Friday, May 8, 2009

Megan + Joshua Part II

Read Part I before continuing

I wake up in the pool of rejuvenating water and watch my naked muscular body just below the surface. I had hoped it wasn't a dream and massaging my new granite like muscles confirms it. Josh is still asleep a few feet away. What is this power he has created, I must know more about it, understand it and control it. Some might call me mad, but I can see clearly for the first time in my life and I know what I must do.

I get up quietly, but even the my slightest movement now causes aftershocks. Josh quickly awakes to find me towering over him, dripping wet and naked in all my muscular glory. He says "You look magnificent" and wipes the sleep from his eyes. "I think I have some explaining to do, follow me". He leads me down a corridor of his castle. Deeper and deeper we descend. I barely fit but my shoulders widen the earthen tunnel leaving a trail of boulders in our path. We reach his grand laboratory and he starts to explain everything to me... >>


  1. As you make our way down to the grand laboratory you notice that it is getting warm then cold and the temperature sends thrills and chills and warmth of ecstacy through your body. As we get to the lab. You see a chamber in the middle of the room. As we get to the door way to the chamber I inject you with a needle into your rock hard butt and you start to fall asleep and get a little tired. You also start to feel like you are getting a smaller and your body is going back to its normal size before the massive growth. As you fall off to sleep Megan you have gone back to the size of a middle weight bodybuilder and yet still very sexy and full of cuts and rips and muscles that you visibly can see through your whole body. An hour later you wake up in the water tank and you are wearing a breathing mask and you have electrodes and chords around your whole body and you open your eyes. You can see me at the computer and I speak to you in the microphone from the computer and there is a large display screen in front of you.

    All of this has got you wondering what it is how to control what you have.... and I say "Megan open your eyes and all will be explained. YOu open your eyes and I start to tell you that I have created and harnessed the power of youth like the fountain of youth but with a different concept to it. I tell you that you can feel the electricty and tinglness around you which is coming from small amounts of gamma radiation that is being injected into the water and also combined with the pheremones in your body you can feel it rush into you.

    I tell you that I am working on being a serum that has growth effects that will blow your mind and that will also allow you to grow at will to whatever size you want to be and musculature and that your body chemistry will adapt to whatever your pheremones tell and feel it to do. In other words"Sexual energy that is displaced from how you feel, how you think, how turned on you are and also on basic emotions of great happiness, anger, jealousy etc.

    You listen intently and I tell you there is so much more to this and that I have created a serum that I have injected into myself which creates massives amounts of semen in me that I can dispense during before or after I cum that will create this affect. I want to test it on you and it can be given through injection or through sexual contact between us. Also I tell you that I want to test this on you and another women and see what the affects are on you from passing it from a female to a female.

    You are so so so excited and you want to begin right away. I tell you that you tonight I will monitor your vitals and tomorrow we will begin the testing on you getting it from a shot and then in couple of days trying the super semen by me and you making love.

    Then the next phase will be bringing another women in letting you too test it on each other.

    You don't know what to say there is so much racing through your mind and your body sexually that you can't take it. But you are patient...........I say all answers questions to your answers will be answered in these tests.............and then you...................Tell me what you want to happen....

  2. Megan,

    I love how you have started the 2nd part of the story. Imagery is the key to a great fantasy blog and story so hit me with all the detail you've got and what you want to acheive in this part of the story when you write back the next part of this awesome fantasy.

    I love it,


  3. My mind feels fragmented, dazed by the serum. I watch Josh as he works in the laboratory, study him, learn from him. His super serum is the answer and I must spread it to the world and save it.

    I may not be as tall, but the power is all there, compacted into my 8 foot muscle-bound body. Picking up the tank of serum that produces muscle enhancing semen, I rip off the lid, hold Josh with one hand and force the entire contents down his throat. He spits and coughs but I force it down, every drop. If this serum is truly activated by sexual energy, then Josh is in for the ride of his life. No man has or will ever be pleasured as much!!

