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Chapter 5: Fun with Heavy Things
The cool spring air made Super Megan realize two things. First, she was completely naked. Second, she had forgotten to gather her torn clothes, purse and cell phone which were still inside. She turned to enter the building again when a sound made her stop. They were sirens.

“Damn,” she thought as she realized the guard, while trapped, could still radio for help. Not being used to her new super hearing, it was hard for her to tell if the police were ten miles, or ten feet, away. She knew she could probably get in and out of the building fast enough to avoid them – and even if they did show up while she was in there, Megan was positive she was now strong enough to wipe the floor with them. However, a confrontation was the last thing she wanted, and she for sure didn’t want to hurt anyone.

“No,” she thought as she turned back around. “Best to not chance it,” she thought. If her new super powered body was permanent (and she prayed to God that it was) she would have to come clean at some point.

“Okay, now I just need to find something to cover up with. Where is a circus tent when you need one?” she laughed to herself. Actually, she knew where there was something close. A few miles away was a construction site. She passed it on the way to work every day. Having worked many late nights, she remembered seeing several pieces of equipment covered in tarps. “Those will have to due until I can find something more stylish” the super girl thought.

BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! She laughed. “Don’t think I will EVER get used to shaking the ground by simply walking!” she said aloud as she headed towards her car and then stopped again. She laughed again. Not only did she not have her keys, but there was another problem. There was no way she would fit inside of it in her current state.

“Oh well, guess I am walking,” she thought as she headed towards the street. Megan had no idea what time it was, but it was late enough to where there was no traffic on the street. She looked around when something caught her eye. She squinted and then gasped.

3:17 she read on the sign…a sign which had to be at least a mile away.

“No fucking way,” Megan gasped as she began to smile as she raised her hand and began to click off her new super powers. “Super muscles, super strength, super hearing, and now, super eyes,” she said. “I now have powers beyond all freaking reason!” she said. “Way fucking cool!”

Excited, Super Megan began walking down the street. Not feeling any exertion, she began a slow jog. She still felt no exertion. “Might as well open her up and see what she can do,” Megan thought as she began to run faster.

BOOM! CRUNCH! BOOM! CRUNCH! Followed her footsteps as she accelerated, her feet digging into the concrete and smashing it to bits. Leaving a wake of huge foot prints in her path, Megan began pouring on the speed. Her eyes quickly adjusted, allowing her to see everything in perfect detail, despite her incredible speed.

Thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty miles an hour and counting. In less than one minute, the fastest human ever made it to the construction site. She quickly slowed down; amazed at the ground she had just covered. And further amazed she was not even close to being out of breath.

“Guess we can add super speed to the list,” she thought as she knew she had not even tapped her true speed. Megan walked up to the gate and stopped. There was a large pad lock on it.

She smiled as she grabbed it. ERNG! She easily tore it off. “Pathetic,” she though as she swung the gate opened and walked in. She soon found what she was looking for. Covering a large piece of earth moving equipment was a blue tarp. She ripped it off the machine and wrapped it around her body. Grabbing a chain and easily ripping it off the earth moving machine, Meg wrapped it around her waist and secured the tarp.

Megan looked around. “Hell, while I am here,” she thought as she walked over to the earth moving machine. It was a rather large looking bulldozer and had to weigh several tons. Megan smiled as she grabbed underneath it with one hand.

ERNG! ERNG! She laughed as she realized her fingers were easily digging into the hard metal of the bulldozer. “Fucking shit,” she laughed. “My fingers are running through this steel easier than a knife through peanut butter.” Using her other hand, Megan grabbed underneath the bulldozer. She grinned.

“One, two three!” she said as she raised her arms. SWOOOOSHH! The bulldozer flew at hundreds of miles per hour above her head.

“Holy shit!” she exclaimed as she used her super eyes to watch the bulldozer go sailing into orbit. She laughed nervously and looked at her hands. “I wasn’t even trying…” she thought. A huge grin moved over her face. “I gotta see if I have limits!” she thought.

BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! The Earth trembled under her mighty feet. Megan grabbed a huge steel beam used for construction. It was lighter than air. She held it in front of her and using two hands, she bent it in half.

“Ha!” she laughed realizing she had used no strength at all. ERNG! ERNG! She bent in half again, and again. She delighted as she easily squished her fingers into the steel beam. She got a wild idea.

BOOM! Was heard as she dropped the beam on the ground. Megan raised her foot and placed her toes over the crumpled beam. ERNG! Again, the casual strength of her toes proved to be too much for the steel as she easily dug her super toes into it. She laughed again.

“My freaking toes are stronger than thousands of men!” she said aloud, knowing her toes had to be exerting tons and tons of pressure to bend the steel. The super woman looked around. She saw dump trucks, more bulldozers, cranes and trucks. “I bet if I stacked all of this shit on top of one another, it wouldn’t challenge me!” she said excitedly.

