Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Twilight of the Buffies

Edisode 2: Too late to worry - too early to die
Written by Belle

Previously on Episode 1
"Come my friends, 'tis not too late to seek a newer world, to sail beyond the sunset, and the baths of all the western stars." - Ulysses by Tennyson

Belle finds the subway flooded and slowly she wades thru chest deep water towards the suburbs. Ahead of her she hears growling and the snapping of jaws - giant alligators are heading for the city, looking to feast on human flesh. The nearest lunges at Belle and she grabs it's jaws, forcing them open. Pushing her hand deep down its throat she pulls the creature inside out. The others make for it and start to bite out lumps of flesh. Belle slowly squeezes past them.

"Easy" she thinks.

At the last station, she climbs up the stopped escalator - at the top the entrance is blocked by tons of rubble. Belle strains to move the debris from the entrance, her biceps bulging, veins popping with the mass of blood flowing thru them, sweat dripping from her toned body - she lifts the blocks out one by one and throws them aside "Thank gawd we still have our strength left" she thinks. She hits the last blocks hard with blows from her strong fists and punches a hole big enough to crawl thru.

"Easy" she thinks.

As she emerges into the ruins of the suburbs, a bright light throws shadows along the street, but the horrid dark clouds seem to soak it up. She turns and sees a mushroom cloud rise from the nuclear power plant - this throws Kat into another tantrum, and fireballs are thrown far and wide from her gorgon head, pulverizing the remains of the city. "Better get a move on" thinks Belle.

Running thru the ruins she is soon at the edge of the burbs - crawling thru ditches and sewers she reaches the old airfield - she can see Shed 9 near the centre - keeping low she runs quickly into its shadows.

A corrugated tin door has a simple padlock holding it - Belle grabs the lock in one hand and squeezes, her forearm sinews ripple like cables and her arm muscles bulge - the lock is crushed and broken.

"Easy!" thinks Belle.

She slides the door open and steps inside - lights flash and alarms sound, but no one comes.

"Ah" thinks Belle - a pair of steel doors, 5 foot thick and weighing at least 50 tons each, stop her progress. Belle grabs one with both hands and strains to move it, her biceps bulge and her lats spread with the effort, the veins on her thick neck bulge inches out as her shoulders and arms put tons of pressure on the door - with a sound of grinding metal she squeezes it and as it crushes she lifts if off its hinges and throws it away.

"Easy" she thinks.

As she enters the room emergency lights flicker on and more alarms sound, but no one comes.

It floats in the middle of the room, making no noise, just a slight glow coming from its base.

"What on this earth can it be" thinks Belle . . . she walks all round it, looking for a door or a panel, but sees none. She runs her hand across the egg-like object . . .

' . . . belle . . .' a soft female voice says inside her head.

Belle jumps back with a fright, gripping her Claymore tight "Who is that, who is there?". No answer comes.

Belle feels the surface of the egg again . . .

' . . . belle . . . you are not like the others . . . ' the voice says.

Again Belle starts, but she is alone in the room with the egg. She runs her hand across it once more . . .

' . . . the others wanted to use my power . . . you are not like them i sense that . . . ' the voice says.

Belle feels more than sees images of unicorns and dragons, and the great City of Troy.

She puts her hand on the egg again "Who, or what, are you, why are you here?" she asks.

' i came to teach . . . ' the voice says.

"Teach - teach us what?" asks Belle.

' not to be afraid of the dark . . . i came here millennia ago, but my rider was killed . . . '

"Your rider?" asks Belle.

' without my rider i am not complete . . . many have tried to ride me . . . they all died . . . the choice was theirs . . .'

"What do you want of me?" Belle asks.

' i want to go home . . . ' the voice says.

"Home? Where is home?"

' beyond the stars . . . '

"Beyond the stars - sounds fun, but first I have friends in danger, I owe them a great favor, I must try and save them" says Belle.

' the choice is yours . . . '

They head towards the city and WildKat, Belle's blonde hair flowing in the slipstream, her Claymore gripped tightly, the dank air washing the dust off her naked muscular body as faster and faster they fly. "Gawd you are fast and nimble girl, I am going to call you Dragonfly" she thinks. Again she sees glimpses of unicorns and such. "What is that" she thinks.

' that is the past belle . . . i can take you there . . . '

A scene of devastation spreads out before Belle - columns of black smoke and ash rise into the sky from hundreds of fires, blocking out the sun, and lightning flickers in the dark clouds. As The Buffies huddle in the last ruins of the city, Kat searches for them tirelessly, tearing up streets and the remains of the buildings.

"Well that was our last card - we thought the nuclear blast would stop Kat, but it did nothing to her" Josh is saying.

"What's that" asks Diana - in the far distance a small bright diamond of light shimmers, growing slowly larger as it approaches from the direction of the old airfield. "It's Belle, it must be, it's Belle" shouts Josh.

"Girls, I guess Belle could do with a diversion, right now!" says Meg.

The Buffies begin their attack, their huge muscles straining and sinews stretching under their skin, they begin tearing girders from the remains of buildings and power poles to use as spears - they plunge them deep into Kat's legs and feet and throw them into her body, but they are less than pinpricks to the Kat.

Kat fires her beam and throws fireballs at them, the Buffies dodge and turn still attacking her with their bare hands trying to gain an advantage, throwing her off balance with their great strength maybe, or reaching her head to gouge out those green eyes.

Blows land on her from all sides, but Kat anticipates them and with her new found Buffie powers helping she grabs at her attackers with claws and teeth like sharpened steel and bites deep into Buffie flesh, ripping them apart - one by one they fall to her combined powers and greater strength.

Belle arrives to see the last of the Buffies.

Meg stands in a pile of torn-off limbs and lumps of meat, facing her tormentor. Kat's huge fist is brought down and Meg ducks to escape, but too late, Kat catches her a hard blow on the back. As she stumbles another blow smashes down on her, and Meg feels every bone in her body shatter. Another blow smashes her down into the road surface.

A giant foot thumps down and blood squirts out as Meg's muscle bound body is squashed flat like some human roadkill.

"Not easy" thinks Belle.

Belle circles wide over the blackened ruins of the once great city, and peering thru the gloom of the burning world, she lines up on WildKat. Belle grips her Claymore hard, her arms engorge with blood, her veins writhing under the skin like giant snakes as they pump it to her muscles. Deep breaths bring her pecs rising up hard like mountains of marble.

Kat turns her green eyes towards Belle, and her mouth slowly opens.

"Well girl, it's now, or it's never" Belle thinks.

Belle charges forward faster and faster through the air in her last attack against WildKat.

to be continued . . .

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