Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Buffies Halloween

Previously on The Buffies
Written by Diana | Photo by Cele7110

Ever since the day testing began, we’ve spent almost every minute in the training room. Pushing our strength limits, testing our hidden powers and learning how to control them. The boys monitored our results and were always amazed at the results. We loved pushing ourselves to the limits and reaching new levels in strength & ability. But that soon faded and we became bored. We wanted to go out shopping or enjoy a few hours of swimming or tanning on the sand but Josh kept insisting we stay hidden for now. This was almost beginning to feel like captivity again. Josh knew our frustration since he was captive too, explained how it was in our best interest and we understood why.

Ever since our heroic fire rescue, the daily newspaper had a story about us on the front page. They had titles like: Buffies Save Falling Kitten, Buffies Seen Stopping Bank Robbery, Buffies: Malibu Maidens or Villians? Most of them weren’t true but Buffiemania had hit the town. There have been reported Buffie sightings and tales of our heroic deeds. Some even thought we might be dating celebrities. None of it was true since we’ve been stuck in the mansion.

One of the writers that had been igniting the Buffie frenzy was a reporter named Belle. Last week, in her news column, she invited all the readers to a big Halloween-party.

“…and I especially want to invite the heroic Buffies to this special Halloween party.” We read it and Josh’s expression gave us our answer. “Please don’t ask, please forget about it.” We agreed but these four super powered girls needed to get out. We were going to this party. The question was how?

A week passed and the day of the party came. We didn’t have any Halloween costumes and didn’t want to go in our purple training suits. While Meg, Amanda & Jewel talked about possibilities, Diana focused for a short moment and her appearance shifted. Her light tanned skin turned almost white. Her beautiful long blonde hair turned raven-black. The clothes she wore molted together into an elegant black gown and pair of pink high heels. She slightly opened her mouth and her canines grew longer into fangs. The three other girls were amazed and speechless, following her motions as she elegantly moved over to a mirror and checked her self. She turned her head around and said, with a smile that exposed her large canines: “Want a bite?”

“Damn, if I didn’t know you, you would scare the hell out of me!” Meg shouted. Diana was happy with the outcome. “I’ve practicing and think I can alter other people too? Do you want to be first, Meg?”

“Well Hell yes, could you make me a sexy devil?” Meg responded

“Let’s find out.” Diana answered, and focused on Meg’s body. Her skin started turning red. Suddenly her hair moved and a pair of pink horns showed through. Like Diana her clothes molted together, becoming a black mini dress high heels. Even a devils tail appeared.

“Do you like it?” Diana asked smiling.

“You bet! Hell never looked better.” She said while she turned around in front of the mirror, checking her appearance.

“Who’s next?” Diana asked Jewel and Amanda which were stunned, watching the transformations of her friends.

“I’ll give it a try.” Amanda answered. “Do you think you can turn me into a dark angel?” She asked.

“Coming right up.” Diana smirked and Amanda’s transformation began. Like Diana her hair turned raven-black and grew out longer. From her already broad back, suddenly two large, black feathered wings spread outwards. They looked magnificent. A long, black dress grew out too which covered her body completely.

“Damn you are amazing Diana.” Amanda mentioned while she played a little with her new wings. They would flap up and down at her command.

“So there is only Jewel left.” Diana smiled as she glanced over to Jewel. “I want to become the Buffie witch.” She answered.

Jewel’s hair grew to a brighter shade of red and was surrounded by an invisible and magical aura. Thereafter a wooden broom and a pointy hat appeared on her. Matching with a revealing dress and high heels.

“Beware, Malibu! The Buffies will get you tonight.” Meg proclaimed with a blood curdling laugh. “Ok girls, lets get started.”

Earlier, Meg had used her charm powers to make the others in the mansion sleepy. Just a little mind control shouldn’t hurt them. Amanda closed her eyes and relaxed her body. Her training of her super senses had advanced and she could sense people activities within a small zone. It required heavy concentration but was getting better and stronger at it. A few moments later she opened her eyes. “Everyone is in their rooms asleep. The mansion is quiet, now it’s your turn Jewel.”

Slowly our bodies started to fade away until each one of us was invisible. We managed to carefully leave the mansion without the slightest sound. Once outside, the large perimeter fence blocked our way but that wasn’t a problem. Our super powered legs flexed for a moment and catapulted us easily over the wall into freedom. Now to the party that’s miles away. You can bet we won’t find a cab that could contain four girls our size so we started to jog.

Our quads, hamstrings and calves worked better then a well-oiled machine and sped us up to around 55 miles. We raced through the town, invisible, with incredible reflexes and inhuman speed. We jumped over cars that blocked our way and landed catlike on our feet without making the slightest sound. We reached the club after only 10 minutes of fun.