Megan walked over to a flatbed truck loaded down with steel construction beams. She guessed it weighed close to a hundred tons. She extended her pinky and flicked the side of it.

BAM! The truck went flying across the construction site, ripping through the under construction building and flying across the street. Huge construction beams tore off the truck and flew into the buildings surrounding the site, causing massive damage. Megan put her hand over her face and laughed. She should have been concerned about the property damage but she really didn’t care. She heard an odd sound and turned her attention to the under construction building. The workers had finished about ten floors. She heard a rumbling, the bending of metal and then watched as the building collapsed on itself.

“No way….” She said as she looked at her thick pinky finger. Megan surveyed what had just happened. Using only the strength of her pinky, she had demolished the entire construction site.

“I have the strength of millions….” She thought. “No, fuck that…the strength of billions,” she said aloud. A thought entered her head, and she liked it. “I am a freaking Goddess!” she exclaimed, and she was right.

Chapter 6: Big Brother Finds a Mess
The phone rang. It never rang at this time of night unless something bad had happened. Dr. David Forrest picked it up. “Hello,” he said in a groggy voice.

“Dr. Forrest,” a strange voice on the other end said.

“Yes, who, who is calling,” he answered.

“We need you to get down to the lab as soon as possible. There has been….an incident,” the strange voice said and then hung up.

David sat up in his bed. “An incident…” he wondered. “What the fuck does that mean?” he said aloud as he got out of his bed. He didn’t like being kept in the dark.

Agent Stevenson had been with the CIA for more than twenty years. In all of his time, he had never seen a site as the one before him. Having dispatched with the police by telling them there had been an internal explosion which posed no danger, Agent Stevenson looked around. Someone…or something had wasted the first floor of the building. The elevator doors had been ripped off and thrown through the building. The elevator itself was jammed, with some unknown and great force having squeezed the metal brakes causing it to stop.

But that wasn’t the weirdest stuff. The Coke machine looked like it had been hit by a Mack truck. And then there were the footprints.

“Fucking footprints,” he said aloud as he looked on in wonderment. Before him were the largest set of footprints he had ever seen. They traversed the first floor, basement, loading dock in the back and then lead away towards the south.

Trying to keep things to a minimum, Agent Stevenson had only contacted a few of his most trusted agents. They were quietly taking pictures.

“Hello?” a voice said from the front door. Agent Stevenson turned around.

“Dr. David Forrest?” he asked.

“Y..yes,” David said, looking at the damage. “What...what the fuck happened here?” he asked amazed.

“I am agent Stevenson,” he said as he extended his hand.

David shook it. “Agent…what…has happened...” he gasped.

“That is what we are trying to find out Doctor. Although, I think you and I have a pretty good idea,” he said.

David looked around again. “I, I have….” and then his voice trailed off. He looked at Agent Stevenson.

“You, you know about Project G.O.D. don’t you,” he said.

“Yes Doctor I do. And if you will come with me, I believe your project has gone active. Very very active.”

David followed Agent Stevenson to the basement. He looked down with awe at the huge footprints which lead away from there. The two entered into the testing room.

“I will need to access Melvin,” David said as he walked over to the terminal and saw the smashed keyboard.

“No need Doctor. I already have. Looks like you authorized all of this,” he said.

“Me?” he said amazed. “I, I wasn’t even here after six!” he exclaimed.

“Really? Well earlier this evening, from your terminal, you transferred all of the data on Project G.O.D. to another terminal,” the agent said. “Melvin, please explain to the Doctor.”

“Yes Agent Stevenson,” Melvin said.

“Now just wait a god damned minute!” David yelled. “How are you accessing my super computer, only I and…” he didn’t finish.

“Calm yourself Doctor. The CIA leaves nothing to chance. Now, Melvin, continue,” he said.

“At 7:41 you accessed all data on Project G.O.D. At 7:54 you transferred all data on Project G.O.D. to terminal 27,” Melvin said.

“Terminal 27…” David pondered. “That, that is Meg’s station,” he said.

“Yes Dr. Forrest, it is. From that terminal, you solved the Project G.O.D. dilemma of subject termination. You then initiated human testing.”

“Hu…human testing?” David gasped as he sat down on the metal table in the room. “Melvin, who, no, did I initiate this test using voice or input control?” he asked.

“Input control Dr. Forrest,” Melvin said.

David jumped up. “There!” he exclaimed. “Right there. Whoever did this knew Melvin would not recognize their voice so they used input control. Why on Earth would I do that when I could simply speak the commands Agent Stevenson?” he asked.

Agent Stevenson looked at him blankly.

“Look,” David said as he walked around the room, careful not to trip over the huge footprints. “Check the security cameras. I wasn’t even here!” he said.

“We tried. Whoever did this destroyed the security server,” Agent Stevenson said.

