Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Lotion

It's been really dry at work and I keep a small bottle of lotion with me. Don't laugh, moisturizing is important. I was rubbing some in & started thinking of a new story idea. Meg + lotion = muscle growth. Sure it's been done before but isn't it always a little more fun with me ;D

I'll make it Audience Participation so please write in. I know you're thinking to yourself "...but I don't wanna help Meg get big". Well tough luck buddy, this blog needs your help and I want muscles. Now give them to me dammit! I'm feeling saucy today... let's get started.

Lab environments can be hazardous. Icky substances, high voltage equipment and unknown specimens. It's funny, but what bothers me most is the constant ventilation systems that dries my skin out.

I always have a bottle of lotion with me but today I used up the last of it. Crap. I can probably just wait until the end of the day and pick up some on my way home.

A couple hours go by and I get itchy. The vents are blowing harder now and I feel like I'm shriveling.

Jan is an older, overweight lady that sits in the office across from me. We are cordial but wouldn't call us friends. She's big into scrapbooking and goes on and on about it every time I enter her office. I'll have to suck it up and ask her for lotion.

After twenty minutes of checking out her latest card stocks & rubber stamps, I finally get a word in and ask her if she has any lotion. "Sorry, Meggy" she says.

Now my skin is super itchy, I've lost brain cells listening to Jan and annoyed at being Meggy. I march down the hall looking for lotion.

Some of the lab boys might have some, hell, most have some sort of skin condition. I love them though. Their very sweet and I can get about anything from them with minimal flirting. It's been tough coming up with excuses not to go out with them now that I've been dating again. I try not to be mean, they're just not what I'm looking for.

Everyone is gone. Must be some sort of meeting.

I look around a bit. I love seeing what they're working on. Lots of formulas and equipment I don't understand. I'm CIS and we don't even come close to speaking the same language but it fascinates me.

Looking in a disposal bin, I see what looks like a bottle of Jergen's. Jackpot! You can never be too careful with these lab guys, so I open the bottle to smell it. Seems about right.

Back at my office, I pour a little lotion into my hand and start to rub it up and down my arm. The consistency seems a little off. It doesn't really seem to be moisturizing either. After a couple minutes I begin feeling a strange sensation... >>


  1. The sudden blast of citrus assaulting my nostrils, heavily scented, sort of knocks me off my feet. Before long I feel a sudden pressure in the interior of my bloodstreams, as if I'm nervous. There's something seriously wrong with the lotion, and I'm sure it's got something to do with the orangey-fruity smell.
    That's not the only smell- there's some sort of massage oil and it gives off a burning stench.
    And just as my body starts to get ruffled up by the extra blood rushing through, I feel fire racing across my skin. Yeow!

  2. Scared and frantic at this reaction, I throw the bottle and race to the bathroom. My god, what is this stuff?

    I turn on the bathroom faucets, ready to wash the substance from my body. My skin feels like it's being burned off but I look down and see everything is normal.

    The water is on full and I soak my arm, trying desperately to get rid of this mysterious lotion. The cool water helps a little but most of the lotion has already absorbed.

    The burning sensation fades and I feel something new and kind of wonderful.

  3. Slowly but surely, I feel an increasing pressure on my arms and the rest of my body. A warm wave of pleasure rolls from my arms to my core and then spreads out towards my toes.

    The white blouse I'm wearing starts to shift as my arms start to subtlety expand. Flexing ,I see the one loose sleeves fill with with muscle, my muscle, threatening to burst out.

    The sensation hits me again and I brace myself against a faucet head with my left hand when I suddenly hear the twisting of metal. Looking down, I seem veins crossing thick cables of muscle on my forearms.

  4. I feel so powerful as the metal contorts under my new strength. I'm mesmerized by the veins as they grow larger, feeding this new muscle that I've always secretly desired. It feels good and I don't want it to stop.

    I'm shaken back to reality as I tear the faucet completely off and water starts spraying everywhere. My blouse is completely drenched and clings transparently against my still developing muscle. The veins and muscle continue to grow.

    I flex my bicep and see a large, well defined muscle expand through the shirt. It's almost as big as a female bodybuilders. The wet shirt holds as I continue to pose and discover massive muscles I never even knew I had. My already low percentage of body fat seems to be slipping away, revealing deeper cuts in the growing muscle.

