Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Buffies - Kat's Back part 1

Previously on The Buffies
Written by Meg

It’s noon in downtown Malibu as crowds people are gathered around for lunch and shopping. A beam of white light fills the city center but no one seems to notice.

As the phenomenon fades, a hulking women steps out from the light. Her hair is long and jet black with bangs reminiscent of Bettie Page. She stands 9 feet tall, wearing a black string bikini that looks ready to burst from the massive muscles pushing behind it. Her black thigh-high boots and long gloves bulge to the brink of obliteration.

She steps forward and the ground trembles.

WildKat looks around and the lunch crowds begin to notice her. Buffiemania is in full swing yet no one has seen one of the mythical four yet. This must be one of them, they think and they rush to meet her.

It doesn’t take long to realize their mistake.

Kat’s plan is simple. She knows the four are in the general region, she just needs to draw them out. Gripping the corner of the closest building, Kat’s powerful hands dig in as the brick begins to crumble. Her actions are lightning fast and it takes no time to tear down the old establishment.

As the bricks, mortar and steel fly, the crowd begins to flee in terror. WildKat doesn’t care and seems to be enjoying herself. It’s finally a chance to give this body a proper workout since creation day. “Where are you” she cries out, barely audible over the crowd and destruction. As the last remnants of the building fall she moves onto the next

In a matter of minutes, police arrive on the scene. Her enhanced senses detect helicopters approaching in the distance but she continues on.

“This is the police,” blares the officer through the bullhorn. “Stop what you are doing and...” She ignores them. They give her another verbal warning. With no reaction, a single shot rings out but it simply bounces off of Kat.

She’s never been shot at in this new body and just smiles, knowing now that her muscles are denser than steel traveling faster than sound. The police open fire and a barrage of bullets do nothing more than annoy her.

Picking up the closest car, WildKat hurls it across the barricaded street, smashing into the first wave of police. They are sent flying back for blocks as she continues on her path.

Kat grabs a large I-beam from a building, causing a landslide of fiberglass, wood beams and brick from the falling building. She walks to the street and digs it deep into the concrete. A message is being carved as the choppers come even closer.


Later that night back at the mansion, we’re glued to the TV watching the destruction live on the newscast. The News 5 reporter on the scene describes the situation, high above from the safety of the chopper.

“…and a few city blocks have been lain to ruin by what has been called the Northwestern Dust Devil. The local and California State police have had no luck stopping this menace and the National Guard have been called in.”

The news chopper circles the area and focuses in on a particular area. “We’re now seeing a message scrawled into the street…” the reporter comments as the camera zooms in. Etched in concrete over the entire length of the street are the words “You’re Next!”

We know immediately what this means. It was the taunt for months by our captor. Every day would end with these words and thought of our destruction in the coming hours or days. The dust on screen and we see a close-up of her. Katherine!

The reaction is instantaneous and we head to the scene. Josh stops us and pleads that we change first. We’re still half naked from the beach. “Your testing suits will offer the most protection and we can monitor you.” he tells us as we run up to change into our form fitting purple test suits.

It takes but a moment and when we come back down, Benji adds remote monitoring. “This will give us results we can’t simulate in the lab.” he says while affixing the last one to Meg. He looks up at her and says “Please be careful.”

Josh leads us to an area of the mansion we’ve never seen before and says he has a surprise waiting. “We’re wasting time!” Jewel cries out but he continues down the corridor. We reach a large steel door and Josh enters a code. A retinal scan confirms his identity and the entryway opens.

Inside sits the most exotic plane we’ve ever seen. “This is an experimental aircraft prototype I’ve been developing for the government.” he tells us as we walk into the hangar bay. “Faster than a Scramjet with vertical hover capability… and it seats six.”

Josh opens the rear hatch and walks up into the jet. “It’s called a Quick Deployment Personnel Interceptor or QDPI for short.” he explains. Ducking our heads, we get in and find our seats a little snug. Josh hits a button to compensate and they expand to accommodate our full body mass.

