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The Buffies - Kat's Back part 2

Previously on The Buffies
Written by Diana, Cel & Meg

With immense anger and determination, Kat begins to rise. The remaining rags on her body are still burning from the missile assault that knocked her down. There was never a question that only two missiles could stop Kat. Amanda and Jewel help Meg and Diana up, still a little weak from the Kat's heavy hits.

Kat finally stood, threw her head back and let out an animalistic cry that blew a storm of concrete and ash towards us. With no time to create a new plan, we had to fight intuitive again. Jewel looked in our eyes and disappeared as the rolling dark cloud came upon us.

As our vision cleared, Jewel was gone and we saw Kat running towards us. Meg tried to use her voice halt the advance but there was barely enough time to duck underneath her heavy onslaught. She quickly followed with another heavy punch into the ground where Meg was moments before. Amanda ran behind Kat, jumped in the air and delivered a powerful kick into her neck. Kat turned with lightning speed to grab a hold of Amanda's leg with a vice-like grip. She swung her up in the air and slammed the blonde Buffie face-first in the asphalt ground. Her motions became quicker and harder as she clearly enjoyed hurting Amanda.

Diana and Meg quickly went on the offense. Near by one of the collapsed buildings, large boulders of massive steel and concrete covered the streets. Meg easily grabbed a few of the bigger ones and threw them like a fastball to a waiting Diana. She kicked them with her massive legs, sending it like a cannonball aimed on Kat’s broad back. Kat was in mid-swing with Amanda when the concrete boulder impacted and knocked her to the ground. Amanda went flying high as she was released from Kat's grasp and made a perfect back flip in the air, like the pro gymnast she was. Meg wasted no time and hurled another boulder towards Amanda. Like Diana, she kicked it close to Mach Speed towards Kat. The massive ball of concrete collided with Kat and turned to dust from the impact.

Amanda landed next to Meg and looked around for Diana. Like Jewel, she was now nowhere to be found. Kat laid unmoving a few inches below the ground's surface. She was down but not for long. Kat's massive body slowly began to stir and finally stand. Her breathing was heavy but otherwise unharmed. Meg and Amanda braced for the next round as they see her anger with almost glowing red eyes. They thought, "Where are the other Buffies?" as Kat slowly moved towards them.

A dangerous rumbling came from a nearby skyscraper. Kat ignored it, thinking that her immense power was causing the ground to shake. Amanda and Meg looked towards the skyscraper and noticed a flaming red mane on the ground floor. They instinctively ran into the building and saw Jewel and Diana inside. Looking around, Meg & Amanda realized the plan. They saw the gutted insides of the skyscraper with only four massive steel beams remaining. Suddenly, two flying shoulders from WildKat collided with them, sending the two Buffies flying through the building. Amanda showed her acrobatic skills again and became a flying rocket aimed at one of the beams. Jewel and Diana quickly positioned themselves in two of the four corners as Amanda burst through the steel beam, leaving the weight of the building on the remaining three supports. The trap was set.

Meg landed on her feet outside the building from Kat's assault. The asphalt crumbled under her power and she immediately began to sprint inside, concentrating her complete body power into her legs to gain as much momentum as possible. Jewel ripped apart the steel beam with a bear hug, shredding it to pieces. Diana's powerful legs took on another support with each kick leaving a huge dent. A few feet before the last steel corner, Meg became a blur and launched into the air like a missile. Her massive shoulder cut through the fourth beam like butter as Diana and Jewel finished their part. In a split second, tons of concrete and steel came crashing down and it was too late for Kat to escape the collapsing building. Ceilings of concrete, glass and steel with hundreds of tons of weight fell on the animal-like woman known as WildKat as the four Buffies quickly escaped.

The dust began to settle as we found each other to regroup. We were exhausted but happy at the outcome. Nobody, not even someone as powerful as WildKat could have survived that. We made our way away from the wreckage to rest for a moment and catch our breath.


It doesn't take long before WildKat stands, powdered concrete and broken brick fall from her massive body. Small bruises and a few cuts cover her but quickly begin to disappear as she spots the Buffies recovering from her previous assault. With a roar she explodes through the mountain of fallen debris and begins accelerating towards the four recovering heroes. Each step the massive Kat takes powders the concrete beneath her digs huge foot-sized divots into the asphalt.

The four heroines scatter and Wildcat singles out Meg for her first attack. She hates that damn voice of Meg's more than anything. No one fucking tells WildKat what to do! Each step she takes brings her several feet closer to Meg and causes the massive muscles to bunch, cord, and ripple ominously.

