Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Buffies - Stir Crazy

Previously on The Buffies
Written by Meg

Deep inside a tropical fortress nearly in ruins, Eric scans the world media, lost in a search. Kat walks in and he immediately focuses on her. “My god what power, you are magnificent.” Her muscles ripple as she walks. They expand to immense proportions then contract with each little step. He can’t take his lustful eyes off her and she knows it.

“Anything yet” she eagerly asks. Both are obsessed with finding the four girls but each have their own sinister reason. Kat walks behind him and begins to massage his back. She purposefully drapes her breasts between his head to fuel his desire further. Her arms wrap around him and slowly move down his body. He is mesmerized.

“Ummm…. search strings have come up empty.” he replies, “ummmm… but I’m still looking. Could you …ummm… bring me the shipment of newspapers this morning?”

WildKat doesn’t like taking orders, not by anyone anymore. She has the power and strength to take over the world but she needs Eric… for now.

She continues rubbing his body but starts squeezing tighter. Just to remind him of her incalculable strength. He begins to groan and she gets up to leave. “Sure, I’ll be right back”


Josh is regretting his decision about keeping us inside the mansion. Four bored, super powered women with a combined strength of over 500 tons can cause quite a bit of trouble.

The pranks on the lab boys are constant although Benji and Nic don’t seem to mind… much. Meg started re-writing the software to give false results. One day we had average strength, the next day it’s more than quadrupled. The look on Benji’s face was priceless when our DNA registered as feline, then the next day an alien species and so on. They soon caught on and began to safeguard the equipment at night.

They also didn’t mind when we showed up naked to the testing lab. The lab suits are necessary to get accurate readings but for some reason they didn’t ask us to change.

We did a strip tease one day during training and the boys got into the fun. We ended making a few hundred dollars (in singles) and they let us keep it.

Diana’s shapeshifting ability came in handy too. We would constantly change our appearance. None of the boys had any clue who was who and we flirted constantly. One day we focused on Benji, the next it was Nic. Josh would come down to the lab and we’d mess with him. It drove them nuts and we loved it.

Jewel played along at first but slowly began getting tired of the pranks. She is a little older and more mature. Amanda is the youngest at 19 and didn’t want to stop. Meg and Diana are just a little older and felt the same way.

Then came the pillow fight that ended the pranks and almost the mansion.

Meg was joking around and Diana hurled a sofa cushion at her in response. Her mouth gets her into more trouble. A quick laugh and swift retaliation by Meg as it’s hurled back and hits Jewel. No one is sure of her reaction since she has been in a somber mood lately but she grabs more pillows and ignites a full-blown pillow fight.

Josh was in his study when he heard the ruckus. Halfway down the stairs he hears a loud crash, then another. By the time he makes it to the living area, the room is full of feathers and stuffing from obliterated pillows.

We’ve never had this much fun, unfortunately a pillow can be a devastating weapon in the hands of the Buffies. Although light and fluffy with hardly any mass, any object hurled at subsonic speed can cause severe damage. One crashed through the wall, then another. It didn’t take long to start hurling furniture.

An antique chair ripped open the south wall and Josh was livid. We kept going as he tried to get our attention. Amanda jumped on Jewel and they flew through another wall into the next room. Meg and Diana joined in and the entire wing was almost destroyed.

“Enough!” Josh yelled at the top of his lungs, trying to save what was left of his home. “Take it outside.” We wasted no time in continuing our fun on the beaches of Malibu.


Belle had been keeping a watchful eye on one particular mansion along the shore. All her investigation had pointed to it and she hoped to catch a break on the mysterious Buffies. Staked outside the gates in her car, she could hear the loud noises coming from within. Before long, something came exploding out of the house, through the outer gate and way to close to her vehicle.

A tree nearby finally stopped the projectile and she got out to take a look. A sofa was driven halfway through an old tree. She glanced back at the mansion, seeing her entry into the mansion grounds and started running through it.


