Monday, October 12, 2009

Meg's Bistro & Inn: MysteryX & Amanda

Meg's Bistro & Inn is open for business. Please visit the front desk if you would like to make reservations.

Another night at Meg's Bistro & Inn and we await our latest reservation. Jessica is my gorgeous gym friend that I've hired as Maître d’. She watches as a slightly (and I hate to use this word) dorky gentleman walks in looking very nervous. "Hi, I'm MysteryX and have reservations for 7:00" he says to Jess as she checks the book.

"Hello MysteryX, we've been expecting you. Amanda hasn't arrived yet but would you like a seat at the bar?" He nods and Jessica escorts him to our lavish bar. We stock the finest liquor, wines & beer from around the world. We even have a special vineyard where we make the most delectable wines. It really has a "kick" :)

MysteryX takes a seat as he waits for Amanda. He's a special friend of mine and I go out to greet him, something I try to do with all my customers depending on my time. I know he like the "big" girls so I've taken special care to have a bit of our "special" vintage and hit the fitness center beforehand to pump up.

I walk up to say Hi and he turns around startled. I have that effect sometimes. "Welcome to Meg's, may I call you MX?" He just nods as he stares at my 36" biceps flaring up and down with my hand gestures. His roving eyes cover me head to toe and I can tell he's impressed. They all are. "Well MX, thank you for coming this evening and I hope you enjoy your dinner." I give him a big hug and head back to my office. I feel his eyes sizing me up and down as I exit the bar.

He's still dazing in my direction after I'm gone and his eyes suddenly go even wider. In walks Amanda.

Take it away MX & Amanda! >>


  1. MX nearly falls out of his seat at the sight in front of him. The blonde beauty that stood in the doorway was stunning in every sense of the word. He had to tear his eyes away from the muscular beauty that was Meg, only to fix his eyes on another one.

    This night was turning out to be one of a kind for the young man. He had dated before a couple of times but they were neither that exciting nor special. He was of average height and fairly lean. He had spiked his short dark hair and made it an appointment to be early as he liked to be punctual.

    But he felt he lacked because he didn't consider himself particularly good-looking and was a bit awkward socially. He turned out in a crisp, black pin-striped suit, maroon dress shirt and silver tie. He had heard of the new restaurant and felt he should look his best as he heard his date would be 'special.'

    Plus the dates he went on were with 'normal' girls. He had seen fitness-type girls before with well-toned bodies but never one with as much muscle as did Meg just now.

    The blonde waved at MX and started to walk towards him, which made him sweat the slightest bit.

    From across the room, he estimated her to be a couple inches taller than he was, but only because of the heels. As she came closer he felt himself shrink as her bulk gave the illusion that she was bigger than he was despite the fact that he estimated her to be around his age. His nervousness was lessened as Amanda had a charming smile on her cute face that seemed to warm his insides.

    As Amanda approached him, he remembered his manners and jumped off the barstool and said, “A-ah, hello there! You must be Amanda I presume? I-I apologize if I was staring too much...this is all so new to me.” he says with a small bow and extending his hand out to greet her.

    “I'm MysteryX, but you may call me Mysterion.”

  2. I take his hand and walk with mysterion to a table. "I am. You... want to sit down?" It only took a slight cough for him to slide out a chair and help me sit down.

    We start talking a bit, I tell him how I compete in national gymnastics, joking how it helps me stay in shape. I notice his eyes keep dropping away from mine, looking at my arms and chest. "You can feel if you want to", I say with a smile. "Huh? feel? what?" he stammers back. "My arm, silly. I can see staring." I look at his eyes, they're quite handsome, despite how badly he's blushing "You can feel it if you want to" I hold one up, making a small but cute biceps underneath my black silk dress.

    As Mysterion leans over forward, I can see his mouth sag open a bit, it makes me smile. Just before he can touch, Meg walks up to the table.

    "Sorry for interrupting. Would you like to order?" I look at Mysterion: "You want to start out with a nice bottle of wine, I hear they have an excellent vintage." He nods, "Uhm, that sounds good." I lay my hand on the hand Mysterion is still holding in the air, putting it down on the table and putting my hand on top of it. "Why don't you order for both of us?"

