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Audience Participation III

I always have the most fun with these stories and it's been a couple month's since the last one. Anything goes and everyone is able to write in and participate, just respect what was written before. There seemed to be some interest in me vs. Supergirl so I'm going to start there.

It's my first trip to Metropolis and I'm so excited. The big city and home of Superman! My hotel room won't be ready for a couple hours and I've got so much to explore and see. What to do first? >>


  1. After months of planning and saving, Meg had finally saved up enough money to
    take her annual vacation to the mega city of Metropolis. Meg had always
    been interested in the giant city. It seemed that everywhere she
    turned, television shows, talk radio, newspapers, and the nightly news
    talked about the events surrounding the city and it's two great heroes,
    Superman and Supergirl.

    "I can't wait," Meg thought as she reached the
    final twenty minutes of her flight. Looking out of the window, Meg
    could see the sun rise over the horizon after her four hour Redeye
    flight. As it rose, the golden sun began to light the incredible spires
    and architecture of one of the world's greatest cities.

    "Oh my!" she whispered under her breath, it looks incredible. "I wonder
    if I'll get a glimpse of Superman or Supergirl while I'm here."

    "Perhaps you will. You never know," said the man sitting in the seat
    isle seat. The seat between them had remained empty during the entire
    flight and the man had fallen asleep.

    Meg, turned and looked at him. The man was broad shoulder and tall and
    had thick reading glasses. His hair, was very dark and parted on the
    side of his head in a what Meg considered and outdated style. He wore a
    tweed sportscoat complete with brown elbow patches and a blue, button
    up shirt. If Meg had one word to describe him, she would have used the
    word "nerdy." She smiled at him anyway.

    "Oh yes! Ever since I could remember I've always been fascinated by
    Superman and Supergirl. I remember when Superman died during the
    'Doomsday' conflict when I was still in elementary school. All of us
    kids were shocked and we all cried. He means so much to all of us." She
    said in a reflective tone and then her voice cheered, "I'm Meg and you
    are?," she said offering her hand for a handshake.

    "Clark. Clark Kent. I work for the Daily Planet and I was told by my
    boss to cover the Wild Fires out in California." He said has his large
    hand engulfed hers.

    Meg's eyes welled in surprise. "You're Clark Kent?! You're the one who
    writes all of those Superman stories! Er, you and uh.. uh that
    woman..." she stammered, struggling to pull the name from her memory.
    "Lois Lane-Kent. My wife," Kent smiled. He continued, "Superman is
    great guy. He's got the greatest heart in the world and he always does
    what's right."


  2. "What about Supergirl?" Meg asked excitedly.

    "Well, she's also got a great heart. She's actually very young and she's still learning about public service. She can be a bit willfull at times and she lets notoriety go to her head, but in the end she does
    what's right."

    "Wow," Meg sighed. "They've always been my heroes. Ever since I could remember, I've tried to be like them." She giggled, "I know, I know, it sounds funny and all but I've always wanted superstrength and the like.
    In the last few months I've really begun to hit the gym. If I can't be superpowered, I can still be a super me." She flexed a small bicep.

    "See?," she giggled.

    Clark Kent smiled. "I see. Nicely done. Keep it up. You must be a heart breaker to all the guys."

    Meg blushed, "Yeah. I'm 24 right now and I'm loving life."

    A voice blared on the intercom, "This is the captain speaking. Due tosome kind of weird electrical anamoly/storm on the horizon, we're going to be a little late. Please be seat and strap yourself in for a little
    bit of turbulence. We'll do our best to fly around it. There's no needto worry folks. This is Metropolis and we see all sorts of weird stuff. It makes our city exciting. Thank you for you patience."

    Meg's eyes and face crunched with concern, "Is that normal?" she said trying to Clark Kent's face. "Hmmm..." he thought pensively, his index finger and thumb rubbing his
    chain slighty, "No, it's not. In all honesty, Luthorcorp has been conducting some weird experiments lately at his laboratories on the
    outskirts of town. No one, even Mrs.Lane-Kent and I have been able to determine what's going on. I'm sure it will be okay though," his face returned to normal and he smiled reassuringly. "Just enjoy the ride.
    You're safe."

