Sunday, April 26, 2009

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Here's something we can all do together. Kind of a choose your own adventure story about me growing into a huge female muscle goddess. The how and why is completely up to you. Just post a quick sentence or two comment to keep the story going. Hopefully with everyone's help, this will be an interesting FMG story, full of twists and turns. Click on comments or the title bar to see the full story. I'll start.

I was coming home after a long day at work at the labs. I've had the strangest feeling today, like never before but just can't put my finger on it. A yearning and desire for something, but what?

I pass by Angelo's and should probably hit the weights, but something's pulling me back to the labs. What do I do? >>


  1. 'God," I think, frustrated. I just know there's something I forgot back there- I was in Dr. Tancheron's focused bombardment chamber, checking the settings for the big test tomorrow...

    I couldn't put my finger on it. It was an exciting project and i was thrilled to be attached to it, even if I was just an intern. If it worked, it could completely replace radiation therapy for cancer. Just an injection of the isotope and a twenty second zap and the cancerous cells would just die off completely, leaving the healthy cells (as determined by a genetic test- thank you, genome project) to repopulate the body.

    Quick, safe, and, ultimately, much cheaper then chemo, radiation, or even surgery. And more effective.

    Oh, crap. It's my flash drive. I guess I'd better get that- if someone else- someone unauthorized- picked it up, I could get in a lot of trouble. Worse, they might steal my notes.

    I sighed, looked longingly at the gym- I really wanted to work out some of my nervous tension- and started retracing my steps back to the lab.

  2. I walk into the lab and see an ominous glow coming from the bombardment chamber. I thought everyone had left for the night, but Dr. Tancheron is standing there grinning at me.

  3. "God, Meg," she exults, skipping up to me, "I'm so glad you came back! I think I just made a breakthrough and I need you to help document it. You've got time, right?"

    Without waiting for my answer, the small, skinny woman grabs my wrist and practically drags me through the building to Gamma Block. We pass by the room where I'd left my flash drive and I shake loose of the doctor. "Just a second, Maddy," I call as I duck into the room, but the doc has already rounded the corner.

    I curse a little under my breath, grab my stick, and sprint to catch up. It's a good thing I've been working out so religiously, lately; Dr. Tancheron has put on a serious head of steam and is already in the isolation chamber, feeding a slightly woozy rat into the glass focus cage.

    She's wearing one of those plastic spaceman suits- NBC gear that our lab purchased when the military-grade stuff proved inadequate for our purposes- and I quickly pull one over my shoes, jeans, and t-shirt.

    The doc looks over at me and grins again through her suit, for all the world like a little girl with a great new toy. "Ready, Meg?" she asks.

    "Ready," I reply, watching the clear plastic visor fog up slightly from my breath. I give her a thumbs up and she pulls out a remote control. She presses a button, then glances at a table near the door as a low humming noise starts up.

    "Oh, no- Meg- did you take the booster?"

    The humming noise seems to be getting louder and louder. I shake my head. Booster? I look at the table and see a small vial filled with a cloudy, pale blue liquid. A large hypodermic needle is next to it.

    "Meg," Dr. Tancheron is pushing me now, turning me back towards the entrance. It feels like I'm moving through tar. I can't breathe and my hands scrabble for the helmet, trying to rip it off of me. Everything is going dim.

    This is the end...

  4. ...



    Only- it isn't. The next thing I remember is a painfully bright light shining directly in my eyes and someone's voice- Maddie's?- speaking calmy, soothingly. I couldn't make out the words right away. Not at first. Everything felt very far away, and I was trying hard to concentrate, to figure out what was going on. There was something sticky on my face, a tube in my mouth.

    I couldn't move, and i felt myself starting to panic. I wanted to scream, but my voice came out barely a whisper.

    "What... what's going on?" I pleaded. "What's happening to me?"

  5. There's a tightening in my body and I feel an electrical charge that's more painful than anything I've ever felt. My clothes appear to be shrinking, but I'm actually growing.