  3. Mysterion blushes a bit at his hand being held. Her hands were very smooth and she had a firm grip. Of course, that's because the hands were attached onto well-muscled arms that looked to belong to a bodybuilder.

    He then politely moves his hand away and opens up a menu.

    “Hmm, there are so many good choices here...what should I pick?” Mysterion says. He looked across the table at his date who merely smiles back.

    “I'm fine with anything actually. I trust you have good taste.” Amanda said with a wink. Mysterion did a slight double take to check if his eyes were playing tricks on him but merely went back to his menu and looked at the appetizers.

    He looks through the menu again and back at Amanda and decided that for a young woman like her to be so incredibly buff already, she must eat healthy foods, so Mysterion decides on a salad for her.

    “Would you like garden salad to start off? I was thinking of the French onion soup.” Mysterion says to Amanda.

    “That's fine. What about the main course? Have you decided for us yet?” Amanda asks.

    “Still looking....oh wait, here is something I think you might like, I presume you're not a vegetarian, so how does the New York Steak sound?” He points to the item on the menu. “It comes with a side of vegetables and a choice of rice or mashed potatoes.”

    “Hehe, you really do have good taste like I thought!” Amanda giggled.

    “Uh..y-yeah I suppose. I do cook myself, so I suppose I know a little bit about food here and there.”

    Their muscular waitress, Meg came back and asked if they were ready to take their order. And Mysterion orders a garden salad for Amanda, a French Onion soup for himself, for appetizers. As a last minute thought, he decides to add an order of calamari to the appetizers. He also orders the New York Steak and a delicious Italian-style pasta with sausage and shrimp for himself.

    “Thank you very much, I'll be back with your calamari and appetizers soon!” Meg said happily as we handed her our menus.

    Mysterion looks back at Amanda and tries to strike up a conversation.

    “Ah, Amanda'd you get so buff like that? I mean, most girls I've seen are not nearly as muscular as you are...but you and Meg over there seem like exceptions. Not that its bad or anything of course! It's way better than models who are so thin that they look unhealthy.”

  4. "Well", I start out, "I've started doing gymnastics when I was about 5 years old. When I turned 14, I started doing a bit more in the gym, lifting weights and working on the machines." I look down at my arms, "I guess it does add some muscle to a girl, huh?" Mysterion nods.

    "Oh, I'm not a bodybuilder or anything, I'm not nearly big enough or defined enough to compete in anything." I lean forward over the table and whisper: "You want to hear a secret?" Mysterion nods and leans forward towards me, "I really want to be a bigger. I mean really huge and with strength to match."

    Mysterion sits back, "Wow, you already look pretty big to me." He blushes "I mean uhm... not like that, just uhm, your muscles..." I smile "I know what you mean, thanks. I mean really big though, more than 20 inches" I flex my arm, "So, that would be another 10 inches?" I joke. "More like 6, those are pretty big already", Mysterion replies, smiling as well.

    "Well, it's your lucky day then", comes a voice behind me. "I'm sorry?" I ask, as Meg starts pouring wine into our glasses, "I didn't quite catch that. "Nothing," Meg replies, grinning as she finishes pouring the wine "The appetizers will be there shortly, enjoy your meal."

    I pick up the glass and smell the wine. It smells quite good, for as much as I can tell, a bit different from other wines, but I take that that must mean it's really good. I raise the glass "To a successful diner." Mysterion responds "and a wonderful evening." We touch glasses for just a second, looking in eachother's eyes, I his deep brown eyes, he in my sparkling blue ones and then take a sip of wine.

    It wás good wine, I take another, rather unladylike drink, emptying half the glass in a single gulp. "Uhm", I put the glass back down and blush "It's good wine?" Mysterion raises an eyebrow "Mine was pretty regular" he responds.

    I talk some more about how I started gymnastics and how I'd won a few local prizes and even competed nationally. Inside myself, I can feel a strange sensation, but I write it off to the alcohol. "I shouldn't drink so fast" I think to myself.