    Meg smiled.
    "How is the energy generation process going Dr. Jannison? I certainly hope that I didn't invest over $20 billion of my own money into created a particle collider and energy gathering apparatus for nothing," he said to a an attractive young woman in white labe coat.

    Dr. Famke Jannison, 26 years old, had been one of the best minds to ever come out of M.I.T.'s quantum theorist school. Born with a genius level I.Q., Dr. Jannison was a child prodigy who graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree of Quantum Physics at the age of 15. By the age of 16, she had moved onto M.I.T.'s school for
    advanced quatum study. By the age of 20, she was working in Europe at CERN's Large Hadron Collider when she was fired from there due to her radical theories regarding energy production by opening wormholes to various types of universal matter. Unable to find a job for her theories, Lex Luthor hired her as head researcher of his own Hadron collider.

    "She's brilliant," he thought, "But she's also very strange."

    Dr. Jannison, was approximately 5'4, and possessed a waifish body. While she had the potential to be pretty given a little time and
    effort, her dedication to all things science and her work on her radical theories left her aloof. Her blonde, mousy hair, was pulled
    behind her and held with a hairband, her blue eyes, which were huge and buggy due to her thick lenses, looked up at Luthor.
    "Well Mr. Luthor, the energy spike is reaching it's apex and we're just about ready to draw energy from an interdimensional doorway right now. When we do, we'll collect the energy with Tesla collectors. If it
    works, you'll have a corner on the energy market. You'll possess the key to inexhaustible, clean energy."

    Luthor smiled deviously, "Excellent Dr. Jannison. You will be rewarded handsomely for this."

    Dr, Jannison's attention had turned away from Luthor as she monitored the energy spikes from the computer. "Okay Mr. Luthor. All I want to do is work. Money doesn't mean anything to me."

    "Whatever you say Dr. I await your results," Luthor turned and walked away. "Weird," he thought.

    *********** cont

  3. ******************
    "Ladies and gentleman this the Captain speaking again. It appears the energy disturbance has grown and we're going to have to attempt to fly through it. We don't believe that this will affect the plane. Please remain strapped in and seated. Flight attendants, please strap in as well. Thank you." Ding.

    Meg looked at Mr. Kent, "That doesn't good."
    Kent smiled back at her. "I'm sure we'll fine."


    Back at the LuthorCorp.
    "Dr. Jannison! We must shut it down! The interdimensional portal is unstable! We've tapped into the wrong dimension and we're not sure what types of energy are flowing through. Our instruments are getting readings we've never seen before!" As he spoke, the roomfull of scientists, adorned with their whitecoats were running with fire extinguishers to put out little fires that were started from sparkig machinery.

    "Dr.Smith!," Dr. Jannison roared over blazing warning sirens, "I will not stop this experiment! The Tesla collectors can siffon off the energy and collect whatever comes through! Besides, we can't close down
    the interdimensional door way at this time anyway until it's reached its energy appex! Continue!"

    "Dr. Johnson and Dr. Zeman!" She yelled, still staring at her readouts,"Get ready to fire up those collectors on my mark! Three, two," she looked up at the giant Tesla Collector's in the huge room in front of her. A think sheet of plexiglass separated her from them. "One... MARK!"

    Back on the plane, passengers were buckled back and forth as the plane entered the cloud of energy and people cried out in panick as the overhead baggage compartments began to spill out their contents.

    Meg, her head between her thighs, braced herself as much as she could. As she looked down, she could see the compartment slowly brighten with a blue glow as the plane entered the eye of the energy mass.

    "What is that?" she thought.

    The plane buckled more and Meg could hear the roar of the planes four engines as the pilots sought compensate for the wild turbulence. People screamed.