  6. As you start to grow you feel the hot radiation like warm butter and energy course through your veins with power and you start to get hot and bothered and want to feel your body grow to the max where your muscles explode from out under your skin and your clothes disinegrate off you like wet tissue paper under the heat and power of your body and muscle

  7. As I looked down on my arms and legs, I notice the muscles grow larger and larger. They look like balloons and all have been attached to helium pump. At first they grow to the size of a top fitness athlete becoming hard and toned. But the growth is far from over, in fact, it's just the beginning......

  8. I scream out and grab a hold of my body as I feel another growth spurt coming. Pain & ecstasy... feels so good, but what am I becoming?

  9. I am breathing very hard, and with each breath my body seemed to keep on growing. The pain is almost unbearable and I close my eyes to try and block out the pain. I can feel my body adding muscle, fibers expanding and growing. A few deep breaths later and I open my eyes a little bit, my muscles have grown to the size of a champion male bodybuilder. I thought that this was almost too good to be true. I barely have to time to celebrate as I hear the sound of skin stretching and my body starts growing again......

  10. make yourself massive beyond belief please

  11. I can feel my massive shoulders and arms begin to hang off the edges of the bed as my back widens. My enormous pecs are almost completely obscuring my vision. I can't tell how big the rest of me is, but if its growing the same way as my chest, it must be friggen' gigantic.
    I hear the bed start to groan under me as my weight becomes too much for it to bear. A moment later, it collapses with a crash and a groan. I feel the pile of sheets, padding and metal becoming smaller and smaller under me as I keep expanding. My left arm brushes something, and I realize its the wall of the room, which was at least 5 feet away from me before.
    Just then, as the pain of growth was begining to fade, a new wave washes over me, and my growth continues...

  12. YAY!!! I want to get bigger and bigger.

  13. As your growth continues Meg you feel that burning shooting pain through your body that drives your body into orgasmic pleasure and ecstacy. You sit up and as you sit up in bed you take a drink of water and youfeel your body begin to boil and boil as it wants to explode from the skin underneath. As you start to notice veins that are huge an deep and very big snaking up your arms to your ever expanding body. First they stop at your forearms and shredd your fore arms giving you huge cuts in them. Then the veins snake up to your biceps and your biceps go from an largegrapefruit to a cantalope, with the feeling of power that courses within you and in your body you will them to the size of basketballs and they explode out and feel like granite and chiseled and more than huge. Then the veins run down to your chest and pecs and push your pecs out from underneath your chest which courses into your breasts and causes your breasts to blow up into two huge orbs with nipples that could cut through steel. A deep chasm forms between your breasts and your steel plated pecs. Then the veins wrap around to your shoulders expanding your shoulders and broadening them to the point that you could lift a couch on top of them and your back and lats widen to huge proportions and spread like the wings of a huge bald eagle in proportions as you stretch to accomodate your new growing body. Then your neck muscles push out and push down to your lats which are meaty huge and cut like steel down to your butt and your butt gets a surge of power that makes it so incredibly hard that the bed is destroyed by the granite ass you have. The growth continues...........

  14. As the growth continues. You stand up and in your full nakedness you stretch up and as you stretch up you look down at your naked abs. They push through your stomach area like granite bolders each one like someone chiseled them out of a piece of rock one at a time and each one coming out sends you into orgasm after orgasm until all 8 are there and finally the last 2 appear the one at the top and the other one on the bottom which gives you a perfect 10 pack. Then your hair gets very long and goes down your naked back like a waterfull to you your butt illustrious and shiny and blond like silk and your eyes turn cobalt blue. It is time to test out your new body. So you go outside and you find the nearest tree and rip it out of the ground and rub it against your breasts and then you wrap your whole body around and you expand your back to epic proportions making you 6'9" and your heart races as your body glistens with the power surging through it. You want more but where to get the power and the muscle from....... hmmmm. Maybe Meg will tell me where and I will continue the growth story..................... Something a little long and descriptive/wink wink.

  15. I need to find Dr. Tancheron and the bombardment accelerator! In only one leap I'm back at the lab but its destroyed. Did I do that? It has to be around somewhere and I start flinging iron beams around like toothpicks.