In her furious abandon and supreme confidence, WildKat has lost sight of the other Buffies. She will rip them apart one at a time just as easily as she did the first time. She watches Meg pick up an old Dodge Charger like it was no more than a child’s toy and hold it like a baseball bat. She sees a bead of sweat form on Meg's brow and the massive villainess smiles wickedly. She's going to enjoy this even more than the first beating she gave them moments ago. Her legs pump harder accelerating her past seventy miles per hour. Just then, WildKat feels something powerful, heavy, and harder than steel smash into her left shin. The blow sends her planted leg well behind her and causes her upper body to lurch forward. At the speed she's travelling and with the force of the unseen attack on her leg there is no time for recovery. One thousand pounds of super-dense muscle and bone smash into asphalt face first. A spray of black hardened tar spewed into the air as the colossal villainess skidded to a halt inches in front of a now grinning Meg, a Meg holding a Dodge Charger baseball bat.

The sound of shrieking metal filled the air as Meg's powerful fingers dug into the frame of the car molding it like clay. For a split second Meg's body stood tensed, muscles and veins bulging, over the colossal frame of Wildkat. In the next instant, a sonic boom broke the stillness of the Malibu air as the colossal woman lying on the ground raised her head from a deep groove in the asphalt. Black chunks of asphalt and white bits of crumbled concrete fell from the long jet-black hair and rapidly healing face of the massive prone woman.

Kat had only the briefest of moments to realize what caused the sudden noise before a wave of compressed air slammed into her. A tiny fraction of a second later hundreds of pounds of warped steel, rubber, plastic, and glass--that used to be a Dodge Charger--hammered into her. The force of the blow wrapped the frame--as much as was possible--around the ultra-massive body of Wildkat and drove her head deep into the relatively soft asphalt. Tires, shattered glass, broken plastic, rent metal, and pieces of shattered asphalt and concrete erupted into the air around Meg and Wildkat with almost as much force as Meg delivered into Kat.

Kat exploded up from the ground. Her face twisted into a snarl of pure rage. The mangled remains of the Charger fell from her back with a casual shrug of WildKat’s massive shoulders as if it were composed of nothing more than heavy tissue paper.

“Cunt,” she screamed, “I’m…”

That was all she said before the massive corded muscles of Meg’s right leg bunched sending the purple clad heel of her foot crashing into the bridge of Kat’s nose. The rising woman’s head snapped back as a spray of blood misted into the air and Kat’s body went hurdling backwards compressing the air into another loud boom as the speed of her backward-moving body pierced the sound barrier.

Meg’s mocking voice followed the massive titaness as she flew through the air, “You’re gonna do what, bitch!”

In addition to being well-timed, Meg’s kick was also well-aimed. The hurtling body of Kat contorted as it flew through the air directly to Amanda who had taken the first few moments of the renewed fight to rip a light-pole from the concrete sidewalk and compress it into a flattened and folded piece of steel. She was now holding the deformed metal pole with both hands. Her fingers pressed into the metal strengthening her grip. Amanda had a wicked smile beaming from beneath her light-blonde bangs as the nine foot tall massively muscular Kat screamed through the air towards her. When Kat did arrive at Amanda’s position, the young gymnast turned powerful superhero swung the metal pole upwards striking Kat in her upper back. The metal screamed and twisted from the impact wrapping itself about the muscular frame of the mini-giantess and sending her hurtling in a high arc in the opposite direction.

Amanda dropped the remains of the now-useless twisted metal bat and called after WildKat, “A wicked drive, that one! Got plenty ‘O Maker’s mark on ya that time!”

Diana watched the colossus that was WildKat soar through the air for the merest fraction of a second before digging her powerful legs into the pavement and giving chase. Each powerful piston-like stroke accelerated blonde Buffie faster and faster, until a couple of second later, she was running faster than Kat was flying. With one more powerful stride, the blonde amazon launched herself into the air directly towards the third story of a large downtown office building.

She smashed into the concrete and steel building feet-first shattering concrete, smashing glass, and bending steel I-beams beneath her powerful frame. The broken glass and building fragments fell to the ground like a strange mockery of the destruction of downtown Malibu. As her knees bent, she spun and then launched herself back into the air shattering even more of the building’s façade.

Half a second later Diana’s iron-hard shoulder hammered into the massively muscular midsection of Kat. The blow was hard enough to stop the forward motion of the much larger woman and send them both into freefall. It didn’t however hit WildKat hard enough to completely knock the wind out of her.