“Destroyed it? It was behind a steel door!” he exclaimed.

“Yes. And your test subject ripped it apart like it was made of butter,” the agent replied.

David once again sat on the table. “Melvin, who was the test subject?” he asked.

“Unknown,” Melvin said.

David looked at Agent Stevenson. “You are with the CIA, surely you know something!” he said.

“Not yet. Look Doctor, I believe you when you say it was not you. Besides, we know you were out with a young lady tonight, and I have agents talking to her now. But what we need to do is find out who this was, and find a way to stop them,” he said.

“Right…” David answered when it came to him. “Meg!” he said. “Meg, the, the girl whose terminal all Project G.O.D. data was transferred to. She might know something! She, I had asked her to work late. Maybe she was here when this occurred?” he asked.

“We are on that as well Doctor. I have agents on route to her apartment as we speak,” he said.

The two were interrupted by another agent. “Agent Stevenson, we found this,” he said. He handed him a purse and cell phone. “They belong to that Meg girl,” the agent said. “Her car is also still in the parking lot.”

“Thank you,” Agent Stevenson said. He looked on the ground and picked up the tattered remains of a pair of shoes.

“You know who these belong to Doctor?” he asked.

“,” he said. “But, they...they look like female shoes.”

“Yes Doctor they do. I wonder why this Meg would leave her purse, cell phone and car here?” he asked.

The Doctor gulped. “You…you don’t think Megan did this do you?” he asked.

“Right now Doctor, I don’t know what to think. What I know, is that there is some person out there with strength beyond that of any person alive. And we need to find them,” he said as he pulled out his cell phone and left the room.

David put his hand over his mouth. “Holy shit!” he thought. “The project worked!” He turned to Melvin.

“Melvin, please give me a run down on how the test subject was improved,” he said.

“Calculating,” Melvin said. A few seconds later, Melvin responded.

“Strength increased by a factor of 100 to the 10th power; Eyesight improved by ten thousand percent; hearing improved by ten thousand percent; intelligence improved by a factor of 4; muscle and bone density improved by 100 to the 10th power,” Melvin said nonchalantly.

The Doctor looked at the readout in amazement. “M…Melvin, just how many pounds can test subject lift,” he asked.

“1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.” Melvin responded.

The Doctor gulped. “Melvin, is test subject now…invulnerable,” he asked.

“Affirmative,” Melvin said. “Bone and muscle density allow for invulnerability.”

David fell to his knees. The project had worked alright, worked all too well. And now he was responsible for creating an unstoppable juggernaut. He had to fix this problem.

“Melvin,” he said, voice shaking. “Begin new project. Please,” he gulped. “Please begin calculations, for a method of neutralizing the test subject,” he said.

“Calculating,” Melvin coldly answered.

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Story by Barry | Previous Chapter

Chapter 3: From Megan to Super Megan in Under Four Minutes
A warmth began to rush over her body as the first bag of liquid entered Megan’s arm through the needle. As the second bag began to empty, the warmth was replaced with a strange tingling sensation…it almost felt like millions of small needles were being inserted into her cells, like some sort of human pin cushion.

The third bag began to empty. Megan gritted her teeth. This one hurt! A lot!

“Ow…fucking A…” she gasped as she longed to use her free arm to rip out the needle. There was a reason the table had arm and legs straps on it she now realized. If it hadn’t, she would have jumped off the table and ripped out the needle!

By the time the fourth bag began to empty, Megan was lost in a sea of pain. Waves of burning sensations raced over her tight body. She fought back tears with clinched eyes. She kept one thought in her head:

“I will be ten times stronger, ten times stronger…” she repeated over and over. She vaguely heard a large beep as the fifth and final bag began to pour the mystery liquid into her.

“Ung….hurts so bad….” she painfully whispered. Her cloths were covered with sweat. She longed for the procedure to be over! “Ten times, ung, stronger, ten times, stronger,” she began to mutter aloud between groans and moans of pain. Through teary eyes she squinted at the computer. 2:00 it read. She had only been doing this for two freaking minutes??? And she still had two to go!

“Oh God please…please…make it, ung, stop…” she said. Had there been anyone else in the room with her, they would have stopped the procedure. Meg had never felt such pain. Her body ached from the inside out. The feeling of being a human pin cushion was heaven compared to the sun-hot fire that burned from every pour, every muscle, and every bone of her body. She felt like her skin was burning off, and there was no relief in sight.

“Ten, times, ten, times, stronger, ten times str…onger,” she kept uttering, although now, she wasn’t sure being just ten times stronger was worth it.

A large bang was heard and Megan opened her eyes and looked up. A large panel in the ceiling opened and what appeared to be a small dish shaped device lowered. She heard a hum and the device began to activate.

“This must, ung, be the, the rad…radiation…” she gasped as she began trading her pain with some real fear.

