Monday, April 26, 2010

Meg's Growth: Week 14

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My ongoing, real-time, Audience Participation journey to becoming the ultimate muscle woman. Story addition comments take place in real time so help me grow.

What a whirlwind! I was so busy in LA this weekend.

I met with an Agent Saturday morning to discuss the movie and other possible deals. He had only seen a photo of me before and was quite shocked when I walked into his tiny office. It seems I've gotten a bit bigger since the photo was taken just a few weeks ago.

I was expecting a typical sleaze ball as I sat on his "Casting Couch" but I think he knew better. He was a small thin man that didn't stand a chance against me. We talked for a while and I officially signed on with his agency.

Next was a lunch meeting with the movie producers. We ate outside at a trendy cafe while the producers grilled me with questions. I did my best and they thought I was perfect for the roll. I felt their eyes examine every part of my body. They wanted to see more before they hired me, so they set up a screen test for the afternoon.

We walked into their offices. I was given a sheet of paper and asked to strip down to my undies. Not sure if this was normal... but I've never done a screen test before. The room was cold and made my nipples hard but I stood there waiting for instructions.

They asked for a lot of jumping, posing and different facial expressions. The ultimately wanted to see how big my muscle would look on screen. I didn't disappoint but what about the acting? I looked at the sheet of paper and it only had a few lines, most of them with grunting noises. We took a break and talked to my agent about it.

It turns out I wouldn't be acting. Hell, my face wouldn't even be used. He told me they plan on swapping my head with the lead actress to keep it more "real" looking. Shit, Bill Bixby doesn't look anything like Lou Ferrigno but that didn't matter. This kind of bothers me but I'm not that great of an actress anyway. Should I accept or not. I need to think about it.

The rest of the weekend I mostly spent at Muscle Beach. There were quite a few industry pros there and made some connections. I'm really amazed how many people knew me from the little contest I did. My cute spotter was also there and he gave me his number.

Sammy and I got home late last night. So many opportunities ahead for me, what should I do? The one thing I know for sure is my body is opening doors for me. I currently weigh in at 315 lbs of power packed muscle and not much can stand in my way. >>


  1. Meg checked her height against the first mark she made last week, there was a noticeable difference two, maybe three inches. "This is crazy!" Meg said to herself with a smile, the crazy fetish shoes made her seem tall enough as it was but now she was actually growing taller! She didn't dare think how tall she'd get.

    There was a knock at the door, breaking Meg from her thoughts, "Delivery for you!" a young lady said not looking at Meg, opting instead to just hand over a pad that needed a signature.

    "But I didn't order anything" Meg replied.

    "Look, I just deliver the packages, there's an invoice attached if you have any issues you can…" the ladies sentence was cut off as she looked up at the muscled Amazon before her, "…Deal with them" she finally finished softly after a moments silence. Meg looked back at the girl and smiled, she was cute, Meg could feel herself getting aroused just looking at her. "I recognise you from somewhere" the girl said trying to remember.

    "Maybe you read about me in the paper" Meg offered, signing the pad and handing it back.

    "Yeah! That's it!" the lady responded taking the pad and clicking her finger at the realisation, "You won that muscle competition right?" she asked.

    "Yeah, I guess I did" Meg answered blushing slightly as she felt her juices start to trickle down her leg, "Where's a fucking strong dildo when you need one!" Meg thought to herself, subconsciously squeezing her legs together.

    "Wow! Can I get your autograph?!" the girl asked, quickly padding herself down trying to find some paper and a pen.

    "Erm, sure" Meg replied, reaching for the note pad that was by her phone. she quickly scribbled out her signature and handed the piece of paper to the girl.

    "Wow thanks!" the girl said with a big smile, "Never met a celebrity before!" she added.

    "You're welcome" Meg replied returning the smile as she blushed a little more at being called a celebrity.

    "Ok, well, enjoy your package!" the girl said before turning away, clutching the signature to her chest. Meg quickly brought the small package inside and closed the door, rubbing her muscled thighs together she tore open the box. There were two toys inside, an intimacy egg and another silver bullet, this one seemed much more sturdy than the last one. Meg wasted no time in turning it onto full power and slamming it between her pussy lips, instantly being rewarded with an orgasm. Her mind a little clearer she picked up the intimacy egg, attached it around her waste and placed it over her clit and turned it on, another orgasm washed over her and she felt a little more in control. Meg was expecting to find a note inside the box but there was nothing, then she remembered the invoice, pealing open the plastic wallet she pulled out the invoice, which ironically enough turned out to be another note.

    "Hello Meg,

    Sorry for the delay in toys, I had to pull a few strings to get this one out to you, hopefully it should last the course of your transformation, try not to break this one, I don't know if I'll be able to get you another one.

    Mr A. T. Guardian"

    Benji Dude

  2. (Well it was fun while it lasted. I read the story up til this point and loved it. I'm just not into height growth at all, total turn-off, for me at least, not to insult anyone. I think I'll stop here. Thanks for the great story Meg, and allowing other people to bring their ideas to the table.)