  4. As the super serum goes down my throat it fills my whole body and every fiber of my being. My veins start to spread like wildfire and my body reacts to the intense overload of hormones and semen in it. This was not supposed to happen this way and it was only supposed to be taken in small experimental doses. The reaction is very very quick. My clothes get very tight my body convulses from the immense pleasure and the first phase of my growth are so turned on by how huge I am getting the size of my frame which shoots to 18 feet tall my massive pecs my boulder like abs my 22 inch biceps. I let out a deep guttural growl and a huge moan that shoots you across the room.

    My cock and hard on is 10 feet in length. You have never been turned so sexually. You stand up climb on my massive rock hard feet and begin to climb me to get to my massive cock so you can suck me until I have no more left in begin climbing............:.:.and then .....,,,,,,

    The feelings are in describable you crave me with every inch of your being. You want power my super cum and you want to become part of me........

    Describe megan the journey up my body in great detail and tell me the feelings about it and what u want to happen next.......the steamy hot journey continues..........

    I look forward to it,



  5. I need him to get get bigger so I start rubbing, massaging his long shaft. I instantly shoots up 2 feet, muscles vibrate and his cock gets thicker. His residual energy is entering me and I grow also. I fondle his balls, gently rubbing them together and licking every inch of his manhood. I see him straining to keep back the growth but can't much longer. It's time.

    I open wide and force my head head down his shaft as far as it can, then a little more. I start sucking and rubbing him. Josh explodes with sexual energy, growing to 100 feet tall, each arm bigger than a bus, thicker than a mountain. His shaft is too big for me... and I bite down.

    Josh screams but keeps growing faster. His sexual release has been clamped. I keep sucking while holding him closed... for hours. He keeps growing bigger and taller. We've long demolished his castle home as he shoots up to 500 feet tall. His dick has to be 50 feet long with me on the tip prepared for greatness. Josh has turned purple and can't possibly hold back any longer. I release my jaws...

  6. As you release your jaws the burning inside my throbbing cock before I cum feels like it wants to kill me from all the pain and buildup. I am drenched with sweat and my body from head to toe glistens. Standing at 500 feet tall you loosen your jaw on my cock and my knees and body convulse. In an instant I shoot so much cum and semen that it causes a tidal wave flood. You let go of me and you let the wave engulf you crash over your body and the nectar of the gods flow into every pore of your body. You disappear under this wave. For hours it is cool calm and still with a rumbling of distant thunder. I am all alone naked sleeping on top of the rubble pile of my once castle home.....,,,,

    All of a sudden I hear something or someone. My body has shrunk a bit to about 200 feet tall but I am still a very massive huge god. Chords of muscle all wrapped through and around my body.

    What will happen next remains to be seen and heard.............continue........

    But on that same idea a woman who happens to be on a hike slash scientist comes along.......

    This megan is the other woman that I mentioned in the beginning of the fantasy. Now u have a two parter. Our part of the fantasy and the other part is building the back story and the look of her and bringing her into it.

    I really am looking forward to where this fantasy is going and love where it had gone so far.

    Have a beautiful day,


  7. Amy (the scientist) hikes up a hill unlike she's seen before. It's harder than normal earth and stone but has a steady pulse coming from beneath. Amy takes out her equipment to take a sample core, but the ground begins to move. "Holy shit its alive!"

    I wake up dazed, not knowing where I am. I vaguely remember my encounter with Josh and being shot across the sky for miles. I sit up and hear a faint scream below me. It's a tiny lady on my stomach.

  8. Hey Megan,

    Give me a little more and some more detail to go on tell me what has happened to you physically, what Amy looks like to you and describe her face body etc. and tell me about her. Tell what you are feeling and how you want this fantasy to progress and move to the next level from you coming back from your long journey across the sky. Tell me in great detail so I can get some good imagery for my next entry for our fantasy.

    This fantasy is amazing,


  9. ...Maybe Amy wants to write in and describe herself??

  10. Ask and ye shall recieve ;)

    Having climbed this whole hill for my geology research, I wipe some sweat from my forehead. Having climbed quite a few mountains, I don't tire easily, but this last strange hill was to hard for climbing gear. My arms tired, showing a small biceps from the climbing in the last months, I reach around for my backpack.

