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Josh has been waiting patiently for our new story together. He may have his work cut out for him this time :) Comments are welcome from anyone but won't be considered part of the story. Here we go and hope you enjoy.

In the early hours of the morning, Joshua works deep within his lab. The last few tests have had limited results and ultimately failed. A recent breakthrough gives hope as he retools the main tanks and rewires the feed. He is exhausted but continues on as the sun comes up.

The M.E.G. program must succeed.

Joshua take a swig of strong coffee and rechecks his settings. The new test is almost ready to commence, it must be perfect this time. He takes a single strand of hair, of HER hair, and places it into the centrifuge. Everything is ready.

A simple hesitation then a push of a button. The display reads "Project M.E.G. Commencing."

Joshua sits in deep thought, thinking of what lead to this point. It started many years ago as Human Cloning gained worldwide approval. The world today would have been a better place, but then came the 'Lederberg Incident' 12 years later.

The physiology was correct. Subjects were full breathing humans and the genetic modification potential was off the scale. Problems arose. Some argued a lack of a soul, but I knew better. The rapid rate of growth didn't allow for mental maturity, essential to maintain stability. The ensuing slaughter became a dark point in human history and cloning was once again banned. Those poor souls.

It would have all been ancient history if not for the accident. Josh tears up just thinking about her but wipes it aside and continues on. Five years is a long time to grieve but the pain has driven Joshua and fueled his radical ideas. If only she could see him now. Maybe if everything works out... she will.

"Incubation complete." Joshua checks the settings and prepares for the next phase. A quick look inside gives him hope. There she is.

He became possessed with research and the idea that he could have her back. After a year, he came across a moving film from the early days called "The Matrix." An interesting concept in flash feeding mass information. These genetically superior beings could emerge with full grown personalities, experiences and most importantly... moral safeguards. Those poor, poor souls.

The process approaches its final stage. This is the farthest its ever reached and the excitement gives him renewed energy. Everything still checks out and systems appear normal. It's time and he feels alive again after all this time.

Joshua has spent years piecing her life and memories back together. No detail was overlooked, mind, body or soul. Even the bad was left to keep the balance of who she was. We are all a sum of our parts. He did allow himself a few tweaks but knew there was no way it could alter her persona.

The systems release the latch to the main chamber and the doorway slowly opens, releasing a cloudy mist. He watches as the single mostly lovely women walks through the chamber. She is younger than he remembers... and with a little more muscle. Curious? He knew she had always desired to be strong and had encouraged her in life. With all her workouts, she never got past a healthy, firm physique. It looks good on her and he is surprisingly turned on.

He waits to hear the sound of her voice again and begins to sob. This is really happening. She looks around the lab inquisitively and in a slight daze. After a second, she becomes fully aware of her surroundings and sees Josh standing close by in tears.

"What the HELL Josh! Where the F•©k are we and why am I buck-ass naked... you friggin' pervert."

It's music to my ears, Megan is finally back with me. >>


  1. I smile with much satisfaction as if the one person I have not seen in so so long, but have dreamt of this moment is now standing in front of me. It is like the first time all over again. I am over come with emotion and I run and get you a robe to put on. I am and always will be a gentleman and I take you with my arm around your waist to a relaxing room where there is nothing but gorgeous beauty that surrounds you. As you look around the room there is a bed in the middle of it. You have had along journey and you must rest because you will need it. I am going to take your life and body to places you have never been and to do that I need you at your physical best and rested and refreshed. I leave a gorgeous spread of food on the table that has every taltalizing delight to your palate and a pretty black dress for you to get into when you awake.

    You strip off your bathrobe and get into the huge bed and you are ready to immerse yourself in dreams and comfort on the 1000 thread count egyptian cotton sheets and your goose down comforter.

    As you slip into the bed you start to feel some strange sensations that you really like and you fall into a very comforting relaxing sleep.

    Thoughts of what will happen and are going to happen to you run through your head and dreams and now it is time to let what will happen happen and to know that you will make Joshua happy in any way you can and he will do the same for you.................and you think..........and you dream..............and you want...................and you feel..............and you need................and you have a secret desire for strength muscle and power................and then you..................

  2. Meg awakes surrounded in luxury. Looking down, she sees her strong, tight and young body. This isn't how she remembers anything... but she likes it.

    Josh walks in with a plate of food and sits by her side. He gently runs his fingers through her hair. She's never seen him look like this. He seems older and with such pain in his eyes.

