Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Getaway

I'm so excited to get away for a little camping trip with friends this weekend. The six of us have driven, then hiked for hours to a special spot in the middle of the woods. We setup camp in a clearing next to a river, miles away from civilization. It's so peaceful and beautiful with nature all around and picturesque mountains in the background. After the tents are setup and we have dinner, the six of us gather around the campfire on this dark moonlit night.

"Let's play a game" I tell everyone as I dig into my bag and pull out a strange looking stone. "I bought this at an antiquities store in Chinatown." As I hold it in front of me and it begins to glow with a soft green light. "The owner told me it's centuries old and said to have mystic properties." The stone glows brighter the longer I hold it. "It's supposed to be able to synch up with it's holder and make all their fantasy's come true."

"Let's start the first round by telling a little bit about ourselves. My name is Megan but most people call me Meg. I come from a small town in Pennsylvania but moved to California about 3 years ago. I'm a whiz with computers, a bit of a flirt and enjoy having fun with friends. I'm 5'7" and weigh 125 lbs but dream of being big and strong." The stone glows even brighter and I pass it to Josh.

  1. Only write in when the stone is passed to you. The order is set below and please follow it.
  2. You can write whatever you want, but try to stay within the storyline others have written before you.
  3. At the end of your comment, you MUST pass the stone to the next person.
  4. If someone who has the stone doesn't respond in a timely manner, let's say a day or two, the stone is automatically passed to the next person.
Story order: Meg, Josh, Amy, Nic, Jewel, Eric. >>

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

First day off in 5 months, this has GOT to be my favorite holiday! Wishin' everybody the best and hope yr out enjoying the sun like I'm gonna be.

Still workin' on our little getaway and we'll hopefully be leaving soon. Amy's not back from vacation and Josh has invited a girl named Jewel (who I need a confirmation from). Unfortunately that leaves Benji out... unless (and I did'nt want to make the trip this big) we get another girl. Whooo, 4 girls and 4 boys together alone a trip, that would be craziness!!

Happy Memorial Day

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Planning the Getaway

I'm planning a special weekend getaway. My friends Josh & Nic are coming and Amy's invited (just need her confirmation). That leaves 2 spots open. Let's say the first 2 people to leave a comment get to come. It'd be great if we had another woman along but I'm sure Amy & I can handle a group of guys.

Once we get the group together, I'll post a story thread starting us off. I'm waiting for Amy to get back and will start us off when I hear from her. Pack you hiking boots!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Path of Destruction

It's been quite the week from Hell! Big project at work going live so no sleep and I couldn't make it home for a funeral. I'm hungry from this diet I'm on and I ran into Ben's ex-bitch Lily who I HATE!!! People all around me seem like assholes. I need to break something, so help me out. Here's a new audience participation story thread. Make me big, strong, whatever. I just want to leave a path of devastation behind me. I'll start and thanks for the therapy.

I woke up and got ready for my morning jog. My neighbor was out with her yappy dog so I went over, grabbed the annoying little fur ball and drop kicked it into next week, then took my knee to the old lady. She went down quick and I felt a little better... even a little stronger.

I noticed my neighbor parked his car way to close to mine. Asshole SUV thinks he owns the parking lot. Well not today... >>

Friday, May 8, 2009

Megan + Joshua Part II

Read Part I before continuing

I wake up in the pool of rejuvenating water and watch my naked muscular body just below the surface. I had hoped it wasn't a dream and massaging my new granite like muscles confirms it. Josh is still asleep a few feet away. What is this power he has created, I must know more about it, understand it and control it. Some might call me mad, but I can see clearly for the first time in my life and I know what I must do.

I get up quietly, but even the my slightest movement now causes aftershocks. Josh quickly awakes to find me towering over him, dripping wet and naked in all my muscular glory. He says "You look magnificent" and wipes the sleep from his eyes. "I think I have some explaining to do, follow me". He leads me down a corridor of his castle. Deeper and deeper we descend. I barely fit but my shoulders widen the earthen tunnel leaving a trail of boulders in our path. We reach his grand laboratory and he starts to explain everything to me... >>

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Got a question, comment, idea or just want to say Hi? Post a comment here & I'll get back to you. Meg

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Beach Body

I just finalized my vacation plans and I'm heading to the Bahamas Yay! I've got a couple months to trim off winter and look ripped in a bikini. I swear I'm gonna get up to run every morning (right). I've narrowed my new bikini down to 3 styles, but can't decide? They're all so cute.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dreams (final)

Hey everyone. I finished up the first story "Dreams" and posted it to I hope all of you check it out and PLEASE give me a 5 star rating and awesome comments.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Megan + Joshua

I have a very passionate new friend named Josh and we both share a love of female muscle growth. He has many ideas welling up and I wanted to give him a chance to tell his own FMG story... of course about me. Comments are welcome but won't be considered part of the storyline. Please also keeping adding to the current interactive story which is for everyone. Here we go and click here to see the full story line.

It's a beautiful Spring day and I'm driving south to meet my friend Josh. He called me earlier today and sounded frantic. "I've got something to tell you, but can't over the phone. This will change our lives, possibly the world. How soon can you meet me?" I have no idea what it is, but it sounds like I'm in for a ride. >>

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