A large crowd of people waited to go inside the Halloween party. Everyone was dressed in the craziest costumes you’ve ever seen. We stood a few feet behind them as Jewel uncovered the layer of invisibility. The club security was busy gathering electronic devices and holding the crowd back from this year’s best Halloween bash. The head bouncer saw us first and froze right on the spot. Everyone’s head turned around to see and the crowd became silent.

“I guess we have their attention.” Amanda whispered to her Buffie sisters.

Slowly we walked through the crowd. They backed away as we came near them. Our ‘costumes’ and our bodies seemed to impress. We finally stood in front of the frozen security man.

“I don’t think we have to introduce ourselves, right?” Jewel asked smiling.

“O-o-of course not…” were the only words he could manage to speak. He stepped aside to let us in. The place was huge and Halloween decorations everywhere. We walked towards the main stage where the party was hottest. Music played, people danced, and the Buffies drew everyone’s attention.

The two people that stood out to us was a magician standing next to a woman dressed as Elvira. They seemed to be the promoters of the party. Elvira saw us, turned around and quickly ran through the dancing crowd up to the microphone.

Her voice interrupted the music: “Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s my honor to introduce the Buffies!!” The lights shown on us and we had the attention of the entire party. We posed together for several minutes and enjoyed the spotlight. We flexed for the crowd and they seemed to eat it up. Who would blame them? You don’t get a chance to see beauty in his purest form every day. Diana’s illusionary costumes rose and shrunk with our bodies as they expanded from our massive muscle display.

Questions flowed from every direction; who we are, where we come from, where we live, how strong are we and so on. We answered the nonstop questions with patience. After all the questions ended, we stepped on the dance floor and danced to the music, enjoying the evening once again. Diana even got up to the DJ stand to play some of the hottest dance music. She was one of the best back in Germany and the crowd went wild.

So almost an hour passed until the woman dressed as Elvira appeared next to us. Through the loud music she asked us if we wanted to go to a more private area. We agreed and followed her to a VIP Lounge. Waiting in the lounge was the magician we saw earlier. Elvira spoke “Thank you for coming tonight, I’ve been working hard to find the four of you. My name is Belle.” She was the reporter that had been writing articles about us. The magician stood up, tipped his tall pointed hat and introduced himself as Cel Vada. The two of them are a reporting team, he the photographer and she the writer.

They seemed shocked that we were real. No one has ever been that strong & powerful, how was it possible? Cel couldn’t keep his eyes off us, especially Jewel and her slightly larger size. Jewel noticed and seemed to revel in his attention. Like everyone else, they asked us many questions. Were we aliens, or something else? We laughed and assured them we aren’t dangerous. They asked about our realistic costumes and we told him about Diana’s superpower. We almost told our complete story minus a few details. We enjoyed wonderful freedom, conversation, great music and drinks the rest of the night

Daylight was coming and it was soon time to leave. Meg had a plan to keep Josh’s wishes about the world finding out about us. We gathered the entire crowd together to say goodbye. Meg strained as her powers of Charm were taxed to make everyone at the party forget. Not everything, just anything to do with the Buffies since they arrived. We were sad since we’ve made so many new friends.

We disappeared from the party just like we appeared. Jewel turned us invisible and we made our way back to the mansion, through the streets of Malibu, over the mansion wall. Jumping over the wall and quietly towards our room. Once safely inside, Jewel made us visible again and Diana turned us back to normal. The sun was rising and we slipped into bed.

An hour or two later, Josh, Benji & Nic sat at breakfast as George brought the daily newspaper. Josh thanked George, sipped on his coffee and took the paper. Benji commented “Where are the girls this morning, usually they’re up early?” George answered “Master Benji, I checked on them earlier and they are still asleep, should I wake them?” They all nodded “no” and went back to eating.

The morning’s headline read “Big Bash but No Buffies.” Josh smiled and was glad the girls listened and didn’t go to the party. How could he possibly stop them if they had though? The world will get to meet the Buffies soon enough.

Happy Halloween from Meg, Amanda, Jewel, Diana, Kat & Belle – The Buffies

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  1. A happy Halloween everybody and best wishes from your Buffies.

    Diana, the sexy vampire ;)

  2. Good little sotry their. I liked it!

    Benji Dude

  3. Trick or treat ????
    Happy Halloween to all my "Buffie sisters" and especially to Cele for his hard work with our "special" costumes. Thanks babe... Hugs!!
    Jewel....the "naughty" witch

  4. *grins* talk about just making a last-minute deadline! I wasn't sure all the elements in that image were going to come together in time.

    Hugs my big girl.

    ...naughty treats.