A roar broke above the din of the battle dwarfing the sounds of falling debris, screaming pedestrians, the blaring of car alarms, and the multiple sirens of approaching emergency vehicles.

“Bitches!” Roared the raven-haired colossus as her eyes narrowed and face further contorted into a mask of rage. “I was going to let you all live. You would be beaten and bloodied but alive. Now I’m going to grind your bones into meal with my bare hands and feed it to starving children in Africa.”

As she spoke, the nine-foot muscle monstrosity hammered both of her hands into the small of Diana’s back causing the blonde to arch back just in time to catch a massive fist to her face. Blood sprayed into the air. The tiny drops formed a fine mist that seemed to slowly rise as the two massive women fell from the sky. Kat spun in the air flipping the smaller blond amazon beneath her. Diana retaliated by slamming her left elbow twice into Kat’s chin. The blows caused Kat’s head to twist violently to the side before the massive muscles in her neck stretched taut. Kat’s eyes narrowed as her face twisted into primal rage. She grabbed Diana’s shoulders and glared at her, a small trickle of blood dripped from her swollen lip.

The impact sent debris and dust flying high into the air obscuring everyone’s vision for several seconds. With a nod to each other, Amanda and Meg sprinted off in opposite directions racing for the heaviest vehicle they could see within suitable throwing range. The sounds of screaming and physical struggle filled the Malibu air for a second or two before Meg, Amanda, and Jewel saw Kat rocketing back out of the hole, a fresh bruise adorned the bottom of her chin.

Meg watched Kat fly backwards as she hoisted a black H2 hummer over her head seemingly effortlessly. Its car alarm was blaring, and the SXY-DVL license plate was half the reason she had picked it. Just before Kat came to a tumbling halt, Meg nodded to Amanda—who was holding an old ’96 Chrysler minivan over her head—and they both launched their vehicles into the air at Wildkat. Kat vaulted to her feet at the base of the office building, her arms splayed wide, and she roared back at her assailants. The vehicles launched from their feminine catapults with a supersonic boom and arrived just as the battered raven-haired colossus was standing. Again the sound of shrieking metal and breaking glass filled the air as the two vehicles collided in midair around Kat. The smell of gasoline fumes accompanied the sound as the ruptured gas tanks sprayed a fine mist of fuel into the air. A second later another Kat emerged from the impact crater where Diana and Kat fell.

The two vehicles twisted more as they were thrust in opposite directions. They tumbled, rolled, and spilled fuel and broken glass as they bounced along the sidewalk and road smashing into cars and parking meters. Coins, glass, metal, tires, and more fuel dumped into the streets before the two vehicles finally came to a stop. Mercifully, the Hummer’s car alarm finally stopped working as a second massive form with jet-black hair emerged from the crater where Kat and Diana fell.

For an instant, Jewel, Amanda, and Meg held their breath as the huge form slowly extricated itself from the hole. At first, only Kat’s head was visible—her raven hair, the rounded facial features, and piercing green eyes—but quickly the first hints of a purple jumpsuit became visible, even if it was straining and failing in places to contain her massive size. The Buffies smiled in realization of what this meant.

Kat, still roaring, started to lunge forward as her purple counterpart accelerated from the crater. A step later, Kat’s head jerked downwards and slammed into the pavement chin first. A brief shimmer in the air showed the thick right leg of Jewel retreating from the back of WildKat’s bull neck. There was a wicked grin on the massive red-head’s face as she quickly faded back into obscurity. Diana needed no second invitation and charged the fallen woman at full speed.

Kat quickly shook her head and focused in on her charging duplicate. As the purple-clad WildKat copy accelerated towards her, she quickly gathered her strength coiled her body like some monstrously muscled python ready to strike. The earth shook with each thunderous step. Each step came slightly faster than the last. Just as Diana was about to reach her, Kat lunged forward with everything she had, thrusting both legs hard into the ground. The pavement collapsed under her massive push, then she began to accelerate forward as her legs straightened out. Kat flew towards Diana at speeds no person should be able to move at, and certainly not accelerate to in such a short distance. Instead of driving her shoulder into Diana’s midsection, Kat felt something incredibly hard smash into the bottom of her chin with a power only she thought she was capable of.

