Monday, June 22, 2009

Audience Participation II

The last few stories have been with a select group, so lets open it up to everyone this time. Anything goes and take the story wherever you want. The twists and turns make it so much fun. I'll start it off.

You ever have one of those feelings in the back of your head? You don't know what it is but know you have to do something or simply the odd feeling that something major is going to happen. We'll I have one of those today and its driving me nuts. I get dressed in my workout clothes and head to Angelo's for an intense morning workout. Maybe the feeling will go away.

I walk into the gym and >>


  1. the universe explodes.

    The end.

  2. directly in an excited Angelo.

    "Oh Meg. I waited the whole time for you. I developed a new shake, with incredible results."

    "Come down, Angelo! I had a bad start today..."

    "I knew you wouldn't believe me. But maybe you start to. Have you noticed that big girl over there?"

    "Yes I noticed her. But I thought the whole time this is a guy. I mean his, sorry her, back is so broad that it maybe couldn't fit through a normal door."

    "Well I think it will come better. Hey Jessica, could you come to me for a moment?"

    The blood in my veins froze as I heard Angelo call this mountain of muscle by the name of my best friend. My first thought was of course: No that couldn't be my Jessy. I saw her the last time at the weekend as we was dancing. She is a sporty girl with a nice muscle tone and a great body. But that CAN'T be her!

    She let the weights fall down the floor (I could feel the earth shake) and turned her sweaty face in Angelos direction. And if that wasn't enough the cognition hits me like a bolt. I recognized her face. It was indeed my girl Jessica.

    No second later she recognizes me next to Angelo. Her face lit up and she storms over to me and pulls me in a big and painful hug.

    As she released me, I sank down to the floor holding my rips and catching for breath.

    "Sorry Meg. I wouldn't hurt you. I don't know how strong I became."

    "*Caught* No it's alright I just need a little time to recover. What happend to you??"

    "Didn't Angelo tell you? He developed a new shake that incrases the rate of your muscle build."

    "Yes he told me this story but, to be honest, who would believe something?"

    Angelo stood next to me with a big grin on his face, watching our conversation. As jessica came to an end with her story what happened to her he captured the word.

    "So Meg, now you know the whole story. Do you believe me now? Hows about a try?"


  3. "Yes Please!!" I can't believe how big Jess has become but I want to be bigger. The deep down desire to be strong and muscular is filling me and I know I must take Angelo's shake. He goes to the back room and comes back with the glass, smoke rises off the top. I eagerly drink it all down and ask for more. "Patience my Megan" he says. "Let's start off slow" and he leads me to the free weights.

  4. "I feel incredible"...its hard to explain says Meg...but I feel like I could lift the world...I feel the need for cold hard steel in my hands..I grab a 50# dumbbell and curl it like its bicep peaks and grows...over and over I curl...10...20...30 reps until I see my bicep split into two magnificent muscles, thick and hard as a rock...I smile as I look in the mirror..this can't be real...look at me..I set the weight down and flex...I have never looked or felt better...mmm I want much more...

  5. I put the dumbell down and look at myself in the mirror. My biceps are pumped up, and they look bigger than I've ever seen them. Blue veins criss-cross my forearms, and a big vein is protruding from my bicep. I do a double-bicep flex and almost have an orgasm right there as the two huge peaks rise from my arms, bigger and thicker than I've ever seen them before. I lick my lips and flex harder, watching them pump slightly larger.

    I close my eyes and imagine them growing harder, larger, and stronger. I start to feel a tingling, then a burning in my biceps. My eyes dart open and I see... could it be? My god, they're growing! As I concentrated, willing more muscle into my biceps, they responded by bulging higher with each heartbeat1

  6. Sturm finishes his latest rep, setting the bar back onto its rack with a long exhale of air from his tortured lungs. He lays on the bench for a few seconds longer to get his wind back while wondering how he was talked into coming to the gym in the first place. Oh, right, because he might be able to meet some muscular young ladies, he remembers.

    Sitting up, Sturm looks down at his chest, hoping to see some change after those reps even though he knows that change comes slowly and probably even more so for a scrawny fellow like himself.

    Brushing a few locks of his disheveled red hair aside, he glances around the mostly-empty gym and spots a trio near the entrance, two of whom are quite large. Curiosity getting the better of him, he stands up and walks toward them...

  7. I look up at Angelo with amazement and Jessica tells me it's only the beginning. She flexes her arm and I swear the bicep would break through the skin.

    A skinny, redheaded man walks up and introduces himself as Sturm. Still excited with my new muscle, I ask him to give it a squeeze. I see him strain and fail to budge my new muscle. I see he's impressed and watch as his tiny gym shorts begin to rise. I'm flattered and flex harder. Sturm explains that he's new here and looking for strength building tips. "You're about to get the full show" I tell him and head to the heavy weights.

  8. As I turn to go to the heavy dumbbell weight rack, I notice how short and frail Sturm is. Is he that short or have I grown taller already? He only comes up to my chin and his squeeze of my bicep hardly dented the skin and felt so light. I could plainly see how hard he tried to squeeze.
    I think he's cute and will be fun to play with. I give him a sexy sway of my hips and can only imagine how hard he is getting and what's going thru his mind.
    I turn around and with an erotic tone say, "Where shall we start?"

  9. Angelo walks up and asks to talk to me for a minute. He's an older man now but used to be a champion lifter back in the old country. He says in a thick accent "My Megan (seriously thats what he calls me), no shtooping for at least an hour. Very, very important". I nod my head but have no idea what he means. "I have to leave but will be back soon" he says and Jess heads off to work too. I tell her I'll call later and grab dinner. Angelo locks the door behind him and Sturm & I are left to workout.

    We go to the bench and I ask Sturm to spot me as I put on 175 lbs. Shouldn't be a problem with my new muscles. I lay down spread eagle on the bench and grab ahold of the bar. Up, then slowly down as I breath fast & deep. The first rep is a strain but I feel newfound muscles quickly gaining. Up and down and my chest explodes into a ripped mass of muscle. Looking up I see the look of desire on Sturm and he backs off a bit to hide his full blown erection. 10 reps, then 20 and my muscles fill out in massive proportions. My top is training to hold them back. The feeling is intoxicating and my sexual desires are in overdrive.

    I stand up and Sturm is foaming at the mouth when he gets a full look at my upper body. I look in the mirror and am shocked by the immensity and definition of my body. I double the weight then add an extra 50 lbs for good measure... 400lbs. I lay back down for the heavy load and tell Sturm to never mind the spot. Like he could help at this point anyway. I motion him over and he sits on top of me as I begin to lift. I barely budge the bar at first but manage to bring it down. Sturms erection is grinding into me and I want him so bad at this point. We look at each other with burning desire and I tell him to "take me". Nuff said and he pulls down his shorts to reveal one of the biggest dicks I've ever seen and I need it inside of me. I strain to lift the bar and my body explodes again with power and rippling muscle. Sturm caresses my chest and I shiver. "Give it to me now!!" I order and he removes my pants. I bring the bar down as Sturm straddles my waist and rams his cock into me. My god is he huge and struggles to put it all the way in.