  16. As you grab the iron beams you feel like you need to have a little fun. So you wrap one of the beams around your huge bicep and you break it in half like a twig. Your bicep grows and the veins shoot through like electrical shocks going through your body. Then you take another beam and press in between your huge pecs and your breasts melt it with the heat and power while you run in down between your legs. It melts and you orgasm over and over and over causing the room to shake. You feel so so so good. You take your massive forearm and smash the ground sending all the beams up into the air and their in the corner is bombardement accelerator...........You want more power and muscle than you can. So you go inside and you turn it up to maximum power the kind that if you were not what you are now it could kill you. You flip the dial on and the power surges through your veins like you have never felt before. Your breasts and chest heave and expand as your temperature goes up and up and up turning your hair to a beautiful bright red and your eyes cobalt green. You stretch up and your height shoots to 7'9" your back expands to the size that could hold a battleship on it and your biceps and triceps are massive with your shoulders like boulders. You destroy step out of the machine..............and then you.......... Continue the story........and then I will continue............

  17. You let out a grunt and a sound that makes the room rumble. You want to be like shehulk but with the body the size of the Hulk. Who knows bigger. You see a green light flashing on the machine that you have destroyed and it is leaking some sort of great liquid. You take a little of liquid on your finger and you taste it. It tastes like sour apple and then it starts to burn in your throat. The feeling of what you feel makes you want to drink down the whole tank. So you lift the tank of green liquid and punch a whole in it and fills the room like a swimming pool. You bask in the feeling and you breath it in your whole body. You swim to the surface of the room and your hair turns jet black your skin has a green hue to it and your eyes are lavendar purple piercing with power.

    You small open the wall with your fist and the pool flows out as you fall down to the ground and make a huge crater in the floor. You hit the ground and you feel your body expand. All at once your back ripples to the size of grizzly bear and then your shoulders flare out and grow to the size of mountains. As you feel your body grow your biceps grow to the mammoth size of boulders and your legs expand to the size of tree trunks with veins running through them like thick fire hoses. You are massive. Your chest has expanded to the size of plates of huge steel like they put on a building and the cut is so deep in between that it as deep as the san andreas fault. Your breasts are so huge and hard that they are the size of wrecking balls at a construction site. Your abs not only are a 10 pack but they have expanded and gotten so hard and deep they are like chiseled chasms in your stomach. You are now 10" tall. You let out a deep guttural roar and you pick up one of the generator machines and push it in between your legs to the point where the machine melts like butter inside of you. The power you feel is more than incredible. You want more and more. You blow the roof off the building with your strength and you step out and look over the cliff looking over the ocean and wonder what to do next and where to get more power and bigger.

    Ok I have taken you to the edge of the cliff Meg. Now give me something significant that I can work with to take this story to the place you would love it to go.................. Continue it for me.

  18. The power is maddening and I want more. Need to be bigger. All my senses have been super-charged and I see the central power grid for the entire state off in the distance. The combined energy with the green liquid flowing through me will make into a god. I step back to jump, but my finger brushes against the mountain side. Most of it crumbles with the slightest touch and starts tumbling to the valley below. How powerful am I? This is just the beginning as I head towards the power grid.

  19. Very nice Meg.

    As you head toward the power grid. You jump into the ocean and swim down to the bottom of the ocean looking for the heat source where the earths core can give you power beyond belief. You don't want electrical power you want power that is from deep within the earth.

    You scrape the bottom of the ocean floor back and see some hot magma flowing out of the underground volcano and you pull back a part of the ocean floor and you go underneath into the boiling hot volcano where you dive down into it and the heat does not burn your super steel hard skin it actually tickles. You deeper and deeper down the to the bottom of the volcano, and you notice that your skin is melting off the top layer and rebuilding itself regenerating itself.