    Touching the ground, I find it feeling strangely warm, hard and very smooth, I take out a small pick from backpack and strike down. The sharp pick bounces off, so I try again, striking as hard as I can. Still no effect.

    Suddenly the ground moves, I lose my balance and fall over, failing to find anything to hold on to on the smooth ground. Looking up, I see what looks like a face rising from behind two giant hills. No, not just a face, the most beautifull face I've ever seen. I suddenly feel increadibly attracted to it, I start waving my arms and running towards it.

    Reaching the hills between me and this divinely perfect face, I try to climb them, only then realising they're not strange hill, they're giant, pert breasts. Only then do I realise I must standing on top of the woman attached to the face.

    I realise that the rolling ground I'm standing on are her abs, perfectly cut and defined. The hill are breasts, if she had been regular sized, they would be an F-cup easily, now they were beyond measuring. Two peaks behind me are her biceps, huge despire her giant arms laying flat.

    Still not thinking clearly, I try to talk to this giant woman, jumping up and down, waving my arms, before I realise her breasts must be blocking her view. I run back to rolling grou... no, to her stomach, waving and shouting.

    "Who are you? How can you be so large and so beautiful?"...

  11. I put my hand next to the beautiful tiny woman and she climbs onto my finger. I bring her close to me so I can see. How did she get so small... or how did I get so big? My head's still fuzzy. It's an odd pairing but we quickly discover how much we have in common and become fast friends. I explain the experiment and Josh. I also tell her my hopes and dreams.

    I wish for all women around this world to have the same power. No more tyranny from men or rape or incest or war. The path is clear and Amy more than agrees, she's ready to make the change. I stand up and the earth shakes beneath me. Amy is perched on my shoulder as we walk towards Josh's home and the ultimate solution. The journey begins...

    (Amy, you're a part of this now, so write in anything)

  12. Hanging on to Meg's hair for my life, she slowly walks to the ruins of the castle. Slowly for her that is, she's actually moving at several hundred miles an hour. Remembering her words, her promise of giant strength, gives me the willpower to hold on through the ordeal.

    As meg slows down, she sets me down near the ruins of a medieval castle. They look like it's been carpet bombed. Gazing up at her perfect body, I shout again "Please Meg, let me be like you. I want to be as massively strong as you are, to have the power to do anything I want." As I plead with meg, I feel something familiar.

    The ground is heaving up again, this time tumbling head over heals downhill. Meg reaches down to grab me, as I see another giant, half the size of meg, but with proportionately similar muscles. There's a difference though, this giant doesn't have the perfect breasts, but thick and hard slabs of muscle. As my eyes go down, I notice a penis of such humongous size that it slaps against his knees.

    Gaping, all I can do is point at the giant who amy described as Josh. Overcome by the sensations of the last hour, all I can see is blackness, as I pass out from amazement, shock and sexual excitement.

  13. Josh is happy to see me (I can tell from his rising modesty). "I was so worried about you as you flew across the sky". He comes up to my thigh and wraps his arms around me sobbing. The castle is ruined, but with my new strength, I've burrowed a new lab into the mountains.

    Amy wakes from her shock too see herself between two mountains of physical perfection and beauty. Which is more gorgeous? At that level of greatness Amy wants both of them deeply, to be like them. Josh leans down to examine this new friend, but is taken back. He's always had a crush for Meg but this new woman, this Amy is radiant, beautiful is all he can think about.

  14. As I look at meg and look at beautiful amy
    I realize that not only meg is a goddess with the beauty of aphrodite and the muscularity of a Greek goddess ripped massive cut muscular to the hilt but it dawns on me that I could bring the best of both worlds together and turn amy into a super goddess also. I am not so sure how much amy is into meg and women in general so I pick up amy off my chest and gently put her down on a cliff above. I tell amy that we were like u when we started before I made love to meg and that I want you to watch us make love in our now permenant forms and see if you not only would like to be like us but to become one with us and join us when the time came. You would have to suck all of my super cum like she did and grow to our size.