    The more I lift, the bigger I become and the faster Sturm thrusts. I gotta recommend this to all the girls! By my 30th rep, my upper body has become larger and more defined than any champion female bodybuilder. Sturm can't take much more and explodes inside of me and we climax together. Just then Angelo unlocks the door and comes running. "I said no Shtooping, what have you done!" So that's what it means... oops. A new, strange and wonderful feeling comes over my body and...

  10. OMG!!! NOW I KNOW WHAT SHTOOPING MEANS!!! Angelo, pulls Sturm of me. "My Megan, There's no telling how massive you'll get now!, he yells. "The protein from the seman will magnify the effects from the shake and modify your DNA!"
    My God!!!, I moan, I feel SUPER !!
    Sturm is in muscle lust heaven. Everyone is looking at my transforming muscles. They are to shocked for words....

  11. With that wonderful feeling I lift my body from the bench up. A deep warm feeling of power spreads toward my body. Magnified a stare at my bare hands.

    "I feel so good....why shouldn't I 'Shtooping' like you said?"

    Angelo steps forward to me. His face shines with sweat. Nervously he made his way to me.

    "Well I think I have to start with my first trys. Have you not wondered why I asked you and Jessica to try the shake?"

    "Hmm no I didn't spent an thought to that. But now you have told me and the question is valid. Why did you asked us and tried it not by yourself?"

    "Ahh I see you noticed it. The shake don't work on men like on woman. When a woman drinks it, it causes a rapid growth of the musculature under strain. But when a man drinks it, it alters manly his desire for shtooping. Along the way it affects the cock of the man to grow like its needed."

    "Hold mean..." My view wanders from Angelo to Sturm and the situation clears itself to me.

    "Yes. I offered Sturm here the same drink as you and Jessica. He was the first "test sucject" for me."

    "But I don't understand right now why it is so terrible that Sturm and I had a little privat session."

    "Because the cock s not the only thing that is affected from the drink. It also affects the sperm he blows out. But I don't know what will happen when that sperm connects with you. You have already a dose of my shake.

    I clearly see he is worried about me now. And I feel a little worried about that. But how could I know what he means with 'shtooping'. "I can quiet you down, Angelo. I feel better then ever. Even better than my dose of your shake this morning. Just look an these guns" I say and lift my massive arms up and hit a double biceps pose. My peak rise to a massive 20'.

    Suddenly Angelos face came up with a look of suprise and awe in it. In the first moment I became proud that Angelo like the result I gained in less then 2 hours of training today. But then I noticed that his look didn't apply to my peaks. Nervously I looked to my right arm. Foremost I couldn't understand why he is so stunned. But then I noticed a little green bolt around my fist. It was only a split second visible but the next one appeared fast after the first one. I stressed my fist harder and in the same moment the bolts became thicker. My view was glued at this wonderful but dangerous phenom. With a half ear I heard Sturm something stammering. I ripped my eyes away from my fist and looked over to Sturm. I expected that he was in awe about my arms or more about my fists but I was suprised to see him look down my feet. Expecting bolts around my feet or my calves or something I looked down. My jaw dropped as I saw nothing light-based. My feet are floating a few inches above the floof of Angelo's Gym.

    The only thought I had in my mind was: "What else will happen to my body in future?"
    I could sence that this was only the beginning...

  12. Oh man....Rodman wrote the same thing as me but shorter...
    And he was faster...crap.

  13. Sorry, Volupia. But your post is great.
    I'm such a slow typer it takes forever to write a long post. I'm keeping my posts short and let someone else with real talent carry the ball.
    Please keep adding to the story.

  14. Thanks for the compliment. But now I leave place for other users with great ideas. I will add soon more ;)

  15. Gasping after his massive orgasm, Sturm lays on the floor and tries to catch his breath. Never in his entire life has he had such wild and spontaneous lovemaking as he had at that moment, and with a woman of his dreams, no less!

    His twelve-inch cock rapidly softens as he lays sweating on the floor, looking up at the male bodybuilder-sized woman he just had sex with. Angelo runs toward them after witnessing their climax and begins explain more about the new shake he developed. So he really WASN'T imagining his cock being that big! Nor the sheer quantity of semen he ejaculated when he came in the woman--Megan, her name was, according to Angelo.

    Upon hearing how much more Meg will grow from the protein in his cum, his cock twitches at the thought. He then sees her moving upward slightly and he looks down toward her feet to see them rising slowly above the ground a few inches. He gasps and wonders just what else his ejaculate has done to her already fantastic body. He slowly rises up to stand in front of the two large people, not really caring so much about his nakedness at the moment.

  16. It started with floating off the ground and the rest of the reaction takes a few minutes to kick in while my DNA is being re-written. I float higher off the ground as I look at Sturm in his naked glory and Angelo... who is just plain freaking out at this point. I don't care and am ready for my transformation, wherever it takes me. The rumbling inside me continues to build until it reaches a gestation point.

    Without even moving, my muscles build upon each other at an alarming rate. Bigger and stronger by the second with thick steel veins criss-crossing every deep chasm of muscle tissue. I move to the entire weight rack and try to pick it up. The process quickens as the weight feeds my body with nourishment and the rate of muscle building triples. I easily lift the entire rack and Angelo gasps. Sturm can't hold back and his genetically modified manhood becomes erect again and continues to grow larger from the formula. He can't even stand at this point and leans back to counter balance himself. What would happen if I took even more from him? I toss the rack to the side and it flies through the wall. Angelo sees what I have in mind and screams "My Megan No!

  17. Sturm stares in silent awe as he witnesses this queen of muscle growing to unbelievable sizes.

    Her biceps bulge larger and taller, the split heads forming rapidly as they inflate before his eyes. The muscles actually seem to also get harder as they swell, the veins crossing them becoming more pronounced while her triceps also grow in proportion. As his eyes travel lower, he spies her massive chest growing even broader, breasts ballooning out in an almost spherical fashion as they, too, grow with massive amounts of hard muscle.

    The slabs of muscle adorning Meg's abs split further and the crevices between them deepen until her 6-pack becomes a super-hard 8-pack wall of muscle. It also flattens further and even begins to become slightly concave as her waist narrows considerably, giving her an exaggerated hourglass figure.

    As Sturm's gaze lowers further, he actually notices Meg's hips becoming a bit smaller, her buttocks firming up quickly and losing what little fat was left on them. When he finally sees his favorite musclewoman's body part, Meg's legs, his erection snaps to attention and grows some from the stimulation. Her quads and calves practically explode with growth as they swell, bulging out obscenely, even to the point of her thighs being wider than her waist! As he watches, more muscle grows on top of the existing muscle, causing his aching member to throb hotly with desire, especially when she tosses aside the weight rack as though it were a plastic toy.

    All of Meg's muscles grow in harmony, a concert of iron-hard strength while somehow still exuding an air of undeniable, sexy femininity that he finds irresistible. Laying on his back still, he stares at the incredible woman as she walks toward him...