“Ung,” she gasped as a blue beam hit her feet and slowly began to move up her body towards her head. As it did, the pain began to go away and was replaced with what could only be described as intense pleasure. She could actually FEEL the chemicals in her body interacting with the beam. She didn’t know how, but it seemed to be activating them inside her cells. Her body could barely contain the energy she felt. She began to get warmer as the beam moved across her stomach and over her breasts.

“Mmmmm….” She moaned as she felt the tingling on her most sensitive areas. “Better….than…sex,” she thought.

The beam reached her head and then stopped. She looked at the computer again. Thirty seconds remained. The beam activated again, this time with a pinkish light. It flashed across her body, feeing her energy starved cells with energy.

“Ow…unnnn…mmmmm” she moaned as the beam traveled to her feet and stopped. It reset itself above her and let out one more burst of energy. Megan let out an almost orgasmic moan as the machine shut off.

“The procedure is complete,” Melvin said.

Megan opened her eyes. Her cloths were ringing wet with sweat as the feeling of pleasure began to decrease.

“What a rush!” she thought and then stopped. “I don’t feel any stronger,” she said aloud. She looked at her body. It looked the same.

“All that pain for nothing!” she thought as she looked over towards the computer screen again.

“The process doesn’t work,” she thought sadly. “Stupid to think I could gain strength in such a way,” she though when suddenly she felt her body shift.

“What the…” she looked down. “Why are my feet freaking killing me?” she wondered. “And my pants, also, tight,” she said as she looked down.

“Hold on.” She thought. “It, it was starting to work! “My shoes are killing me because my feet are getting…bigger,” she said out loud. “Amazing…”

The feeling of pleasure was slowly returning. Megan looked in orgasmic amazement as her body began to change. Her calves began to swell. The bottom of her pants began to ride up her mighty leg as she not only was putting on new muscle, but also gaining height.

“Oh God,” she thought as she looked over at her arms. Her biceps, which had never filled her shirt, were slowly getting larger.

RIP! Was heard. She looked down. Her right calf had burst through her pants, exposing a rock hard muscle covered in tanned skin. RIIIIIIIPPPPPPP! Was heard again as her left pant leg lost its battle to her emerging muscles.

She heard a long tear as her thighs exploded. Large, intense and powerful looking muscle spilled out of her now shredded pants. She could barely see her own shoes over the massive leg muscles. The power of a nuclear reactor burned in each, and she moaned with pleasure as her legs became the largest in the world.

RIP, RIP, RIP RIP…this sound occurred all over body. A symphony of ripping cloths, too weak to contain her power, played through the room. She watched with amazement as her breasts, which had always been perky, began to rise up. Supporting them was now a wall of muscle. Her freaking pecs were now bigger than most girl’s breasts!

A POP was heard as her bra lost its battle. Another long tear was heard and Megan felt immediate relief. She looked down, barely able to see her feet over her still expanding thighs. She saw her big toe. Another POP as her other big toe burst through her shoe. RIIIIIPPP! Her shoes split down the middle as her feet grew bigger, stronger, thicker and larger.

Megan giggled at the sight of her feet bursting out of her shoes! However, her attention was now being grabbed by her arms.

She had been looking at her massive legs she had forgotten about her biceps! The shirt sleeve was gone and a football sized bicep greeted Megan as she looked it over. She looked over to her right arm and the same thing greeted her. She so wanted to get out of the restraints and flex those monsters! Her forearms were also joining the party. They were bigger than most guys’ legs! She looked down at her larger, yet still feminine hands. They too were growing and getting thicker.

And it was not just her muscles. Megan felt her bones growing longer, stronger and more sturdy. Her brown hair also grew longer and shined with a healthy, almost other wordly glow. She blinked several times as her vision changed for the better. All of her senses were alive. She felt like every system, every organ, every cell in her growing and powerful body were being improved upon.

Megan laid her head back. She felt like she had been growing forever and there appeared to be no signs of stopping! She didn’t want it too! Megan looked like someone had attached her body to an air hose and then filled up her muscles! Only it wasn’t air in her mighty muscles, it was pure, impossible power.

Just when she thought they could get no bigger, another wave would hit, and they would begin to grow again. Toes, feet, calves, thighs, abs, ass, pecs, breasts, boulder like shoulders, beach ball sized biceps, tree trunk fore arms and thick and powerful looking hands and fingers all kept slowly expanding, filling with unimaginable strength.

“Mmmmm….” She groaned with a thicker and sexier voice. “Such power…” she gasped. Never in her wildest dreams had she EVER felt so good. So healthy! So strong! No, strong wasn’t enough…she wasn’t sure there was a word to describe how she felt. “Super doesn’t even cut it,” she thought. Words like “superior” “supreme” “unfathomable” “ultra” and “ultimate power” floated through her head.

Sadly, she could feel the process slowing. She watched with pride as her huge body began to grow at a slower rate and then, unfortunately, stop.

