asked Nikki. "I should really be getting home, but there is no one there anyway, I don't know when the last bus or train is, I should really be away", Belle said feeling very tired and a bit rough. "You can use my room here" said Nikki. "Won't you get in serious trouble having someone in your hotel room" said Belle. "No, there will be no problem with that, we can fit one more in easily" Nikki laughed, helping Belle out of her chair.

Belle slumbered fitfully and her dreams were full of female bodybuilders of all types and sizes moving around her, until the cold of the air conditioning brought her half awake.

Belle found herself lying in a bath full of ice filled with a sweet smelling pink liquid. It wasn't the air conditioner that had awoken her, it was the freezing cold water. In her state it took some moments to realize where she was, there was a note stuck to the wall which read "If you find yourself in a bath full of ice then . . . " Belle screamed and was instantly awake, Oh crap shit shit shit shit shit shit! she thought, the urban legends were true, what a fool she had been, she was a victim of some organ harvesting hustle. How naive to have trusted Nikki, she had simply been recruiting donors for their organs. "Bastards bastards bastards bastards" Belle screamed as her world collapsed around her. What sort of life was she to have now. She must call for help. As she struggled out of the bath her whole body felt weak and feeble, what an idiot she had been. She entered the bedroom, there was no one there of course, Nikki, if that had been her real name, would be long gone now with her kidney or whatever else had been removed. As she looked round the room she noticed a set of clothes laid out on the bed, they must be for a giant she thought, they are huge. As she searched further with her blurry eyes she saw another female bodybuilder standing there, not Nikki but a blonde this time, for a moment Belle thought how hot she looked, a nice face and huge muscles, she was about Belle's height as well but much bulkier. "You bastards what have you done to me" she screamed as she lashed out at the figure in front of her. Belle jumped back in shock as the mirror shattered into a thousand pieces.

She went back into the bathroom and read the note again "If you find yourself in a bath full of ice then . . . ENJOY! Nikki."

Belle went back across to the bed and found to her relief that her handbag was still there, with all her cards, phone and keys intact. She looked in the closets but all her clothes had gone. Nothing for it then but to try the ones on the bed. The panties were a good fit, the 'giant' jeans were a bit tight and showed off her now massive thighs and calves. There was a black T-shirt top which she pulled on with some difficulty, this was a tad too tight and molded to her muscles like a second skin. She watched in amazement as she straightened it and her huge biceps and pecs bounced and flexed. Jeez she thought, I have bigger muscles than the biggest male bodybuilder, never mind the female ones. The sports shoes and socks looked like a large but not 'giant' size and they fitted snugly. Well, at least she wouldn’t have the largest feet in the world! Belle pulled on the hooded sports top and was glad to find it was a loose fit, she did not want to attract attention as she left the hotel. "I will have to go and get a whole new outfit now before I scare everyone with my bulk, looks like the plastic will get some bending now" she laughed. Belle went back to the bathroom, the water in the bath was a dirty brown now and was decidely 'off'. She pulled the plug and let it drain away, and had a last look at herself in the mirror. Her hair had gone into curls, but this helped show off her much thicker neck to perfection. Belle decided she liked how she looked.

Belle made for the door, opening it slowly she put her head round, but there was no one in sight. She could hear room service starting to clear the other rooms so she had better get a move on, she did not want to answer any questions about the mess the room was in. She moved into the corridor and felt something tugging at her sleeve, she looked round and was amazed to see she was so wide she was stuck in the door frame! Note to self, I will have to watch for that she thought as she sneaked to the elevator. No one was around and she made it in without breaking the doors. Belle was about to go to the lobby when she thought she had better play safe, she would come off at the floor above to make sure she could get out without being spotted. The elevator stopped and the doors opened, she looked out anxiously and pulled the hood over her head, but there was no one there. Belle walked along the corridor to the top of the stairs and stopped in amazement. The lobby was full of female bodybuilders most of them even bigger than her. Some were at the desk settling bills while others went straight out the doors. She held back until there was a lull and then rushed down the stairs and towards the exit, all the time expecting to hear someone call her back. But no, she got out onto the street and breathed a sigh of relief.

Belle saw a bus pulling into her stop, so she rushed for it. She squeezed through the doors and gave her pass to the driver. "This is not an off-peak Pass" he said. "Sorry" Belle replied. "This is not an off-peak Pass, you can't use it at the weekends". For fucks sake, Belle thought, she doubted if she had the correct fair in her bag. "You know what, I will just walk" she said to the driver and took her pass back and got off the bus. "It's a 12 mile trip, lady" the driver shouted after her. Idiot!, Belle thought. As she put the card back in her bag she realized she bore little resemblance now to the picture on it. How would she explain her new look when she went in to work on Monday. Maybe she would call in sick.

Belle put on her shades, pulled the hood down tighter, and set off to walk back to her flat in the burbs.

(Profile notes: The pink colour in the bath water was nanocells which have transformed Bell into the female bodybuilder of her dreams.)

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  1. She dies. The end.

    Also, for the record, it's very rude and insulting to claim you'll have a 'fair' blog battle... whatever the hell that is... and then try to kill the guy in your story.

    Do you know how this whole thing REALLY began? On this girl's account, she originally posted stolen art. Of course, she took it all down, so she can claim it didn't happen. She took other people's art and posted her face on them without their permission.

    Now, I don't know why everyone's rallying around THIS art thief, but I thought people were AGAINST art thieves. He called her out on her stolen art, she started trash talking him and spamming his page.

    READ THE FACTS PEOPLE. Don't be tricked into a lie by cross-eyed liars.

    BTW, emboldening the letters in the 'geek's name, VERY mature. You sure do have the upper had on this one.

  2. For the record. I did not write the story nor do I have a problem with either party. Belle is a friend and I was trying to get her story out. Then she was attacked on MY BLOG again. Her part 2 story is in defense to a comment and completely justified in my eyes... she didn't start it.

    I do have a way to wage a completely fair blog battle... but you've pissed me off and insulted me and my friends too many times. Please don't come back.

  3. Sure. You have a fair way to wage a blog battle, but you won't tell us what. Suuuuure. It magically appears, but nobody can see it, like the WMDs in Iraq, or Bella's IQ.

    Anyways, it is a death threat. Expect a call in 24 hours.

  4. I have edited and re-sent my story to meg for approval, but i would not be bothered if it did not appear. I am sorry that i offended anyone and have taken out the references to an actual person in it. I did use other people's bodies in my art, but a lot of others do as well. Not really an excuse I know. I did spam one person, after they had spammed me.

    This is not real life here but it should be fun and i am sad that i have been responsible for bringing all this hassle to it.

    Meg started the Buffies, no doubt to have some fun on the internet, it is all her idea and we must respect her for that.

    I seemed to have caused a lot of trouble, which makes me very sad. If it serves the purpose of keeping the Buffies alive then i will withdraw from it.


  5. I have asked Meg to take me off here altogether, i don't want to cause her any troubles.

  6. Don't leave Belle. Don't let this a-hole win just because he launches tirades. You are strong on the inside and out. You just need to find it inside of you.

  7. This site would be all the poorer without you here Belle. I find it hard to believe that you'd cave to an outsiders pressure so easily, like Vince said, you're a strong woman, be confident in yourself and pay no attention to the trouble maker.

    Benji Dude

  8. @Mr. Truthiness:

    Sorry for the Philosophy class: Here goes.

    Your argument is somewhat related to Argument Ad Hominem; And according to HARDCORE debating philosophy, you cannot say that "what xxx says is not true because he/she is yyy.

    It would be a kinder world if you adapted this to the situation here.


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