Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Here's a collaborative story... of sorts. Mav wrote this and sent it to me, looking to add perspective and color from my point of view. His original story is in black and my additions are in pink. Please forgive any overlaps and inconsistencies... its from two points of view written at different times. We hope you enjoy. XOXO Meg

I’ve been dating this girl Megan for a few months now. She is a really cute little brunette, a bit over five feet tall, around 120lbs. Girl next door good looks. She can’t tell me exactly what she does for a living. Something about working with computers for the government, is about all she will say.

She had to work late on one of her “secret projects” one night so I offered to come by and take her out for a quick bite to eat. I had to wait for her in the parking garage as I was not allowed into her work. As we walked to my car the quiet garage suddenly filled with activity. Just like every spy movie I have seen there were black vans, guys dressed in black with black hoods, black guns. Megan was pulled into one van and me in another. No words were spoken to me.

I tried to cry out for Mav but they quickly gagged me and tied my arms. One of the bigger men threw me to the back and I smashed against the door with a loud thud. Holy crap that hurt. They told me "Any funny business and your boyfriend get its" so I agreed to cooperate. I knew what they were after anyways. The ride was short but gave me enough time to come up a plan.

We stopped and the men dragged me from the van. I was at work, just like I thought. It's not much to look at but then the best secret labs never are. I wanted to make sure Mav was OK and was shown his body passed out in the other van. I unlocked the door and we went in. Just like I thought, they wanted the experimental XJ device and I'm one of the few people with access. It's a little bigger than a movie projector and operated by a direct PC link that only I have access to. "Make it work" they demanded and I tried but nothing happened (of course). "The codes are constantly changed & kept in a safety deposit box". Its all stall tactics but they go for it. I know an old bank in a desolate part of town and tell them where it is. They grab the device and they drag me back to the van.

A short time later I was dragged into a building that looked like an abandoned bank. Thrown into the vault, and locked in. I have no idea what just happened. Its pitch black in here and I only have the LED light on my keychain. No one can hear me, and I don’t know how long I will have air. This is not good. What seemed like about an hour later I hear some noise outside the vault. It started with the screeching sound of bending metal. A pause for a moment, Then BOOM! It knocked me on my ass! Are they driving a truck into the vault door?

One of the men is grabbing my arm so tight as they push me through the bank. Mav gets slammed into the vault and we continue to the safety room. They order me to setup the machine and I do, slowly. "OK which box is it in?" I make up a number and they get to work breaking into the box. This gives me time to write a quick sub-routine, granting me the only access by remote. I punch in their fake code and quickly explain the dangers of the XJ project. "This devices allows you to alter reality and is extremely dangerous." I try to warn them but they just smack me around harder and force me to activate it at gun point.

The leader hits the go button and the device starts emitting a beam. It works off thought and I begin to dream of myself as Supergirl with all her strength and power. "You're about to see the richest, most powerful man in the world" he says, but nothing could be farther from the truth. I breathe deeply as the power begins to flow. Mounds of muscle pour into me as the all powerful strength of Super Girl becomes mine. Her muscularity isn't much but then she has Kryptonian blood. I don't and the equivalent strength takes over my mortal body, causing my muscular system into overload to take it all in. My clothes quickly rip apart against the explosive expansion and I see a new outfit underneath. A super one. It holds strong as my granite like muscles gain size and density, contouring every ridge and valley my new body offers. I notice other powers like super hearing, x-ray vision and freeze breath. This is really happening, I'm becoming Super Girl.