It was done. The apply named Project G.O.D had worked. Megan was now superhuman.

Chapter 4: Escape is Easy when You are Super
Megan let out a long breath as the dish like device receded back into the ceiling. Her head was still swimming with the immense power her body now possessed. She didn’t even notice the four large “CLANKS” which occurred when the metal arm and leg bands which had been holding her down released.

“The project is complete,” Melvin said.

A large smile began to emanate from Megan’s face as she realized what had just happened. Project G.O.D. had worked…worked in ways she had hardly imagined. She let out a small giggle as she stretched out her massive arms above her head. The needle, which had been deep in her arm, had been pushed out by her growth and fell to the floor.

Megan’s giggle began to turn into laughter as she looked down at her feet. The table, which had once dwarfed her, now seemed tiny. In fact, part of Megan’s mighty calves and feet hung out past the end of it.

“Holy shit what a fucking rush!” she said. “I, I feel so…soo…” once again, she was having a hard time expressing the feeling when suddenly the word hit her. “Perfect,” she thought.

Megan quickly sat up and looked around. Either the room had shrunk, or she was MUCH taller than before. She laughed again as she swung her feet around and planted them on the ground.

BOOM! CRUNCH! Was heard. Megan looked down and placed her huge hand over her mouth laughing. Spreading out from under the two largest and strongest looking feet she had ever seen were large cracks in the concrete ground.

“Holy fuck, I just crushed the freaking ground with my feet!” she thought. A renewed sense of power rushed through her. If her feet could crush concrete without her really trying, what was the rest of her capable of?

Megan slowly stood up. In the history of humanity, there had never been a more impressively muscular or powerful figure. She easily brushed the remains of her clothes off. While there were no mirrors in the now tiny room, the metal on the walls allowed for a dull reflection. Megan gasped…and then smiled, when she saw the image that greeted her.

She had grown at least a foot and a half, maybe more. The ceilings in the room were eight feet, and she estimated the top of her head was about a foot lower. She had to be almost seven feet tall.

“Impressive for four minutes of work!” she thought.

But her height was nothing compared to the muscles which protruded out from every portion of her massive body.

“Wow,” she whispered. Using her hands, she began to feel over her harder than steel body. She flexed her mighty thighs, which almost doubled in size. Even using her now considerable strength, she could not dent them. She moved down to her calves. She could not get her massive hands around them. She raised her left foot on her toes and flexed her calf. Another CRUNCH was heard as the floor once again proved to be no match for her power. A volleyball sized muscle popped out from her calf. Megan giggled with delight; not only at the fact that she had crunched the floor again (this time with her toes it seemed) but that her calf muscle was so large, and diamond hard.

She rose and hit a double bicep pose. What could only be called a mountain of female muscle rose from her arms like a powerful flame. Using her right hand she grabbed the basketball sized peak of her left bicep. Again, the muscle had no give. She quickly let go and felt her abs.

She had been in Charleston, SC once when she was a child and she remembered the cute cobblestone roads in the historic district. Megan would have considered this moment a peculiar time to recall such a memory except for the fact that her supremely strong abs felt like those cobblestones she saw as a child. Only these, she was sure, were harder. Much much harder.

“Damn,” she said aloud. She quickly turned around to view her ass.

“Freaking A girl!” she said as a super tight, round and impressively muscular ass greeted her. “You could bounce a quarter off that thing!” she thought. “Hell, screw a quarter, you could bounce freaking bullets off that thing!” as the thought that her muscles might actually be that hard entered her head for the first time.

“Bullet proof. Now THAT would be cool,” she thought. She turned again and put her hands on her super hips. She quickly flexed her traps. Angelic wings of super charged muscle expanded.

“I have the largest muscles of anyone I know,” she thought. “No, fuck that. I have the largest muscles on the freaking planet!” she said.

What had happened? She was only supposed to be ten times stronger. Well, while she didn’t know how strong she was, her eyes told her that her now other worldly body was much, perhaps much much stronger than just ten times.

“Growth and Omnipotent Development,” Megan said again. “I certain grew and developed, just wasn’t expecting the omnipotent part,” she happily thought. She turned to the computer and walked towards it.

BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! She stopped and giggled again. A Carole King song lyric popped into her head. “I feel the earth move under my feet, I feel the sky crumbling down, crumbling down!” she thought as she reached the computer. Realizing her now huge hands would not fit on the computer, Megan used her index finger to type.

CRUNCH! Her finger poked a hole through the keyboard, destroying it.

“Whoa…” she said giggling again. “So much for typing." She began to ask Melvin what had occurred to make her so freaking powerful when she realized that her voice would not be recognized. However, that was not her only problem. She heard a faint sound of a key entering a lock and a door opening.

