Monday, April 19, 2010

Meg's Growth: Week 13

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My ongoing, real-time, Audience Participation journey to becoming the ultimate muscle woman. Story addition comments take place in real time so help me grow.

It's funny how quickly life went back to normal after the contest. I'm not sure what to do with the prize money. It's not enough to retire on but I could buy something real nice for myself. I've got some a ton of fans now and have been getting calls from agents & sponsors. I may even start a blog so people can watch my progress ;D

I've made great friends in Kali & Denise and we talk, text or email every day. It's great to have other bodybuilder friends for support and talk about stuff. We may all take a vacation together this Summer along with Diana & Jess. My Gawd would we have FUN!

I got a promotion at work and am a bit of a celebrity there now. It's funny how everyone wants to buddy up to a champion bodybuilder... even if it's just a small time title. Bill Sanders is back but he's really changed. More dark & brooding instead of his older cocky, asshole self. He still makes me nervous and I need to keep an eye on him.

Then there's my training. I've cut back a little since the contest but have still packed on more muscle. The Myostatin has worn off and I don't have any more. Need to find a supply if I want to continue to grow at the pace I was.

Well I'm off, time for my Monday morning production meeting again.


  1. The meeting was routine enough, even more so as Meg's hormones had settled down since the Myostatin had left her system allowing her to think straight without the need for a dildo buzzing away. She was walking back to her cubicle, everyone was saying hello to her and she was responding with a heart felt hello and a big smile, "I could get used to being famous" she mused to herself as she stepped into her cubicle.

    "That can be arranged Meg" a smartly dressed man, who was sitting in her chair said, "I'm Daniel Craig and I want you for a big Hollywood blockbuster!" he added standing up and offering Meg a business card.

    "What kind of blockbuster?" Meg asked, slightly dumbfounded as she slumped into her chair most un-lady like.

    "You'll be the leading lady, well kind of" Daniel started, perching on the edge of the desk, "Do you know a comic book called, "She-Hulk"?" he asked.

    "Yeah of course I do, the Incredible Hulks female equal" Meg replied.

    "That's right, I want you to play the role of She-Hulk! How does that grab you?"

    "I… erm… it's all so sudden… can I think about it?" Meg stammered.

    "Of course you can Meg" Daniel said getting to his feet, "But you'll have to be quick, pre-production starts in four weeks" he added before stepping out of the cubicle, "Oh! One last thing!" he said quickly appearing in her doorway again, "Try and get yourself back into competition shape, as big as you can get! That is, if you want the job" Daniel slaps his head as he realises what he's just said, "What am I saying, of course you want the job! See you in four weeks Meg, you're going to be a star!" and with that he was gone.

    Meg sat in her chair, staring at the card, thinking over the offer. It was a chance of a lifetime but, was she ready for Hollywood?

    Benji Dude

  2. Meg needed some time to think it over. She liked her day job and wasn't sure that she'd want a full time job as a Hollywood actress, not yet anyways. She definitely wanted the part, and definitely wanted to bulk up even more for the role.

    The catch is, she'd have to have more myostatin and supplements for her to bulk up. Since this was a movie role, steroids were not out of the question either. Either way, she could try and find another supply of myostatin, and until the shipment arrives, she'll settle back to a more normal routine and take it a little easy for a few days. After all, if she had her combination of steroids, myostatin and supplements, she was sure she could pack on another hundred pounds easily in three weeks.

    She wanted to talk to her trainer and her friends first and ask their opinions. She didn't even know if she wanted to keep going to competitions or not, as she had many choices laid out for her.

  3. I had lunch with Jess to get her opinion. The contest was really fun but don't know if I want to be a competitive bodybuilder. Hollywood sounds fun but don't think I want to be an actor.

    The great thing is, I can do whatever I want.

    Of course Jess said to do the movie. She's always been a little star struck and would jump at the chance to be on a movie set.

    I have a meeting with an agent this week to talk about details and potentially other deals. I've already had tons of offers after the show, so maybe I can have an agent sift through them to find something good. At 15% of the take, I'm sure he'll find any movie, modeling or endorsement deal out there.