    As this wonderous growth subsides and water continues to wash over me, I can only think of two things. One, I've never felt this hungry before and need to eat. Two, I have to get that lotion bottle.

  5. I run out of the bathroom, forgetting that my attire is now (NSFW). It's a quick trip back to my desk. These new muscle have really given me a speed boost besides strength.

    "Now where did that bottle go?" I was freaking at the time but remember throwing it to my left. From where I was sitting that would put it... crap... over by Jan's office.

    I race over there as time seems to slow. Jan stands from picking the lotion bottle up and sees me coming.

    "Hi hun" she says in her annoyingly sweet voice and slowly begins pouring lotion into her hand.

  6. She's so engrossed in doing the pouring that she doesn't notice a black shadow behind her doing a masterful sweep-kick. It takes only a second for her legs to be blasted from under her. Another consecutive set of light raps by that mysterious attacker knocks her out.

    Only now do I see that there's a black figure, complete with opaque sunglasses and a full Trinity outfit, looking at me. She cocks her eyebrow upwards and waits expectantly for me to say something, but for the moment, she's caught my tongue.

  7. I stare at the strange woman and then the bottle on the ground halfway between us. I look up at her and says "Isn't it a little early in the year for Halloween?" The black clad figure just smiles and leaps for the bottle while at the same time reaching behind her back.

    Too bad her leap is interrupted by the piece of wall I just flung at her. It was all to easy to hook my left arm around the doorway to Jan's office and with a flick of my muscles fling dry wall and other building materials right at the intruders head. The pieces whip into her face, through off your leap and causing her to land short of the precious bottle, dazed.

    Dust settles on my soaked blouse, casually accentuating my world class physique as I stroll over to the bottle and bend over to pick it up. I notice that the still dazed Matrix wannabee was going for some kind of stun gun during her earlier leap, but still seems too confused to use it.

    I decide this can be a great chance to find out more about the bottle's contents and have a valid suspect to blame on the various property damage I've cause today.

    Meanwhile, we both fail to notice that the lotion Jan already managed to pour is slowly being absorbed into her skin.

  8. That's so not me! I don't use stun guns!

    I'm turning to leave so that these two girls can have a serious blast later, but it appears the so-called matrix wannabe is a master of deception. There's only a bit of dark wind that I notice flying towards me. Barely a millisecond after I see it there's such a hard jab on my spine that its force blasts through my thick muscle-padded back and hits my lungs.

    "Not so fast," the girl adds. "That object's effects are one-time only, and I cannot allow two people to assimilate its effects simultaneously." She gestures at Jan on the floor, and her eyes fly open with alarm. "Goodness," she gasps. "Now I really need your help."

  9. I can still feel a sharp pain screeching out of my lungs. another bit of growth forces itself through my veins, but as it does so I still cannot believe the eighteen-year-old face that I see on her. Even more unusual for her most feminine features is the slight definition pushing out against her clothes and the eagle brow that hangs over her sunglasses. She's holding out a hand and asking for my co-operation, but I, somehow, cannot give it to her...
    Oh, great. I can feel my cleavage squashing itself.

  10. And now, I notice how the huge blob of lotion on her hand is dissolving into nothing. That's more lotion than I have used, a lot more. Now, I begin to think, this has gotten troublesome.

  11. ... a quick interruption here. Pheobe, please stick to what was written before you. You keep taking the story in a direction YOU want. This is a collaborative audience participation story.


  12. I shake the cobwebs out of my head and quickly organize my thoughts. Though this office intruder has managed to knock me down she had not yet taken the chance to disarm me of the lotion bottle. Her talk of the lotion bottle being assimilated and one-time only effects worries me, as Jan did indeed take a larger dosage. And whats up with multiply people using it at once. In fact, why did the lab boys just throw out such an item...

    I grit my teeth and shake my head. The bottle is not the important thing right now. What's important is making sure my muscle dream doesn't turn into a nightmare. Jan is still unconscious but odds are in a few minutes she's going to start growing like I did, and she's not high on my list of people I like to see as a fellow Olympian physique bearer. I've seen her scrapbooks and they've shown me a person whose never worked hard on an athletic endeavor in her life. She doesn't deserve cantaloupe size biceps and tree trunk legs.