    "I can't do anything!" Clark Kent's thoughts raged. "We're at 35,000 feet and if I turned into Superman now, there's no way I could get out the plane without depressuring the entire compartment!Damn it!" he squeezed his seat's arm rest, leaving finger imprints in the aluminum rest the same way a child would as if grasping Playdoh.

    The plane began to move up and down wildly in parabolic loops and Meg felt herself jarred around violently. She reached behind her and felt that her seat belt clip had come undone.
    "Oh no!" she thought. "That's not good!" She struggled to return the clip to it's catch. The jarring of the plane and the wild dips and
    dives made it impossible for her.

    The blue light got brighter.

    VRRRRRROOOOOMMMM the engines roard as the plane shook and the right wing of the plane dipped, wrenching Meg out of her chair towards Mr.Kent.

    The Blue Light enveloped them and she lost consciousness.

    ******************* cont..

  4. "Dr.Zeman! Up the Heisenberg compensators! Good. Dr. Smith, boost the Tesla collector's sensitivity! Good. Dr. Johnson, reduce Hadron
    collider speed. I want to turn down the juice holding that portal open!" she said calmly over the din.

    "On my mark people, get ready to collect the energy and shut down the reactors in 5 seconds. 5...4...3...2...1... MARK!"
    The nearest Tesla Collector glowed with blue energy. "Why aren't the other drums working?" Dr. Jannison thought confusedly. "I did the
    proper calculations!"

    "Dr. Jannison! You must step back! We must evacuate! The Tesla Collectors aren't working properly and that one is close to exploding!"

    "Alright people! Get a move on! Evacuate the lab!"

    Dr. Smith ran up to her, "What about you?!" he said over the roar as blue energy began to
    fill the room beyond the plexiglass. "I've got to stay here and close that portal! Now go. Goooo!!"

    Quickly pulling back an arrant strand of her mousy blonde hair from her eye, Dr. Jannison sat back at her computer workstation.

    "I hope this works," she muttered to herself over the alarm, "I've got to funnel some of this energy out into space or it'll destroy half of Metropolis!" she typed a command on the computer.

    "Almost got it. Almoost there... MARK!" she hit the enter key and blue energy funneled
    into space. The nearest Tesla Collector had it's frame punched through by a blue streak of energy which punched a hole through the plexglass and straight into Dr. Jannison's body.

    "Aieeeeeeeeeee!!!" she screamed and then collapsed.

    Out in the forest, a gian burst of blue energy errupted from the ground and shot off into space. At that exact moment, Supergirl had been flying over that area of the woods on her way back to Metropolis after saving families along the Mississippi river from a recent outbreak of flooding.

    The blue energy struck her at an incredible speed and sent her flying backward in the air, tearing her red cape and marring her outfit as it did so.

    The force blasted her so hard, that when she finally hit the ground she tore a 220 yard crater into the ground, large old growth trees were split in half and crumpled as they were impacted by her body.

    Shaking her head, dizzy and faint, she stood up. "WTF was that?"


  5. On the plane, the blue light enveloped the passengers and flowed harmlessly through them. Meg, unconscious and in Clark Kent's lap was also enveloped by the blue energy that flowed through the both of them during their contact.

    The plane righted itself and the blue glow diminished. "This is the Captain speaking. We've made it through the storm and we've contacted the Metropolis airport and told them to stand by with medical assistance. Please stay seated and we'll send flight attendants back to treat any wounded and collect information for medical help. Really
    sorry about this folks. We made it though. Landing in 5 minutes."

    "I don't feel so good," Clark Kent thought, his head woozy. "I feel like I got hit by a falling moon."

    As his vision cleared, he noticed that Meg was unconscious in his lap.He gently woke her.

    "Are you okay?"

    Meg stired, moving slowly back into an upright position in her chair. "I think so. I've got a pounding headache though and my entire body is sore. I feel like I just worked out at the gym for four hours after
    having been gone for a month."