  3. Oh, don't quit now, we're just getting started.

    XOXO Meg

  4. The muscle keeps packing on at almost 20 lbs a day with this new formula. I've been working out really hard but not as much as I had before the contest. I need to push myself farther but there's just so much going on in my life.

    I had a follow-up meeting with my doctor to check on my heart. Everything is OK but its working overtime to keep up with such mass. Gaining over 200 lbs in 3 months will do that. He was reluctant, but upped the medication dosage to keep up with the demand. It's ironic that a steroid is needed to keep me alive from too much muscle :)

  5. It'd been a few days since the last package but Meg had decided to ignore the to-do list and focus on the muscles. With no need to sleep Meg had been spending all her free time pumping iron and the effort was paying off, she'd put on well over 100lbs in the last few days. Of course she'd been keeping track of her height spurt as well, she was now over a foot taller than when she first started measuring herself. Meg had to duck her head as she walked through door ways, though that was partly due to the shoes.

    Meg was taking a short break from working out, checking her self out in the mirror in her bedroom. She was a goddess, there were no two ways about it. Standing tall, every muscle clearly on display no matter the pose. Her self admiration was disturbed by her intimacy egg buzzing its self off to one side, it'd been happening with increasing regularity the more she wore it. Reluctantly Meg pulled down her skin tight workout shorts and pulled the egg away from her skin for a moment. Meg looked at her pussy in the mirror, her tits being far too large for her to look down at her self, blushing slightly as she looked at the dildo fully lodged in her womanly slit buzzing away. Meg gasped as she saw the size of her clit, it was easily the size of a marble, far bigger than it used to be, "No wonder it keeps rolling off" she hushed to herself in disbelief.

    Hesitantly she moved her hand down to touch it, "Oh fuck" she groaned as she came instantly from her own touch, "Fuck I'm so sensitive" she added as she continued to rub, feeling her whole body start to tingle. Meg continued rubbing herself as she moved the egg back into position and tightened the straps.

    The egg back into position Meg took a couple of controlling breaths and refocused on her main goal. Walking back into her home gym she looked at her exercise equipment and a realisation struck her, "I haven't got enough weights to keep up this rate of growth" she admitted. Then she remembered the spare key Angelo had given her for the gym, it was late so there probably wouldn't be too many about. She smiled as a plan formed, quickly slipping into some sweat pants (which were a little on the tight side, not to mention getting small for her growing frame) she got into her car, readjusting the seat yet again and set off for Angelo's. Now was the time to really push herself.

    Benji Dude

  6. Angelo walked up to the front door of his gym, smiling to himself as he noticed the lights were on, "Meg must be pushing herself again" he mused as he unlocked the door walked in.

    Angelo entered the main weight area and stopped dead in his tracks at the sight before him, Meg had a barbell in each hand and they were fully loaded with the heaviest weights in the gym, there had to be well over 1000lbs on each barbell but that wasn't all as all the block weights had been put onto the leg curlers and she was pulling them up and down like no ones business, easily another 1000lbs.

    Angelo's eyes drifted from the mass of weights to the muscled beauty working them, "Jesus Christ!" he gasped as he took in Megs form. She was a mountain of muscle, her chest was bigger than most men, her thighs bigger than men's chests her arms were just huge it was a miracle she could bend them, let alone lift any weights, her neck had been subsumed into her shoulder muscles, even her calves were huge out-shinning most biceps. "Meg?" Angelo said softly, slowly approaching the muscle mountain, "How has this happened?" he asked in disbelief. Meg broke her stare with the mirror and looked at him.

    "Angelo?" she said with a hint of fear, Angelo looked closer into her eyes, there was definitely fear in her eyes, "I, I can't stop" she added.

    "What, what do you mean you can't stop?" Angelo asked as he crouched down beside her, "Has she gotten taller?" he thought to himself.

    "I mean I can't stop pumping iron" replied Meg as her eyes started to water, "I came in at about 11pm last night and I've been unable to stop since. I want to stop, take a short break but my body just keeps on going" she added.

    "Don't worry Meg, I'll help you" Angelo said, picking up the lock for the leg curler and sliding it into place, Meg huge legs muscles could be seen twitching as she still tried to curl her legs, "Try standing up" he suggested. Meg fought her legs for control, the lock was creaking under the strain, eventually she won out bolting up right, her arms still pumping the barbells. Angelo stood up as well, going wide eyed as he realised that his eyes were level with her very erect (but still covered) nipples.

    "Help me please Angelo" Meg pleaded as a tear ran down her cheek, she didn't like not being in control, she liked it even less when it was her own body rebelling against her.

    "It's ok Meg, you've already proven you're strong enough to take back control, just focus like you did when you wanted to stand up. Concentrate on putting the barbells down" Angelo guided. Meg closed her eyes and took a deep breath, her arm curls slowed down, little by little. Until eventually she'd stopped, half way through a curl, Angelo could only watch as he saw the veins and tendons on Meg's hands twitch and pulse as she tried to let go of the weights. Fearing the aftermath of such huge weights dropping, Angelo took a couple of steps away. Moments later Meg released the weights with a loud crash, everything in the room shook at the impact.

    "Angelo" Meg said softly trying her best not to cry, "Help me" she added, collapsing to her knees.

    Benji Dude