  18. Before Angelo can react, I fly to Sturm pick him up by the hips and put his massive cock in my mouth. It's head is so massive, I can barely suround it with my lips. He is light as a feather and I begin to suck his super cum in.
    OH MY GOD!!!, I feel it's power surging thru me......

  19. Sturm gasps audibly as his growing cock is taken inside the woman's mouth almost at the same time as he is lifted off the ground by her. He instinctively reaches forward and grasps onto her to help steady himself and discovers that his hands are gripping her massive biceps tightly. "Oohhhhh!!" His precum oozes out at a nearly constant rate into Meg's eager mouth while he begins to let his hands caress her mega muscles...

  20. "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" is a phrase I didn't quite understand until this point. My lust for power has increased exponentially and although my body is packed with more, tighter and harder muscle than anyone on the planet, I can't stop my lust for more. The floating and godlike muscles are just the beginning.

    As Sturms cum oozes down my throat, I grab a hold of his giant cock to keep a steady flow. His constant caressing of every chasm of my body keeps him hard. and wanting more. We float higher off the ground in ecstasy. I try my best to take it all in but its so big and keeps growing. Each ounce that mixes with my new reformed DNA gives me unlimited strength and power... and it keeps pouring into me. The pre-cum is done and I ram his super manhood as far into me as possible. The feeling has some discomfort but will soon be worth it as the full rush of semen fills Me, by the gallons and I've never felt anything like this. Here it comes, Oh shit...

  21. I never felt something like that going down my thoat. It felts like water but a thousand times softer. I wasn't even aware that I swallowed it or even how much. No second later my body starts to shake as his cum spreads in my body. I had to drop Sturm to the floor. That feeling should nothing adulterate. I closed my eyes to enjoy this feeling. As I enjoyed it, my body starts to rise itself higher from the floor. While I floated a few feet above the floor I felt such a power grow inside me that I could affect everything in the entire universe, even time. as I opened my eyes again I could see my skin getting a perfect tan. Every flaw on my skins fades away and left it perfect. As I saw it I knew at the same time that there won't grow any more hair. My muscles start to compress and swell under my flawless skin. Every fibre was clear visible as they hardens even more to contain my power. My hair that became fuller and longer while my first transformation begane to shine in a wonderful way. Even befor this it was beautiful but now it became siply awesome.

    Angelo backed off as he saw the transformation. I could read that he feared my new power. Sturm on the other way was just even more amazed from my new appearance. I lifted one hand and Sturms body began to rose from the floor until he could look direct in my eyes. His lust and desire jumped direct out of his face. I let him float closer to me and gave him the most intense, deepest and passionatly kiss he would ever get.

    "You helped me to become the most powerful being in the entire universe. See that as my payment for you."

    I kissed him one more time and...

  22. Feeling himself rise off the ground a several feet, Sturm looks into Meg's eyes deeply, feeling his already-hard member throb hotly with desire. She then wraps her amazing body around his, her powerful, bulging body pressing against him as she kisses him most passionately.

    As he closes his eyes, letting himself get lost in the most wonderful kiss of his life, Sturm slides his hands around her massive torso, fingers caressing each deep crevice between her thickening muscles... He can feel her enormous biceps against his arms as she hugs him tight, the paper-thin skin allowing him to feel her swelling muscles as they harden further and grow bigger and bigger...

    Her legs wrap around his and he can feel her massive calves and quads exploding with steel-hard power, muscles building on top of muscles as they swell... Her breasts inflate larger and firmer against his chest as she kisses him with an almost animal-like passion... His cock swells thicker and longer, surpassing 14", then 16", then a full 18" long against her hard, ripped abs... He can feel her hair growing longer and softer against his fingers as he tries to gently caress her expanding lats and back, causing him to moan deeply...

  23. I breath deeper with Sturm's soft caress and almost lose him within my expanding bosom. The electrical feeling from our first love making is fading and I feel Angelo's shake must be wearing off.

    I hold Sturm gently (or do my best with my unlimited strength) and we kiss even more deeply as his shaft enters my body. Not hot and fast, this time its soft and sensual as I float us down and carefully lay on top. We explore each other as our bodies move in rhythm. The world doesn't exist, just the two of us. Sturm climaxes and I take in the remaining semen that will give me the ultimate power in the universe.

    The effect is instantaneous as my muscle begin to swell and fill again. Sturm holds me to feel every change as it occurs. My breast keep growing in proportion to my muscles. Onward and upward as steel transforms on top of steel. The power is intoxicating and feel like I could juggle planets.

    I look at Sturm and can read his mind. A new power? I think harder and can also read Angelo's, then everyone within a mile, then the city. I know all their thoughts. But more than that I know all the answers to their questions. I think a little more and know the answer to every question.

    I stand up tall and flex ever muscle in unison and I balloon to unreal proportions. Flex and release, breath in and out... I am ready. It's time to leave Angelo and Sturm. I must find Jessica.

  24. In a split secon I knew where she is. In the meanwhile she was lifting weights. Over and over again. In my mind I saw her and how big she became. Awesome that she worked for it while I got them in a big pleasure.

    But there was one more thing in my mind. Should I allow Jessica to get awesome power by Sturms semen or should this stay as my secret? I can help her grow larger by myself not needing it any more. I feel so omnipotent...

  25. Sturm cannot possibly express the sheer joy he felt as he made sweet love to the goddess of muscle, his nearly two-foot cock sliding gently in and out of her while it drooled precum constantly. When he finally orgasmed for a second (or was it third?) time, he collapsed on the floor beneath Meg.

    His cock still raging hard, Meg slides off and her muscles continue piling on, causing her body to balloon larger and thicker, her diamond-hard muscles expanding at an incredible rate to unbelievable sizes. Sturm can only pant in post-coital bliss as he stares up at the mountain of muscle-woman growing above him, who appears to be looking around for someone...

  26. I float over to Jessica. I must share this power with her. I'm now so powerfull and Goddess like, that no mere mortal can fully satisfy me. I can now grant superbeing muscle and power to anyone thru my breast nectar, without them even beginning to compare or approach my level of mega goddess abilities.
    I reach into Jessica's mind and she turns to face me. She is amazed and longing to worship and receive my gift. She reaches for my breast and begins to suck. She moans in pleasure and I realize that I can create a new Super Race at will.
    Jessica's transformation begins.....

  27. Jessica's body starts to swell, her clothing getting tighter as her strength increases. As she suckles on Megs dimand hard super sized nipple Meg can feel her muscles still growing. Then something starts to feel different, as her muscles sub devide, quickly doubling her already omnipitant strength, Megs veins bluge out all over her body, as thick as a normal mans arm. She's just a tower of sexy muscle.

    Jessica moans into Meg's huge breast as her clothing starts to moan under the strain of her ever expanding muscle mass, quickly appearing much larger than any male body builder. Driven by raw emotion and a deep need, Jessica sucks harder on Meg's tit, drinking down more of the magical liquid. The creaking gets louder as Jessica gets bigger, stronger, as she gets more muscular she moans louder, clearly enjoying herself, lost in the sensation of rapidly developing muscle and power.