Meg and Amanda smiled to each other and immediately began to close in as they watched Diana deliver a vicious knee straight to the chin of the lunging Kat. Such blows have ended many a fighter’s career, induced concussions, dislodged teeth, rendered near-instantaneous unconsciousness, but Kat suffered none of these effects. It did however send her spiraling backwards to smash face first into the building façade upside down. Less than a second later a shimmering form jerked the massive woman out of the wall by her arm and used the massively muscled appendage as a fulcrum driving her into the air and then into a supersonic arc where she was driven face first again into the ground.

The windows were still rattling from Diana’s knee to Kat’s chin when Jewel’s blow sent up a hail of black asphalt into the air.

Before the asphalt began to fall, Diana was on Kat’s back, her massive right bicep digging into the throat of Kat. Her legs wrapped around Kat’s waist, and her feet wrapped on the inside of Kat’s thighs.

The massive Kat bucked and twisted throwing Diana onto her back as Kat reached to try and pull away Diana’s arm. A powerful kick from Jewel into Kat’s oblique distracted her long enough for Diana to looped her left arm under Kat’s and locked Diana’s left forearm in sealing the choke hold, but not before the mad flailing of the disadvantaged colossus tripped up titanic red-head sending her plummeting to the ground. A moment later, the massive hand of Kat closed around Jewel’s neck, causing the massive red-headed amazon to reflexively suck in a deep breath. It was dumb luck, but sometimes that’s all it takes.

On her way to the grappling heroes, Meg ripped a steel I-beam from the rubble of the fallen building, delaying her arrival by a scant few seconds thus allowing Amanda to reach the fray first.

Jewel, her concentration broken, shimmered into view as she began struggling to break the iron grip of Kat. She wouldn’t have to wait long. A powerful crack of force freed the hand from around Jewel’s neck as the heel of Amanda’s foot slammed down into the inside of Kat’s elbow.

“Fuck!” she roared then quickly balled her right hand into a fist and slammed it back down. The blow only sent up a shower of debris as her fist cracked the pavement, just missing Jewel who had rolled out of the way a moment before. Already Jewel was disappearing from sight as her shimmering silhouette rose from the ground.

Meg watched the two titans struggle for a few moments. It seemed the purple-clad Diana had the advantage for the moment, but there was still a danger the struggling Kat could break free. As she watched, her fingers dug grooves into the shrieking metal. Meg stepped carefully around Kat and Diana’s massive flailing forms. Their struggles ruptured the asphalt sending a spider web of cracks in all directions around them. When she had her opening, Meg slammed the I-beam into WildKat’s midsection in one powerful, downward, piston-like stroke. The metal screamed along with Kat as the heavy steel warped into a negative image of the massive woman’s abdominals.

As the air rushed out of Kat’s lungs, she ceased her struggles, and the momentary stalemate ended. Diana looped her feet over her opponent’s hips, arched her back, and locked the choke hold in tight. Kat’s right arm was pulled straight as a large shimmering form wrapped herself around the bulging and straining muscles of Kat’s arm and began to apply excruciating pressure against the massive bikini-clad woman’s shoulder.

Deprived of her arms, WildKat struggled and fought with the only weapons she had left available to her—her gigantic legs. She kicked out at anything she thought she could, but desperate flailings are often easily avoided. Kat’s were no exception. Meg and Amanda just stepped back a little and made sure that Jewel and Diana kept control of the fight.

Each mad struggle, each flailing attempt to break free deprived her of more oxygen, more energy and applied more pressure to her already strained shoulder. Each struggle became progressively weaker and weaker. A few seconds later the massive and seemingly unstoppable WildKat didn’t even have enough strength left to scream when Jewel wrenched the massive woman’s arm from her shoulder socket. The sickening pop and tearing of tendons and ligaments along with the faint wheezing of Kat caused the amazon onlookers to wince.

“That’s… That’s enough.”

Meg had barely let the words escape her lip when a blinding flash of light engulfed the bikini-clad behemoth and Kat vanished just as quickly as she had arrived.

It was finally over.


Later the next day, Meg, Amanda, Jewel and Diana finally recover as every scratch, wound, and broken bone has been healed by their super charged systems. Only remnants of the blood soaked test suits lie tattered on the floor. The battle with Kat weighs heavily on our minds. We're back to normal in a matter of hours but what of the other innocent people hurt? What about Belle?

We walk downstairs to a house filled with floral bouquets and bags of mail. “Good morning heroes” Josh says as Nick, Benji and George begin a roaring round of applause. "It seems you have a few more fans now" Benji adds as he opens the curtains to an army of media, fans and supporters camped out on the front lawn.

"How's Belle?" Diana asks.