Meg strokes the inside of the sleek high-tech aircraft. “Well CUTIEPIE, welcome to the Buffies. We’ll get you a nice pink paint job to match in no time.” Josh shakes his head in disbelief as he goes through the startup procedure.

Belle makes her way through the Buffies and straps into the co-pilot seat. Josh quickly protests. “No, find your own transportation” he yells but she doesn’t move. Belle’s resolve and tenacity are legendary. He’s still upset with her and frankly doesn’t trust this news reporter. He throws her a fierce look and says “I can’t allow you to come along…” but is cut off.

Belle lays into him. We only hear bits of “…how dare you…” and “…I’d like to see you try…” coming from the front in strong British accent. Josh is used to being completely in charge and doesn’t take orders from anyone… but not this time.

“… and I want this story” are her final words as Josh gives in and prepares to take off. The hotheaded blonde wins this round and we couldn’t admire her more at this moment.

Cutiepie quietly rises a few feet into the air then takes off through a dark tunnel. We emerge from a cliff overlooking the ocean. It only takes a moment to reach downtown Malibu and the wreckage looks far worse than we thought.

Josh switches to hover mode and pilots the plane lower, but staying out of Kat’s reach. The back hatch door opens and four Buffies dressed in purple jumpsuits dive out to the ground below. Diana jokes “Who needs parachutes” as the stand from the small craters they’ve just created.

WildKat senses the tremors caused by the four massively muscle-bound maidens. She stops her path of destruction and turns to see the Buffies running towards her. She smiles and says “It’s about time!”

OK friends, now I need your help. The fight scene will be audience participation so please write in and help us kick Kat’s ass. The rules are simple. No main character dies and the Buffies win in the end. I’ll post the ending once WildKat is defeated.



  1. As the dust settles from the impact, Jewel closes her eyes and disappears from view. All that’s left of her is the silhouette of her massive form framed by the falling dust. A second later, even that is gone.

    “Jewel, why don’t you turn…” Meg starts to say before she turns to see Jewel has vanished. “Good thinking, babe. Take her from surprise after we start in on her. Diana, get ready to grab her and mimic her powers. Amanda, stay with me. Ready girls?”

    They all nod silently as the massive form of Kat turns to face them. Dust and debris is everywhere. Buildings are collapsed, and some are in danger of collapsing. Car alarms are blaring all about as are the sounds sirens and approaching emergency vehicles. These sounds mix with the screams of the scared and dying who were unfortunate enough to be caught in Kat’s onslaught.

    “Where’s your big bitch?” Kat bellows as she takes two colossal earth shattering steps towards a parked SUV.

    “Kat, stop!” Meg yells but it’s too late. With a loud boom, the SUV is sent tumbling towards Meg, Amanda, and Diana at speeds well beyond the sound barrier. The massive vehicle contorts and twists with each impact as it bounces along the ground towards the three. Huge chunks of pavement are torn free and begin tumbling off in random directions. Some of the pieces are the size of a human head. On the third bounce, one of the tires is ripped free of the car and goes careening off smashing into and through the third story window of an office building two hundred yards away. Large pieces of glass shower down to the ground injuring several fleeing refugees. The Buffies reactions are far superior, and they easily jump over or around the massive vehicle as it crashes past their position and into a building where pieces of metal are sent flying in all directions. The heavy scent of leaking diesel fuel soon fills the air.

  2. Say, Meg,
    can I post Belle's transformation? it can be canon or just for fun, and I can get it ready by January 10th. Is that okay?

  3. It's not very easy, even for four girls like Meg, to stop a titan. The very essence of impossibility catches up with Meg as she hears Jewel's terrific, ear-shattering scream and sees her snap into reality, clasping her leg as if she had just kicked a metal pole. Well, perhaps not a metal pole, but to put it in muscular terms, she'd just tried to kick the hull of a forty-six thousand ton dreadnought. How did Katherine's legs ever get so solid? Meg's mind races as her horror-dunked eyes watch the fall of her friend.