Eric poured through the stack of newspapers looking for the slightest mention of the girls. The web results came up empty but his old partner Joshua was always good at covering his tracks. Newspapers would take longer to look through but he knew something had to leak. Four women that powerful couldn’t be hidden forever.

He finally worked his way to a pile of papers containing the Malibu Sentinel. It’s mostly a small town gossip rag for the wealthy community and he doubted its value. The fact that their website had mysteriously vanished made him curious. His vision was blurry from the hours of reading until he came across the headline “Malibu Beach Buffies”. The illustration showed an artists rendering of four massively powered women in skimpy bikinis. “Jackpot!”

Kat came quickly and saw the headline too. Her rage began to swell, revenge was so close.

Eric didn’t have to say a word and WildKat was off. His other secret device remained intact and had one charge left. She could be in Malibu within minutes. Los Angeles was a big place but she knew just how to get their attention.


We hit the beach and we immediately took in the fresh air. The ocean is calm as we strip down to our specially made bras and panties. I would love to see the look of the tailor when the size dimensions were given.

All of us jump high into the air and power dive into the cool water. The splash sends waves for miles. We laugh and play in the ocean, as our time being cooped up indoors seems to slip away.

Jewel makes herself invisible and Meg gets pulled under the water from the unseen force. She reappears while laughing at her conquest. Diana and Amanda gang up on her to take her down.

We play in the ocean for what seems like hours and eventually head back. Getting close to the shore, Amanda is first to spot someone waiting for us. It’s not one of the guys.

A pretty blonde woman with short hair is sitting on the beach, watching us and taking notes. Her body is firm and tone and looks like she works out regularly. Her expression turns to awe as we make it to the sand and walk closer, dripping wet and shimmering in the sunset. “My lord, I was beginning to think you weren’t real.” she exclaims.

We immediately know her from her voice and accent. It’s Belle. We’ve met before at the Halloween bash but she was dressed in costume. She also has no memory of meeting us thanks to Meg. It wasn’t something we wanted but had no choice in order to keep our secret. What is she doing here? How do we react?

“I’m a reporter for the Sentinel…” she tells us “and the four of you have given me quite a chase.”

“Why” Diana answers in her German accent, “We haven’t been running from you.” Belle smiles and writes in her notebook. We introduce ourselves as we dry off and Belle furiously writes down every word we say. She goes on to explain the publics and her fascination with us but get the feeling Belle’s holding something back.

She has many questions but we’re not ready to answer them all yet, just the basics.

There’s a certain fire in her eyes and personality and we immediately click. It feels right having her around and become close in our short time together.

Long after the sun goes down, we head back to the mansion and invite Belle to come with. The outside is in shambles and Josh is working hard to repair the damage. He is still upset and gets even angrier when he sees who is with us.

“So you discovered the truth.” He says in a snide tone. Belle sneers back “Did an earthquake hit?” looking at the rubble all around. Meg, Amanda, Jewel and Diana continue through the debris trying to avert his stare.

We walk into the house and offer our guest a drink. George shows Belle to the Mansions bar room while we go upstairs to change. The local evening news is on the television and the top story shocks both of them. George hurries out of the room to warn the others.

We run half-dressed into the bar room and see everyone glued to the TV. The newscast shows downtown Malibu in panic and chaos. People are running and screaming everywhere. It looks and sounds like a war zone.

The News 5 chopper camera crew gets an aerial view of the devastation. In the center is a monstrous woman tearing down everything around her. Buildings begin to crumble and debris falls everywhere.

We look at each other, stunned at the video footage. “Kat’s back!”

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  1. This was "supposed" to be written by Amanda but she's been off adventuring around the world without any contact. I spent some time over Thanksgiving putting this together and hope you enjoy.

    XOXO Meg

  2. Concidering you just "put it together" it's a great read Meg!

    Benji Dude

  3. ah, so that's why Amanda has not responded to the Bistro, she's traveling around, that's kinda cool, wish i could, but, i have neither the time nor the money right now...anyways, this was still a great story, i love the imagery of the beach and jungles, keep it up!