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The Buffies - New Life part 1

Previously on The Buffies
Written by Diana

As our canoes sped up, they became faster and faster, and soon the coastline of California came into view on the horizon. Josh guided us to his mansion near a private beach in beautiful Malibu. When we left our former prison it was late afternoon, but as we arrived, finally on Josh’s private beach, the sun scratched the horizon. It lit up the sky in a beautiful mix of all colors from blue to yellow to red. We got out of our boats, but we could do nothing else but witness that beautiful spectacle of mother earth. The actions that happened to us the last days were totally washed away out of our brains. As the sky became dark, Josh asked us if we would like to go in our new home. We agreed, suddenly recognizing how tired we had become. When we entered Josh’s mansion our mouths dropped open. From the sounds of an opening and closing door clucked, we heard footsteps followed by a man that seemed to be Josh’s butler. He headed to Josh and they talked for a few moments. The rest of us stayed in the background until Josh turned around and told us that they were going to arrange a room for us four girls; it would take only a few moments. As promised, George, Josh’s butler, crossed to us and asked us: Meg, Amanda, Diana and Jewel to follow him. We said goodnight to everyone and followed George a floor up into a big and beautiful room with four king-sized beds. We thanked him and each one of us headed towards a bed. While we headed towards them each one of us ripped the torn rags from our bodies. There wasn’t anything we had to hide from each other. We slipped in our beds, wished each other a good night and drifted off into a deep peaceful sleep.

The sun stood high on the sky when we awoke the next morning. Downstairs in our new home, were many people making preparations for the day, but all that noise couldn’t wake us up. Our new bodies completely filled our beds. If anybody would take a look in our bedroom, they would see four gigantic girls who don’t know their new bodies yet. While Meg stretched out her massive arms and legs straight away from her body, Amanda hugged her gigantic bosom, letting her big biceps compress it. On the other hand Jewel lay on her side using one of her arms as a pillow, and Diana, well she used to lie on her stomach but now her breasts press her upper body away from her mattress so that her head barely touches her pillow. You could see that we were sleeping soundly. Next to each of our beds was a small table with an alarm clock and suddenly Amanda’s alarm clock began ringing. Amanda’s hand stretched out to turn the alarm off only this time a few times faster and many times stronger. As a result her hand didn’t just hit the clock, but went right through it splitting the table underneath with it. Those shattering sounds finally woke us up. Each of us searched for the source of such a disturbing noise. Only Amanda looked down at her hand and saw the broken remains of the table. Our eyes met for a moment, and we burst into laughter. We laughed for long time, minutes perhaps not realizing how badly we missed being happy again. We enjoyed it until we heard a knocking on our door followed by a voice we recognized as George, Joshua’s butler.

“Excuse me, ladies. I hope I haven’t disturbed you. Master Joshua asked me to look in on you. We have prepared clothes for you. Just go through the door to your right. I am sure there you will find something fitting for you. If not, just ask me, and if you need something else don’t be afraid to ask. I am at your service.”

We heard George’s footsteps moving from our door.

Moments of silence passed slowly as the events of the past days came back to us. The only remarkable signs that would prove that we survived such a torture were our new, mighty bodies. Every one of us seems to have the same thoughts. We explored each little valley of those gorgeous muscles we gained since that little adventure.

“Girls, I don’t know how you are thinking about this but I need a shower.” Diana said, jumping out of her bed. Meg, Amanda and Jewel followed with joy on their faces and we headed through the bathroom door. Damn, this bathroom seemed to be the same size as the room we slept in. In one corner we found a big shower that all four of us could fit in comfortably.

Jewel turned the water on, and immediately we felt like we were in some tropical forest next to a refreshing waterfall. The water floated down our bulging muscles, through the valleys and again over the massive amounts of power covered with soft skin.

Meg discovered bottles of expensive looking oils and shampoos. Each one of us snatched a bottle, quickly pulling the cap off and enjoying the touch of silk oil on our skins. We worked that gorgeous smelling liquid carefully over each body part, massaging our new muscular bodies with the building foam. We kept going until we discovered a little problem. Our new bodies were strong, flexible, and sexy but no one could reach her back. When you are standing with three other girls underneath a shower there is only one possibility, and joyfully we began rubbing each other’s back. Soon our bodies were clean.

We headed out of the shower and found a stack of over-sized towels. We noticed everything seemed to be fitting to our new size as we began rubbing our bodies dry. Every water drop hidden in the valleys of our muscles was soaked up, leaving only the nice smell of those oils. As we went on drying our hair, we quickly recognized that the use of a hairdryer, brush, or styling irons wouldn’t be necessary any longer. Our hair snapped back into perfect styles as it dried. Meg’s light brown hair went straight down her back with not the slightest curl. On the other hand Diana’s blonde hair went down her back in lovely curls unlike Amanda’s straight blonde hair. When she would throw her head back her hair fell down to her ass. Jewel’s hair would match Meg’s except for the straight bangs and fiery red color.