    With a look of slight irritation and full confidence, Katherine rights her forearm-into the face of Jewel. Yet another roar of agony erupts from Jewel as she gets thrown through the wall of Malibu's town property, blasting thousands of bricks into pieces along the way. Her limp form goes to a stop after a second of flying, lying mangled and somewhat awkwardly laid.

    "Don't!" screams Meg as Amanda tries to get to her fallen friend. Despite her vicelike grip that only gigantic clamps could match, Amanda forces herself out of her fleshy prison.As Amanda throws her lot in with Jewel and launches herself towards the injured Buffy's landing runway, she is brought back to Earth by the swift collision of Katherine's fist.

  4. Great stuff Cel & Phoebe!
    Belle will probably do her own Buffie transformation story but you can always write one outside the Buffieverse and I'll post it. XOXO Meg

  5. As Amanda flies back, Diana lunges at WildKat and spins around her hulking frame. She holds on tight and starts to take in the superior strength of Kat. The flow is intoxicating as ripples of muscle pour into her already massive body. All of Diana's features slowly start to take Katherine's shape. Her hair, her look and more importantly her strength. Kat was defeated before by the shape-shifter and is prepared this time.

    With some effort, she pulls Diana from her hold and lands a couple blows to stun the Buffie. She sees Meg coming to Diana's rescue and acts quickly. Launching high into the air with her powerful legs, WildKat reaches an altitude of over a few hundred feet, then descends fast. Meg tries to get Diana to safety but it's too late.

    Kat touches down with the force of a mountain directly into Diana, driving the shape-shifting Buffie through the concrete and deep into the bedrock below. The ground shakes for miles as more buildings crumble and Kat's devastation of Malibu continues. She makes her way up from the crater to see a limp Diana buried beneath her. "This is all too easy" she thinks, as she stands and brushes off the debris.

    Meg stands before her with fire in her eyes... and a police car in her grip. "Batter up!" she yells...

  6. Steel roars under Meg's power as she easily swings the three ton vehicle. Kat barely has time to put up a defensive block and is sent hurling back through the air, through a few buildings until finally coming to a rest a few blocks away.

    Meg looks down the crater and see's Diana passed out. Jewel's nearby in the same condition and Amanda is nowhere to be found. What the hell happened? All the training and teamwork and we fall apart in our first encounter. She weeps for a moment before digging Diana out of the rock. Placing her body next to Jewel, she checks them both. They'll be fine in a moment, it'll take much more than that to get rid of a Buffie.

    Meg hears a thunderous crashing for a brief moment before Kat strikes back. She's moving like a blur with her enhanced speed and gaining momentum every second. Meg digs in and braces for the assault, calling out to WildKat's mind but it's too late. Kat collides with an impact felt for hundreds of miles and Meg goes down. The Buffies are out and Kat revels in the victory.

  7. Josh and Belle have been watching the battle from a safe distance within the QDPI jet. Belle screams in terror as she watches Meg fall and pleads with Josh, "There has to be something we can do to help!" The prototype has no weaponry and Kat would crush them in a heartbeat.

    "It will be fine, trust me" he tries to calm her. Always the logistical thinker, Josh calls his contacts at the military to get the situation report. "An airstrike is on it's way, the girls just need to hold on for a few minutes."

    Now that the four are no threat, Kat takes a moment to plan her next move. Eric needs them alive but she wants total revenge. What does he need them for anyway? Isn't she enough! He's always been vague on their importance, like they're special... or something. She decides to go in for the kill.

    Back in the plane, Belle's frantic yelling can't be calmed by Josh's reason. "They don't have a minute" she mutters and grabs the controls to take the jet lower. Before Josh can react, she's racing out the back hatch and onto the battlefield below.

    Belle lands hard but rebounds quickly. She grabs a large steel pipe nearby and stands guard over the fallen Buffies. All Kat can do is laugh.