    Clark Kent laughed gently. "It'll be okay. We'll be landing soon." He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a business card. "Here's my card. If you need anything while you're here, just call me. Maybe I can give
    you a tour of the Daily Planet. If you're lucky, I may even be able to pull some strings and have you meet Superman."

    "Thanks!" Meg squealed. "Here, let me see an extra card." He gave her one. "Here's my cell phone. I could use a tour guide and feel free to call me."

    "You bet!" Clark smiled, taking the card.
    Meg smile back. "What a nerd!" she thought, "But he's sure a swell

    The plan landed without incident 5 minutes later.
    *********** cont

  6. Back at LuthorCorp Lab.

    "What happened to Dr. Jannison! Tell me!" he roared, grabbing the coat lapels of Dr. Smith's lab coat.

    "She.. she.. saved us. She stop the reaction and funneled the energy out into space. If she hadn't," he gulped, "We'd all be dead now."

    Luthor released him and looked down at Dr. Jannison's form which was surrounded by LuthorCorp medics who had revived her.

    "Let me through!" Luthor pushed his way through. He touched Dr. Jannison lightly, "It's okay Dr. Jannison.. It's okay Famke," he said lightly.

    "Mr. Luthor?" she said groggily.

    "All of you stand back!" Luthor yelled.
    "I'm here. I'm here. You saved us all. The project needs you." He smiled.

    "I...I... feel weird," she said slurringly, lifting her hand to touch her forehead. Her hair was undone and spilled out on the floor like a halo around her head. Her lab coat had small burn marks on it.

    "I...I... can't explain it."

    A medic bent down and said gently, "She must have hit her head and it's shock. We need to move her to the Med room on level 16."

    "Very well," Luthor said, his eyes still focused on Dr. Jannison. "Famke, we're going to move you okay?" He clasped her hand. "Don't
    worry, we'll treat you. Only the best. Everything will be just fine. Okay?"

    "Yes Mr. Luthor," she whispered, on the verge of losing consciousness.

    "Move her. Now." Luther ordered. "Dr. Smith, come over here."

    The man rushed over to Luthor. "Her lab coat had burn markings on it. What kind of energy did we tap into?"

    The man looked down nervously, "We're not sure sir. The reading were weird. We theorize that we tapped into an unexpected dimension. The energy properties there were like nothing we've ever seen before."

    Luthor thought for a moment then said, "I want the lab cams pulled up and I want to look at the data of what we tapped into. I don't want my lead scientist hurt. Go.. clean this mess up. You will have any
    machinery you require. Go!"

    "Yes sir," the man hurried away.

    "Perhaps, we can use this energy to get rid of a capped nemesis," he
    ********** cont..

  7. Luthor med room....

    Dr. Jannison dreamed. She could feel the blue energy flow through her body. It didn't hurt. It didn't burn. It was warm and inviting. It
    spoke to her, read her innermost desires. In those moments, it seemed as if the energy had tapped into Dr. Jannison's subconcious mind and her memories. She had always secretly desired to be powerful, strong,
    and beautiful...
    She smiled.


    Supergirl dusted herself off and made her way to the hole in the forest floor when she was intercepted by men in Green LutherCorp uniforms and armor.

    "Stop right there! You don't have the authority to be here! Leave now!" a man with an energy gun pointing at her said.

    Supergirl swept some more dust off of her sleeve and then stood straight, hand on her hips. "Do you really think those pop guns will
    stop me? Don't you KNOW who I am?" she said to the LuthorCorp security forces around her.

    "I do. However, it doesn't matter. You're being recorded and your tresspassing. It's best you leave or we'll take legal action."

    "Legal action? LEGAL ACTION?!" Supergirl raised her voice. "Why you..." she balled her fist, anger flowing through and then calmed down. "Woah, where did that come from?" she thought. "That's not good..."

    The man in the green armor smiled, "Candid camera....."