  5. Mysterion takes a small sip of his wine, swirled his glass a bit and looks over at his date who after downing half a glass of wine like that looked a bit rosy.

    "Hehe, you should take it easy Amanda, we still have four courses to go through!" Mysterion jokes.

    "Yeah I suppose you're right, but the wine was really good! I'll try and take it easy. Ah, our appetizers are here!" Amanda looked over at Meg, who was walking over towards us and carrying our three appetizers on a tray. She set the garden salad in front of Amanda, the French Onion soup in front of Mysterion, and the calamari in the middle of the table and with a small bow said, "Please enjoy, your main courses will be ready shortly," and walked away.

    Mysterion and Amanda start on their meal pausing every now and then to comment on the food. All the while, Mysterion takes into admiration of Amanda for her atheltic prowess. He was impressed that she continued to work out for so long and that she was focused on her goal of being bigger. He then begins to wonder how big did Amanda really wanted to be. Bigger was not necessarily better, but in this case, it was. He made a mental note to himself to bring up the matter later.

    "This is really good!" Amanda says. "Did you mention you liked to cook yourself?" she asks and takes another bite of her salad.

    "Hmm? Oh yes I did mention that. Yeah, I like to cook every now and then, saves money in the long run you know. Plus home cooked food is better than fast food," Mysterion notes half-heartedly.

    "What do you know how to cook?"

    "Uh, you know the usual, I can make pasta, Chinese chicken, cookies, curry, eggs, and so on," Mysterion replies casually. "I learned by watching others cook and just picking stuff up as I go."

    "Ah, that's neat! They do say girls like a guy who can cook!" Amanda says with a smile to which Mysterion blushes slightly. "Uh...hehe...yeah I guess so," and with that he resumes his soup, grabbing some calamari in between sips.

    After they finished their appetizers and waited for their main courses to arrive, Mysterion looks at Amanda again and asks, " said you wanted to get bigger earlier correct? I mean, I have no problem with that of course, I...I actually like seeing lots of muscle on a pretty girl. But I was curious as to why you wish to be huge and how big you wish to be?"

  6. "Well" Amanda responds, "I just love the way the muscles look and I know I'll love how they feel. To have have huge mountains of muscle, rolling over my body, moving as I want. I want everyone to stare at me, look at my huge muscles and I want everyone to want to touch them." As Amanda talks, Mysterion's mouth keep dropping lower and lower.

    "And I want to be really strong. I want to lift cars with a single hand, fold them in half without effort. I want to be able to do anything I want, whenever I want." Amanda sighs. "But that's not going to happen. I've only got about..." She flexes her arm and looks amazed "17...inches...?"

    Mysterion stares. "That's hu... ehh, bigger than before." "Yeah" Amanda says, "I...uhh, must have been pumping it without noticing or something." She relaxes and flexes again, causing the thin silk dress to brush over the sharp peak. She shrugs and takes the last bite of her food. As if on cue, Meg arrives with the next course.

    "Enjoying the wine I see?" Meg asks as she refills both glasses. "Uhm... Could you bring us a full bottle?" Amanda asks. Meg raises her eyebrow "My, you're enjoying yourself aren't you. I'll have one here right away, have fun." Meg winks and walks away.

    "I wonder what she means by that?" asks Mysterion. "I don't know, but I am having a great time, I'm really enjoying myself." Amanda intentionally stretches very slowly, showing off a bit.

    Suddenly, something tear loudly. Amanda looks down. "Oh no. I tore a seam on my dress." Mysterion looks down, trying to see through the table, his mind filling with images of a high split in an already quite short evening
    dress. "Do you uhh... want to leave?" he asks, a little disappointed. "Of course not silly!" Amanda replies. "It's nothing really. I can probably get it fixed tomorrow. Maybe I shouldn't eat so much," she jokes, "I'm already tearing out off my dress."

    "So, what do you think about a girl who want to get so much bigger than any man?" She asks, starting on her next course.

