Friday, November 13, 2009

The Growing

Written by Meg | Photo by Mav
My body is beginning to change but I can't tell you why.

My name is Meg and I'm lying alone at home in bed. I've kept my white lace bra and panties for the moment. A satin sheet is the only thing that separates me from the outside world, like a protective cocoon. The room feels warm and perspiration begins to run down my body. To be honest, I'm scared about what's about to happen yet thrilled at the possibilities of what could be or what I could become. My heart is racing even faster.

There's a full mirror on the ceiling so I can watch the changes as they happen. I look up and see the thin outline of my body beneath the sheets and the nervous expression on my face. There's a warm tingling starting to flow through my body. It's beginning.

I breathe in and out slowly to calm my racing heartbeat. It's beating so fast now. I grab the sheet and pull it tighter around me as if it would afford some protection. It obviously won't but gives me certain calmness. The warm sensation starts in the back of my head and I feel it work its way down my spine. Warmness turns into a mild tingling as it descends further down my body. It's pleasant at this point but the tingling increases as it reaches my toes. It fills my entire body and begins to fade. There's a minute of calm that causes me concern. Did it work? Is that all there is?

My mind races for answers and I contemplate getting up. Another minute goes by and I slowly shrug the sheet off. I look up and watch myself in the mirror. A long time ago it would be one of the worst things I could think of doing. I hated my body and was embarrassed by how i looked. Not fat but plain and shapeless. I was determined to change and joined a gym 2 years ago. The results were promising at first and I noticed a firmness and shape I'd always desired. The harder I worked and fitter I became and the more I wanted. I could only go so far until... well if everything works, that will all change. In the mirror I see a tight firm body with a thin layer of musculature. My fleshy breasts protrude upward from the sheet and heave in and out from my deep breathing. I've got to relax. I flex my stomach and see a small but defined 6-pack form. My arms are thin but defined and have been able to make a small but impressive bicep for some time now.

As i sit up and begin to move to the bedside, a sensation hits me and It's a little painful. I quickly lay back down and switch between looking up at the ceiling and directly down at myself. My heart races faster and I begin my deep breathing again. Like the warm tingling before, the physical change starts in my head. I watch as my neck slowly becomes thicker and fills out. The bone structure in my face becomes more pronounced. My whole skeletal system has to grow and thicken to accommodate the coming changes. I can see my cheeks fill out and my jaw widen. My collarbone thickens as new muscle wraps around it. Its like watching a movie but its happening right in front of me. A new type of cleavage forms as my chest muscle begin to grow and separate. They push up and I begin to see a ripped separation in them. Not enormous, but very defined and beautiful. Let it all begin.

As my face and upper chest continues to grow and develop, the transformation moves lower into my shoulders, arms and chest. The first step, like before, is a quick thickening of the bone. I look down at my shoulder and watch it fill out. It's thicker but without more muscle as I can see the mass increase before my eyes. Then comes the layers of muscle and it bubbles up slowly. I touch it and it feels much denser and harder. The little fat I have is peeling away revealing a small growing mass of muscle, and it keeps growing. My breasts rise higher as my chest muscles push outward and become more defined. They feel so tender and I touch them as they continue to rise. Are they getting bigger too? I caress them with both hands as the tenderness increases. Definitely getting bigger and much more sensitive. I twirl my fingers around my nipples which sends a chill up my spine. The pleasure is intense.

My arms move outward from my body as the biceps grow bigger. I see them double in size in an instant and continue to swell. A vein appears down the middle and I move my finger up and down as it swells larger. I turn my arm and flex to see a nicely sized tricep bulge out. The shape becomes larger and more defined as the seconds pass. I check on the other arm and see if the growth progression has been equal. Symmetry is everything and both sides seem equal. Good, just like it was planned.

I see a slight bubbling in my forearms and abdomen as the growth moves down further. Tiny cords of steel and veins develop and dance at my command as I move my fingers. My stomach looks like a time-lapse topographic map as fat slowly burns away and the tiny mountains of muscle push upward and become defined and hard. Veins flow downward like rivers on a landscape.

