Monday, April 5, 2010

Meg's Growth: Week 11 - The Contest

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Hi everyone, we're going to change things up a little this week. Week 11 WILL NOT BE REAL-TIME in order to focus on the events of my first bodybuilding show. We'll go back to normal next week. I've included some great photos by Mav to get us all motivated. Hope you all participate. XOXO Meg

It's a gorgeous day as we pull up to the hotel & convention center. I have an entourage of friends that came along to support me. It's not a national contest, but it's my first and I'm buzzing with energy and trying to keep calm.

My trainer parks the SUV by the lobby. Jessica is first out and opens the back to grab the bags. Sammy's tail starts wagging and he licks her face as she pulls out the suitcases. Angelo heads inside to check us in. Diana gets out, stretches and follows behind.

Diana was quiet on the way here... I hope she's OK. We met months ago at Angelo's and have become close friends. When I joined, she was the strongest and most muscular woman I had met in person. A real inspiration. My recent gains have far surpassed Diana, even at her biggest. She's so sweet but I know it has to bother her to be #2 now.

We walk into the hotel and it's a buzz of activity. The lobby is filled with contestants, judges and fans checking in. The convention center is just off the lobby and I can see miles of booths and displays from local and national companies trying to show their BB related goods. I feel like I'm in Wonderland.

I peek into the Grand Hall with Sammy close on his leash. Technicians scurry about as lighting, sound and decorations are still being setup on the main stage. I'll be up there soon enough.

I'm brought back to reality with a blow to my shoulder. A solid woman knocks into me and continues on without a word. She looks like one of the contestants but it's hard to tell since we're all wearing baggy clothes. No one wants to reveal too much before show time. She looks back with a sneer, sizing me up and down in an instant, and letting me know I'm nothing compared to her. What a Bitch! I'll remember that face when we meet again.

Angelo returns with our room keys. "So what's next on our agenda?" I ask him as we all head to the elevator... >>


  1. We got into our hotel room and it has such a great view of the city. Sammy immediately took a spot on a chair.

    Jessica is sharing the room with me, which I'm so happy for. She's a great friend and gives me tons of support. I really need it now. She doesn't work out much, but doesn't need to. She's naturally gorgeous with a body men drool over. A few light workouts keeps her fit & trim.

    There's a package on the bed. I open it and it's the most beautiful posing suit I've ever seen. I try it on and it fits me like a glove which is surprising since my body proportions are anything but typical. Without much material, the top seems to support my new enormous breasts, while showing off my other assets. It gives me plenty of movement for the routine I've worked up.

    There's a note, but no message. It just says "The Guardian".

    We're meeting up with the others later, so I decide to take Sammy for a run. My body fat is really low but I need to be ultra ripped. Any cardio I can get in will help.

    We make it back down to the lobby and head out into the city. There's a swarm of video cameras and industry people surrounding a woman. We get a little closer and I can see its the bitch that knocked into me earlier.

    A reporter asks, "Susan, you've dominated this competition for the past 3 years, how are you feeling going into the 2010 show?" Her face is smug and shows signs of age. She gives the reporters a double bicep pose and flashes go off everywhere. It's a decent size but I'm not impressed.

    "Well, I've trained harder than ever and am looking forward to another win. No offense to my competition who I'm sure try hard," Susan says and glances over at me. "... but with a body like this, I'll be moving up to the national stage soon." She continues to gloat and pose for the cameras.

    How arrogant! I fill with fury and want to take the bitch out right here and now.

    I need to focus, grab Sammy and head out to run. I want to shed any last bit of body fat and come in so ripped and shredded. My mammoth muscles will look better than ever when I'm done, and we'll see how this "Susan" likes it.

  2. Came back from the run, took a shower and started to get ready for the contest. Diana & Jess were there, half lit from raiding the room's mini bar.

    I want to have fun too, but need to focus at the moment.

    I put the new posing suit back on and covered up in an oversized hotel bath robe. It barely fits around me and my muscles and breasts are pushing the seams to maximum capacity.

    It's off for a spray tan, then to the salon for hair, makeup and nails.

  3. I walked into the crowded tanning salon. Regular patrons were bumping shoulders with many fitness and bodybuilding competitors from various sexes and weight classes. I walked up to front desk and signed up for a time-slot when a voice cried out to her. Meg turned around and saw Andrew, from ork standing by. "Fancy seeing you here," he said, all smiles. "In the big competition this weekend."