    You wonder what is happening to you. You black out and wake up hours later back lying on the bottom of the ocean floor and you are glowing. You wake up and you look up and realize that you can breathe underwater and you stand up and when you stand up the water of the ocean raises to the sky and you are standing on a dry ocean floor and your legs are so huge and so powerful that you have driven a whole deep into the earths crust. Your legs regenerate to the size of battle ship cannons hard ripped shredded and huge. Then you see your body expand as you breathe in the air above and you grow to 25 feet tall. You shoot up above into the sky your breasts are now as big as massive air plan engines, then your biceps grow to the size of battle to a bombs with veins that wrap your arms like huge like huge anchor chains. Your butt expands as your body widens and grows bigger to accomodate your new size. Your back grows to proportions that could support an aircraft carrier and you want to screw and make love to a god. You need sex and you are in search of the ultimate power source or someone you can suck their strength from and allow you to grow to be the biggest most powerful female goddess being in the universe. Where do I go from here............ Continue the story.........

  20. I'm a super human muscle goddess and I crave worship. Superman would be just a human dildo for me. where can I find someone worthy or strong enough to satisfy me. The universe is now my playtoy. I could conquer Earth in a moment. The entire world would worship me. I wonder if their puny armies and weapons could satisfy me. I search the ocean depths and find a human nuclear submarine on patrol. My immense muscles need a playtoy. Would a nuclear torpedo satisfy my hungry burning pussy? I stalk my prey and ponce..... This is going to be fun. They won't know what is devouring them...(next!!)

  21. Hey Meg............Not sure where the story is going. Rodman piggy backed on to my story idea. Get us back on track where you would like it to go. I need fresh ideas...........

    Continue the story.

  22. I grab the back of the submarine, pushing my massive breasts against the giant screw driving the vessel. It teases my nipples for a short while untill it's completely shredded against my super hard skin.

    Annoyed with how soft it is, I decide to take the sub back to land to have a little fun with it. Grabbing the sub with one hand, my fingers sink deep into the hardened composite material of the fin, I start swimming back to shore. I hear a loud tearing sound as a huge portion of the hull is ripped off by my superstrong hands without me even noticing. I fold the torn part double, and double again. Then I push it between my huge muscular tits so hard that the metal starts to melt, even in the cold seawater. Even the hardened steel of the submarine can't do as much as even dent my super boobs.

    Sighing deepely I grab a different part of the submarine, this time pulling it softly, swimming back to land frusttratingly slow, but still dozens of times faster then the weak machine could ever move on it own.

    Arriving at the shore, I stop dead in my tracks, again forgetting the weak machine I'm so effortlessly dragging through the water. The immense speed pushes sub into me, embedding my arms deep into the rear portion of the sub, burying my invulnerable tits in the soft metal. Getting pissed, I simply tear them through the metal, which feels softer then wet tissuepaper.

    I move underneath the sub, finding the balance point, then flexing my montrously huge biceps, I lift the whole submarine out of the water, it groans as I walk onto the beach, holding the giant sub over me head as if it wasn't even there. Getting excited with my strength, I toss it up and down several dozens of meters, still hardly feeling the weight on my immensely strong arm.

    Grinning with anticipation of what I can do the machine and it's crew, I toss the giant machine onto the sand. Running my finger deeply through the hardened metal of the submarine, I ponder where to start...

  23. To Joshua & Amy,
    Joshua, Sorry I didn't mean to intrude on your story. I will not post in this story again or if you start another one I will leave it alone.

    Amy, Thanks for the follow-up. Your post is awesome. I'd love for you to continue or start a new thread so Joshua can finish this one.

  24. Hi Amy I am not sure when you came into the current story that Meg was asking me to add onto and now you but I am intrigued and I would love for you to start a new thread. Meg would probably love it.

    I look forward to seeing what will come next after Meg adds something herself. I love your creativity and what you added.


  25. OK, OK let's get this story back on track. First off I want to say this story is for everyone to participate & post whatever they want. Its not intended to necessarily follow a certain path by one person, thats the whole fun of it. I would be happy to start a new story thread for someone where its just between us, but this one's for everyone.