“There isn’t a locked door like that in this entire basement,” she thought when it hit her. Super muscles, super strength….super hearing! Someone was coming in the front door! The security guards! They patrolled the entire complex and were making rounds. Apparently her muscles and strength were not the only things enhanced by the transformation.

“Shit,” she thought as she certainly wasn’t ready to explain herself to anyone, especially a security guard. She needed to keep all of this secret until she could figure out how to handle it all. She knew Melvin would be able to tell her just how much her strength had increased, but she didn’t have time to figure out how to access him.

“Okay, the guards will start on the top floor and work their way down,” she thought as she heard the elevator activate and head up to the fifth floor. Suddenly, a thought entered her head. To keep it a total secret, she needed to destroy any video of her, and her transformation.

Acting quickly, Megan began to race down the hall. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! Shaking the ground was super cool, but she hoped the guard didn’t notice. She reached the top of the steps and in two single bounds, she reached the first floor. She quickly turned and headed towards the mainframe room.

The door was locked but Megan sensed this was not a problem for her. She grabbed the door handle. Using no more strength than it would take for a normal person to wad up a piece of paper; Megan molded the handle and pulled. It fell off, unlocking the door.

“Amazing,” she thought but then realized she could revel in her new super powers later. She quickly found the server which handled security. She put it in a bear hug and squeezed.

ERNG, CRUNCH, CRACK, ERNG, CRACK came from the weak machine as it gave way to her impressive strength. In a matter of two seconds, she had rendered it beyond worthless.

“God that was easy,” she thought as she gently placed the mangled machine on the floor. Using her super hearing, she heard very faint footsteps heading towards the elevator. The guard must have heard her foot falls, or her crushing of the steel door handle, or her mangling of the server…hell, it didn’t matter which feat of super human strength he had heard…he had heard something and was on his way!

Megan thought fast. She had one more thing she wanted to do before she left. She could not do it until she stopped the guard.

Moving with lightning speed, Megan raced towards the elevator. She grabbed the doors and pulled. Not realizing the force she used, the doors flew out, flying through three walls before resting against the outer wall of the building.

“Oops,” she thought as she stepped into the shaft. She looked up as the elevator was coming down. “I hope I can do this,” she thought as she raised her huge arms and caught the elevator.

“What the…” she heard the guard inside say. Megan smiled as she realized her strength was easily up to the task. Using one hand, she let go of the elevator. It seemed almost weightless in her single arm. She longed to try and switch to just her fingers but this was not the time to play around.

Using her free hand, she grabbed the side of the elevator which housed the emergency breaks. Using her thumb, she flipped open the small cage which held the break. Using the simple power of her fingers, she crushed the break against the metal pole it ran against, causing the elevator to be suspended midair. She switched hands and did the same on the other side. She carefully let go of the elevator and smiled. It had worked. The guard was trapped.

She crawled out of the elevator shaft and dusted her hands off. “Not a bad night’s work!” she said. However, before she could leave, she had one last task.

Megan walked over to the Coke machine which had stolen her money a few hours ago and smiled. “Remember me?” she asked. “I was too weak to get my Coke out before. Believe me, that has changed,” she said as she reared back her fist and then stopped. She didn’t want to knock it into the next county. Smiling, Megan extended her index finger and flicked the machine on the side.

THUD! It went tumbling down the hallway, finally crashing into a wall. 

Megan looked at her index finger laughing. “Fucking amazing!” she said. She remembered it had taken two men to move that machine into the building and she had just sent it tumbling down the hallway like a paper bag in the wind with a single flick of her powerful index finger. She wiggled it and laughed aloud as she headed towards the now mangled machine.

BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! Megan walked over to the broken machine. She gently grabbed a Diet Coke.

“Thank you,” she said laughing. She next turned and walked towards the back of the building. It was time to go. Megan reached the locked doors. Using her pinky, she poked the locks out and the doors swung open.
Megan entered the cool spring air and took in a deep breath. “Hello world. I hope you are ready for the Mighty and All-Powerful SUPER MEGAN!” she said laughing.

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A story by Barry

Chapter 1: Working Late has its Advantages  
She hated working late. Hated it more than speeding tickets or being hit on by some drunk asshole in a bar when all she really wanted to do was dance with her friends. Hated it, hated it, hated it.

“But, like I have a choice,” Megan thought as she plugged away at her computer. Megan worked at a startup biotech company as a computer analyst. It was her first and so far only, job after graduating with honors in computer science from college. It was a good job salary wise, especially for someone so young starting out. But her boss could be a bit of a jerk, and he seemed to love to make the new folks “earn their keep” by staying late while he and the others left.

“That, and the way he looks at me,” she thought. “And then there was that time in the server room…” but she didn’t let her mind go there. Sure, she could have reported his personal game of “grab ass” but she didn’t. He had been more suggestive than anything else. Plus, she needed the work, and in this economy, one doesn’t simply quit a job. “Even if your boss is a super perv with the hairline of a receding sea and who smelled like he swam to work in a pool of Aqua Velva every day,” she thought.