    With a gentle motion Meg pushes Jessica off her still dripping teet and looks at her new creation and smiles.

  28. Jess looks up at me with a longing for more. Her deep gaze is intoxicating but I tell her to wait, more will come soon. Much more.

    The plan was to meet up with the other girls for dinner and a night out. Plans have changed but we still need to get the others together. I give Jessica another squirt from my nipple and we head to the restaurant. It will definitely be "Girls night out."

  29. As they head to meet the other girls, Jessica feels the warm glow of the transformation continue as her DNA is reformed and enhanced. She revels in the her new flawless beauty and feels the power surging inside.
    Meg tells her that she now coming much more that a hot muscle babe, but transforming into a superwoman, much more powerfull than a mere mortal.
    Jessica can't wait to demonstrate her new power and strength, as she feels her new muscles and flexes her car crushing legs.
    Goddess Mega Meg, say to be patient. So we will reveal oursselfs to the world....

  30. The night came down while Jessica and I walked to the restaurant where we would met our (still human) friends. Of course they won't know how their lifes will change tonight. While we walked down the street to the restaurant where we would meet them, Jessica tested her new power on the parking cars. She lifted them easily up with one hand and stacked them to a big tower. I could only grin as I saw how much fun she had. "Goddess Mega Meg" would be a great new name for me when we reveal ourselfs to the world, I thought.

    As we came near the restaurant I let a thight, small dress and high heeled pumps for me appear. It would look a little freakish to go nude in that restaurant. The dress could only slender contain my muscled body and my new breasts.

    Next to me Jessica saw my new outfit and demand that she want a new dress too. While she played with the car she picked up a few minutes ago, I read her mind to see what style she would like.

    Promptly a red sleevless, long dress appeared on her body. With matching red pumps of course. Like my dress, Jessica's could only narrow contain her body and her breasts. But while my dress covers only my crotch and shows off the complete glory of my enormous legs, hers tried to hide her massive legs and calves which gave her an elegant look.

    Jessica looked down her body, grinned on me, tossed the car away and we headed into the restaurant where our frieds wistful waited for us.

    We entered the Restaurant and of course every view was on our bodies. What should I expect otherwise? In my mind I reached out to everyone in the Restaurant and ordered them to ignore everything and any actions around us. They should handle us as normal girls. I felt that Nina and Danielle haven't noticed us right now. They sat on a table by a window with their backs towards us. We walked towards them and Jessica softly touched their shoulders with her hands. With grinning faces they turned around. Of course they expected us, but not that way we looked now. Even in sycon their jaws dropped down as they saw us beauties.

    Hectic they stood up to have a full view of our bodies. And even immediatly it happened. Nina started to ask the usual questions, you would expect. Danielle on the other way carefully poked Jessicas unflexed biceps. While I tried to becalm Nina and getting her to sit down again, Danielle tried even harder to make a dent into Jessicas biceps. I grinned and sat down across of Nina. Seconds later Jessica and Danielle joined us and we ordered some food and drinks.

    While we waited we answered all questions from them. It seemed that they wanted to know everything what happened about us. And we told them our story from the beginning of the day on until now.

    As we finished our story our meals where eaten. While Nina wants to know everything. Danielle was transfixed by our bulging muscles. And then came the questin I expected:

    "Can we get bodies like yours and Jessicas?"

    "Yes and way more!....."

  31. After dinner, a few bottles of wine and many questions, Nina and Danielle were ready. The long night of watching there heads go up and down with our simplest flexes was starting to make Jess and I dizzy. We walked out and the Maitre D' insisted everything was free. A simple perk of a goddess.

    We walked out into the cool night air arm in arm in arm ready to change the world...and have a little fun doing so.

  32. Meg led the way, heading towards the local park. As they walked both Meg and Jessica felt everyone's eyes roam over their super muscled and toned bodies.

    They soon entered the park and made their way to a clearing. Meg turned to face Nina and Danielle and with a seductive movement removed the top of her outfit, revealing two large fertile breasts, "Drink up girls" Meg offered with a smile, each girl jumped at the chance, Nina taking the left nipple, Danielle the right. They quickly started to suckle, causing Meg to moan in pleasure, as they drank down the nectar their bodies rapidly showed signs of development, each small girl quickly building muscle tone, their clothing gradually getting tighter. The developing girls moaned with pleasure as their clothes were getting tighter and they felt their bodies growing stronger.

    Nina had to reposition herself as she was slowly growing taller, the previously 5'4" cutie was quickly approaching 6' her clothing creaking under the the strain of her growing size and bulging muscles. By now each girl was as large as the biggest male body builders but still they kept on drinking from Meg's magical jugs. Danielle couldn't take it any more, gripping her clothing with her powerful hands she ripped it in two, allowing her muslced form free, her new larger breasts bouncing enticingly in their new found freedom. Nina's clothing fell apart shortly after as she passed 7' in height.

    Meg tilted her head back in pleasure as the two growing girls sucked hard on her sensitive nipples. Jessica looked on at the two developing girls, her eyes roaming all over the two muscle clad women. Jessica;s eyes scanned over Danielle's expanding form quickly focusing in on her snatch, her eyes bulged at the sight of Danielle's swelling mound, her pussy growing extra large and dripping with a need.

  33. As Jessica(Jewel?)scans Danielle's growing super muscles and powerfull crotch, she hears in her mind Goddess Mega Meg say, "Sisters I'm now creating in your now superior bodies the beginnings of a new race of supermuscled, superwomen who will no longer need man or mere mortals for sexual satisfation or procreation. Your own clits will become much larger and more potent than any male penis. Feel and test the super power and strength I now give you !! This is much more than a girls night out. It is the coming out party of our super race....!!!

  34. It wasn't enough. My mass, my beauty, my abilities...I needed more. I stepped back, causing Nina and Danielle to unlatch and look up and me greedily. They had grown even bigger than Jessica, both towering 7'6" mountains of mass. They could almost look me in the eyes, and that was the heart of the problem. I wanted there to be no doubt as to who was supreme.

    "Ladies, I need you to stimulate me." With that simple command, Nina got down on her knees and buried her head between my titantic thighs. Danielle came at me from behind, reaching underneath to stick a long finger up my cunt while kissing and caressing my ass. My nipples immediately regained their stature, and it was then that I knew what needed to be done.

    With the two ladies bringing me to new heights of pleasure, and Jessica flicking her clit, enthralled in her own orgasimic pleasure, I reached under my massive mammories, fondling them, and positioning them until I had both nipples in my mouth, and began sucking.

    The pleasure of those first moments exceeded anything I'd ever experienced. And as the warm liquid from my breasts was absorbed back into my body, I began to expand to even greater heights. It was amazing. My body could feed itself. And slowly I grew. And expanded. Getting larger. More massive. Exploding with power. At 9', Nina had to crane her neck upwards to keep her tongue buried between my folds. Soon, she had to begin to stand. I spread my legs wide so that there was room for here between the gigantic slabs of beef that were my thighs.