    "We need to talk Megan," Josh softly says. He only calls me Megan when it's serious. "There was a serious accident over five years ago and..." he stammers a bit. When he finally spits out the truth, she's floored.

    There are several psychological stages to clone awareness and Meg goes through them in a matter of minutes. The shock & disbelief of discovering you're not "real." Anger followed by Depression then acceptance. The last stage is the one Josh is trying to avoid - rebellion.

    "I have all her memories and her body, but I'm not really her!"

    Josh tries to console her, "Of course you are, even better." His hand caresses her shoulder and moves down her arm. She is really built and solid and Josh tries hard to keep control of himself.

    Meg shrugs him off and stands up to get dressed. She sees herself in the mirror and is stunned by the slight but well defined musculature. Her eyes examine every part of this fabulous new body. It's more than she ever had in life... but less than she ever dreamed of.

    "I like your upgrades Josh, thanks for the little boost," she says.

    Josh can barely contain himself after watching Meg fondle herself in the mirror. "That's nothing compared to what I could give you."...

  3. As I look into your eyes Meg and caress your body with my hands and run it up and down your skin I tell you that this is the only way I could bring you back to me. It has been so long since the accident and it took me years of mourning and research to get you back in my life and now I have finally come up with a way to bring you fully back into my life and to give you all that you ever wanted physically and mentally to your body and your brain and to satisfy all your deep desires, passions needs, and wants...........................

    So what do you want my love and what can I give you to bring you back to what you always wanted and desired when we were together............

    You look into the full length mirror and survey your beauty and musculature and then you say that you want................and you need..................and you would like.............and you feel.................and you want what bigger.............and more muscles here and........................and then you..............

  4. C'mon loverboy... I need more than that... Dig deep... and really carry the story.

  5. Ok gorgeous. So you stand in front of theu full length mirror and you start to flex and contract the muscles in your body and you can see the sinew forming in your muscles and your veins starting to ripple through your body. Being in the same room with me turns you and you really want explore your body but before you do that you want to get big and I mean huge and you want to ripped like never before.

    You turn to me and look into my eyes and say I want you to make me like I was when I was alive. I know I am a clone of her but I want to please you and turn you on in ways that you can not even imagine!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You get that voraciousness in your eyes and you smile at me and you wrap your legs around me and squeeze me tighter and tighter and your leg muscles react and start to expand. The electrical impulses of your body are causing waves of ecstacy to run through your legs from your toes all the way to your head. It is time to make something happen and you want it and your body starts to heat up hotter and hotter as your skin starts to sweat a little.

    You need muscle and you don't care how big and how much but you want to be huge and you want to share it with me and become the ultimate woman and the M.E.G. experiment of my dreams............ and you look at me and you...........and you want.............and you feel...............and you need.............and you have to have..............and you grow where...........and you feel so sexually turned on that you............and then you..............

    Ok gorgeous will that give you something to jump on to literally and ride..........I hope that starts to carry you to great places........Let's go and turn it up a notch or two........... lol wink wink:@) Hit me with your best shot............

  6. Josh can't move and is surprised how strong she is. The tight muscle surrounding him isn't very large, but solid as steel. Meg begins to moan with sexual excitement. For all intents & purpose... she is a virgin.

    The feeling of domination over Josh makes her even wilder with muscle lust. "Make me bigger Josh, stronger, muscular. I want everything you can give me and I will give it all back to you." she says with a wink.

    She forces his hand to rub up and down her clit. He is powerless but has never felt such sexual excitement. The real Meg was much more reserved, this one is, well different. Josh struggles to break her grip and slowly begins to mount Meg.

    "Not just yet Loverboy," she says. "I need to see that you can make me bigger first."

    He is feverish with excitement but gets off Meg, grabs a robe and leads her to the lab.

    "This way my lady!"

  7. So she dies, but he can magically bring her back to life with no problems whatsoever. Just like anyone can write about Kat, but they have to write about her losing. Real fair.

    I bet this comment won't get posted because Meg's such a pussy she won't let the other side post their opinions.

  8. Huh, where did this attack come from!?! Real mature buddy.

  9. Meg,

    I will write later. Anonymous back off. This
    is not your story this is megans and mine.

    She is the one who started this and I was the
    first one to do a story with her together.

    I have a ton of respect and a lot of care for her and
    what she is doing here.

    So back the f..k off.

