Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bulletproof Megan

A friend sent me these great photos she did. They are from Mav's Morphs, with a little something extra to show how futile bullets are to SuperMeg. Thanks Sweetie!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Diana the Mighty

Here's a couple new AWESOME pictures of our very own Buffie Diana from Paddy86

Monday, March 29, 2010

Meg's Growth: Week 10

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My ongoing, real-time, Audience Participation journey to becoming the ultimate muscle woman. Story addition comments take place in real time so help me grow.

It's contest prep time, just a week to go and I'm getting ready. It's just a local show but I intend to make a big splash. I'm using vacation time (again) to focus and channel everything I have. My boss didn't mind me taking time off, especially after the incident with Bill last week. He may be a little intimidated by me, too. I've always used my smile, looks and charm to get what I wanted, this could become a new weapon in my arsenal.

I weighed in at 215 today (yikes) and am still buzzing from the Myostatin overdose. I lifted tirelessly for hours, only stopping to eat and take Sammy out. The muscle gain was off the charts, I could almost see the muscle packing on minute-by-minute and the body fat melting away. My trainer also mentioned using Insulin to gain even more mass. I took some. It's completely legal and easy to get. I wonder what the combined cocktail will do.

Well, I'm off to do cardio then heading back to Angelo's. Sammy's gonna get the run of his life! >>

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Workin' Out at Angelo's

Some recent workout photos from my personal photographer Mav :D
These morphs look great, thanks Sweetie

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sexy Meg

Here's another awesome picture from Paddy86, this time of me! Show some love and check out his DeviantArt page!

Meg's Growth: Week 9

Previously Week 8 Next Week 10
My ongoing, real-time, Audience Participation journey to becoming the ultimate muscle woman. Story addition comments take place in real time so help me grow.

The weekend was intense & grueling but the brand new Megan has far surpassed any of my expectations. I was close to an FBB amateur middleweight size before... but now have a solid professional heavyweight level physique. I honestly don't think Iris Kyle would have stood a chance against the new me at the recent Arnold Classic, and I'm only getting started.

A crowd started to gather yesterday at Angelo's and people took bets on my progress. Their cheers helped to push myself farther. I was setting new personal records every hour without any signs of slowing. We didn't have time for measurements but the muscle weight was being packed on at lightning speed while my enhanced metabolism kept melting away body fat. My breasts have grown too which is weird. It's almost as if the body fat is funneling straight into my girls.

I did have to spend a few hours to go clothes shopping (darn). Nothing would fit my new mass and I had to work today. I got lots of stares at the mall and had a really hard time finding normal clothes that fit. I ended up at the Plus Size store which actually had some really cute clothes for larger women. They still didn't fit quite right since my proportions were in different places from their regular customers.

So now it's Monday morning and the entire office went silent when I walked in. Surprise! I've been covering up at work over the last month while I've made the most gains. My attire is low-cut with plenty of flesh showing, yet still meets dress code policy. Each step and breath I took sent my muscles flaring with rivers of deep, engorged veins criss crossing every inch of me (I may have done an early morning pump-up for extra effect).

That muscle-loving asshole Bill's look was priceless. I sauntered over to him and let his eyes wash over my magnificence. He tried to remain calm, like nothing had changed but I could tell he was turned on like never before. I moved in close with every muscle in full flex and raging hard.

"Ready for our rematch stud?" >>

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sexy Diana

Here's an awesome new picture of Diana from Paddy86. Be sure to check out his DeviantArt page!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Buffies - Kat's Back part 2

Previously on The Buffies
Written by Diana, Cel & Meg

With immense anger and determination, Kat begins to rise. The remaining rags on her body are still burning from the missile assault that knocked her down. There was never a question that only two missiles could stop Kat. Amanda and Jewel help Meg and Diana up, still a little weak from the Kat's heavy hits.

Kat finally stood, threw her head back and let out an animalistic cry that blew a storm of concrete and ash towards us. With no time to create a new plan, we had to fight intuitive again. Jewel looked in our eyes and disappeared as the rolling dark cloud came upon us.

As our vision cleared, Jewel was gone and we saw Kat running towards us. Meg tried to use her voice halt the advance but there was barely enough time to duck underneath her heavy onslaught. She quickly followed with another heavy punch into the ground where Meg was moments before. Amanda ran behind Kat, jumped in the air and delivered a powerful kick into her neck. Kat turned with lightning speed to grab a hold of Amanda's leg with a vice-like grip. She swung her up in the air and slammed the blonde Buffie face-first in the asphalt ground. Her motions became quicker and harder as she clearly enjoyed hurting Amanda.

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Buffies

A new Buffies ID pic I whipped up for our DeviantArt page. Check it out at

Meg's Growth: Week 8

Previously Week 7 Next Week 9
My ongoing, real-time, Audience Participation journey to becoming the ultimate muscle woman. Story addition comments take place in real time so help me grow.

I've been on the Myostatin juice for nearly a month now and the gains have been phenomenal. I only took one injection but it has supersaturated my body for weeks, along with my doctor prescribed mild steroid for Arrhythmia. The effect is beginning to wear off and deciding whether or not to take another dose.

I've added well over 50 lbs of pure muscle since I began keeping track. The rate slowed a bit after the first week's amazing 20lb gainer but the quality and density have multiplied. I've made astonishing new personal records and am really putting Angelo's equipment to the test. It seems to help taking my new sexual frustration out on the cold steel.