    And I continued to suck my nipples.

  35. As I do continue to suck my nipples, and grow ever larger and more massive. I feel the muscle goddess power grow in me expontiality. There is now no force in this universe which can compare to my size, strength and mega muscles. I'm a true MEGA GODDESS !!! The girls gaze up in awe and worship of my massive and growing 12 feet plus height.
    As they also grow to massive super women each over 7 to 8 feet high and superhot massive and horny, ready to seduce, destroy, conquer and rule an unsuspecting mortal world, I tell them that this weak, sleeping and puny city is only the beginning.... As we lust for each others super massive bodies and power, and as the night air sparks and crackles with the energy around us, we begin our "Playtime!!!"....Super Muscled Night Out on the Town....

  36. No one has any more on this... really?

    The clubs aren't prepared for what's about to come down the strip. As in almost slow motion and with a kickin' soundtrack in the background, four goddesses of might and muscle come strolling down the boulevard in the shearest, tightest and shortest party dresses. Every ripple of muscle bulges through the fabric leaving nothing to the spectators imagination.

    The long line parts as we walk up to the door. It's a special invite only engagement for visiting rockstars. The bouncers tremble as they see us and ask for our names. Of course we aren't on the guest list but the largest bouncer goes "Meg, Jessica, Nina and Danielle, you can go right in". Time for some fun.

  37. The Buffies hit the club - and hard. They made everyone - man or woman - in the club their own within minutes. Especially Meg was at the centre of attention. The bouncers who had let the girls in had followed Meg like puppy dogs. They were almost in trance. Meg smiled broadly at their advances. She wasn't particularly interested in any of them. Compared to her girls they were merely trained athletes, and compared to herself they were ... 'let's face it - pups' Meg thought. But they made for brilliant entertainment, the way they worshipped Meg's hard and gorgeous body, caressing her while she had them dance for her, drinking tequila off of their reasonably trained bodies. Entertainment worthy of a Goddess, indeed.

    Danielle watched Meg with gritted teeth from across the room. She was at the bar and even though she probably could have had her way with anyone in the club that's not what she wanted. Her body craved something else, her body craved MORE. The feeling of tremendous power flowing into her body and fuelling every single muscle cell had been too intoxicating, she needed more of that. "More", that was the word ringing in her head, "more, more, f**** MORE!"


    Danielle looked down at her now closed fist. She had crushed the glass in her hand and by doing so had made her already trunk-like arm rip through the sleeve of her elegant dress. She looked at her arm, dumbfounded, admiring it. Her biceps protruded from under the torn garment big like a man's head, with rich veins nestling the hard powerful flesh. "And yet, nothing compared to Meg's body", she sighed.

    "Too bad you're not the She-Hulk, that would've solved your problem..."
    Danielle turned around. A man had joined her at the bar. Oddly enough, he was almost as tall as she was, and not on the weak side either. He was like a body building champion, or just a little more than that. Danielle couldn't quite put her finger on it.

    He wore a black suit that looked oddly displaced on his body. It seemed to strain, not quite being able to contain the body it was supposed to hold. The same was true of his white shirt. The buttons were barely hanging in there keeping the front closed.
    "I beg your pardon?" Danielle replied.
    "Well, you're obviously angry because you aren't as tall as your friend over there. If you had been the She-Hulk you could have put that anger to good use."
    Danielle smiled: "You are good at reading people Mr. ... ?"
    "I'm Henry" he put her hand in his and kissed it.
    Danielle smirked: "Really? I would have guessed 'Edward'"
    "I get that a lot." He smiled back.
    "I'm Danielle", she stretched out her hand to greet him.

  38. He took her hand and pulled her towards him firmly. He let his fingers trail over the chiselled relief that was her biceps, swelling out from underneath the torn silk sleeve.
    "You know, Danielle, there are other ways to quench the thirst for power. You don't necessarily need to be at the mercy of your friend over there."
    Danielle felt antagonised. Who was he to talk that way about her Meg. But something in his words... 'the thirst'... that's exactly what it was. An almost insatiable thirst for strength. How she relished in the throws of her transformation. How she just had to rip off her clothes, not because it had been necessary to do it - her unbound muscles would have just shredded the material - but because she wanted to release the beast inside her.
    "What would you know about my thirst for power, Henry?"
    "Oh, I am a very thirsty man myself." He took out a vial of red liquid from his pocket. "A drop of this will give you a pretty good rush, believe me."
    "Yeah right", Danielle snorted. She took Henry for a drug dealer.
    "Don't think I'm kidding". His eyes took on a dark and dangerous look. He opened the vial and put a drop of the liquid into his drink. "Cheers!" He gulped it down.
    He closed his eyes but Danielle soon realised that was not because Henry was savouring the taste of his Whiskey. He was savouring ... power.
    Henry trembled. Danielle was watching him doubtfully. However, her doubt soon transformed into awe. Henry was breathing hard and had to lean back against the bar. His shirt was getting stretched over his chest until pop by pop the buttons gave way to release pulsing packs of muscle that were pushing their way out.
    Henry couldn't help but growl with delight: " Oh yeah!"
    Quickly Henry reached for Danielle's hand and placed it on his upper arm. "Can you feel it?", he asked.
    "Your arm, you ... you are growing. But how? Oh my ...."
    Henry flexed the arm Danielle was holding with a grunt and massive mountains of angrily pulsing muscles tore through shirt and jacket sleeve.
    "Grrraah, this ... feels ... so good ... every .... single .... time" he just had to flex his other arm and thus the other sleeve was history too.
    Slowly Henry caught his breath and presented his new mass to Danielle.
    "So, Danielle.... I would really, REALLY like to buy you a drink."
    Danielle's eyes were glowing. Henry held up the vial and smiled. Danielle quickly grabbed it, afraid Henry might change his mind and downed the whole thing.

    Danielle looked at Henry and then back to Meg an incredible rush that washed over her body and senses: the beast inside her, Henry had unleashed it.

  39. The music is pumping and bodies gyrate around me, Jess and Nina on the dance floor. I feel like the center of the universe with all other heavenly bodies revolving around me. I'm so caught up in the moment, I loose Danielle and quickly look around to find her downing a drink. Back to the party.

    Danielle is ready to unleash the beast. Henry only took a small drop and grew massive compared to his somewhat large previous size. What could she become with her already goddess proportions and the large amount in the vial. Henry tells her to let all the anger out, it will feed her growth. That's all Danielle needs.

    She screams to let the rage fill her. Every vein pops from her massive form as the transformation takes hold. The music stops and the entire club turns to see Danielle as her sheer party dress flies off in shreds. Muscles build at an alarming rate and appear to push through the skin as the body fat melts even further away.

    The screams get louder as Danielle pines for more. People begin to leave and us 3 other goddesses begin to worry. So much muscle has been added that Danielle's limbs and torso begin to grind into each other with so much force that she appears to be a solid slab of throbbing, growing muscle tissue. How could anyone hold that much muscle onto a petite frame?