    Meg will do what she wants on here and if you
    don't like it then save us all the trouble and don't write on here.

    Grow up.

    Love the story entry Megan.

    Have a wonderful weekend.



  10. As we go to the lab you notice all kinds of machines, dials, etc. and you Megan your curiousity is running away with you. You are so turned on and so horny and you want me to make you huge. You strip off all your clothes and go to the one machine in the room that looks like a chamber of some sort. This is a special test lab chamber where I created you from and now it will be used for something else. You not knowing what the other thing is that I have been working for years since your accident and never suceeded in recreating you and now that you have been recreated I will experience this transformation with you in the chamber.

    You lick your lips and you give me a long sensual passionate kiss that makes you so so horny that your nipples on you 36C breasts which will only be that way for a short while get so hard and they poke into my skin. I get a huge hard on and you let your hair down which also will change after this formation.

    I stop long enough to go over to my computer and type in the secret formula for what I have been working on all these years into the computer. I can remotely access it from inside the chamber so I tell you to step into the chamber with me and grab onto to me as tightly as you can and enjoy the ride......... the countdown will commence now in t minus 30 seconds and what will happen next will blow your mind but the transformation will be very slow and very pleasing and some of it will not even happen till after we are done in here.

    Also some of it will not even happen until and complete itself in your muscular transformation until we are making love and having amazing heart pounding rough raw and very loud orgasm screaming sex.

    You are so curious. You get into the chamber with me and then...............and you are thinking.............and your mind is racing so much that it is.................and you want...........and you want parts of your body to be so big that you......................and the anticipation is making you so horny that you..............................and you are ready for...................and then you........................

    Bring it with so much detail gorgeous and I promise your loverboy will deliver.............and rock your world.....

    I look forward to the next part of the story.



  11. Something a little fun to inspire new ideas for a the story Megan.




  12. The chamber is made for one body is tightly cramped with both Joshua and Meg inside. Her hard body is pressed against him so he can feel every curve of her body. His juices are flowing and he can't wait to be inside his love once again.

    The countdown ends and the process begins. He can only wonder what effect, if any, this will have on him but he doesn't care. He would give up the world to make Meg happy.

    The pressure in the chamber slowly builds and Meg can feel the changes begin. Little by little, muscle begins to multiply on her frame, coursing through every cell of her body. It's what she's always desired and is now a reality.

    Her nipples press deeper into Joshua's chest as her breast tissue grows in size with a solid wall of muscle behind it. The cramped space becomes smaller but Joshua doesn't seem to mind. His cock becomes hard, digging into Meg's growing body but she is mindful to keep him from entering... just yet.

    Meg's body begins to balloon with such power and strength. Blood is coursing through her, giving life to her burgeoning steel-like physique. She is in ecstasy and wants more but how much is Joshua willing to give.

  13. As the feeling of ecstacy roles over your whole body you moan and you are getting so hot and so horny that you want to feel your muscles bigger and bigger. I press a button on the remote from inside and the intensity in the chamber increases sending shock waves of energy and power coursing through both of our bodies. I have waited so so long to do this with you again and the time is happening now. I start to grow and my back starts to spread and ripple as my shoulders broaden and widen.

    You are so turned on and one of the first things you notice is that your hair is turning red and getting longer as it goes down your back to your naked rock hard butt and your piercing green eyes turn cobalt blue as energy is sent through your body. Your muscles react and contract and expand all over and your height starts to stretch up to 5'8" and then 6'0" tall. You love the feeling of the changes happening in your body but the ultimate muscle change can not happen until we are inside each other. You realize this and you push against me in the cramped chamber and take your ripped cut muscular legs with your amazing flexibility and grab onto me and around my neck with your soon to be very muscular arms and you wrap your legs around me with my hard on facing into you and wanting to go in and I am so so hot and ready for you.

    I shut off the machine and you tingle and giggle in excitment as your voice has now gotten a little deeper and very love all these feelings that you..............and then you...............and you want.................and you need...................and you want to grow more where.....................and I am willing to give it all to you................and the ecstacy does.........................and then you..............................

  14. I look at you and at this point my fright turns to pure ecstacy and I have past the point of caring about the machines and the power that is being surged through both of our muscular bodies. I push open the door and right next to the tank is a swimming pool that has the same function as the tank has to change your body and it is molecular structure.