    ...back to me and the submarine. Whoevers left of the crew jumps out of the damaged vessel for safety. Insignificant to me. I ram the smooth sub inside me for pleasure but it deteriorates further against my muscles. I feel an explosion inside of me, the sub's nuclear reactor must have ruptured and is filling me with new boundless energies.

  26. I can feel the familiar combination of extreme pain and pleasure again. It feels so good! I feel like my body wants to blow up from the inside. I can feel my muscles inflating and growing again. God I never tire of that.

  27. But this time instead of growing taller, I can feel myself growing wider and bulkier. I can feel by back, lats and shoulders muscles expanding outward. I can feel the power just pumping through my veins as I try to see what my arms are like now. Only I can barely see as my pecs and boobs have grown to mystic proportions that I can only see through my cleavage. I scream out, my voice could be heard for several miles as more and more sinew start piling up on each other. I try to move, but I've grown so bulky that even moving a limb now takes a bit of effort. But who cares? I'm now THE Muscle Goddess of the Universe!

  28. As the nuclear warheads go off and tickle my vagina, and as I use the 500 foot long sub as a sex toy I realize in my orgasmic rush that I have grown to a 3,000 foot tall super mega muscle goddess. I am Mega Muscle Meg Destoryer of Worlds. As my new massive body devours and consumes the puney machine and it is vaporized into my muscles, I rise up and continue my domination of Earth. I continue up the coast to Los Angelos, my next playtoy....

  29. Each step I take on my journey leaves a crater 500 feet wide. I see ants or people (whatever) scurrying below but they are nothing to me on my conquest for more power, much more. I enter LA and tiny planes shoot at me but its not even an annoyance. I see small tanks around my toes and they tickle. World conquest starts here!

  30. I look at the insect mortals at my feet. I laugh "AHHH HAH HAH HAHHH! You fools, Look well at your Muscle Goddess, See the glorious power of my massive form as I flex my massive mountain peak sized biceps and bounce my stadium sized pecs !!" Thousands of men below look up at this Goddess of erotic sexual muscle, They collapse and die as they cream in their pants. Thousands of wome get horny and wet and die of lust as they gaze with awe at Meg's muscled glory and bush. As I crush the tanks and destory the tiny fly like jets, I command the city to worship me or die!!!..... As I do, I feel another massive muscle growth sapurt coming on...Oh YESSSS!...

  31. *** Hmm, it's a bit hard to top that, so I'll go a different way. Feel free to cancel it out again ;) ***

    But this time, it feels differently, it's beyond a mere orgasm, beyond physical. My whole being changes, I can see everything now, experience everything, my mind expands, knowing every detail of everyone in the city. This must be what it's like to be omnipotent.

    Trying my new powers, I look at a distant mountain, making it explode with a thought. The massive explosion wipes out the city, but I don't care, I'm so far beyond them now. No longer figuratively a god, but literally.

    Having more fun, I decide I shouldn't break all my toy right away. I shrink down to a more human size... If 8 ft tall and with more muscle then five male bodybuilders could be considered human. Carefull to keep every once of my strength, I change my body, enlarging my breasts, making my face irresistible to both men and women. Now that the goddess is ready to walk amongst her worshippers, I use my powers to instantly move myself to the next nearest city.

    Arriving there, I find the streets empty. Strolling over the highway, flipping cars around like toys, I realise that the people must all have fled or are hiding. With one giant leap, destroying the highway, I push off and land downtown.

    There mere fact that a skyscraper is in the way doesn't bother a godess like me. I push my chest out, smiling as I fall through the thick concrete, the floors and wall breaking on my flawless skin. Unlike myself, the skyscraper didn't survive our little encouter, and collapses in giant heap of debris. Standing underneath it, the tonnes of rock and steel feel like a light rain to me, no, less then a light rain.

    I wait patiently underneath the falling rock untill it has all settled, then using only a fraction of the strength in my giant muscle I stand up, flexing my whole body. The whole mountain of rubble flies off in all directions. One giant piece, light to me but it must weight tens of tonnes, slams into another building, tipping it over.