    She slowly walks up to the center dance floor as her phenomenal growth continues at an alarming rate. I see a mysterious hulking man who quickly vanishes as our eyes connect. Danielle now stands before me with torn clothes, an overstretched thong is all that still clings to her body. I have to look up into her eyes and am confronted by a sheer muscle wall of hate, and her growth continues as we watch even more steel hard muscle being added by the second. The 3 of us stand together but are puny compared to the monster that our friend Danielle has become.

    In one last burst of anger, she lets out all her rage as the fluid empties into every angry cell of hers and we watch as she doubles in size, revealing every single muscle tissue, strand and sinew that each individual one is powerful enough to take on the world. Combined into the massive goddess that is now Danielle, how could we stop her.

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  41. Sorry.. delete the above. Made a mistake with Henry.

    Danielle, hungry for more looks over to a muscular guy on the dance floor and smiles seductively.
    "Mmm. The power tastes good. I can feel it burning inside my limbs. I feel primal. Uncontrollable. Unstoppable. Thank you for the power up Henry." She says to the air.

    The man, a large bodybuilder, eyes wide with fear and lust at the sight of the goddess before him gulps, "Uh.. Are you you feeling okay?"

    "I'm feeling wooondddderffullll..." Danielle purrs.

    Suddenly, Danielle's face crunches in pain and she quickly doubles over. Several club members, quickly move out of the way as Danielle slowly cries out in pain. Her muscles spasm as she falls to her knees.
    Tears running down her face and face red and contorted in pain, she reaches for the man and whimpers "Help me..the pain..."

    The man, concerned, slowly walks over to Danielle. Suddenly Danielle, her muscles moving inhumanely fast, grabs his forearm and pulls him toward her. As her skin touches his arm, a sparkling red glow appears around her and the man slowly loses his muscles.

    "Let me go!" he screams as he struggles against Danielle.
    "Must touch you... helps.. the pain..."
    As the man struggles and his muscles begin to shrink, and their contact continues, Danielle's spasms slowly stop and her once pain filled face changes. Small breaths of pleasure escape from her lips.

    Is that a smile? Megan wonders as she watches from afar.

    "Oh.. the power. Flowing through me. Getting stronger. Must have more.." she moans.

    The man, now below average, slips out of Danielle's embrace as she nears orgasmic ecstasy. Danielle, writhing on the dance floor is glowing bright red as her arousal reaches it's climax.

    Then she faints.

    Megan and the others cautiously move across the dance floor to check on the unconscious Danielle.

    Suddenly, Danielle's eyes pop open and she quickly turns her head and looks at a glass left on the bar. Using her mind, she shatters the glass into a thousand pieces.

    Megan stops mid stride and looks amazed. As she does, an invisible force pushes Danielle to her feet. "Mmmmm.. it appears that I developed a new ability. When I absorbed someones muscle and their energy, I get a new ability. I also feel smarter somehow." Smiling arrogantly, she flexes her muscles and looks at Meg. "I wonder how long it will last."

    As she says this, another wave of pain wracks her body and her muscles begin to spasm again. Looking up at Megan and Jessice she yells.. "Help me! The pain!!! I must stop the pain! I must have MORE power!! Must... become...a.... true... GODDESS..."

    Danielle, eyes possessed, looking for more power to absorb, looks towards Jessica and uses her new abilities to send Jessica flying across the dance floor to her waiting grip.

    Her body starts to glow.....

  42. Her body starts to glow as Danielle grabs Jessica by her hips, holding her up like a trophy. Jessica and Danielle gaze into each others eyes. Danielle's eyes were indeed possessed. It seemed to Jessica as if every bit of sanity had been erased, washed out by ravenous lust for power. "You monster! Look what you've become!", Jessica furiously shouted at Danielle

    Danielle, however, grinned broadly, her teeth showing: "A monster?" she asked, more rhetorically than anything else. Her voice was low and booming, resonating in her massive body. "Jess' you can't even begin to imagine where I want to take this. I will be THE monstrosity this world has seen."
    With those words Danielle's glow encompassed Jessica as well; flashes and currents were forming in the glow, flowing from Jessica into what had remained of Danielle.

    Meg was frozen as she watched the power she had given to Jessica being ripped away from her. Jessica and Danielle were both riving but for very different reasons. Jessica was afraid and also extremely reluctant to lose what she had become and Danielle was getting aroused the more power she drew.

    Danielle started panting violently, faster and heavier by the second. Meg had to do something. It would certainly take Danielle longer to devour Jessica than the poor guy before her but how to get Jess out Danielle's grip.

    Danielle's throaty moans turned into a ghastly laugh as she felt Jessica's power take effect on her. Her exposed teeth glistened in the light as they were pushed out to become beastly, razor-sharp fangs: "Yeeah! This barely begins to count as 'monster'. Hmmmmmm!" Danielle arched the muscled labyrinth that was her back forward. Maintaining her death-grip on Jessica, Danielle's panting picked up again. "Oh yes, more. Jess'! Good girl. Make me a REAL monster"
    Meg took a step back. Along Danielle's spine something seemed to be brewing under her skin. There was movement under her skin, but it wasn't added muscle. And there it was ... with loud cracks dark black spikes broke out along the line of her spine, piercing Danielle's armour of a skin with ease. They pushed out of Danielle's back grotesquely, in the process slicing off the the last human vestige clinging to Danielle's body - her thong.

    Danielle looked at Meg and snarled: "How dare you deny me and the others this power, Meg! This is divine!"
    Meg replied spitefully: "For one, you could have just asked to drink more of my milk and ... I don't think I could have given you that particular kind of power. I had no idea you even craved that kind of power."
    "Liar!!", Danielle sniped back, "I saw you look at me when my change began, I've even seen you stealing a glance at Henry. I know you want him to change you, set you lose!!"
    "..." Meg wanted to reply, but Danielle had stricken a nerve. Just before Henry vanished she had looked into his eyes, seen the burning thirst he carried, seen the power that was packed into his being. Meg wandered what it would feel like to drink from Henry's serum...

    Jessica cried out in pain. She was reduced to the size of a mere bodybuilder, but considering Jess' previous size, that was worrisome. Meg had to do something.

    Meg reached up and grabbed at Jessica s legs with her trunk-like arms. She would rather lose all her powers than sacrifice Jessica. Meg flexed all her muscle, bringing herself to her gargantuan full size. She concentrated all her strength and power on Jessica. She shuddered. It was working, she was sustaining Jessica s powers.

    Meg turned around to Nina, who was utterly perplexed by what she was seeing. She too felt the seductive lure off what was happening to Danielle. "Nina! Get outta here. Get help. Find that Henry guy. He needs to reign in his creation! I can sustain Jessica for a while. Go!" Maybe their combined powers were enough to fight Danielle off long enough so they could retreat and come up with an idea; alas, she, already felt herself getting weaker.