Megan sighed as she entered another line of code. She looked at the clock on her computer. 7:30, on a Friday. Not only was she missing getting dinner with her friends, but she knew she was going to miss her workout. Megan liked to keep in shape and tried to work out at least five to seven times a week. Her body showed her hard work as she was lean, but by no means muscular. She went back and forth on the issue of muscles on women. Sure, she was happy with being simply “in shape” but part of her longed for more. She longed to be covered in huge, massive muscles…muscles larger than any female bodybuilder on the planet. But that, of course, took lots of work and time. And time, right now, was something she didn’t have.

“Well, I won’t have to worry about giant muscles anytime soon, especially if all I am doing is working out my fingers on this stupid keyboard,” she said aloud and then realized she was the only one in the room. Megan got up and stretched. “Might as well get a soda, I am going to be here a while,” she though as she walked towards the vending machine.

The new project she was working on was weird. Her assignment had been to increase the computing capacity of Melvin. Melvin was the name given to the super computer located in her office. She knew it had something to do with the military, but other than that, she was kept totally out of the loop. Her boss knew, and, best she could tell, he was the only one.

Megan walked over to the Coke machine and got out two dollar bills. “Fucking larceny,” she thought as she scanned her choices for a twelve ounce can of beverage. Having decided on a Diet Coke, she put in her two dollars and hit the button. The vending machine made a sound like someone inside of it had decided to have a wrecking ball party.

“That is not good,” she thought as she looked down at the spot where her beverage should come out. Nothing came out. The machine had eaten her money.

“Perfect,” she thought as she slammed the machine with her hands. Of course, her hand slaps were useless against the mocking machine. In fact, she was doing more damage to her hands than to the Coke machine. “Sometimes I wish we did have artificial intelligence. I am not strong enough to beat this thing to death, but it sure would be nice to tell it to fuck off and hurt its feelings,” she once again said aloud to no one in particular. Shoulders slumped; she began her trek back to her desk when something caught her eye.

In his haste to leave the office at five, her boss had forgotten to lock his door. As Megan approached his office, she noticed that not only was it unlocked, but his computer had been left on.

“I remember him saying something about a hot piece of ass he had to meet,” she thought as she stepped inside. “Must have forgotten to log off. Guess I will be the good employee and do it for him,” she said as she walked towards his computer. She giggled the mouse to wake it up.

“Good evening Dr. Forrest,” the computer said. Megan jumped back, not expecting the machine to be pulling a HAL on her. “Working late Dr. Forrest,” the machine said again.

She looked around. She was the only one there. “Fuck it,” she thought. She knew the computer would shut down if it did not recognize the voice, and since she sounded nothing like super douche Dr. Forrest, she opted for the written interface.

“Yes I am working late Melvin,” she typed.

“Excellent,” the computer spoke. “You currently have Project G.O.D open. Would you like to continue,” it said.

“What is Project G.O.D.,” she wondered.

“Melvin, please give me a description of Project G.O.D,” she typed.

“Project G.O.D. is a classified government project sponsored by the CIA. The project attempts to improve the human genome by injecting certain minerals and vitamins into the human body, and then stimulating those with short bursts of high radiation,” Melvin said. “The mixture of the chemicals with the radiation causes the cells in the human body to begin to replicate at an increased speed. If successful, Project G.O.D would push human capacity to its limits or beyond. Applications include increased stamina, intelligence, bone and muscle density and strength,” Melvin said.

“Whoa…” Megan thought. “How strong would a person be who underwent the G.O.D. treatment,” she asked.

“Unknown,” Melvin replied.

“Have human tests begun,” Megan typed.

“No. Tests have been limited to mice. All test subjects survived the process, but within minutes exploded,” Melvin said.

“Yikes,” Megan thought. “Why were the tests unsuccessful,” she typed.

“Unknown. Your job, Dr. Forrest, is to increase computer function to analyze this problem,” Melvin said.

“So that is what I have been working on!” she thought. “A freaking super serum for solders. I guess that makes sense, super soldiers who were, well, super human would certainly lessen American casualties,” she thought. Suddenly a wry smile came across her face. If she could figure out the proper code and increase Melvin’s speed…she could potentially solve the problem. She would be a freaking living legend in the company! No doubt a huge raise, bonus and, possibly promotion out of simple computer processing!

Suddenly, and without thinking, a thought blared like a trumpet in her head. “Or I could use it and become super myself.” Her smiled widened. “Now that I like,” she thought.

“Melvin, please transfer all Project G.O.D. data to terminal 27, Megan’s terminal,” she typed.

“Done,” Melvin said. Megan smiled again and clapped her hands.

“Okay, better log my boss out,” she thought as she started and then stopped. “Duh,” she thought.