    "Hrmmph." she spat. "Fine, have it your way. I'll go. But tell Luthor we'll find out what happened here. Tootaloo boys!" she said as she blew them a small kiss, several of the men fell backwards a few feet. She rose into the air, and with a sonic boom she was gone.


    Meg got to her hotel room and plopped down on the edge of the king sized bed. "I'm so tired." she sighed out loud, "and my muscles are so sore," she said as she rubbed first her shoulder, and then her thigh.

    Then she stood up and, raised her arms upwards, her body in a T-shape, and let herself fall backwards. "I'm in Metroplis! Woo hoo!"

    She was asleep 2 minutes later...

    *********** cont...

  8. Kent residence....

    "Honey! I'm home!" Clark Kent said has he opened the door to his and Lois' apartment.

    "Clark!" Lois rushed out of the bedroom, wrapping a bathrobe around her. "What are you doing home so soon?" she said shocked.

    "Lois.. what's going on.." He focused for a moment and could her breathing coming from their bedroom.

    "You have someone in the other room?" he said angrily.

    "Clark, I.. I din't think you'd be home so soon and..and.."

    "And what Lois! You're my wife! How could you do this to me?!" he said angrily and then calmed his voice.

    His heart broke. "How could you do this to me.. after all we've been through... I love you."

    "I love you too Clark but not the same way as you. Things just aren't working out. I can't live like this anymore. The constant danger, you always being gone," her voice lowered,angry, "Wonder Woman always with you..."

    "Lois, we've never, what?" a tear streamed down his face.

    "Clark I'm tired of it! You're never around anymore! I need love! I need desire. I need passion and you don't give those things anymore. You don't give me those things like I need! Hell, when we make love you're scared to hurt me! It's tepid!I need a lover. A man who can give it me the way I want without being scared."

    "Now you look here Lois!" he said raising a finger.

    "What? You can't fix it Clark. I want a divorce. I was going to file next week. I didn't expect you to be home this early. It's over between us," she stood her ground.

    He drooped his head in sorrow. "Alright. I understand. Who, who is it.."

    "What?" Lois said.

    "The other man. Who is he?" Clark said sadly, tears misting his eyes again.

    "Why don't you look for yourself." Lois said defiantly.

    "I won't. I've always trusted you. Please tell me."

    "It's Jimmy Olsson Clark. I'm sorry. Don't worry, We're leaving right now." She turned on him and went back to the bedroom to pack her things.

    Jimmy Olsson peaked his head out from the door. "Hh..Hi.. Mr. Kent."

    Clark Kent cried.

    ******************** To be continued by all of you other writers. Three women with blue energy... Clark Kent broken with a phone number to special little lady...

    Who comes out on top? Will Lois get in the game as well?

    Okay.. that's my idea for the story. If I have your permission, I'd like to take the story from here and continue to write it separately from the board and post it up on I'd change the name of Meg, (not sure if she'll be good or bad) if need be.

    I have a bunch of different ideas going through my head right now.

    Let me know if that's okay!


  9. P.S. Sorry about all the misspelled words. I had problems posting with the comment limit. The spacing got all messed up too.


  10. Wow Cap, I'm blown away by the imagery & setup. Please post wherever you want but I'd be hurt if you changed my name. I don't care if you make me good or bad... sometimes I'm both.

    If I asked real nice would you continue the story here... please, pretty please.

    Big kisses,

  11. Hmm... no one has started more on this story yet?

    Come on guys!


  12. Supergirl flew back into her apartment, fluttering the curtains as she lands in the room. The balance of super speed to avoid being seen and stopping quickly without the back draft tearing up the apartment was something that took a few new sets of drapery to figure out.