  43. As Meg felt herself get weaker through the link to Jessica, Danielle revelled in the power flowing through to her.

    Focusing on the power flowing through her, Danielle slowly forced the monstrous aspects back into her body as she learned how to transform her mass and physical aspects. Focusing on Meg, Danielle craved Meg's perfection and slowly used her growing power to perfect her body and make her more beautiful. Her sexual power radiated as she sought to transform her body beyond Meg's.

    "This.. feels...wonderful! The power to transform myself is now mine. Soon I will surpass YOU Meg!"

    Meg, in attempting to Jessica's life force through the reservoir of power that she gathered in her own transformation responded to Danielle through gritted teeth.
    "Why are you doing this?"
    "WHY?!" Danielle's voice boomed, "For the POWER! I never want to be second, and I must stop the pain. It burns. Only by becoming a goddess can I obtain the power I need to fulfill all of this. Soon I will have all that I want, and more!"

    As Danielle held Jessica, flashes of light began to go off in her mind as her body developed new powers. Flash! She felt her skin soften and her body harden like a diamond. Flash! She could hear the words of those outside and down around the block. Flash! She could feel her feet slowly rise from the ground as she floated above the dance floor. Flash! She could hear faint whispers from the minds of others just outside the door. Flash! She could fine tune her pheremones to attract others to her call and she could sense the growing curiosity and arousal of the people gathering outside through primal will.

    "Keep it going Meg! Feed me! Help me transcend mortality! My worshippers await and soon you will be nothing compared to me."

    Danielle, using her new powers attempted to probe Meg's mind to read her thoughts and give herself the advantage over Meg's state and Meg resisted her. "You don't have the power for that yet!"
    "Sssoon!" Danielle hissed, "I can feel your abilities weakening and I'm getting strronngerr..." she purred.

    Meg, still standing her ground thought to herself, "I hope they hurry soon."

  44. While Meg held on, her power flowing into Jessica to sustain her while in Danielle's presence, she decided to taunt the power hungry Danielle.

    "Why did you pull back your monsterous protrusions? Don't you want to be a monster the likes which the world has never seen?"

    Danielle, laughed. "Poor, poor Meg. I'm still the monstrocity I meant to be. Imagine unrivalled beauty, lust, vanity, glory and power! I will be an immortal goddess! When people look at me, they will desire all that I am and despair all the things they will never be. I will hold the world in my hand and they will be unable to resist me! That IS the monstrocity. That is POWER!"

  45. Danielle has far surpassed me in size and strength but hasn't taken all my other abilities yet. I fear for the world as I know she won't stop until she has consumed the power from every living person. With my power starting to fade, the ones I called finally come through to my aid. Angelo & Sturm. Danielle laughs as she reads my mind and thinks that these two normal could possibly stop her. Little does she know where true power comes from.

  46. Angelo and Sturm burst into the club to block Danielle's exist through the front door. and Danielle, not yet ready to face to the combined might of the trio, she lets go of Jessica and zips across the dance floor to the closet wall.
    Flash! A new ability from her recent draining of Jessica and Meg goes of in her mind and she smiles.
    "Ahh. You have arrived I see."
    "Yes we have. What's going on here?" Sturm says sternly, his arms folded across his chest.
    "You will see soon enough." With that Danielle turns to the wall and lifts an arm in front of her, her fingers upward and palm facing forward as a red glow begins to glow inside her palm. Suddenly, a bright red flash of energy races down her arm to the glowing ball collecting on her palm and she blasts the wall.
    "We will have to continue this. Very soon!" She laughs as she begins to float above the floor and suddenly zips through the hole. As she does so, a bright red flash followed by a sonic boom shatters the glass windows and drinks scattered around the bar.

    "Are you okay?" Sturm says as he rushes to Meg's side. Meg, tired from the energy drain is kneeled on the floor. Sturm helps her up.
    "I'll be okay. So will Jessica. After a little time." She whispers.
    Sturm turns to Angelo, "Go! We musn't lose her! But be careful.
    Angelo, nods gravelly and then steps through Danielle's destructive exit.

    Across the city...
    Danielle begins to feel tears fill her eyes as she comes down from her power lust. "What have I done! I want to be powerful but.." she folds over as a brief wave of pain flows through her. She concentrates hard and taps her power and becomes drunk on it again and her demeanor changes. Rising, she revels in her new power and begins to feel the rumble in her core that signifies another attack of pain to come. "I must feed or the pain will return. I MUST complete my transformation into godhood!"

    As she whispers this, she can hear the rumble of an elevated train roaring overhead nearby. Smiling to herself, she floats off the ground again and follows the passenger filled train.

    Landing on the roof of the train, she focuses her power and uses her mind to bend and peel a small portion of the train's roof an dthen jumps intot he passenger compartment.

    "Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. Good evening. My name is Danielle and you'll be serving ME tonight."

    Raising her arms, beams of red light streak through the closing space and land on the passengers as she begins to absorb their life energy.
    "Don't worry, I won't kill any of you. I need your energy to complete my process into godhood. After that, I'll need whorshippers."
    As before, bright flashes flare in her brain as her body transforms itself and she accumulates power.

    Angelo, running as quickly as possible stops at a bridge to scan the area for Danielle. Below him, in the distance, he can see a train approaching him at blinding speed, a red glow pouring fourth from it's windows.
    "There you are." He smiles and then jumps as the train reaches the bridge.

    Landing hard on the rear passenger compartment, Angelo move forward from car to car toward the gaping hole in the front rail car, now emanating light from Danielle's transformation.

    He jumps in and lands behind Danielle.

    "Let em go Danielle! Let us help you!"

    "Angelo. I could sense you coming. You can't stop it. Nobody can."

    "We have to try Danielle. This power it's.."

    "Destructive?" Danielle says as she reads Angelo's mind and finishes his thought. Angelo is shocked. "Yes Angelo, soon I will power over everything. I'm getting smarter, stronger, faster. I can fly, read thoughts, absorbe life energy from a greater and greater distance, and once I get the ability to control matter I'll be a goddess."

  47. Angelo, begins to reach behind his back...

    He pauses when Danielle speaks. "Angelo, Angelo, Angelo.." Danielle tsks, "Did you not hear? I can read minds Angelo. I know about the vial of formula you were going to take. Give it to me."

    "No Danielle. I won't. I love Meg." He says firmly. Around him, Danielle's red electricity illuminates the car as she absorbs the passengers life energy who are in her thrall.

    "Really? Do you Angelo? I will possess you. I will show her that I can take away what she has. You will give me the vial." As she says this, she focuses on her powers and sends her irresistible pheromones at Angelo.

    "What about now Angelo. You love me don't you?"
    "Yes mistress." He says, dumbfounded.
    "Give me the vial," Danielle says as Angelo rushes toward her.
    "Thank you." She smiles and then swallows the contents. As she does, she can feel a reservoir of power fill her like a nuclear blast. She moans and as she does thousands of her red electric tendrils extent beyond the train and connect with people in the area of the train a it speeds through the busy city.

    "The power!" Flash! Flash! Flash! As new abilities fly through her mind. "Soon! I'll be complete!"

    "Mistress," Angelo pleads as he reaches for her.