    Amy..... You. Ponder this idea and meg proceeds to make passionate animalistic love to me as the mountains around us shake.

    You watch in awe........,,, then you amy.........,,,,,

    Then what do you do megan.........,

    I like where this hot fantasy is going amy and megan.

    Let's take it up a notch. I love all of your hot description.


  15. I see your two giant forms smashing into eachother, the slams almost hurting my ears as I look at you two.

    Lustfull, I start playing with my pussy while I watch your bodies smash together. As you cum, you pull out of Meg and a huge stream of cum shoots against her abs and falls to the floor. I realise what's happening and quickly run towards it. Standing up to my knees in the tick warm cum, feeling the massive ammount of cum land on me I open my mouth wide and drink down as much as I can.

    After three gallons, I feel body tingle, like a full-body orgasm. I force it back down as I drink more and more of the sweet sticky liquid. I drink 5 gallons, realising this can't be possible, pleasure overwhelming my brain but I keep forcing it down. 7 gallons go into my body, I'm shaking with pleasure but force myself to drink more before giving in. Eventually I drink all of it down, a full 16 gallons, before I fall shaking on the floor, screaming with orgasmic pleasure.

    Then I start growing. First, my muscles start swelling. My biceps go from cute and tiny, to baseball sized, to bowlingballs sized, to beachball sized in under three seconds. My stomach quickly turns into a two-inch deep 12 pack and my thighs become as wide as my shoulders were before.

    Revelling in my vast strength, I reach for my pussy in excitement, when the second wave hits me. I feel my body stretching, growing as tall as I want it. I focus on being two giant heads taller then Joshua, and my body expands to that size. My previously giant muscles now look tiny on my new body.

    My knees almost buckle with pleasure, as the third wave hits me. I feel my body pulsing, waves of energy and pleasure shooting out from the super cum in my stomach, blowing up my muscles. I feel my skin hardening and growing perfectly flawless, my bones becomming harder as well.

    I flex my calves and watch them expand to the size of a truck. I flex my thighs and they grow, each massive slab of muscle showing against my perfectly strechted skin as they grow and grow. I look behind me and flex my ass, each cheek filling with hard muscle as they grow to perfect spheres, not like bubbles but like hot air balloons, far harder then steel. Then my back starts growing, thick cords of muscles expanding under my skin untill it looks like a moutain landscape made from soft silk. My abs start growing, each block the size of a schoolbus, and just as deep, forming first a 4-pack but ending in a massively defined 12-pack with matching obliques.

    Finally, my last and favorite group, I flex my biceps. With one flex, they double in size, to what would have been 15 inches, but is now dozens of feet. With another flex, they grow to 20 inches, worthy of any bodybuilding contest. Another flex, 25 inches, 30, 35 inches. One more flex makes them a massive 42 inches "human sized" or a full 110 ft goddess sized.

    I stand up, looking at my massive body. I have no more fat anywhere, my skin so tight over my massively hard muscles that every fiber is visible underneath my silky skin. My muscular form making the ground shake as I walk to Joshua.

    I put a hand on Joshua's chest, feeling the strong muscle, that's still weak to my powerfull hand, as I push him down to ground. My other hand rests on his giant penis, softly stroking it. I breathe in his ear "You like what you see?" as I flex a biceps the size of his head.

  16. Wow I am going to have to take a day to think about it and recover from this. I needed a very cold shower from how erotic and amazing what you wrote was Amy. You are really really fantastic at this fantasy writing like Megan is. You should start your own blog too.

    Anyway I want to leave it in Megan's hands to continue and then I am going to pile on my next part of the fantasy after I see what she adds to it. This was so so hot. I love it.

    Have a great day Amy and I look forward to seeing what Megan is going add tomorrow.


  17. Amy is still tiny compared to myself and Josh, but watching her grow has stirred a passion I never knew existed. I watch as she straddles him on the mountainside, trying ever so hard to take him in.