“Well I don’t know what you all think, but I don’t want to be naked all day. Let’s look in that closet George mentioned,” Jewel said. “Yeah you’re right Jewel,” Amanda quickly replied.

We left the bathroom and headed to the closet. The double doors flung open and our mouths dropped again. The room looked almost as big as our bedroom. 1080 square feet we guessed. Every corner was fully loaded with all kinds of clothes and accessories. And even better, everything was many times larger than the ordinary stuff. To our left was every kind and color of underwear, followed by a large selection of tops, skirts and pants. Our minds spun as we walked around. Everyone played with thoughts of how she would look in this combination or that, and what she should wear for what reason. As we went on jackets, belts, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, stockings, and most importantly shoes came into our view. There was nothing that wasn’t there. In a special corner we found an incredible selection of dresses and every corner held something new. We felt like Alice in Wonderland. We saw a pin pad and wondered what it was for, but agreed with each other that it would be some kind of security managing stuff.

It took a while to plan our outfits and checked our new appearance out in the over sized mirror located on one side of the room. We all guessed that we would stay in Josh’s mansion for now. We all chose tops that covered just our enormous breasts leaving our midriff exposed. Meg and Amanda went sleeveless while Jewel and Diana preferred short-sleeved tops that would stretch across their arms even when they weren’t flexing. We enjoyed the view while they playfully flexed their arms, pushing the fabric to their limits. Each one of us chose very short pants that fit like a second skin and just covering our round tight asses, while our thighs flared out, massive and powerful. We took a closer look and saw how flawless and perfect we’ve become. Our skin was soft and flawless. Jewel’s and Diana’s eyes were a beautiful shade of bright blue, Meg’s eyes shone in perfect green and Amanda’s brown eyes had a strong hazel color. Even our eyelashes, eyebrows and lips had a skin fitting color and seemed to be perfect.

“Finished showing off, girls?” Meg laughed, realizing that minutes had passed while each of us was busy with her mirror-self.

“Yes, I guess so.” Jewel answered with a big grin.

“I would love to know more about where we are exactly and who helped us to escape. What do you think?” Meg thought aloud.

“Right, we have to thank someone very much!” Diana said and went to the door, opening them, and stepped through into our bedroom.

“Hey are you stuck back there?” she called to the other three. They laughed and followed her through the door.

They went downstairs to the main entrance, where a strange sight stopped them in their tracks. Two guys wearing lab coats were carrying a heavy looking box with red paint that said “Attention: Very Fragile!” Their faces were covered with sweat as they moved the crate.

“…damn, be careful. You dropped that box already one time. You’re not going to be happy if that happens a second time!” The girl’s smiles grew as they heard pieces of their conversation.

“I know Nic. Don’t talk to me like a baby.” As they approached the next door, the box hit hard against the doorframe and cracked and splintered.

“Benji, you fool. Can’t you open your eyes?” We recognized Benji’s voice but weren’t familiar with the one he called Nic. We giggled as their argument continued.

“We need to help them, girls. Even though it’s funny,” Amanda said. Every one of us nodded in agreement, so we split up. While Diana and Jewel went outside for the other boxes, Meg and Amanda carefully made their way to Benji and Nic, not wanting to horrify them. As Benji and Nic went through the door, Meg cleared her throat. The men’s heads spun around, and what they saw made them almost drop the box. Meg and Amanda stood next to each other. Their shoulders combined were nearly double as wide as the doorframe.

“Do you need a helping hand?” Amanda asked with a smile on her lips.

The looks on their faces said more than words could ever tell. They stepped forward putting one hand under the box, lifting it up in the air with no effort. Open-mouthed, the men stared at the two big girls easily lifting a 200 pound box in the air.

“Could anyone of you guys tell us where you planned to store this box?” Meg asked. Nic slowly raised one hand and pointed in a corner. “Put it over there next to the other two boxes. We’ll open it and handle it from there.” Meg and Amanda smiled as they put the box where it belonged. They realized just how light the box felt and knew that it wasn’t necessary for two Buffies to carry one of these little boxes.

Suddenly laughter erupted outside, followed by the massive bodies of Jewel and Diana. Each one balanced a box on their hands. Objectively they discovered that these boxes are no match for their new-found strength. You can barely imagine how fast four over-powered girls can. As the last box found its, Benji and Nic couldn’t believe that the girls completed their work in a fraction of time.

Again, a sound ripped them out of their thoughts as Josh stood in the doorframe clapping his hands. He was well dressed and looked much better than the Josh we rescued while escaping.