"The doctor's have stabilized her condition." Josh tells us with a look like he's holding something back. He moves on to another topic but we press him for more. Josh finally tells us we can visit her later which will have to suffice for the moment.

George walks in with a plate of food and motions everyone into the dining room. Repairs to the mansion have started (see Stir Crazy) as we sit amidst replacement drywall and construction equipment.

Josh stands at the head of the table as we sit around the table. “I wanted to say first how proud I am of everyone. You have proven to be heroes, not only to the local community but the entire world.” Nick turns on the television and starts flipping through channels. Every station shows footage of our battle with WildKat.

“The time has come and the world needs heroes, especially now in these trying times. No more hiding you from the media. No more endless hours in the lab or being cooped up in the mansion. The world needs you... are you be willing to help those in need? To fight evil in this world? Are you ready to become The Buffies?

A round of cheers are heard from everyone... well, almost everyone.

“Benji, you’re up.” Josh motions to the red headed lab tech. He steps out for a moment and comes back with four boxes and hands one to each of the girls.

“Here's a little present from all of us” he says as we rip them open like it's Christmas morning. Inside the box is a special, custom made suit for each us. Each one is slightly different but have a uniform look for the brand new Super team.

“These are a little more durable than the lab suits and should offer you more protection” he says as Jewel holds the tiny pink suit up to her massive body and laughs. "Ummm, these are so supposed to give us protection?"

Benji ignores the giggles and continues on. "They include a little something extra we developed from the exhaustive testing we put the four of you through. We’ve isolated the biometric strain responsible for your enormous strength and unique extra ability. We've only scratched the surface in replication… but Nick and I have found a way to incorporate an artificial dampener to temporarily buffer the neural transmitters."

Nick sees the blank look on our faces from Benji's tech talk and gives us the English translation. “You can change back to your normal selves!” and shows a tiny device woven into the fabric of the suits. "It will mask your strength and abilities, you will essentially be the same as you were before the captivity."

Josh continues, "The unit has a limited battery life, so we've incorporated a bio-thermal recharge system. You can be normal as long as you're wearing the suits."

The reaction of the Buffies is mixed. Why would we ever want to go back to being normal, yet Meg feels overjoyed with this news. So many opportunities and possibilities for the future. We can go out without being noticed, maybe even return to our old lives or continue saving the world as the Buffies.


That afternoon, we walk into the Critical Care Unit of Mailibu General. No stares or hushed comments as Josh escorts four women down the corridor. One has red hair, one is a brunette and two are lovely blondes. All look fit and drop dead gorgeous, but that's nothing out of the ordinary for Southern California.

The doctor meets us in the waiting room and prepares to give us the news. "You've got a tough friend there..." he says as while checking his charts. "... and frankly, we're amazed she's survived this long. There's a long road ahead for her, but she should pull through."

"Can we see her?" Amanda asks. The doctor nods yes, "Just keep it brief."

We're not quite prepared for the sight as we walk into Belle's room. Our friend lies unconscious, most of her body covered with bandages, tubes and wires going to a host of life-support equipment. Beside her sits a thin man with a runner’s build and that we instantly recognize.

His face looks tired from the long hours by her side but lets out a kind smile as he stands to introduce himself. "Hello, my name is Cel. Belle and I have been partners for years at the Sentinel... the closest thing she has to family here in the States." We expect him to remember us but we look so different since the last time we met, even if Meg hadn't wiped his memories from the Halloween party.

Cel gives us the update on Belle. "I should have been there with her. Maybe... I could have done something." Jewel feels his pain and comforts him with a hug. Josh steps forward and tells him, "There's nothing you could have done." Cel's expression changes as he notices the man standing behind the four beauties. We can feel tension rise between them and Cel politely excuses himself. Josh waits a moment then follows Cel down the hall.

Belle's eyes slowly open and she let's out a low groan. Her voice is weak and it takes a minute for her eyes to adjust as she looks upon her visitors.

"Is it the drugs in me or do you four look different? That bitch must have knocked the muscle clean out of you." The attempted laughter quickly turns to more groans of pain. "Don't know what all the fuss was about. I could've taken that bitch all by myself."

A nurse comes in and asks us to leave. Belle smiles just before going unconscious again. Diana leans over and whispers in her ear, "Everything will be OK, we promise!"

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  1. Enjoyable, well written but I felt the fight went on a little too long. WildKat seems a little too powerful but that could just be me.

    Benji Dude

  2. That's probably my fault. I love epic fight scenes especially when it comes to the arch-nemesis of the heroes.