    I easily pick them both up and force Josh into Amy. She screams from the pain but I drive him deeper into her. Amy takes my erect nipple and begins to suck and I feel a warm flowing coming from within. The sheer pleasure of our 3 bodies together feels natural and good. As Amy sucks harder and drains my milk dry, I squeeze the two of them together with all my strength causing Josh to release rivers of his god-giving semen into Amy's perfect body.

    She convulses and writhes in agony as she begins to transform. But not like before. Not like myself or Josh. Both of our bodily fluids have been depleted into Amy, not knowing what effect it would have...

  18. I am going to let Amy run with this one Megan. You both have amazing fantasies and the writing is so so awesome, sizzling, steamy and very erotic. I love it. I am not feeling so hot tonight. But after these two entries that you both wrote I feel like I needed a cold and hot shower.

    So I am going to get to bed early tonight and be rested with some awesome new ideas tomorrow to take this fantasy to the level you both have put it at currently.

    Love both what you and Amy have created here.

    Goodnight you too,


  19. Having already experience half a growth like Meg and Josh, I now find my stomach filled with Meg's power milk and my pussy dripping with Josh's super cum.

    My body starts shaking, causing an earthquake felt for thousands of miles as my rapidly hardening muscles slam into the soft (to me) rock. I can't worry about something as trivial as that, as my body enters a growth spurt that rivals that of Meg. I grow several hundreds of feet, making me half a head taller than Meg. Like before, my muscles only start expanding after my growth.

    This time, it feels like the previous spurts times a hundred. I feel the potential for my muscle to grow bigger then possible, but I force it back. I don't want my muscle getting in the way, so I settle for a "mere" 12 pack of 4 inch thickness human sized, or dozens of feet now.

    I let my thighs grow to "only" twice the thickness of my torso, my calves half the size of my massively thick thighs. My back is "just" showing 5 inch thick valleys or scores of feet in my current size.

    I flex my arms out to the side, flexing my biceps harder then steel, harder then diamond by far, the peak rises as high as my head, stretching the perfect skin tight.

    The rest of the growth I channel into massive strength, making my muscle a dozen times stronger than they should be, even for my massively sized new body. I perfect the rest of my body, knowing instinctively what to do to make myself even more irresistible. My skin perfects, my chest expand to tons and tons of perfectly smooth muscular breasts with nipples like cruise missiles, only far harder.

    Slowly I stand up, gazing at my body. Experimentally, I flex my muscles, making them jump out to twice their size. I see Meg standing there, her finger in her pussy. I walk over to her, swaying my hips, accidentally tapping the mountain, bringing it smashing down in a torrent of rock that barely reaches up to our knees. Ignoring the massive weight of stone like it wasn't there, I keep walking to Meg.

    I give Meg a sexy look as I remove her fingers from her pussy, licking them clean. I softly say: "no no, I know something much better then that...."

  20. Amy's body is more perfect than anything I've seen and want her madly. She takes my wet hand and puts it in her mouth to lick it dry. Her other hand gently caresses me and she pushes down against the mountain. Our two giant forms become one as we grind into each other. Her kisses cover my body as her fist enter me for pleasure. What feeling and sensuality.

    As I kiss her back she pulls away. "I want to pleasure you for what you have given me" She puts both nipples in her mouth to take in more of my milk. I feel her grow and become wet with excitement. She grabs my pussy, grabbing all my juices and drinks it down. I flood and she takes in more.

    I notice Josh to the side beginning a growth spurt from watching the two goddess make love. I see a devilish grin come over Amy. She takes a hold of Josh, easily picks him up and begins to use his entire massive body as a dildo (sorry Josh). He enters me head first and Amy pushes with all her might. She inserts his lower half into her and we come together with Josh and his magic cum inside both of us. He's growing exponentially and we both writhe in pleasure, grinding in ecstacy....