    On her way back, she was still trying to ascertain what had hit her. It must have been another crazy Luthor experiment. One with apparently enough power to knock her or her cousin for quite a loop. That part was bad. But the strange thing was that she really felt no ill effects. No bruises, or anything. Her uniform took a beating, but she had flown away without a scratch. And not just that, but once the faint feeling had passed, she felt better than ever. Bolder. Stronger? Keenly aware of her own body, Supergirl was still a bit of a neophyte when it came to her strength levels. She had once boasted about being stronger than Superman, but soon discovered that it was her lack of control that made it look so. In fact, just to finally prove his point, they had gone to a high gravity gym in his fortress and discovered that indeed he was far stronger than she. A fact he tried not to rub in, but still left her crestfallen.

    But now… Walking up to a full length mirror on her bedroom door, Supergirl looked her body over. Flexing her right thigh she sniffed when the once taught, slightly athletic muscle bulged bigger than ever before. And not just that, but when she flexed it a bit harder, a tingling sensation filled her muscles and a renewed feeling of increased strength made her smile. Had the blue energy done something to her? Soon her thought moved to more nefarious deeds. Head back to Luthor’s lab and get some answers, to hell with the “authorities”. Challenge Superman to another strength contest and wipe that condescending smile off his boy scout face. As she released her flex she shook her head. Why were once pleasant thoughts turning on her?

    Re-focusing on her newly amped up body, Supergirl tensed her abs and the once tight stomach now exploded with numerous muscle plates. Deeply separated muscle plates.

    “Ha! These abs look as cut and hard as Superman’s on my narrow stomach. Perhaps I really have grown stronger.”

    Arching her back, Supergirl flexed her chest next, hoping for some growth there as her boobs were on the smallish side. And to her continued surprise, her entire upper body expanded! Her lats widened, her traps thickened and her chest expanded as a newly formed, thick pectoral shelf now sported a set of DD’s! The nipple shields she wore at her cousin’s behest were no longer a match for the excited bullets pushing forth. The already beaten up uniform ripped down the center, unable to hold up to the pressure from her back and chest, exposing what could only be described as “super” cleavage!

    “Holy crap! My body is rocking! Whatever was in that blue ray, I love it!”

  13. Tossing her long blonde hair to the side, Supergirl smirked and pulled up her arms.

    “Superman just loves his big arms. Let’s see where this ‘girl’ stands now!”

    The sound of expanding muscles and stretching skin was soon followed by loud rips as Supergirl’s arms literally exploded with muscles with one tense! Her biceps blew up like twin volcanoes rising from the sea, tearing through the super tough sleeves like they were made of wet tissue. Grunting, Supergirl bore down, sending waves of muscle fibers racing into her arms, expanding them to previously inconceivable heights! Biceps 16 inches formed from the first flex now expanded up and out like twin balloons, growing bigger, harder, more defined and oh, so much stronger! Her second flex pushed them up nearly as big as Superman’s! With a low growl, her next flex pushed them bigger! The peaks were like mountain tops, rising higher! The shredded sleeves tore up to her bulbous shoulders and her forearms expanded to complete the destruction. Now over 24 inches around, Supergirl’s biceps looked gigantic on her 5 foot 6 inch slight frame!

    “Ha! He thinks HIS arms are big? They’re NOTHING compared to mine! And stronger? I’ll show him some REAL strength! I’ll slam his arm to the table in a an arm wrestle! I’ll crush his ribs with a bear hug! I’ll curl more weight than his whole body can lift! And I’ll do it with one arm!”

    One final flex sent her biceps up to 28 incredible inches around and Supergirl laughed maliciously. “And I’ll bet I can flex up even bigger guns than this! But not without an audience!”

    With trouble on her mind, Supergirl pulled off the rags of her sleeves and laughed at the super muscled, super duper strong body staring back at her from the mirror. The boots looked ready to split down the back as her calves jutted out like twin melons. Her thighs were now as thick, if not thicker than Superman’s! The short skirt hid nothing as her muscular glutes were now barely covered. And her top was a ripped up mess barely covering her ample assets and incredibly bulging muscles.

    “Now, Superman, it’s time for a little re-match. And this time, you’re going DOWN!”

    Supergirl turned and blew out the window, no longer caring about the destruction left behind.


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