Then the growth hits my pelvic region. My buttocks grow as my hips widen and fill with power. A wave of orgasms floods my body as change occurs in my vagina. The clitoris becomes super sensitive and the surrounding muscle tissue grows against it causing extreme sexual pleasure. I really could get used to this. Reaching down to aid in the pleasure, my now steel-like fingers give me a iron like grip and faster motion. Dear God. I rub hard and fast causing an orgasmic flood. My head forces back into the pillow as my body writhes in pleasure. I must go faster. Oh God!

As I continue my self-gratification, the growth continues down into my thighs. My quads balloon outward as the bone thickens and the muscle expands. I can see each muscle group lift and separate into their own defined region. My calves start the process and I cup my hand around them as they begin their journey into diamond hard teardrop shapes. The definition is so pronounced, I might cut myself if I ran my finger along it. I lay back and watch the transformation continue until it slowly fades to a stop. My hands explore every new muscle. I need to flex them all, first I strain and pump up every one, but then flex each individual one slowly. My undergarments are tight but still holding. I can feel the panties digging into my skin and my breasts are popping out around the top. Spilling over. I reach around my back to release the clasp and I watch my sinewy arm perform such a simple task with authority. The bicep looks like a tennis ball with a tightly pulled sheet of skin over the top. Stretched so thin that I can see every fiber moving beneath. I get lost for a moment then back to the task at hand.

I've almost got it off when I feel the warmness come back.

This second wave of transformation hits me much faster this time. No slow trickling of warmth down my body, it's almost like sticking my finger in a light socket. The first thing to go is my bra. It was barely hanging on before but it quickly snaps and flies across the bedroom as my chest muscles double in size. My breasts enlarge to quite possibly EE cup and amazingly hold they're shape, now that they're free from constraints. So soft and voluptuous with a certain firmness. They're all natural... well sort of depending on your definition. It's hard to see the rest of my body beneath them so I lay back down to watch the changes. No covering up in the sheets this time, I want to take it all in. I quickly flex each muscle in some hopes that it will make me grow larger quicker, but realize it has little effect on the process.

My tennis ball size biceps grow larger and tighter, first to the size of an orange, then a softball, then... my god it's approaching football sized proportions. The vein down the middle has become thick and I run my finger along it again to feel blood coursing through. I put my hand around my newly muscled arm and it barely surrounds the bicep. It continues growing thicker and larger.

I get a sensation of being lightweight, like a feather and quickly realize its from my new broad back billowing outward forming a rock-hard foundation from which to lay on. It keeps getting larger giving my body a severe teardrop shape. My whole core has become a solid mass of muscle tissue and flesh, tightly bundled together to see each individual ab popping up like mountain ranges. It feels so hard and smooth at the same time, so I give them a quick flick from my finger and actually hear a ping noise. The crevasses grow deep between each one and rub my finger through them like a maze.

The strain on my panties has become almost too much for them as my hips widen with increased bone mass and more muscle. I help them along a bit by tearing the side to give some breathing room. My fingers and hands are so powerful at this point I bet they could rip steel. Then sensation moves and I hope for what's next. Another orgasm comes over me as the vaginal muscles once again begin to grow and strengthen and the clitoris increases in sensitivity. Twice, thrice, no five times stronger and larger than before. My clitoris can't handle the pleasure as my body convulses again in ecstasy. How could I have known this side effect but thank god. I place my hand down to help it out and feel the power between my legs. Such power in my hands, such speed. More, I need more. More pleasure, more power this can't ever end. I climax and fluids comes pouring out soaking me and the satin sheets. The sexual release quickens the growth process and I feel the muscles surrounding my body once again double in size. Interesting and I make a mental note for further study.

