Monday, May 10, 2010

Meg's Growth: Week 16

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My ongoing, real-time, Audience Participation journey to becoming the ultimate muscle woman. Story addition comments take place in real time so help me grow.

My movement is really restricted from the enormous muscles and have started a yoga class to help with flexibility. You should have seen the instructor when I walked in with tights clinging to every crevasse of my body. I could barely do the basic poses but was surprised how well my body limbered up after the first class. I think this will be good for, especially with the movie coming up.

I heard back from my agent and they want me to be She-Hulk. I've grown so much since my screen test and I'm not sure if I'm right for the role. I now look bigger than the Hulk! Another problem is that production starts soon and I would need to be on set for the duration. The thought of being away from my new gym frightens me, I guess which is another sign of addiction.

Andrew is starting to get results back from his testing of me and the Myostatin blocker. It seems my genetic code is being re-written, which explains the rapid growth and even the height increase. He said my muscle is becoming much denser than typical tissue which will increase my strength exponentially. I have the innermost desire and need to see how far I can go. I mean, I'm already a few times larger than anyone else on the planet, but I'm just beginning to feel my true potential.

I get the next vial ready and plunge a fresh dose of the serum into my vein...


  1. Standing 15 feet tall Meg was trapped inside her new gym, unable to fit through the door and certainly unable to stand up in any normal room. Andrew was bringing the odd piece of work for her to do but with the latest dose of Myostatin working it's way through her body, her veins visibly pulsing with every heart beat, work was the last thing on her mind. She was drawn back to the jumbo jet engines in her special gym, each arm pulling four of the large engines off the floor at once. Every pull making her gigantic muscles swell larger.

    Andrew was still there, taking measurements and making notes, Meg watched him as he scurried about the gym doing his thing. Something didn't feel right about Andrew's commitment to her plight (if it can be called that) he was too eager. Then she spotted his name tag, he must have forgotten to take it off when he left work, "Andrew T Gradson - Scientific Research" the pieces to the puzzle all clicked in into place. It was so obvious, how had she not seen it before? Andrew Timothy Gradson, A T Guardian, he was right under her nose the whole time.

    Meg felt a rage build within, causing her body tingle, increasing her rate of growth, she felt her self growing taller as well, what little shreds of clothing she had on ripped apart, "Hello Guardian" she said with determination. Andrew turned around to look at the hulking mass of female muscle before him a sly smile appearing on his face.

    "Hello Meg, I guess my last clue made it all too easy for you" he said as he took in Meg's giant frame and her lorry sized tits sitting atop mountainous pectoral muscles.

    Meg didn't know if she was going to beat the living daylights out of him, interrogate him or just use him as a human dildo.

    Benji Dude

  2. I know who the Guardian is but there's still so much I don't understand. I've worked with Andrew for a few years and he's been the best gay friend a girl could have.

    Andrew remained still and looked nervous but I could tell he was relieved that I now knew the truth.

    "We have big things planned for you, Meg. There's forces at work I can't reveal yet... but I ask that you trust me."

    Who is WE? It's obvious he's not working alone and I want to know more.

    Angelo walks out to my converted parking lot gym with some refreshments. "Time to replenish, my Megan," he says in his thick accent. I take an entire pitcher of lemonade in one gulp and devour the sandwiches. I needed that. I toss one to Sammy who grabs it in the air.

    The hunger to lift builds inside me again and I return to my workout. This time I go to a smaller CAT end loader. Much bigger than the jet engines I was previously working on and I struggle at first to lift it. It doesn't take long before the power fills me to heave the equipment over my head. My muscles swell. Down and back up again for 5 reps without a sweat.

    I continue and see Andrew talking to Angelo, oblivious that I'm watching them out of the corner of my eye. I'm pretending not to look as Andrew looks at me. He pulls out a file and hands it to Angelo and they walk back into the gym.

    Now I'm even more curious?

  3. Word has gotten out to the press that there's a massive woman who constantly increases in size and mass in the area. As per usual it doesn't take them long to find Meg's increasingly claustrophobic gym, she could hear them banging on the door, pressing up to the windows, camera clicking, camera lights glaring in. The anxiety made Meg's heart beat faster, making her muscles surge in size, ever greater. She was now standing about 20' tall her head brushing against the ceiling of the double height room, if she kept on getting taller she'd break through the ceiling.

    Meg looked around for something heavy to lift, the CAT loader long past being anything more than a paper weight to her but there was nothing within reach, she didn't dare move from her spot in case the paparazzi saw her. Instead she slid a finger between her dripping slit and started to pleasure herself, the tingling quickly spread throughout her body and she could feel her muscles tense as they grew larger.

    Benji Dude

  4. So far the press had been kept at bay but it was only matter of time before they got the shots they were after.

    Meg was still pumping away, though her growth had slowed, the Myostatin not being as effective on such a large body. Thankfully she'd stopped growing taller as well, Meg was in two minds whether to give her self another dose or not, she'd missed the meeting with the producers, on account of not being to get outside the door. So chances were that she wouldn't get to be in the film. Could she stand to get any bigger? Did she want to get any bigger? Meg missed going outside and just mingling with people but she loved getting bigger and stronger.

    Both Andrew and Angelo had withdrawn from spending time with Meg, and she hadn't been able to get the fact that Angelo might have been in on it the whole time, he was such a nice guy. Too nice to get involved in something like this, what ever this maybe. So many conundrums going through her head.

    Meg looked at her huge muscles, muscles that defy description, she smiled softly at her size, the way her veins pulsed and rippled over her skin. Her revere was broken by a commotion outside, raised voices could be heard though nothing could be clearly made out. Then a door slammed shut, "I need to see her!" a mans voice said with urgency, it sounded vaguely familiar but Meg couldn't put her finger on it, "Get out of my way!" the voice demanded.

    "I'm sorry" Andrew said sternly, "Meg is not to be disturbed, she is in the final stages" he added.

    "Final stages?" Meg thought to herself, "Final stages for what?" she pondered but before she could think of the possibilities, there was a loud crash and the door to her sanctum come gym flung open and an extremely well muscled man stepped through. At first Meg didn't recognise the man, she'd have remembered if she'd met anyone who was quite so exceptionally well built. Putting her cobbled together weights down she lent forward to get a better look at the man, "Oh my god" she gasped, recognising the intruder before her, "Bill?!" she announced, "What are you doing here?" she asked, taking in his form. Standing taller than he should have been, about 8', with muscles far larger than was naturally possible given the time he'd been away and sporting an erection far larger than any man should have.

    "I need your help Meg" Bill said with need, "You're the only woman that help me!" he added.

    Benji Dude