    Whatever I do, my plan is still to get bigger and stronger. I know I have the potential for even greater mass. I spilled my secret to Andrew at work about the Myostatin since he kept pressuring me. He wants his boyfriend Juan to become massive and knew I was hiding something from my miraculous growth.

    He says he can get a constant supply of a purer strain of Myosotatin with a little something extra. Concentrated human growth hormones mixed with a new super steroid.

    You gotta love lab guys. This new cocktail could pack quite a punch!

  4. Meg was doing her late night workout at home when her mobile buzzed into life, putting the weights down and actually feeling a little worn out she picked up her mobile, it was a text message from Andrew, "Hi Meg, Myostatin will be in tomorrow for you to pick up". A smile spread across Megs face at the news, the thought of having boundless energy and growing ever bigger again made her happy, a little too happy as she felt her large nipples become erect, poking through her sweat covered t-shirt. Sure it was nice getting worn out and pushing yourself but nothing compares to just pumping away… getting bigger… stronger… sexier…

    Meg couldn't take it any more, she bolted to her bedroom stripping as she went, jumping naked onto the bed she immediately started to rub her pussy lips with a hand as the other reached to her bedside draw and pulled out the slightly dented dildo. without the power of the Myostatin boosting her stamina this toy was far too powerful for her and she could only handle a small fraction of its power. Meg didn't waist any time in sliding it between her wet folds, a loud moan escaping her lips as soon as it entered, then she turned it on. Her body went rigid, her head tilted back and she moaned again, the first of many orgasm to come as she started to thrust the silver shaft in and out. The hand that was at her pussy to start with gliding over her toned body to her massive tits till she found a huge engorged nipple and started to play with it. Pinching it. Pulling it. Twisting it.

    The pressure was building, she cupped a breast and lifted it to her mouth and licked her nipple. Her body went rigid, again, and she moaned loudly, again, another orgasm. She knew it was only a teaser of what was to come when she pumped her body full of the newer, better, Myostatin. The thoughts fuelled her sexual desire well into the night until, eventually her body had no more energy to give and she drifted off to sleep, the dildo still in her womanly folds.

    Meg awoke a few hours later to the feint sound of her dildo still buzzing, half lodged in her pussy, with a moan she pulled it out, turned it off, wiped it clean and placed it back in her draw. But there was another buzzing noise, it sounded like it was her phone, in all the excitement she'd left it in her "gym" (what used to be a study) sliding off the bed Meg made her way to the gym and picked up her phone, there was another text message waiting for her, "Beware the new Myostatin, Guardian". Meg suddenly felt panicked, was there something wrong with the newer stuff? It was too late to call off the delivery, she'd have to talk to Andrew when she went to pick it up tomorrow… if she still wanted to pick it up…

    Deciding it was too late to worry about it, and realising it was the middle of the night, Meg slumped back into bed and soon drifted off to sleep, ready for work the next day.

    Benji Dude

  5. I could barely sleep last night, excited about the new shipment. "Screw the Guardian's warning" I thought. I've had enough of cryptic messages and secret packages. If he wants to influence me, then the Guardian needs to show himself.

    Before I started another growth spurt, I wanted to weigh myself again for comparison.

    245 lbs... Christ! I do a rough estimate in my head and come up with 150ish lbs of muscle. "Oooh, babies look so sexy," I actually say out loud in front of the bathroom mirror as I caress my muscles. "It's time to get bigger!"

    I get to work (a little late) and head over to Andrew's office. There's 2 large boxes sitting there and he has one open, doing an analysis.

    "Hey, Meg. This sample is fascinating. I've done some comparison and never seen anything quite like it. Some of it I recognize, some has only been theorized before... and there's some of it I didn't think possible. I can't really recommend using it until I can study it more."

    The Guardian's warnings come back to me. Could Andrew be a part of it?

    "How about this Andrew, I'll be your test subject. If I survive (said with a giggle) you'll know it's safe for Juan." He was reluctant but agreed. The thought of his boyfriend with muscles beyond imagination gave Andrew an instant hard-on. Too bad I don't have the same effect.

    I took my box down to my car for safe keeping. It won't be long now. I opened it to check the contents and noticed one of the small packages missing. I shrug it off and think that Andrew must have used it for testing.