My thighs have bulged to such extreme proportions. It is the largest muscle in the human body and mine may now be the largest on any human. The inner thighs rub together as they grow larger and leave little room for separation. They're so hard. I put my hand between them and tightly flex my quads. I swear there would be enough pressure to make a diamond and thankfully my hands are so powerful. I raise my legs and watch as the calves take shape on either side of my lower leg. I've always had nice legs but now they're perfect and the most powerful legs... ever. I raise them higher and watch as my abdomen tightens and flexes in response. They go a little higher and I look up into the mirror and get a view of myself from the bottom up. This new body is more than I've ever dreamed of.

The growth continues for awhile. My clothes have long come off and I lay naked on my satin sheets, rolling around and flexing in my bed. I've discovered every new muscle that’s blossomed and formed, but it doesn't get old feeling them. My skin is so soft but with hardly any fat, my body looks like a medical diagram of the muscular system, but with vastly more muscle than anyone could imagine. My face is fuller and more beautiful than before. The bone structure has changed making the feminine features more pronounced. My hair has also lengthened and become thicker, silkier, sexier. A complete genetic overhaul. My muscles are larger than any male bodybuilder. Much larger. I don't look like a solid bulky wall of muscle though, more like the massive muscles have ballooned out from a petite frame. The effect is definitely feminine, not to mention the breasts enhancements.

The more I flex, the more my blood pumps and flows and I see the veins protrude like rivers of life. I pump some more and they about burst through my skin. As I breathe deep and calm down a bit, I see them subside, leaving my body with smooth rock-hard muscle showing through.

Then there's my new wonderful chest! From the collarbone down I see and feel bumpy ridges of muscle with an ever so deep ridge up the middle. They're literally two plates on steel or what I like to think as two land masses divided by a fault line. My ample bosoms flow into the chest and I love the feeling of soft tissue against the hard muscle. I cup the sides of the beach ball sized breasts and slowly work my way around them. Up to the nipple, which is even more sensitive. I can actually feel my breath on them as they pick up every motion around me. I squeeze them together and watch as the cleavage grows exponentially in front of me. I let them rest, put my hands behind my head and look up in the mirror with a smile. The transformation has exceeded my wildest dreams. I feel powerful, probably stronger than anyone on the planet... and there's some big bodybuilders. I become hypnotized by the rhythm of breathing and watching my muscles react in response. Up and down over and over as I slowly drift to sleep.

Ten minutes into my sleep, a new wave of transformation hits me. I had thought the growth process was complete, but I welcome another round. The warm feeling has increased proportionally, just like the last time. My head is a bit groggy from the nap, but become quickly alert after my body ignites with super charged boundless muscle. My heart pumps so fast that I feel the pounding throughout my entire body. Bump, bump. Bump, bump.

The electrical tingling is stronger this time and much more painful. Looking down, the first thing I see is my vascular system growing to epic, cable like proportions. Almost like giant snakes, thousands of them moving through me providing a network of blood capable of delivering the strength and power this wave will grant me. I see them wrap around my enormous muscles, pulsating and becoming larger and thicker. In and out they weave. Then the rush, like someone just broke the damn in the river. Blood comes flooding through every vein causing them to engorge and almost exploding. Almost. I'm a bit scared at this point.

The blood comes in and feeds the muscle tissues beneath. In an instant, my already massive proportioned muscles explode. I see each muscle group expand more than double or triple, exponentially this time. My chest rises to my chin, my arms grow to redwood widths and my legs become so thick, powerful and full of muscle that I feel I could lift the world. My abdomen looks like 10 softballs placed in a symmetrical pattern and my lats flange out into a wing-shaped V that offers unlimited strength. Looking up in the mirror, I see a giant mass of muscle that keeps growing larger, stronger and more defined. My face is almost lost behind the mammoth amount of muscular womanhood. As my body gets bigger, my breasts balloon to freakish proportions. My god they're about to reach the ceiling. I feel a creaking in the bed as it collapses under my weight. I land with a hard thud and hope the floor holds out. I wasn't expecting this.

