Monday, September 27, 2010

Hiya everyone and sorry I haven't written much lately. I'm still around and trying to think of new ways that we can have fun together here on the blog. Unfortunately I've been kinda busy and have a mental block for new stories.

Write in anything you want, even if its just to say hi. Would love to hear from ya.

Lottsa luv, Meg


  1. Hey girl, don't worry, I know what it is like, and it is still summer anyway - just LOL!!

    Enjoy yourself chill out and I bet the 'muse' will be with you soon :)

    and I am sure the Buffies will not be found wanting and you will soon have plenty of stuff!

    Hugs from Belle

  2. Thank ya sweetie, that means a lot. Be talkin' with all the Buffies hopefully soon.

  3. hi meg,love your page thanks for the great stories and pics :) i thought of a cool story for you.what about a tale where you are abducted by the army to experiment on to see if they can create the perfect war machine.but needless to say when the experiment is over you are much much more then they can handle.
    lots of love meg-michael xxx

  4. Hiya Michael,
    Great idea. I've toyed around with it a little with my buddy Sarge. There may be a new story coming.

    XOXO Meg

  5. hi meg
    just wanted to say hi and tell you how much you and your page rocks.hope to see some new pics of your HUGE muscles soon.i thought of an interesting story about one where you and this nice guy are out on a date and on the way home you'se get attacked by a gang of thugs.and you suddenly grow enormous muscles and defend your man.hope you like that idea.keep up the great work
    love james

  6. Hiya James,
    I'm so happy you like my site and thanks for the idea. I always like defending my man :)

    XOXO Meg

  7. Take you time, Meg. Physically capable as your are, even superhuman goddess can use a break.

    I like the 'war machine' idea. I remember in the main Buffies story that you are able to shrink down to a smaller size, yeah? An interesting twist could be that you allow us to take you unknowing that you are already superhuman.

  8. hi meg.i would love to read a story about you that starts out with you as a petite,shy average woman.and when you start having sex with this nice guy you meet,you find his seman quadruples your strength everytime you have sex.that would be awesome especially if you could make some before and after pic to go with the story :)hope you like the idea,i love your website and look forward to more great stories and pic
    lots of love from australia

  9. Hiya Ryan,
    I think many of my stories start out that way... well maybe not the nice guy part. I'll put it out there to my artist friends if anyone wants to make a befor & after pic.

    Lottsa luv back from the US,

  10. Hey, Meg, been a long time since I've last written here. I hope I didn't ruin your story and my reputation on your blog.
    I just wanted to know: If you could write a fantasy epic, how long would you want it to be, how many characters would you put in and why? because I happen to be writing one just about now.

  11. Wow, I guess I don't know. As long as it takes to complete your story and as many characters as it takes to make it interesting.

    XOXO Meg


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