    This super strain should last me a long time and I can't wait to see what effect it has on me.

  6. Meg quickly drove home after a bland days work, carrying the box of Myostatin into her gym she wasted no time in pulling out a vial of the wonder drug. This time there'd be no half measures, no cautious steps. Meg plugged the vial into the supplied syringe and plunged it into the vein running along her bicep, pumping her body full of Myostatin.

    Immediately she felt the tingling sensation from the competition return, much more intense than before and she was sure she could see her muscles swell slightly before her very eyes. All Meg knew for sure was that she was suddenly extremely horny and full of energy. Using what she'd learned from the previous batch Meg wasted no time in hitting the weights.

    Within minutes Meg was feeling that the weights she was using the night before were too light and added an extra 100lbs to the bar. As she continued to pump metal, she could feel her body swelling larger, her pussy begging for attention, her nipples gasping for stimulation but she didn't want to waist any of the Myostatin on sexual relief. She just wanted to get buff. She just needed to get buff. To have big bulging muscles. To be the strongest woman in the world. To be the strongest person in the world. That was all that mattered to Meg right now.

    Benji Dude

  7. Just so you know, myostatin *prevents* muscle growth.

  8. Thanks for the clarification. We're meaning "Myostatin Inhibitors" instead, just too lazy to write it out every time. :D

  9. What a night... I think? I remember starting to lift and tried to hold back the increased sexual urges. Then everything went black.

    Sammy woke me up this morning as the alarm was blaring for way too long. Crap... late again.

    I jumped out of bed with a thud as the apartment shook a little. I went to the bathroom and saw myself in the mirror. My GAWD did my muscles and chest look bigger, much bigger. I stepped on the scale and WOW - 265. It looks like I put on 20 lbs... in just one day.

    I got ready and as I was heading out, I saw a note under the door. It read "Well done Megan."

    What the hell did I do?


    I floated through work this morning, and am playing hooky this afternoon. I hit Angelo's for a workout and the Silver Bullet can't take much more. At least I didn't black out this time!

    I could feel my muscles swell after the fairly light workout and decided to weigh myself again. Shit - 275 lbs! I hope my heart can keep up with this demand.


    Well, I've got the car packed and Sammy and I are headed to L.A. this weekend. I'm meeting with an agent tomorrow and hopefully the producers of the She-Hulk movie. Angelo recommended a good gym there, but hell... I plan on hitting Muscle Beach!

    Wish me luck.

  10. About 2 hours into the drive to LA and Meg had decided at least one thing that she should do with her prize money... upgrade her car! The extra 30lbs of muscle mass she had added so recently had made her small but well-maintained auto a little too small for her needs; her bloated thighs were uncomfortably tight squeezed underneath the steering wheel, and her added bulk combined with luggage seemed to be taxing the underpowered engine to its limits. All told the journey was three hours longer than scheduled and needed two extra gas stops.

    The second of these provided some pleasant relief as the cashier actually recognised her from the recent media furore surrounding her triumphant contest debut. It came as quite a shock to Meg at first to be made to feel like some kind of celebrity, but she happily agreed to his request to hit a few muscle shots in lieu of handing over any money. "Wow, I guess these babies do pay the bills in more ways than one, huh Sammy?" she said to her faithful friend as they headed back to the car, flexing a gargantuan bicep peak for him; unmoved, he carried on sniffing around the forecourt oblivious. "Some audiences are tougher than others though Meg" she mumbled to herself, shooing him back into the car and hitting the road again.

    Another couple of hours and finally she was entering the suburban sprawl of her destination. Amazingly, despite the long trip, Meg didn't feel the least bit tired... with the new myostatin compound whirring around inside her, sleep now seemed more of a pleasant option than a necessity. Fresh as a daisy, Meg set her bearings for her hotel, only to check herself. "Damn it girl, it's been AGES since you pumped some iron... do you want to hulk out for this role or don't you?" she chastised herself aloud, and among a honking of sirens abruptly changed directions.