“Ahh my saviors. I have to thank you for taking me with you. I couldn’t ignore this breathtaking act of strength yours. You have developed amazing bodies and powers to match. I guess you’ve gotten to know each other?” he asked as he glanced from us over to Benji and Nic.

“How could we forget our rescuer?” asked Jewel with a wink over to Benji. He flushed red.

“Then let me introduce Nic to you. He is a brilliant scientist and helped me to build a part of the machine that was the reason for your impressive transformation. To answer your questions, yes it was my project before. It was planned to “perfect” the human body. Eric stole this idea and changed the rate of the effect. The result you can see now on your bodies.” He took a breath like it was a hard story to tell. Each one of us was quiet and carefully listening to him. “In the boxes are the parts of the machine Nic and I developed. With Benji’s, we can reconstruct Eric’s experiments.”

He saw our mistrustful looks and added quickly: “Oh don’t worry, I’m not Eric or an evil scientist. I just want to understand what happened and maybe we can discover some hidden powers of yours. Well I think that’s all the important information. I would like to invite you to a special dinner. What do you think?”

We looked at each other and nodded in unison. The smile on Josh’s face grew even brighter. “Would you like to change into something more elegant?” We agreed again. “Great, we will start in 2 hours? “

“Sounds great! I could use something to eat.” Meg said. We headed up to the room and through our closet. Each one of us searched for something fitting. After several minutes of unsuccessful searching Diana’s voice came out of a corner. “I think I had found something. Yeah even for all of us!”

Diana found a special section of every kind of evening dress. Each one of us grabbed several dresses in different designs and colors and started to get dressed. Of course everything looked good on us but we searched for the ultimate outfit to show off our bodies. Finally after several changes, all of us found a dress that looked perfect. Meg’s strapless dress cupped her gigantic breasts with a black satin-like fabric and left a hint of abs visible. Over her hips, the dress flared out into a wide skirt, leaving her thighs plenty of room to move. The skirt ended half-way up her thighs followed by black high heeled pumps which caused her calves to flare out with each step. All the girls wore pumps, the only piece of clothing beneath their dresses.

Diana’s black dress revealed deep cleavage, highlighted by sparkling diamonds on the v-neck. Her small waist was tightly surrounded by the sheer fabric and pushed outwards by her abs. Her straight dress ended half way down her thighs. Jewel had a similar dress but she showed much more cleavage and more of her powerful legs. Amanda chose a bright and sinful red mini dress that was held up by only two small strings over her broad shoulders. She also showed impressive cleavage and her dress hugged her ass like a second skin and ended not much underneath it.

We headed downstairs to the main entrance of the mansion. Josh soon came down the stairs in an elegant and perfect fitting suit. As he stood in front of us, we realized that we had grown much taller than most people on the planet.

“Well, first things first: You look fabulous. I’m glad you found something fitting in the closet. I think we can start. What do you think? I’m starving..” He said with a smile. “You are not the only one Josh! I think I speak for each and every one of us when I thank you for everything you have done for us.” Jewel said as we all agreed.

“You saved my life and this is my thank you. lets go, the limousine driver is waiting.” With that he stepped to the main door, opened it and went to the limousine.

We followed him eagerly and were more impressed as Josh opened the door for us and waited until we were out, closed the door and gave the driver the signal to drive to our next destination. The interior of the limousine was quite large and luxurious but still a little uncomfortable for us. Josh pulled out five glasses and a bottle of chilled champagne. He let the bottle pop open and filled the glasses with the tasty liquid, then handed each of us a glass and we toasted to our new lives.

The champagne tasted cool and refreshing. It was a moment of bubbling calm in a recently turbulent existence. We chatted until the limousine stopped. The driver opened our door and we stepped outside and headed to the restaurant. We walked in and every eye in the restaurant turned on us and Josh. One waiter showed us to a very large table. We sat down and began looking over the menus and ordering meals. Josh told us about his life and we did the same.

We finished dinner and Josh asked us about going dancing to end the evening. He definitely liked our company and we liked his. We went outside to the limousine and Josh spoke to the driver and we headed out to a club in Malibu.

Suddenly the limo stopped and the driver said, “Looks like the police have closed the road up ahead.” A building was billowing smoke and firemen were working furiously to put it out. Many people were standing around the building. Most of them were being pushed back by police officers so they wouldn’t interrupt the firemen.

Meg approached a police officer to see if they could help. “Sorry ma’am, but that building is highly unstable and may collapse at any moment. We think there are people still trapped in there but we can’t get to them,”

“I think I know what to do.” Meg answered with an earnest look on her face. The police officer was about to ask when Meg’s head spun towards us and said, “Girls we have to rescue the people in there.”