    On the other hand this black clad girl is definitely stronger than she looks. Her black leather outfit hug's her body like a gymnast's leotard. I can only imagine that her body is wrapped in steel cables of tightly compressed muscle, held taut against her petite frame. She lacks my bulk, but then again so do most female power-lifters.

    I decide it's best to deal with the more immediate problem and slowly slip the hand holding the bottle out of her view and reply "Why should I help you, you've suckered punched everyone in this room so far. Not a good trusting start."

  13. "Oh, I'm not really interested in that." She sounds sour and folds her arms angrily. "If you don't want to help, suit yourself," she adds as she kicks open the heavy oak office door as if it's cardboard and walks out in a huff. I can even hear her high heels clattering through the hallway like rolling pieces of marble, and one look into the corridor displays a huge number of point cracks, probably where her heels have struck the floor.

    Great. I can hear the distant wails of sirens, the shouts of people in the streets below and the panic of those colleagues somehow still in the building. It's strange that I haven't noticed them yet, I think.
    And Jan? there's some low, guttural groaning coming from her mouth, and she seems to be uncurling herself. I'd better act quickly before the police gets caught in this mess!

  14. Jan was growing already, moaning as boulders of muscle began to fill her body. Her shirt and pants stretched with the same power which had earlier engulfed my body. But she was still unconscious and...."darn," I thought to myself. I wasn't about to kick a woman when she's down and its not like she was big enough to be bullet proof...maybe. I mean I really hadn't tested my invulnerability yet or the limits of my strength but surely Jan would be handled by the cops. Heck Jan hadn't really done anything wrong, she might not even like having muscles and fully cooperate.

    Not to mention that black clad girl was about and likely knew some information. I decided it was time to go, running over to my desk to grab my keys and some basic needs. I also figured I have enough time to stop by the labs and demand some answers. Looking at the lotion, I stuck in my purse for safe keeping and ran off.

  15. I quickly make my way to the lab and the boys turn and stares. Before them stands a gorgeous brunette, dripping wet with one hell of a body on the verge of bursting through. I think one is actually drooling.

    "One question!" I scream at them while holding the lotion bottle. "What the hell is this stuff?"

  16. The techs don't know if they should be terrified or turned out by the screaming amazon. After some tense moments one finally replies " was a test sample, for a muscle toning cream....but...but....multiple dosages never seemed to have any change in our tests.

    I decided to stride over quickly and with a powerful flex said "Well it worked, how about you give me a copy of the test files." The terrified worker complied, adding them to a usb key and I quickly headed out. Downstairs I heard shouting, indicating the police were here, so I decided the rooftop ladder might be my best exit point.

  17. Then again I notice that the rooftop is always where they herd the escapees. There's of course another way out. I give a tentative look at the large pane of glass standing beside me. Oh well. Forward, Meg!

  18. I bend over and grab the large potted plant. It must weigh over 60 pds with all its dirt and soil but to my newly formed muscles it might as well be a dandelion. I toss it out, shattering the window releasing a blast of warm air from the outside.Meg looked at the rough across the street. It was a good sized jump, even including the vertical drop. She took a deep breath and with a running start, pushed off with her watermelon sized thighs in a powerful jump.

  19. Tar paper shattered and went flying as I landed on the next roof with a resounding thud. What was left or my heels broke into tiny little pieces. I looked down at my massive thighs, still pumped from the recent take off. They started to sheen with sweat in the summer rays. I just wanted tyo reach down and feel them with my rock solid....I shook my head. i could still hear the sirens next door and it was time to go.

    Preparing myself, I built speed and lept from the lip of the roof to the next building and the next. My speed wasn't superhuman, but I was definitely at the pace of a an olympic hurdilist. I loved how my leg's flexed, contracting and expanding an inhuman amount of inches with each jump. I needed a place to hide and look at the data for a bit. Maybe my home or a friends house....the gym I go to has a computer I might be able to use. Where should I go...

  20. I make it to the street level and Jan pulls up next to me in her plain, four door sedan. It fits her. The passenger door opens and I quickly get in.

    I look at her arms as she grabs the wheel. Her forearms and hands are huge and dripping with muscle. Must have been from the concentrated localized dose to that area. She looks freaked.

    "I've got a place we can go to figure this out" she tells me as we peel out.

    The woman in black watches them leave and reports her position back to her superiors. After further instructions, she continues following them from a distance.