  21. I have no idea how I can improve on that.

  22. As I start to grow Amy starts to feel funny a large rush and wave of ecstacy wash over her
    entire body is my super cum rushes into every crevace of her being. She pulls out of me and Megan comes over to me and watches me grow to 200 feet tall and my body has become so massive I could hold the entire earth on my shoulders. Megan and Amy are so turned on by this that Megan mounts me from the front wrapping her entire muscular body aroud me like a wrap and my massive huge and very thick cock enters her and pushes so so deep into her until it penetrates her g-spot. All the while Amy has taken to me from the back and is grind up and down my massive body with her new huge muscles up and down me like a gigantic tree. Feeling the friction of the two of you doing me from both sides makes my body glisten from the hot passion and love being made by the three of us. The super cum that is shooting into your body Megan makes you shudder with waves of excitment and ecstacy and your muscles contract and grow and the veins start to approach through your skin like large chords wrapping through your entire body from head to toe. What could possibly happen next.....................Amy and Megan get together and make love?...............A very explosive threesome.............

    Amy and Megan..............Continue.

  23. Hey Megan and Amy. So what comes next in our threesome fantasy...................


  24. Josh, I'll try to get something new up soon.

  25. As Josh's super cum once again courses through me, my body continues to grow and pack on thick dense muscle. I become wider and harder, growing taller. Josh has reverted to his normal size and probably won't be able to move for a couple days now. I can't even see him from where I stand anymore.

    Then there's Amy. Lovely sweet Amy. I wish to make love to her but I've become too large. I can hardly move with so much muscle. I pick her up and bring her close to me. She gently kisses me and knows my longing and frustration. Her physical make is different, since she is a product of both me and Josh. She takes her perfect ample bosom and gives me her milk that allows me to control my size and muscularity.

    I take her in and will myself to become smaller. Once I reach her height, we embrace and become smaller together. I feel all the power still in me, but my body is able to move again, able to interact with my surroundings. We stand naked together, two perfect bodied women in a long embrace then sit down next to a sleeping Josh. We must rest so I curl up around Josh and Amy around me.

    End part II ??? (don't really know where to take this anymore)

  26. Hey Megan and Amy. Great ending to the story Megan. Would you like to start a part three or would you like to come up with a whole new story thread fantasy with the three of us in it.

    Let me know.


  27. I enjoyed it and the sexual excitement really got me hot, but I need to take a break for awhile. Was it too much sex? Not enough? Do people want to see more? I really would like everyone's feedback.

  28. I loved it, but again, I get a little stuck when the characters become to tall. ;)

    At any rate, I'd love to see part III, but I won't be online for a week.

  29. hey megan and amy. I agree with amy on keeping
    The fantasy fun and hot and sexy between the
    Three of us. Let's change it up for part 3.

    What do you think about that megan? Add amy into
    The title for our next part of our fantasy.

    Let's start a whole new fantasy idea and thread story.

    Any thoughts megan.


  30. I loved this one and if you're looking for a fourth person (male) i'd possibly be up for joining

  31. Interesting Nic. It seems what we need to do is create an FMG/MMG love/orgy thread. I don't usually do lewd & crude (and don't need an X rating on my blog) but that's all that this became. No offense to Josh & Amy 'cause it was so much fun, it just lost any sort of story.

    Let's do it! We may need to setup some ground rules first. I don't want anyone getting hurt or offended during the story line. Laugh but its happened.

    Should anyone be able to join or is there a set number of participants? So far theres me, Amy, Josh & Nic.

    What else? Lets hash this out before we start.

  32. Great idea megan. I think because this is your blog you should set the ground
    Rules. If you are going to bring nick in that is up to you but in terms of a fantasy it will kind of become like a competiton in the fantasy for the sex growth and love making part. So it needs to be very clear by you what will be tolerated and what will not. You hold the ruling on all of this megan. I love where the fantasies have gone and no what you and amy like. So let's go from here and let me know when you would like to start again.

    With much respect for u and amy,

    Ps. I love new ideas and new detailed fantasies

  33. I don't mind it being a civil and peaceful fantasy, don't worry haha. Also I hope this isnt too presumptuous but I e-mailed you about it meg. I cant wait to see what you come up with :)


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