I get stares everywhere I go and people whisper as I walk by. Is this what real bodybuilders go through? I'm sure my enormous breasts have a little to do with it too. 38GG... good thing I've got the added muscle for support. It's made me think more about that local bodybuilding contest. My first thought was to enter as a lightweight but after reviewing last years video, I could easily win the Middleweight division. It's three weeks away and will train even more intensely. I wonder if Myostatin would show up in a standard drug screening?

Time to check in with Andrew and get an update on the security pass. >>

Friday, March 12, 2010


Bellewatch by ~Synthya on deviantART

Diana's quickly becoming a Poser Master. Check out her latest amazing depiction of Belle on the beaches of Malibu.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Belle at the office

Belle at the office by ~Synthya on deviantART
The most of you know our newest Buffie member already. Belle is a reporter on a local newspaper in Malibu and fixated herself on us after the first time she heard about us.

So here I present you the beautiful Belle in her home office. I bet she just arrived home after a really 'big' interview

Monday, March 8, 2010

Meg's Growth: Week 7

Previously Week 6 Next Week 8
My ongoing, real-time, Audience Participation journey to becoming the ultimate muscle woman. Story addition comments take place in real time so help me grow.

Another record gain week for the Megster. My heart feels stronger and my body is unstoppable. I've tried to lighten up on the workouts but I figured "what's the point". My body is super-charged and demands extreme lifting for any sort of gains. Body weight continues to increase as body fat decreases... my development and transformation has been dramatic, to say the least. I'm beginning to have a bodybuilders body and in such a short time. I'm soooo excited. My trainer has been keeping a close eye on my astonishing progress. He mentioned an amateur bodybuilding show coming up in San Fransisco and thought I might be interested. It could be fun to show off my body, especially since I've had to lay low for awhile.

Aside from the mysterious notes last week, my Guardian has been quiet. I remain watchful and while I haven't gone off the grid completely, I've stopped using credit cards and cell phones. I also changed my route to work and anything routine in my life. Some things I can't (or won't) change unless forced. I'm curious to how it will all play out.

I've been wearing baggy clothes to work lately and Bill from sales stopped by to taunt me. While I've been gaining weight and muscle, my body fat has been drastically dropping, giving me more gaunt features and an appearance of weight loss. "Not gonna win a rematch by drinking non-fat latte's girly" he said with a smirk while patting his ever growing girth. What a dick, but he may be my best motivation yet and it won't be long till a rematch at the pace I'm going. >>

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Buffies DA Group

For all of you on DeviantArt, check out the brand new, official Buffies group page and become a member.

Meg hearts Jimbo

Thanks to my new buddy Jimbo for these great pics he did for me. I absolutely LOVE when people send me stuff, so here's a super big hug to my new sweetie!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Megan + Belle

Here's a new story from me & Belle to you. It promises to be HOTT so we hope you enjoy.

I had just come home from a workout when I got a surprise call from Belle. She sounded distraught and needed a place to stay for awhile. I didn't ask why and offered her my place to crash. The apartment is kind of small (and very messy) but I'm always there for a friend in need. Besides, it would be fun to have a roommate for a few days.

Now, I haven't known Belle for long but we've become good friends fast. She is awesome and we have so much fun together... sometimes too much fun. How much trouble could we possibly get into?

We both share a passion for muscles, trained together a few times and even traded secrets on how to get stronger. It's almost become a friendly contest on who can get the biggest.

When she shows up at the door, I'm amazed at how great she looks. She's added some muscle mass since I last saw her, even her breasts look bigger. I would be jealous if I hadn't grown too. She drops her bags and gives a big hug. It lasts longer than a normal "hello" hug and I can tell something is bothering her.

I show her to my 2nd bedroom which I've been using as a home office. It has a futon which makes a great make-shift bed for visitors. She plops down and begins to cry. Something is definitely wrong. I hate to pry and will let her tell me when she's ready. In the meantime, I put my arms around her and hold her tight.

I start to feel a little dizzy the longer I hold her but shake it off. Does she feel more muscular? Belle gets up and the dizziness fades. My god, she does look bigger.

She starts to dry her eyes and looks at me. "Meg, there's something I need to tell you"... >>

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Meg Press

Mav caught me in the middle of a workout. Good thing I didn't drop the weights on him when he startled me :D


Monday, March 1, 2010

Meg's Growth: Week 6

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My ongoing, real-time, Audience Participation journey to becoming the ultimate muscle woman. Story addition comments take place in real time so help me grow.

I met with my trainer and have an updated muscle status. I've gained almost 10 lbs in just over a week ago. I didn't think it would all be muscle gain but I was wrong... very wrong.

We got an accurate body fat percentage and discovered it had significantly dropped even with my weight gain. A professional bodybuilder can gain 3-4 pounds of pure muscle in a week during heavy training. I gained close to 20 and my workouts aren't even close to a professionals routine.

Needless to say we were both shocked and he redid the measurements. Same result.

Now, I have been feeling much stronger but havn't examined my progress with all the problems last week. I'm friggin' ripped and getting bigger by the minute. I took just one dose of the Myostatin at the slightly increased dosage and was expecting 5-8 lbs of growth. Something happened.

I did some checking on the samples to see why. The vials were for animal testing and I assumed they meant typical small lab animals. These samples were designated as phase II... bovine! It makes sense since the beef industry is a major contributor to the project. I'm glad I didn't take Greg's recommendation of 200 times the amount. My body is over saturated already and there's enough in me to last another month. Not sure whether to take advantage of the increased Myostatin and lift even heavier or take it easy, like my doctor said. >>