  11. There'd been a nagging feeling at the back of Meg's mind all day, something seemed off but she couldn't put her finger on it. She walked into her gym and suddenly stopped in the door way, taking a step back Meg looked at the doorway. Something was definitely different. Inspecting the frame closely the difference hit her but it didn't make any sense. The top door hinge appeared to be somehow lower, examining the door there was no doubt that it was the same door that was there last week, the scuff mark at the bottom from when she was moving her weights in was evidence enough of that.

    But that hinge definitely looked to be lower than it should have been. As Meg stood there thinking about what could be happening other oddities popped into her head from the day, adjusting her chair, making it lower, the slightly bumpy ride home as if the clutch and brakes had been fiddled with. Meg wished she could put it down to the ballet boots (with their 8" heels) she was wearing but she'd been stuck wearing them for weeks now.

    "Am, am I getting taller?" she asked her self, looking down at Sammy who was quietly sitting by her side, tongue hanging out. Meg decided to keep track of her height, hopefully it was all just in her head but better to be safe than sorry. Meg quickly grabbed a pen and tape measure, standing up flat against a wall in the gym, she placed the pen on the top of her head and drew a line, it wasn't the most exact system but it would do for now. Getting the tape measure out she recorded her height, it was only a fraction of an inch more than what she thought she should be. Meg wrote down the height and date and refocused on her training.

    Benji Dude

  12. For the record, we'll say my entry happened the night before Dan's entry.

    Benji Dude

  13. I'm sitting along the ocean at Venice Beach... or the capitol of muscle... Muscle Beach. All the greats have trained here and I feel honored.

    I sat down at an open bench ready to lift and was approached by a pro male bodybuilder. He knew my name and wanted to spot me.

    Wow, all this attention could really go to my ahead.

    I began pushing hard and could feel my body growing as we chit chatted. He is really cute and trying hard to flirt with me. I think I'll let him.

    Before I realize it, I'm pushing more weight around than most of the guys and drawing a big crowd. I'm not even sweating.

    Muscles are pouring over my body as I continue the reps without pausing. They keep adding more weight. And then some more.

    In a flash, I feel the silver bullet shatter inside me and a wave of sexual ecstasy pours through my body. This can't happen again. Control it Meg.

    I quickly put the bar down, grab Sammy and run to my new car. I need to get out of here before I black out. It seems the new star of Muscle Beach will have to wait until I can control these sexual urges... or find something strong enough to handle this ever growing body.

  14. The best Meg could do on short notice was a rather simple rubber dildo. Meg was forced to drive back to the hotel one handed as she thrashed the new toy in and out of her pussy, amazingly she didn't cause any accidents.

    Pulling into the hotel car park, Meg reluctantly withdrew the dildo from her pussy and slipped it into her handbag. Using all her will power not to go crazy with sexual need she walked into the hotel.

    "Excuse Miss J…" the receptionist said as Meg entered the lavish lobby, "This package arrived for you while you were out" she added, pushing a large box around the reception desk.

    "But nobody knows I'm here" Meg thought to herself as she signed the waiver of receipt.

    "Thank Miss J… have a nice day!" the receptionist replied as she took the paper work away. Meg picked up the waste high box with ease, for it's size it was surprisingly light, to her at least, judging by how the receptionist handled the box it was actually pretty heavy to the average person. Meg smiled back to the nice receptionist as she felt her control start to fade, she quickly got into the lift and into her room.

    Locking the door Meg put the box on the bed and opened it, at the top was another note, "Hello Meg, strong dildo's are hard to come by, in the mean time you may enjoy this toy. Mr A. Guardian". Meg noted the extra hints in the guardians name and stored the thoughts for later, in the meantime Meg needed some serious relief. Scooping out the Styrofoam packaging she soon realised what had been sent to her, it was a mechanical, mains operated, fucking machine with a silver bullet on the end. It didn't appear to be an enhanced bullet but it would have to do. Meg quickly plugged it in and slipped her soaking pussy around the toy and turned it on. Immediately she was rewarded with a powerful orgasm and the tingling sensation that preceded muscle growth, if she could get bigger by having sex then that would be the best thing ever but at that moment all Meg cared about was the next orgasm as it quickly built within her, making the tingling more intense, more pleasurable. Sammy just sat beside the bed and watched her owner pleasure herself.

    Benji Dude