The leader quickly calls for backup as they watch my transformation complete. He goes for the device but I now move faster than a speeding bullet. The others run out and lock the vault behind us. He's trapped with the most powerful girl in the world and doesn't put up a fight. The door should be a piece of cake with my immense strength. It buckles a bit as grab it but it holds strong. A little more and my arms explode with power as the door begins to budge. The super suit actually begins to strain at my shear size. I struggle a bit more and the door folds like aluminum foil. Whatta rush as I look at myself and see the muscularity, well what I can see past my heaving chest. I take a steel bar and wrap it around the leader. Now to find Mav

I examine the bank with my x-ray vision but don't see him. Lead, that's right. The main vault is lined with it and I quickly go to work. The other men are quickly joined by a small army. I have to hurry, can't hold them all back. The vault door is thicker than the others and I try to rip it off. No good. I ram into it with the force of a Mack truck and it begins to buckle. It's enough to grab hold and I use all my strength to open it up. Blood flows faster through me and my muscles react to the strain, building the power to free Mav. A little more and I rip it from the hinges and send it flying across the building.

I can now see light around the edges of the buckling steel door. A corner of the door bends outward, and a few moments later the deafening sounds of metal bending and tearing. Then the Door just flies away! What the hell was that? A silhouette of a person appears where the door used to be. Not a normal person? The absolute most massive, freakish, incredibly muscular person I have ever seen! It moves closer. Then a pair of oddly petite hands with long red manicured nails grabs on to the inner cage that separates us. As if the steel bars were made of rubber, they begin to move apart from each other. Clanging and banging as the bars pile up. As my eyes now begin to adjust to the light, I can make out the face of this Super Person………………IT’s MEGAN!!!!!

But how did she gain 200lbs. of thick, shredded, vascular muscle in an hour? She is wearing a blue glossy spandex catsuit with a red “S” on her massive chest. Every bulging muscle and every throbbing vein shows through the thin shiny material! She kissed me gently and then said “ I’M SUPERGIRL”. Before I could speak a word, she walked past me toward the back wall. “There are more of them coming! I have to get you out of here, NOW!”

The vault is dark but I see Mav in the corner. His eyes take a bit to adjust and I see a look of wonder then excitement come over him. I forgot that he may not know me in my new body. The pump from taking out the door has expanded my super muscles even further, exploding in size and stretching the fabric thin. I walk towards him and want him to hold me in his arms but know we must get out. A thin cage separates us and I make quick work of it, I just took out a 2 foot thick steel re-enforced vault, what's a couple thin bars. They feel non-existant as I quickly grab them and toss them to the side, freeing my man. I'm so happy he's still safe and rush to give him a big hug and kiss. But what of my strength? I restrain for now until I can test my body and go in for a gentle kiss. I want so much more. I tell him that "I'm Supergirl" and move to the back wall to escape. The front way is closed off by a small army of men and I can't take the chance of hurting Mav.

All I could do was stare at her body. Above each little red boot was a calf muscle the size of two softballs. Her Incredibly massive thighs swept inward to the most spectacular ass I have ever seen!! A tiny little waist that exploded into a back that was better than five feet wide! She put both hands on the back wall and started to push. Her already massive muscles bulged even more! My thoughts were of that spandex outfit popping like water balloon from all the stress. I would have liked that! The thick concrete wall started to move from her incredible strength. Sparks were flying from the electrical outlets, debris was falling all around, building materials breaking everywhere. As the wall fell in a cloud of dust she put her arm around me and pulled me tight. Next thing I know we are flying through the air!

Time is short and I get to work on the wall. I ask Mav to stand back as I put all my strength into the thick concrete. It should go quickly but I struggle. The reinforcements are thick so I put all I have into it. I'm amazed at the sheer size my shoulders and lats become as I gain the needed strength to escape. More and more as my suit becomes almost see-through from the expansion. My god I love this power. Blood flows like a freeway, feeding my body and giving me the power to save Mav. I hit a circuit box and a current runs through me to no effect. I rip through it and sparks fly. I check over my shoulder and Mav's OK. The concrete gives way and the room starts collapsing around us. We're free. I get Mav to shelter him. My breasts make a good umbrella and I wrap my arms around him, holding him close. He's in the safest place in the world at the moment. I walk through the opening, keeping Mav tight, and I see my feet are no longer touching the ground. I fly us to a safe place.