  7. Mysterion thinks about the question for a minute or so.

    Thinking back, in general, he always foudn the look of muscles bulging every which way somewhat appealing. After all, that was how beauty was measured in ancient antiquity in the days of Rome. In some respect, the size of muscles on a person was directly proportional to their physical strength and power. But that was just logic. He himself wasn't sure why.

    "You know that's a good question. I...I don't really know the answer to that one. I suppose in today's day and age when the majority of people are getting too overweight and not working out to offset it, its amazing to see people like you who care about their health and know what they want," Mysterion explains.

    Amanda looks up from her food and says, "Ah, I see. Go on."

    "As to your desire to be bigger, well I don't really a problem with that as there is no clear cut rule that says that man HAS to be bigger than a woman. That's just how it happened to be for...who knows how long. Like I said before, if you wish to be bigger than me, no one is stopping you. In fact, I even support your desire," Mysterion finishes and takes a sip of his wine again.

    Meg comes back a few minutes later with his entree as well as a another full bottle of wine. Mysterion and Amanda both thank Meg again and resume their meal. Mysterion watches as Amanda took another generous gulp of her glass.

    "Heh, you must really like this stuff don't you?"

    Amanda blushed, but whether that was the compliment or the wine, was debateable.

    "Y-yeah I do. I hope I'm not turning out to be an alcholic or anything!"

    "Nah, this stuff isn't that strong. I like red wine myself or any kind of wine actually, so long as its sweet. I can't drink anything that's bitter," Mysterion says.

    The two giggled and laughed a bit before taking a few more bites of their food.

    "Say Amanda? I don't know if you've seen this but...I believe I posted a picture of Meg on her blog a while ago and let me tell you...that morph I did takes the cake for being the biggest one on the net. She told me that she was very pleased with it," Mysterion says with a hint of pride in his voice.

    "Yes I have! That was you?!" Amanda exclaims.

    "Yes it was! Because I was thinking of asking Meg afterward our meal if she knew a way for you to get that big. You just said you wanted to have mountains of muscle all over your body right? Well afterward our meal do you want to go talk to her and see what she knows about it? I know it will be like a dream come true for you and me if it works out!" Mysterion says.

  8. I overhear the conversation and smile. MysteryX has no idea of what's about to happen as the special wine Amanda just drank has muscle growth properties. They are compounded with every drink and she's had almost a full bottle.

    I may need to bring another bottle or two.

  9. "I can't believe that you made that, that's exactly how I want to look." As soon as she thinks back to the picture, Amanda starts feeling strange. It's how she felt when the seem popped on her dress. "I want to big, gigantic even."

    Amanda starts feeling warm, so she takes another drink, but feels even worse. Mysterion can see is turning all read. "Are you all right?" he asks. "Yes, yes I'm fine, just a little warm, that's all. Why, do I look ill?"

    He looks at her again, hardly a punishment. "No, you still look great. Even better than when you walked in..." She think he's joking, but Amanda does seem to be filling out her dress better, the fabric clinging just a little tighter, showing a bit more cleavage. No, that must have been his imagination.

    "I'm feeling better already. I guess talking about huge muscles is making me a little..." Images of herself, filling up with gigantic muscles swarm Amanda's mind, she grabs the table to stay in her chair. This time however, it didn't feel bad, in fact, she felt good. She kept thinking about what she could do with a body like that, what she would look like and how strong she would be.

    Distantly, Amanda could hear something tearing, but she didn't pay it much attention, her mind still swimming with images of power. After what seemed like an eternity, but couldn't have been more than a few seconds, she came back to her senses and sat back up again.

    "Uhh, maybe we should leave after all. Would you care to take me home?" Again the images came, this time what she could do with a man when Amanda was as strong as she always dreamed of. Another tearing sound followed, this time Amanda was quite aware of what happened. For some reason, the shoulder on her dress had torn out. She just managed to stop her dress from falling to the floor, when she figured out why it had snapped.

    Amanda looked at her arms. They were bigger than before, a lot bigger! She raised her arm and flexed. Amanda's mouth fell open as she saw a massive peak rising, it must have been over 20 inches easily.

    From mysterion's standpoint, things looked even more amazing.