“Melvin, what does Project G.O.D stand for,” she typed.

“Growth and Omnipotent Development,” he said.

“Huh,” she thought as she logged out her boss. “It really might just make me one.”

Chapter 2: To Hell With It

With a renewed sense of urgency, Megan began plugging away at her computer. Sure, some of the stuff was over her head but Megan was smart. She knew all she had to do was increase the computing function and Melvin would do the rest. For the next three hours Megan worked non-stop entering new lines of code and programming. It was trial and error at first, but she soon got the hang of it. Knowing more about Project G.O.D. had helped.

Finally, around 11 p.m. she was done. Using the Melvin interface, she typed.

“Melvin, please calculate why the G.O.D. injection and radiation process caused experimental subject death.”

“Question acknowledged and approved. Time to finish calculation, three hours, seven minutes,” Melvin said. “Do you wish for me to begin?”

She went to type in yes and then stopped. “Do I really want to do this?” she thought. “Best scenario, this works and I become, well, super. Second best is that it does not work, but I have at least increased the computing capacity and showed the whole project was bust from the start. Worst case scenario, I explode,” she thought as shivers ran down her spine. “Oh to Hell with it, life is about risks as my mom always used to say!” she said aloud and typed in “Yes.”

“Beginning calculation,” Melvin said.

Megan sat back in her chair and looked down the hall at the Coke machine. “If things go well, I am going to rip you in half and get my money back and my freaking Diet Coke,” she said out loud. Megan closed her eyes and tried to relax.

Suddenly, at 2:07 a.m. her computer began to beep. “Holy shit!” she said as she was startled out of her sleep. She rubbed her eyes. She looked around to get her bearings. She had been lost in a dream. In it, she had been experiencing intense pain, followed by intense pleasure, and everything around her became tighter and smaller. Her computer had woken her up before she got any further.

“Calculation complete,” Melvin said. “The problem is with the duration of the radiation burst. An additional ten seconds is needed to correct cellular eruption and to normalize human function,” Melvin said. “I have made the adjustments. Would you like to proceed with a test Dr. Forrest,” Melvin said.

Meg’s smile returned. “Hell yes,” she typed into the interface.

She heard a buzzer, followed by a series of what sounded like large doors opening.

“Please proceed to the basement Dr. Forrest,” Melvin said.

Megan got up and walked towards the basement, a basement which she though held cleaning supplies and an old Macintosh computer. However, when she got down there the far wall had opened and revealed a corridor. Carefully she walked down it, the doors closing behind her.

“I hope this was a good idea,” she thought as she entered a room with a large metal table. The table looked like one would see at a doctor’s office, only it was made of thick metal and appeared to have arm and leg clamps on it. Above it was a large emitter, and next to it was a serious of bottles hooked up to a very large and very scary looking needle. All of it was hooked up to a very large computer. The screen came to life.

“Dr. Forrest, protocol indicates animal testing continue. Do you wish to override,” it said.

She went over to it. “ Yes. Proceed with human testing,” she nervously typed.

“Acknowledged,” Melvin said as the table began to move to a more upright position and the bottles attached to the needles filled with various colored liquids.

She walked over to the table and gulped. She returned to the terminal.

“How strong will the new formula make test subject,” she typed.

“Unknown. No previous data available,” Melvin said.

“Postulate,” she typed.

“Increase of a factor of ten, possibly more,” Melvin said.

“Okay, I can bench around 70 now, so that would be 700 pounds. Cool!” she thought. However, once again, the voice of doubt (reason??) crept in.

“I do this, I will become one of the strongest humans on Earth,” she thought. “And who knows what other improvements will occur. My life will change for sure. How will I explain away the increased muscle mass? Intelligence? Or other improvements?” she pondered. “Will my friends still even be my friends if I am so different? And will I like being so strong?” She sat on the edge of the table. “Of course, it has positives two. Namely, no more working out. And being super healthy without worrying about disease or what I eat would be great as well. And it’s only an increase of ten. It might not make me the strongest person alive, but I would be close. I would certainly be three times stronger than most people I know. And having increased strength would for sure have its advantages. Certainly make opening jars easier!” she laughed. “And it’s not like I will turn into the Incredible Hulk or something,” she thought and smiled. “Although that might be kinda cool too.” Meg flexed her arms and looked at her nice, but smaller biceps. “This has always been a dream, and who says no to a dream,” she thought as she began typing on the computer.

“Begin process,”

“Acknowledged. Please place test subject on table,” Melvin said. Megan got on the table. The thick bars around her arms and ankles closed.

“I sure hope this thing lets me out. I may become strong, but I doubt I could break these freaking things,” she thought nervously.

The table lowered so she was lying flat. The large needle came towards her and entered into her left arm.

“Oww…fuck,” she said.

“The process will take four minutes,” Melvin said. “The process is beginning.” 

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