Mav still hasn't said a word and I begin to worry if he's OK. I look down and see a bulge in his pants. He's stretching his fabric almost as much as I am. I ask him if he likes my muscles and all he can do is nod. I flex a bit to see if he notices and he groans as his erection pushes harder against me. He noticed. "Does my super strength turn you on?" and he lets out a simple "uh-huh"

She glances down to where my now raging hardon is pressed against her, giggles and says “ Do you like my muscles? Does my super strength turn you on? ” Still unable to speak in whole words, all I can do is nod my head and say uh-huh. We land on the industrial side of town at a place that demolishes old railroad equipment. She starts the show by bending pieces of railroad track into different shapes. Like a clown would do with balloons.

We set down across town in a demolition yard. Mav's face is full of pain from his erection and takes off his pant for a little relief. I need to test my strength so I don't accidentally hurt him. Large railroad beams lay in front of me so I pic one up. The strain is a bit much at first but the strength quickly fills my arms. My god my biceps are bigger than bowling balls. The large beam begins to bend as my arms grow. I easily bend it in half and try another one. Much easier this time and keep bending it into smaller and smaller shapes. I feel like a clown making animal balloons.

The power is intoxicating and I want more. I move to bigger, stronger items in this railroad graveyard. Each time I strain for a moment but quickly gain the strength to conquer the task. I can do anything!! I'm oblivious to my boyfriend as he almost turns blue. He needs sweet release but I can't help him... yet. Sorry Mav you need to wait a little longer. I see a locomotive down the yard and go in for my ultimate test. I put my hands underneath and struggle to lift it. My strength is near infinite at this point but not quite enough. I need more power and put everything I have into lifting. I watch my veins open up which sends a rush of blood coursing through my body. It's coming! I'm becoming stronger, harder, larger and the locomotive slowly rises up. The super suit has about had it and tears begin to form. Please hold for a bit longer. I lift it high over my head, bring it down then do 10 reps with it. I take one arm away and do a single lift high over my head. My suit splits down the side and holds on by a few threads. Mav whimpers in the distance.

I set the locomotive down and run to him and hold him close. He fondles each crevasse with intense passion. "Not yet Mav" and I pick him up and fly off towards home. I feel confident in controlling my strength. I've seen how far I can push it, now lets see how little I can. We walk into my house and I immediately let him remove what's left of my suit. It's stretched so thin, but is still made of super material. He pulls at it until every last bit is gone. I hand him some oil and let him rub me down. He goes over every inch of my body and it feels great. I feel his hard on pressed into me. "Not yet".

Then we move over to a large locomotive. With one arm placed under the beast, it slowly rises from the track. While holding it over our heads she asks if I would like to feel her bicep? It was the size of a freakin bowling ball, and ever bit as hard as one! Her veins were the size of garden hose! She put the locomotive down, pulled me to her, and we were flying again. In a few minutes we were at her house. When we got inside, she handed me a bottle of posing oil, and began to strip off the skin tight costume. The rest was the most incredible night of my life. My tongue hurt for a week, and I loved every bit of it.

His tongue licks every inch of my massive body and bathes me in ecstasy. He licks and fondles me for hours and I give him the hardest muscle ride. Up and down I flex and we writhe together as one. We were lost in each other and the night becomes late as we explore each other's most innermost parts and desires. Daybreak comes and I finally put him inside me. The sexual experience is the most intense pleasure I've ever felt and I think Mav would agree. We climax together and Mav falls asleep beneath my bosom nestled between my arms. I nod off soon after.


  1. WOW!!! Super Sexy Story! I'm surpized no one else has commented yet. Meg you have great talent as a writer.
    Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  2. Thanks so much Rodman. It's Mav's story but I hope I added to it.

    XOXO Meg

  3. When collaborations go right... you get this! Great stuff from the pair of you. One has to wonder if there'll be a part 2 any time in the future?

    Benji Dude

  4. Super hawt! What a fantastic writing device... you guys should definietly do more!


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