  10. "S...sure, I don't mind taking you home," Mysterion says with a bit of nervousness and excitement.

    "Well, before we go, why don't we stop by the gym here for an hour or so? I mean, since we're here anyways, and the night is still young." He checked his watch and noted that it was only a quarter 'till eight. He took a closer look at Amanada and this time it was clear that she did in fact look significantly bigger and more muscular than when he first saw her. Plus, if he was going to taking her home, he probably should wait until he was a bit more sober just to be safe.

    Amanda could tell what he was thinking and agreed. They found Meg again and paid her for their meal politely declining dessert.

    "Hey, do you think we can use the gym here for an hour? Mysterion says that he should wait at least an hour to sober up a bit." Amanda said.

    Meg smiled and nodded and motioned for the two to follow her. With every pace Mysterion noted, Amanda's muscles were growing slowly and the dress she had on was looking smaller and tighter on her frame. He suspected that it was something that she ate or drank that was causing her to grow, but who cares right? If it was the wine, he suspected, he didn't mind buying another bottle or two when they went back.

    "Ah, perhaps you should change into some stretchable workout clothes? I wouldn't want you to grow out of your dress and ruin it," Mysterion says to Amanda.

    Amanda nodded and turned to Meg and asked if she had some workout clothes in storage. She suspected that she was going to get much MUCH bigger tonight and felt that she could at least be modest enough to wear something appropriate.

    Meg smiled her sweet smile again and showed Amanda to the changing rooms while Mysterion waits patiently outside the gym. He looked around at all the machines and weights and was impressed that the inn had all this stuff. He also took note of the largest sets of weights which looked liked the size of manhole covers.

    He then turned his attention to the other wall, which was more of a giant glass window than a wall. It gave a clear view outside to the courtyard and he can see several hot tubs and a large swimming pool. If they still had time, he wanted to take a dip and of course, perhaps see a massive Amanda in a bikini.

    A few minutes later, Amanda came back out of the changing rooms in a silver and pink tank top and shorts. Again, even in those few minutes, her whole body looked bigger. Her biceps looked at least 30 inches now, even without flexing.

    "Well, what do you think?" Amanda said teasingly as she walked closer to him.

    "Not bad at all, wanna get started then?" Mysterion asks.

  11. "Hmm, it's a bit... small, don't you think?" Amanda said, as they walked down to the gym. "No," answered Mysterion "I think it's just perfect." "Oh, you would. I don't see you lifting any weights in there." "You want me to? I thought you were... I mean that I'm uhh...not that strong" blushed Mysterion. "You're just afraid you'll lose to a girl" said Amanda, "come on, I'll show you how it's done."

    They walked down to the bench, Amanda motioned Mysterion down to the bench. "Don't worry, I'll give you a hand" she said, as she took up position behind the bench. "I can't lift that!" Mysterion said, "thats 180 pounds!" Amanda just smiled "You forgot the bar, it's 200, now just lay down and start working, cutie" she reached down and softly put his hands on the bar, then grabbed it for herself.

    With a loud grunt, Mysterion lifted the bar from the stand, slowly lowering it to his chest, his eyes closed and arms shaking with effort. He raised it up, slowly, then down again. "Huh, this isn't all that hard." He started pumping it faster, feeling it was getting lighter. "This is kinda fun, do think I've gotten stronger to?"

    "Open your eyes dear" Amanda told Mysterion. The weight had suddenly felt very light indeed. As he opened his eyes, he saw why the weight was feeling so light in his hands. Amanda was taking the weight from him more and more, while barely straining. With his arms extended, he felt the weight go away. "Hang on tight" Amanda told him, so he grabbed the weight tightly, as he felt the barbell rise and rise, lifting him from the bench.

    "You know, this IS fun. Let me try something else, you just hang on." Mysterion hang on, his mouth gaping as this amazing girl was curling 160 pounds, no more than 160 pounds, without any effort. Her biceps were pushing out from her arms, she couldn't even curl it all the way because her thick forearms touched her granite biceps.