    We fall into the water and I put my cock deep into your body and we sink to the bottom of the pool and you get on top of me and now that your body has started to change you can breathe under water and so can I a perk of what is happening to the both of us. You love that and you push both of my arms down and the more you push them down my biceps react and expand they grow bigger. The veins start to pop out in them and get larger and you see the veins in my rock hard pecs start to form. You love it and then you feel in your back that your muscles start to expand and a deep deep cut forms down the middle of your lats and your shoulders start to broaden wider. Then the muscles on either side of the deep cut start to ripple and grow all over your back and your neck starts to get a little thicker and wider. You are becoming what you have always dreamed of. You feel orgasm after orgasm shudder through your body and you love each one stronger than the next as you push yourself on top of me harder and force me into your deeper. Your inner body is starting to expand so you can take my huge cock into you deeper and deeper. You love it. Then you feel your chest and pecs starts to expand further as your breasts start to turn to beach ball size and your nipples are as hard as spikes. You fondle yourself and want more and more and more and more for the both of us... how far are you willing to go to get more..................and then you.................and you need..............and you want..................and you ask me to.............and then you look for what on our bodies to grow next.............and you have a desire for...................and you love........................and then you.............

  15. urmmm, M.E.G. malfunction... lol. OK we should be back on track now.

  16. Meg's rate of growth far surpasses Joshua's due to her cloned DNA. He can't believe the site in front of him as Meg's body masses to over a ton of pure muscle and flesh. All this while his cock is inside her.

    She grabs ahold of him and pushes him deeper inside her. She can't tell if it's the ecstasy of the muscle growth or a giant growing penis inside her. With all of her past memories and now Joshua's inside her mind, she's never even been close to this level of pleasure. No one alive ever has.

    Grinding and gyrating in the gelatinous pool inside the tank, they writhe and grow together. Just when she feels Joshua is ready to cum, she clamps down with her vagina muscles to stop the flow. She will bring him to an ultimate level of pleasure... and pain.

  17. Hey Megan I have some personal stuff going on with family and my dog is very sick. I am going to take a day or two off from the story and I will pick it up over the weekend. I am loving where it is going and I will continue it by Friday or Saturday.

    Have a wonderful rest of your week.



  18. Sounds harsh Joshua, hope everything turns out well.

    Benji Dude

  19. I hope everything is OK and give your puppy a big kiss from me! Take all the time you need, I'll still be here.

    kiss kiss, Meg

  20. Dear Meg,

    Thank you for all your wonderful well wishes for my dog. He is for the time being doing much better due to the heart medication modifications the doctors did for him. So I am very happy about that. I am really tired and had a long weekend. I will continue our wonderful fantasy story tomorrow.

    Much thanks and love and appreciation for your understanding.



  21. Benji also thank you for your concern. My dog is doing much better for the time being.

  22. Hey Meg,

    How are you. I am sorry it has been so long since I have written on our fantasy story but I had to take care of some personal life business. How are you? I will get back to our fantasy story tomorrow. I have been out of town for a week and 3 days and now will be back on July 2nd or so. I am currently in Jackson,Wyoming enjoying the beautiful scenery and a wonderful road trip vacation from Los Angeles to Sacramento to Northern Nevada, to Idaho and now in Wyoming. The weather is amazing. I will be heading back soon and it has given me a lot of time to clear my head and get through what I have been going through.

    I hope all is well with you and I loved your new post on deepest desires. You know mine especially in terms of what we are both interested in. Wink wink :@)

    Have a wonderful evening Megan and look for a new post to our awesome fantasy.



  23. As you push deeper and deeper inside of me Megan I can feel your bodies power run through my body and you squeeze you vaginal muscles tighter and tighter on my throbbing cock. As you look me intensely in the eyes I start to notice something that has never happened before from a scientists point of view. The gelantous water starts to boil and change color and your body starts to take in the colors from the pool into your veins into your body. Each time another shot goes through your veins you moan in total ecstacy and you want me more and more and you start to grow and in your muscles everywhere contracting each time you flex and growing bigger. You love the feeling of the eternal power in your body and in your soul.

    You look me in the eyes with so much intensity those piercing beautiful blue eyes and then you........and you want............and you have a feeling for...........and you need.............and you desire............and your muscles want............and you want to do to me..................and you grow more................and then you...............

  24. Keep going Josh, you've got a lot of catching up to do.

  25. Sorry Megan that is has taken me so long to continue our muscle fantasy. I have not been feeling well over the long weekend. Stomach flu.