    "Yes Angelo, worship me!" as a red beam reaches out and begins to absorb Angelo.

  48. Absorb Angelo's energy...

  49. As power flows outward from her and taps into Angelo, Danielle gets drunkingly mad with the energy coming from him and takes too much from him and he slowly dies as his body fades from existence....

    "Angelo, thank you for your service. It was great knowing you. RIP."

  50. I weep for my old friend and watch as Danielle stands before me on the verge of godhood. She groans as the pain comes over her once again and comes close to draining me of my immense power. She must not get it but I'm too weak.

    Red energy shoots from her fingers wrapping me in its power. Instead of draining me though, it fills me with renewed energy, restoring my strength and giving me the will to fight Danielle. Angelo. He knew what to do, he always knew the right thing to do and I'll miss him.

    I stand up in the rail car and Danielle looks shocked as power slowly seeps from her into me. It's time to end this now!

  51. As the power flows from Danielle into Meg a look of worry floats across Danielle's face.

    "No!" She screams, "I must surpass you!"
    Meg, revelling in the red energy, feels the seductive red energy flow into her body and her muscles which twitch, spasm, and contract, in an incredible display.
    Danielle, screaming, stops the energy flow and uses her powers to lift up a car using telekenisis and hurl it at Meg.
    The car strikes Meg at an incredible speed and Meg is thrown off her feet from the kinetic energy of the car into a wall.
    Danielle, seeking her escape, leaps up into the air and jumps onto the tallest point in the city.
    Once there, she reaches deep down inside of herself and readies her power for her final push of energy absorption. As she raises her arms to her sides, fingers splayed out, cackling red energy flows from her fingers as red tendrils of energy connect with people throughout the city.
    "Make me a GODDESS!" she screams. Below her, thousands of people, drawn to her power conglomerate below her. Her pheremones and scent drive them into a frenzy of lust and worhsip. "I command you, to stop Meg!"
    Inside her mind, she regains the powers that were lost to Meg's brief absorption. As thousands of thoughts sift through her mind, she picks out one in particular and locates him.


  52. Henry, following the transformation of Danielle, has taken refuge in the subway. Nervously looking around him, he tries to nonchalantly board the subway to rush him out of the city. Sitting on a subway bench, Henry stares at the glowing red vial in his hand. "What have I done?" He asks himself.

    As he moves down the stairs the next platform, he feels a whisper brush his mind. The whisper slowly clears itself up to a feminine quality and he can hear Danielle. "Come to me Henry."
    "Danielle?" he says aloud, the people around him look at him in concern and distance themselves from him.
    "Yes. Come to me Henry..." the voice pleads.

    "N...nnn... No" Henry resists. "I'm leaving."

    In his mind, there are no words, just deep displeasure and anger. Turning, Henry runs to the arriving subway car towards the waiting doors.
    As he does so, he hears screams of alarm come from behind him as cackling red energy rips down the stairs toward the crowd of people.
    Frozen in horror, the energy tendrils connect with people on the platform as begin to writhe in ecstasy. Turning back to run toward the door, a tendril of energy lashes out at Henry with blinding speed and begins to carry him up the stairs and out of the underground with blinding speed.
    "Come to me Henry," the voice pleads, "I will have the vial and counter Angelo's serum. I will be unstoppable and the world be....MINE."

    Meg, pushes the car off of her and dust herself off. Looking around she thinks "I have to find her and stop her." Suddenly, to the east, a red glow begins to pulsate above the horizon. "Ahh.. there she is. Time to finish this." Meg smiles.

    Cachunk! Something hits her from behind. As she turns, several more objects hit her. Completing her turn, she sees hundreds of people behind her, their eyes glowing red.
    In the air, she hears Danielle's voice boom "I command you to stop Meg!"
    "Oh boy, this is serious." Meg frowns.
    "You must be stopped!" a man shrieks his voice added by another, a female this time, "Danielle requires it!" as more debris hits her.

  53. Meg, careful not to hurt innocents, looks for a way out.

    To her left, she hears a horn from a city bus as the headlights rushing toward her fill her view. The driver, at the last moment, is pulled out of the bus by a red tendril of electricity emanating from Danielle.

    The bus crashes into Meg...
    "Must stop Meg!" the crowd roars in unison.

    Danielle, her mind expanding, smiles at the event. Flash! Flash! Flash! New levels of power explode into her mind.

    "Almost there.. Almost there! Just need Henry's formula.

    Henry, held by the red tendril of electric charge, is rushed across the sky at an incredible speed. Looking down at the ground below him, he raises his hand decides to drop the vial. As he does so, an unseen force clamps his hand firmly around the vial.
    "I don't think so Henry. YOU did this to me. Now you must see it out." Danielle's voice tsks in his head.

    Danielle, having acquired the power to create duplicates of herself like Dr. Manhattan from the Watchmen movie, sends a copy of herself to deal with Meg.

    ***** As the spped declines in Henry's flight, he feels himself gently land at Danielle's feet. A tremendous glow surrounds her as she smiles.
    "Hello Henry. Give me the vial. NOW!" she booms.
    "No!" Henry screams.
    "Okay then," Danielle says as she fires up her telekinetic powers and rips the vial from Henry's hand, "I shall just take it."

    She downs the vial... and energy courses through her...
    BOOOOOOM!!!! a red shockwave emanates from her body and spread throughout the city.

    Henry, slowly lowers the hands which covered his eyes and looks to the red light and murky red fog obscuring Danielle. Looking for any trace of her.

    Suddenly a a figure steps out of the glow. Muscles glisten with striations. Unblemish skin, a beautiful face, and crackling red aura surround Danielle.

    "I have done it! I can now transform matter. I am a goddess! My power can no longer be taken away. Now I can destroy Meg! This universe is now MINE!"

    With a smile, and a flash of energy.. she disappears...

    and reappears near Meg.

    "Hello Meg. Who is number one now?" She laughs maniacally.....

    (okay, lol.. i'll let Meg and the other writers finish it up. I've never written fiction before. I know Meg will win in the end, but I wanted to make it a battle royal. Have it writers and thanks for the fun!)

  54. "Crap, I'm in for a world of hurt" is all I can think as I see Danielle tower above me, glistening with so much muscle and power as I've never even imagined. Her legs alone are larger and more compact with explosive muscle than all my super human muscles combined.

    The red glow around her gets brighter as she gets nearer to me. The evil grin on her face gets more devilish as she reads the fear from me. It can't end this way and I won't let the world succumb to her will.

    Only one thing to do and I don't even know if it will work. Feed her with so much power that she overloads. Human bodies can only take so much and she's not a goddess yet. My explosive growth came about with the help of Sturm and I call out to him with my waning powers.

    Danielle's tendrils lash out to a thousand people, taking their meager life force, and giving her enough power to almost reach godhood. My god is she big. "Time to die bitch" she says and grabs hold of me, getting ready to take all my power. Just then Sturm shows up after taking what was left of Angelo's formula. He kept a bottle for me and I quickly down it. Let the fun begin.

  55. danielle became god with all the power she can imagine to have


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