I look up and can only see a portion of my body in the ceiling mirror. My God, I'm so big. My field of vision is narrowed and can't see beneath my giant breasts. My neck muscle are so large they constrict head movement to about 30°. I need to see my full body and try to stand up. My strength is most likely beyond human measure at this point and my body movement is rigid from the many plates of steel grinding between each other. I grab the fallen bedpost and use it as leverage to stand but it quickly snaps beneath my weight. I decide to use my strength to help and push backward with my arms. It only takes a small portion of strength to propel me high into the air. I smash through the ceiling above then come down landing on my feet. My room is ruined as I look to the hole in the ceiling, the bed and the debris all around.

Taking a couple steps closer to the vanity to get a look at myself, the ground shakes beneath me. I step as gingerly as possible but has little effect. My anticipation is great as I slowly lift my head in front of the mirror to get a good look at the transformation. Before I started this process I wanted to be big and strong, but this end result is far greater than any expectation I had. I have less than 1% body fat on a body filled with so much muscle. I look so tight and can literally see every individual muscle fiber, sinew and vein coursing through my body. My unflexed biceps appear larger than small cars and my body is as wide as it is tall. The V shaped proportion is extreme and my waist tapers to a size not much larger than when I started, just 1,000 times stronger. I slowly lift my arms to flex. It sounds like metal scrapping as the muscle balloon and grind against each other. Its a battle to see which muscle will win. They rise up higher and appear tighter and harder. Truly steel. I flex my legs and they grow outwards and I hear the same steely noise as they collide with each other. One last flex and I strain to hit every muscle in my body. I feel my heart pump as it works to supply every engorged muscle in my body with energy. The site is truly amazing.

I turn around and pick the satin sheet from the floor and fashion it around myself in a toga style wrap. The doors are too small for me to fit through but I easily break through them to get to the next room. I know what I must do now. I wish I could tell you but you'll just have to trust me. I open the front door, walk through and the walls crumble behind me.

Daylight. I hope the world is ready!.

The end


  1. Hi, I took a quick glance while at lunch. I will read it fully later. But from what I can see and Mav's artwork, this sounds like a great growth story.
    Please keep it up.

  2. yeah, do i detect a hint of my two pictures i did for you? when you mentioned that you had grown as wide as you're tall, and biceps the size of small cars, i thought, hey, you're finally a mountain of muscle! great job

  3. Very nicely written Meg, the pacing of the growth was spot on.

    Benji Dude

  4. I've read it fully now. WOW!!

  5. Thank you for cross-positing this on This is really one of the best FMG sequences ever, both because of the quality of the writing and the imagery it evokes. I think the only thing I disliked was the "metal scraping" sounds...interesting, but unusual. But I liked:

    1) The length. It takes a lot of patience to write like give the growth time to happen. Kudos.

    2) The stages. To have it happen in bits and pieces. When you first read this, you really don't know how big BIG will be.

    3) The sexuality. And it was nice that the erotic parts were only a component of the whole growth.

    I've been a lurker for a long time. You've made some excellent contributions to the genre in the past. But this is truly outstanding work. Congrats!

  6. Thanks for all the great comments. I realize there's not much "story" but I wanted to boil down the FMG transformation to it's essence. Not sure if it's been done before but I had fun writing it.

    XOXO Meg

  7. Don't worry too much about whether it's been done before or not. It was a well-executed sequence filled with quality detail. It's the kind of exercise you can take and use in other stories to fill out and stretch out the critical growth moment.

    Nice write Meg.

  8. Babe...all I can say is "wow"...
    your writing has become truly impressive...

  9. I love the picture above the story: it's one of those pics which, if you stare at them, they seem to grow... or is that just me? :p Anyway, very good writing Meg!

  10. Mr.Thunder....said,

    Greetings Megan! Very nice writting and I like the accompaning photo that Mav did, great work you two! Thanks for setting my date with Jewel, its going very well, I hope you enjoy reading it so far!Have a great day..muscle girl :)

  11. Hey Meg,in this story how big will your bras go, GG?

    1. GG, HH Whatever it takes :)

    2. reason why i ask is beacause i know someone thats 38mm KKK

    3. I asked because i know someone with KKK bras

  12. This not real right


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