Monday, January 25, 2010

Meg's Growth: Week 1

Next Week 2
A fan wrote in and wanted to do a AP growth story on a smaller/slower scale. To highlight the struggle and sweat it takes to achieve strength. I think it's a great idea and will start a new ongoing series dedicated to my daily journey to becoming huge. Nothing magical, mystical or scientific here, just hard work and proper training. Lets do this in real-time, so each new comment takes place at the time of writing.

I'll post a new entry each Monday to start the week off. Please be mindful to follow what was written before you. You can add new characters & twists but it must make sense. I'll start it off.

It's lunchtime on Monday. The week's starting off like every other and am already thinking about the weekend. Our normal Monday morning production meeting went long and did all I could to stay awake.

Now, I don't hate my job, it just get boring and monotonous. The work itself is exciting but processes, policies and management can be a real bummer.

One of the few perks is the company fitness center. That's where I am now. Angelo's is still my main gym but it's nice to have a light mid day workout to take my mind off work's problems. Besides, I'm really trying to gain some mass and workout whenever possible. It's almost become an addiction for me.

My trainer at Angelo's gave me some prescription supplements. Nothing illegal, but the best at what's available on the open market. He's been drilling proper techniques into me and have been mostly following them. "Don't overdo it" and "Plenty of rest between..." blah, blah, blah, I get it. It must work because I've been drooling over his body for months now. Maybe someday he'll ask me out.

Working on arms today and going through curls. Barbell, concentration, hammer, preacher, you name it. I've enjoyed the nice little bicep I've acquired and love imagining it bigger. My strength has really increased over the past few month's and have already beaten my previous 150 lb bench record. It's only the beginning. With hard work and patience... someday I'll be the biggest. >>


  1. Finished the work day up and stopped by Angelo's for a solid workout. I may have pushed it a little hard. I'm kinda sore and very smelly. Going to grab a shower, dinner and TV.

    Two and a half men looks to be a repeat so I'll switch over to the bachelor. How cheesy can it be... right?

    I'll be dreaming thoughts of getting big tonight. I hear visualization does wonders.

    Night, night,

  2. It's Tuesday morning and I'm standing naked in front of the mirror. My body is sore from yesterday's intense workout but I feel so strong.

    The thin vein down my bicep is getting a little bigger and more pronounced. More definition too.

    Better get dressed and ready for work.

  3. I got a weird idea this morning to crush a lemon with my bicep. I'm amazed at how easily it burst and now I have lemon juice dripping down me everywhere. Anyone want lemonade?

  4. Wednesday night and Meg slides into bed ready for a good nights sleep in preperation for a full days work tomorrow. Unfortuneatly she just can't turn off, counting sheep, warm milk, nothing works. With nothing better to do she slips out of bed and her nightware and goes to her weights and starts an intence full body workout.

    An hour or two later she stops, warm and with a sexy layer of swet covering her toned body. She makes her way into the bathroom and looks at her body, "Am a little bigger already?" she questions, before turning on the bath. A quick relaxing, soothing bath and it's back to bed. The intence workout did the trick and she soon falls asleep, dreaming dreams of being super muslced.

  5. It's casual Friday here at work and I decided to wear one of my more revealing short sleeve tops. I've been getting compliments all day on my tone and lovin' the attention.

    Bill from Sales approached me in the coffee room. He's always flirting with me but acts a little too macho and chauvinistic and usually crosses the line in appropriate work behavior. I typically smile and am pleasant... but not today.

    His taunts of "muscle girl" were really getting on my nerves and he actually tried to grab a feel. I jerked back and yelled at him which just fueled him on more. "Ooh, you think your tough for a girl" he said in bully fashion. People started coming in like moths to a flame and did the only thing I could think of. Challenge him to an arm wresting contest.

    Now Bill is middle age with a layer of fat from years of easy living. He's big though. A one time high school football player, over 6' tall with easily a hundred pounds on me. He jumps at the chance to show off as any bully would.

    The coffee room is now packed as we sit across from each other, locked in a fist grip. His sleeves are rolled up and he's joking with his buddies and taking bets. I'm a little more serious.

    We start and I put everything I have into it. I'm staring at Bill but can feel my arm ignite with power as my bicep balloon in size and definition. His face looses its smile as he realizes he has to work for the win.

    It's all over then in a matter of seconds. I would love to say I won... but I lost... miserably. Asshole slammed my fist into the table then stood and strutted around like a peacock. He simply laughed, grabbed his coffee and strolled out of the room with his cronies.

    I'll take that jerk-off down, I swear.

  6. It's Saturday and I just finished up lunch at my favorite Italian Deli. I'm at Angelo's and looking to re-double my training efforts after yesterday.

    It's an off day with my trainer so it's just me on the weights. All my anger and determination is going into today's workout.

    I know my body will be screaming at me tomorrow but it will be worth it in the end.

  7. Sunday morning.

    Screaming was putting in mildly. Fire's crept across Meg's body as the ache of yesterday's workout roused her from sleep. For a minute she thought she might have overdone her last anger filled workout, but then as she awoke more the pain settled down a bit.

    "The burn," Meg thought to herself and she flexed and stretched her ever growing arms, "Means I'm doing something right."

  8. So hot, I just love your stories. Looking forward to reading the next ones. Very nicely written Meg, the pacing of the growth was spot on. Visit the link