    "There", I say to myself, "That was an entrance worth of a goddess". Now, what shall I do with this city, I wonder. Letting my thought roam, I can allready hear the army coming closer for yet another pointless but entertaining fight. I know i can literally do anything now, I could pick the whole city up in one hand and crush it into a golfball, or I could fuck everything and everyone here to a paste.

    Suddenly, a wicked smile crosses my flawless face. "I've got it", I say to the empty street, "I'm going to..."

  32. ...make the entire world come to me! My omnipotent powers send out a command to every man, woman and beast. "Your life now is to serve the goddess, come to me". Within an hour, more than 20 million come to worship at my feet. I feed off their energies and become even more powerful. The feeling is unimaginable and millions keep coming...

  33. Yess, that is it .In this more compact but insanely hyper muscled form, my body is more dense than the core of the Sun. I crave worship and power. As I command these weak mortal insects to come to me, I drain them of there minds and souls, I let them feel and caress my immortal flesh and muscles. I puurr with senual knowledge that I am an industructable and sexual Goddess. That I can crush and destroy them at will.
    Yet, I need a suitable companion and mate. Knowing that no mere mortal man is capable, I will create one, an ultra super lover, yet far weaker than myself who will share in my domination of this world. I remember my old friend Ben, who before my transformation ecourged na d helped me. My infinite mind searches him out, and finds him......(next)

  34. The man named Ben makes his way through the crowd. He is unworthy to behold the being before him but is willing to serve. Meg bends down and takes him in her palms. She whispers in his ear "You will become worthy"

  35. Ben is amazed and stunned. Even at her reduced size of 8 feet plus, he is like a small chlid in her massive hands. Her muscles on her frame look like a Tigersan Poser creation of Michelle. Even more massive and sexy than the morphs Ben has made. This is his ultimate fantasy come true.
    She gently places his mouth over one of her nipples. His mouth can barely open enough to suck on its huge tip. Meg says, "Feed on my golden nectar and feel the power and size that I grant my lover. Soon you be as a god!"
    Ben sucks the sweet golden muscle milk. He is consummed in pleasure and pain. The transformation begins.......

  36. My bosom is plentiful and Ben drinks it all in. He writhes in pain and his bones begin to lengthen, sinews and tissue absorb the nectar and expand. Layers of muscle build upon his slender frame as body fat dissolves. His skin looks almost transparent as he balloons to enormous proportions. He hasn't reached my muscularity yet but is almost as tall. I still have so much more to give. As he surpasses my height, I begin my own transformation again and we grow together. Ben's in a euphoric state and I become aroused as his body is pushed so close to mine. I must have him inside me and will his penis to grow to a level worthy of me.

  37. (great come back! Meg)
    Ben's mind is in a muscle and power growth fog. He feels the muscle size and power building inside. And he feels the growth in his loins. The love and lust for this Muscle Goddess fuels visions of an enternity of passion. As these emotions surge within, his member grows to size and hardness unimagined. It is long, thick and far harder than any man made or God created substance. But will it satisfy a Super Goddess???....

  38. Ben rises to meet his goddess Meg and satisfy her every need. He caresses her body and moves in closer...

    But all of a sudden the sky opens up and down descends an armada of warfaring aliens. They open fire and lay waste to all the land. The entire world population that is huddled together to worship me has been vaporized in a flash. All thats left of Earth is myself and Ben, whose transformation made him impervious to the attack. A voice comes from the main ship to surrender. They really have no idea who they're dealing with - especially now that I'm pissed...

  39. (Sounds like the adventures of Mega Meg and Brawny Ben. I'll try this.)
    Surrender is not an option. The invader will be destroyed.
    Although the death of the billions puny mortal souls is insignificant to me. I will let no one attack my lover and dominate my world. Their is no power in the universe that will harm or stop me.My fury enlarges my muscle mass and I grow to giantess proportions. Ben shares in this transformation as he still sucking on my breast. He also is now pissed at this invader. We rise from the earth to meet this threat. They will taste our power and fury!!!.....


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