    Amanda then let go with one hand, putting it on top of her biceps, feeling the sharp peak move as she lifted the barbel and the dangling Mysterion from the ground. "I can go faster" she said, almost to herself. She did, counting off over a rep per second, he arms and shoulders bulging from her body, smooth skin covering them like silk over steel. After three minutes (and two hundred reps), she switched arms and did it again, this time admiring herself in the mirror.

    When she put down the barbel, and Mysterion, she turned to him, he was panting while she was just smiling, not even sweating. "I'm going to need some bigger weights."

  12. "Hmm, how about those over there," Mysterion points to the corner where several weights were stacked the size of manhole covers. Each one of these are 100 lbs each.

    "Hmm, I think they'll do for now..." Amanda said and walked over to them. Mysterion can only stare as how big she has gotten since he met her only an hour before. She had a relatively athletic build that now was at least twice the size than the largest male bodybulder. And yet she still had very feminine curves and an exaggerated hourglass figure that was getting more exaggerated the more she worked out.

    Mysterion watches as Amanda starts loading the bench press with several weight disks on a thick bar. At closer inspection Mysterion stammers, "Holy crap! That's 400 lbs!" Noticing two large disks on either end.

    "450 lbs. You forgot to include the bar again silly!" Amanda corrects him.

    "Uh, perhaps you should get Meg here to spot you? You know, just in case. I'm not saying you can't lift that of course!"

    Meg overhears him again and comes over to help Amanda. Both get into position and Amanda starts pumping. She lowers the bar onto her growing chest and pushes up. She repeats again and again without any stress and after the 50 rep, Mysterion looses count.

    "Well, I'm going to go do my own excerises over here. I'll let you ladies have your fun!"

    Mysterion goes to another section of the gym a little ways from Amanda and starts doing sit ups and push ups alternating between sets. Meanwhile, the effects of the wine Amanada had been drinking starts really kicking into effect. With every pump Amanda's muscles grow larger and larger, adding several pounds of bulk to her body each time. Every so oftem Amanda would have to add more weights to bar just for her to get the same pump.

    After who knows how many reps on the bench press, Amanda decides to stop and workout the rest of her body. She admires herself in the mirror and flexes a bit to see all the various muscles bulge and contract.

    "Hmm, this feels so good! I...want to get even bigger! More!" She said to herself. She not only wanted more muscle mass for herself, but also to please Mysterion as she remembers his love for super massive muscles. She kept thinking back to Mysterion's picture of Super Meg for her inspiration.

    For the next half hour, Amanda works on every part of her body making them ever larger and stronger. Meg whispered how she was able to get so big so quickly to Amanda and that excites Amanda more as Meg brought more of her special wine out for Amanda.

    To Mysterion, his dates moans and grunts were music to his ears. If she kept this up, he doubts if she would even fit in his car.

  13. After hours and hours pumping longer sets with heavier weights, Amanda had muscle on her muscle. Her skin was stretched so tight over every fibre, giving her a ripped look never seen before on anyone. The only traces of fat anywhere on her body were in her breasts, which, sitting on top of massive pectoral muscle, had reached the size of F-cups when not including the muscle. Not only had her muscles increased in size, but she was taller as well, reaching almost 7 ft.

    She was working with an improvised weight now, a thick chain wrapped around her ankles. On that chain hung five barbels, each loaded to their maximum weight of 1500 pounds, several loose plates as well as the remains of what used to be a chest machine, bringing the total to over 12000 pounds, six tonnes of weight.

    With that weight on her ankles, she had been doing a combination of one handed pullups and leg raises. Mysterion had started counting her reps, but gave up around 230, when she was still not breaking a sweat.

    With a loud bang, she dropped the weight. "This is getting boring, I don't think there's enough weight in this gym to give me a proper workout." to emphasize, she flexed her pumped up biceps, from a relaxed 25 inches that would shame any bodybuilder, to a massive 62 inches, which prevented her from bending her arms more than 90 degrees.

    "And it's not just that..." Amanda said, looking at the reaction she had on her date, "I want to show off in public. Having you watch me work out is a turn on, but I want everyone to see how strong I've gotten."
    "A turn on?" Mysterion asked. "Oh yeah, I using, and showing, my strength and my muscles..." with every word she said, she took a step closer to him, with every word she flexed another massive group of muscles. "wouldn't you agree?"