    "You've got quite a pair... for a women" WildKat jokes at the puny blonde standing before her. Not since David & Goliath or the Tiananman Square massacre has there been an uneven match. Belle stands firm to buy her new friends time, and will hold her ground or die trying.

  8. Belle feels her friends begin to stir and needs to buy time. Kat moves on towards the fallen Buffies without another thought of the insignificant woman. As she stands before them, Belle races forward and drives the pipe into WildKat's leg. She's surprisingly strong as it actually breaks the Goliath's skin. The massive hand of Jewel appears to drive the shaft deep into Kat. She reels back as Belle takes off running.

    "You little SHIT!" WildKat turns to see Belle run down the street and through one of the demolished buildings. Belle is thankful she's hasn't been slacking on her workouts as her body responds, carrying her away fast. Her heart is racing fast but she doesn't stop. "Let her chase me" she thinks to herself.

    It only takes a moment for Kat to catch up. Even amongst the fallen debris, Kat easily locates Belle using her enhanced senses. She screams in rage, how dare a worthless being even think she can stand up to her.

    Kat readies a blow that would send the Buffies flying, let alone a normal person. She's not holding back on this pitiful blonde. Belle dives for cover as Kat brings the full force of her might down on her. She's too late.

    Two sidewinder missiles plow into Kat's massive chest and deliver an explosive payload. Fire erupts everywhere and the ground shakes again. The remnants of the building fall, trapping an unconscious Belle under mounds of debris. The first jet races by as the second readies its attack run. Two more missiles plow into her knocking her back into the street and down for the moment.

    Amanda arrives as Jewel helps Meg and Diana up. The fire from the aerial assault begins to dissipate... and WildKat begins to stand.

  9. OK, Meg, I'm sorry about this... but I don't really like mistakes on munitions. It's very annoying.

    Sidewinders are meant for shooting planes. To waste that on a Kat is not a good idea- the missile will probably miss.

    Sorry for the tone. It's just my personal dislike of such ignorance.

    WildKat looks up, and to her horror, a lone, screaming F-15E Strike Eagle isn't the only thing confronting her. Probably the only thing able to cast a distinct shadow that big, a single B-52 roars over the city, its massive underbelly clanging open. thousands of innocent yet sinister capsules trail out of its bomb bay with only one intention-death.

    Her eyes turn to the National Guard units with surprise and suspicion. Surely the Air Force wouldn't bomb its own peacekeeping troops. To her infuriation, though, she spots four Super Puma helicopters thudding off among the skyscrapers. Her face turns from a blinding white to a Satanic black- a bad omen. Well, she won't stay here to watch the buffies blown to bits- although she'd have enjoyed it, she had better things to do.

    Her eyes lock onto the pink, cartoonish hoverplane that has landed-somehow- among the debris, and a deadly smile creeps onto her face.

  10. The AGM-65 Maverick would be a good alternative. For people who think this is a ship-blowing missile, you've confused this with the AGM-84 Harpoon.

  11. A bleary Meg, meanwhile, wakes up from her battering and looks at the remains of the Mavericks. the pang of recognization strikes her face-Katherine's body heat must've been abnormally high, or that missile would've never hit its intended target.

  12. Her eyes catch onto Katherine dashing towards Cutiepie, then flick alarmingly towards the cluster bombs raining down upon them. The fight wouldn't end so early, she decides grimly, the resilient of fire re-ignited in her mind.

    Only their battleground would change.

  13. Thanks for all your help, the Buffies will take the story from here. Stay tuned to read the thrilling ending, lol

    XOXO Meg

  14. Dear Meg,
    Sorry for the munitions tone. I must've been too distracted. I did a check and guess what! Raytheon made the AIM-9X sidewinder able to target ground units. Just the year before, what's more.

    Before your post I was sort of planning to drop in a few Tornado escorts and a low-flying Bell heli as rescuers. But never mind, I'll keep watching for updates!

    Can't wait for the epic ending! All the best!

  15. See Kat's Back Part 2 for the epic ending.