There was nothing more to say and we headed towards the building. Of course the police officers and the firemen tried to stop us, but we gently pushed them out of our way. Carefully, we walked in the building. Our heels clicked with each step we took. Our steps caused the walls and ceilings to drop ash and dirt on our heads and shoulders. The building moaned dangerously. Amanda guided us through a few rooms. She could hear and smell the people around her. Luckily we found no bodies, most people escaped except for a few. The rooms we went through were nothing but black. Finally we came to a dead end where the ceiling hung dangerously down. This may be the reason why nobody was able to save these people. Trapped on the other side were a young man and woman. They sat against the wall trying not to move a bone. Diana made a few careful steps towards them and was suddenly interrupted by a loud crack from the ceiling.

She froze.

“Don’t move! We will get you out of here for sure! Jewel, can you stabilize that ceiling? You’re the only one who can reach it.” Jewel nodded and stepped carefully forward. She put her hands slowly on the ceilings and began to push upwards. Her head turned slightly red from the strain.

"Damn, this is really heavy," she said as her muscles bunched and strained under the weight of the collapsing building.

“We should help her,” Amanda said.

“How,” said Meg, “She’s the only one big enough to reach the ceiling.”

The man and the woman whose faces lit up as we arrived, turned back to fear momentarily as they heard our conversation.

“I think I know what to do,” Diana said, “But you have to hurry up. I don’t know how long I can hold this.”

“What do you have in mind….” Meg asked but she was interrupted by an awesome view. She had already noticed during the fight against Kat, but now it was mind blowing. Diana closed her eyes and began to grow. Her muscles expanded outwards. Her breasts pushed outwards causing her dress to rip in the middle. But more important: she grew upwards. Her hair changed to a fire red and there she stood, an exact copy of Jewel. She opened her eyes, looked down and nodded, satisfied. “Damn I liked this dress.” Immediately she stepped next to Jewel and helped push the ceiling upwards.

“Quick! Meg, Amanda. Get them out of here.” Jewel gasped as small chunks of concrete began falling on her. “I don’t know how long it will be before the building collapses.”

In seconds Meg and Amanda scooped up the two trapped people and whisked them away as if they weighed next to nothing.

“Ahh by the way, you look fantastic Diana!” Jewel said with a big smile.

“Thanks a lot, but I think we should get out of here.” Diana answered with a wink and with the exact same voice as the original.

“Yeah I think so. If we can survive a battle with a freakish bitch that tried to kill us I think we’ll survive this.” She looked over at Diana who nodded.

A few seconds later they let go and ran back to the exit. The ceiling began to collapse followed by slabs of concrete. A large piece hit Jewel in the chest, ripping her dress completely off her body. The two massive ladies stopped for a moment. Diana transformed herself back to her normal self. Jewel on the other hand closed her eyes for a moment and her nipples and private area disappeared, leaving only smooth skin. With a quick move she ripped the rest of her torn dress from her body and we began to run to the exit again. Moments later the room behind them collapsed completely showering them with debris. Ash, concrete and other dirt rained down on them as they ran. Finally, the main door to the street came into view. The police officers, the firemen, and everyone else ran away in fear of the falling building, then, just as Jewel and Diana made it outside, the building moaned loudly and collapsed. We looked for Meg and Amanda and saw them putting the two rescued people down. They ran towards us when they saw us.

The crowd behind them screamed and whispered to each other about the happenings of the last few minutes.“…damn these women are huge…” “Is that woman naked over there?” “Did they just save those two?” “Thank god for these women!” “Who are they?” This and much more was said.

Suddenly Josh appeared behind us and pulled us into his limousine. “That was great work, but you have to be careful. When the press gets you in their fangs you can’t live a normal life anymore.”

“Josh, you forgot that our lives aren’t normal anymore.” Amanda said.

“Yeah I know, but I am sure that it is still too early for that much publicity. Let’s go home now; I think that’s enough commotion for one evening.”

The limousine stopped in front of the main entrance of Josh’s mansion. We stepped inside, went upstairs, and said good night to each other.

-The next day-

Josh sat before his breakfast as George brought him the daily newspaper. He took a look at the headline.


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  1. Good stuff there. I'm a little disappointed that I've been reduced to a single paragraph. :P But I guess these things can't be helped.

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  3. Sorry about that. But as Meg said: It's about us Buffies.
    But I am happy you could enjoy the story however.


    P.S.: Why do thes things bother you? You have a story running with Meg. Not many guys can say that from themselves! ;)

  4. lol And I'm very grateful for the attention I get from Meg. It's just given my... prominence in the earlier episodes of the Buffies just seemed a little odd to suddenly be reduced to a very small cameo.

    I don't mean to come across as, "I'm all important, feature me more damn it!" it was just an observation.

    Benji Dude

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