    Anyway back to our fantasy. Feeling the power and the intensity of the color that is running in your veins from the pool you coming out of the pool with electricty shooting out of your muscles and your veins and you love the power and intensity of the feeling running through your body. You have the power and sensuality of a huge amazon princess and the strength of a locomotive train. You want more but you want to share this power with me and now a third person. You get that twinkle in your eye and you come up to me with your little finger raise me off the ground effortlessly under my chin and you say what would happen now that your dream has come true again if we created another person from my DNA a female. The idea has me intrigued and you are so so turned on and you want make her like you mold a beautiful clay pot from the ground up. Well I say if you want to do that I say it will take some preparation but not so long that we can't commence on creating her right away. The thought of her joining us turns us both on immensely.

    I go grab my lap top computer and I turn to you with that intense look in your eye and I say now that you love your new self tell me what you would like her to be like mentally, emotionally, physically and sexually and what you would like her to be like, do like, want like, feel like....and then you...................

  26. Joshua's idea of a third women gives Meg an idea. She has absorbed all of his knowledge and her brain is also growing as fast as her muscles just did. She grabs the laptop and easily pushes him aside.

    With lightening fast reflexes, Meg writes a brand new program based on Joshua's initial design. She smirks as it evolves into something centuries beyond his computer understanding.

    Joshua brushes himself off, but is still deep in a haze of passion as he nestles close to his lost love.

    "Are you making our perfect companion?" he smiles and looks over to the screen.

    "That and more," she says as she hits the key to begin the sequence.

    The machine sputters as Joshua had never heard it before. The whole lab shakes as the boiling fluid rushes and changes color at lightening speed. Josh is perplexed.

    "I've cut your incubation time by 1,000% and increased the DNA potency by over a million. The maximum settings have also been removed."

    For the first time, Joshua looks concerned. He suddenly remembers the onslaught from the "Lederberg Incident" when those clones we're almost twice as strong as regular humans. Meg's already 50 times as strong... and these new clones... well, he has no idea how strong they'll be.

    The machine continues to sputter as Meg's creation comes out. Then another, and another. Joshua marvels as row after row of super enhanced Meg's come strolling out of the incubation chamber. His heart is a flutter at seeing so many of his love but these Meg's look different. The sheer muscle mass on just one boggles his mind and they continue to get larger as the process continues.

    Before long, Joshua is surrounded by more than 500 naked muscle bound Meg's.

  27. Longing for the one woman that I have always created and only her to satisfy my every need and me to satisfy her you turn around and rip the clothing from your body. You run and jump into the pool and all 499 except one follow you in. You absorb all their energies and they become one of you in that pool. The water boils and turns all kinds of amazing colors, as the one clone named Emily looks on from the pool in excitment and astonishment. What will happen next she is thinking and so am I. I have created a superhuman being that can make herself into anything she wants to be.

    And then you..........................

  28. The remaining clone, Emily steps into the pool. The mass that Meg became fills most of it, with just enough for her to slide in.

    Meg caresses her and she back. Joshua can't take much more watching them and wedges himself into the remaining space.

    They turn to him...

  29. Hey Megan,

    I love where you are going with this. Can you give me a little more. I am having a creative mind block. Give me something juicy writing wise as an idea to continue our wonderful fantasy.



  30. Sorry Josh, but I mentioned when we started you needed to do the bulk of the writing. I've given plenty of ideas that have gone nowhere.

    I'm getting bored and ready to move on to another story.

    Are you ready Tom?

  31. Megan I am sorry if the story has bored you. If you are ready to move on by all means go right ahead. Thank you for the courtesy of doing another fantasy story with me.

    I guess we will have to try again in the future.


  32. I don't mean to be harsh, sweetie. How about we leave it for now until you get over writer's block?

    XOXO Meg

  33. Megan I have an idea. We did the getaway and that was really succesful having a couple of people involved in a fantasy story together. Then we did a second part to it. Do you think any of the hot muscular ladies would like to do another type of story like that but totally different. If they would I will throw out some ideas and see what bites from your end.

    Let me know. Thank you for your kind words sweetie.



    P.S. Is there any more happening with the Buffies. Do you talk to Jewel anymore.

  34. I'd be up for another group story down the road. Maybe a girls weekend if anyone's interested.

    The anniversary of the Buffies is coming up. We've all been busy over the Summer and haven't talked much lately. I hope to kick back into high gear soon.

    XOXO Meg