    She was now inches away from his face, which was level with her breasts now. The tiny silver top she wore clearly showed her nipples almost poking through, it was stretched tight across her chest. It had once covered more than just a few inches, but now it showed most of her breasts and all of her stomach. If Mysterion's view hadn't been blocked by those massive globes, he would have seen a set of abs unrivalled anywhere in the world, each of the 12 blocks from her breasts to her, now tiny, shorts was at least 2 inches deep and her lats were the same.

    Because he was looking down, he didn't see her shoulders, which were so massive they were becoming spherical. He also didn't see the massive arms, each holding more muscle than a heavyweight bodybuilder and more strength than a dozen of them. He didn't see how they reached out behind him, moving towards him.

    Because he was looking down, he also couldn't see the head on top of this amazing body. Still as feminine as she was at the start of the evening, more so because of the body it was on now, she was smiling mischievously as him.

  14. Mysterion felt so many different and conflicting feelings all at once. The first was awestruck. He had to pry his eyes from her massive breasts and step back a little to try and take her now super-sized body in. Barely three and a half hours ago, Amanda was not too different than a fairly built, gymnast/athlete. But now, after two bottles of that special wine and lots of iron pumping, his date had grown so massive that she seemed to fill up the gym area with her muscle mass.

    Thinking back to the morphed picture of Meg Mysterion did, it was mind boggling to him that barely a foot in front of him stood a real life version of that, except of course it was Amanda instead of Meg. But the idea that Amanda now looked exactly, or even bigger than the picture was truly a sight to behold. One could not even comprehend how the human body could pack on so much muscle as Amanda had. She had grown in height but that was nothing compared to her width. Her shoulders were wider than she was tall and each, including her biceps and breasts, looked to be the size of overstuffed beanbags.

    Her legs were not as big but still stuffed to the max with pure muscle. Her still thin but muscle packed waist gave her an over-exaggerated hourglass figure. But other than her hands, feet and head, which remained about the same size, everything else about her was huge. Although the effects of the wine had finished its job, he had a feeling that if Amanda got a good pump and flex as she stood now, she would be so massive that she couldn't even move. But he didn't mind. He liked how Amanda looked now. She was beyond any bodybuilder or weightlifter. Amanda was a muscle goddess.

    As Mysterion drools over Amanda's new mass, he also felt tinier than ever and he began to feel more and more uneasy as Amanda's smile and stare became more hungry-like.

    "Uh...I-I don't know what so say...I look great! Better than great! I mean, you're huge! You've completely redefined the meaning of what it means to be big!" Mysterion compliments which only caused Amanda's smile to widen.

    "Thanks, I really appreciate it!" Amanda replies and moves forward again. Mysterion tries backing away as he is really nervous now, but backs into something solid that pulls him forward right into the massive breasts in front of him.

    His face reddens more as he felt his body push in the massive, three foot deep cleavage and the surprising softness of Amanda's boobs.

    " good..." Mysterion says softly to Amanda, clearly in muscle and boob heaven.

    "I'm so glad. Not many are into this kind of muscle mass. I'm glad you share my opinion and was so supportive. You are the first that actually supported me when I said that I wanted to be massive..." Amanda says sweetly as she hugs Mysterion closer to her.

    Mysterion could see her face clearly now. So beautiful and feminine as ever, her delicate face framed by a lustrous amount of blonde hair. He cared not that Amanda was still sweaty from her recent pump up. He cared not that he felt his body squeezed in from her breasts. All he cared about was that he wanted to be with Amanda now and nothing else.

    Their eyes locked on and for several minutes they stared into each others eyes. Mysterion looked into Amanda's bright blue ones while she stared back into his deep brown ones.

    After a while Mysterion suggested, "Hmm, hey, since we're both really sweaty now, would you like to get changed into a swimsuit or something and take a dip in the pool? I haven't swam in a while and I would like to. Hehe, I guess the only hard part would be for you to find a bikini that fits you!"


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