    "Yep," I smiled, exchanging brief pecks on the cheeks with him. "What are you ding here?"

    "My boyfriend is in the fitness portion of the competition, he's just utting the finishing touches on his tan, in fact here he comes now," replied Jack and a dark man with Spanish features came from the back of the tanning salon.

    "Andrew, your not cheating on me are you," he said in a deep voice with a slight Latin accent.

    "Not at all," countered Andrew, "You know anyone else is just a guest star to that cute butt of yours. Megan is this my boyfriend Juan. Juan, this is Megan, the young lady I was telling you about."

    Juan extended his hand to shake mine and I took it firmly in my grip. He sized me up and down and said "Hmmm, your right she is impressive, gotta be the third biggest girl I've seen today."

  4. Meg's stomach felt uneasy as she heard the words, 'third biggest girl.' She knew this was just a local competition and nothing like the nationals and such. Being her first time, she never truly considered taking first place. She just wanted to be big and strong and show off a bit. Plus she wasn't doing this professionally or anything.

    Still, curiosity got the better of her and she asked Juan and asked, "Why do you say third biggest? I've been working really hard you know?" Meg said and showed off her right bicep a little. Who are the other two? I'm assuming one is that Susan bitch.

  5. Juan's eyes widened at the site of Meg's growing bicep as it pushed against the robe. "Well maybe its more accurate to say one of the three biggest. Some builders get huge expansions when fully pumped."

    Meg swore she heard Andrew whisper "That's what he said."

    Juan continued "Not to mention its not just size, but presentation, routine, and definition. The former two are often attributed to experience really. I mean I can't exactly see through your robe. But when I was visiting with my sponsor and get my nails done earlier today I did meet two other girls. Well a girl and a woman I should say. My sponsor said that someone.....I can't recall her name, was coming to the competition out of retirement with her family. There was also a younger girl at the nail salon, looked to be in her early 20s, Southwest Asian. I think her name was Kali. I'm pretty sure her legs could have snapped steel in those jeans. As for Susan," he mused. "I hadn't actually seen her yet. She's usually not the biggest builder, but has some trick for perfect definition. I mean this girl is jacked. Plus the judges love her routines"


    ((For contributors, there are typically four bodybuilding rounds, with return trips to the pump room (Sometimes coed, sometimes not) The rounds may be further broken by days or by other divisions and weight classes turns.)

  7. I enter the pump room and it feels so warm. They keep it that way since many competitors have such low body fat and are chilled easily. Many other girls are already there working out on the multitudes of weight sets scattered throughout the room.

    I see Susan in one corner, and find an open spot farthest away.

    Taking off my robe, I look at my deeply tanned body in the mirror in front of me. It's amazing what a little color will do. My muscles look incredibly thick and defined. A quick glance at the other competitors and feel confident at my muscularity. Most don't even compare. I could compete against the guys and win.

    Focus, Meg.

    I pull my usual weight dumbbells to start, but almost send them flying across the room since they feel so light. My body begins to tingle again as I reach for heavier weights. I begin a deep breathing pattern and start pumping hard.

    "Ten minutes everyone" shouts an assistant. My heart races and I pump harder. It's not the heaviest workout I've ever had but my muscle seem to be getting larger by the second. What did my trainer give me?

    Jess & Diana come in with a bottle of oil. "Time to lather up," Diana says and pours a large amount in her hand. She starts up top and slowly works her way down my front. Jess takes my backside and the two work hard at covering every inch of my body. In the end, my muscles and breasts glisten and look even more defined. Wow, I never dreamed when I started almost 3 months ago I would get this big. I still want more.

    The assistant comes back. "OK ladies, we're ready for round one. Please line up in your selected order and we'll begin." Diana gives me a kiss for luck before they head back out to the Grand Hall.

    OK, here we go.

  8. One by one, each of the contestants go on to perform their routine. I kept waiting backstage for my name to be called. The girl ahead of me is Denise, a tall brunette with slight musculature and a bit too much body fat. We started talking and she's really a great person. Too bad she doesn't have a shot at winning.

    Denise gets called and goes through the curtains. I'm next and extremely nervous now. "Try not to bite your nails, Meg" I keep thinking to myself.

    Denise comes back through the curtains with a look of relief. I give her a hug as I hear the announcer call.

    "Next up from .........., CA, we have Megan J. ........."

    Deep breath. Concentrate. Smile.

    I go through the curtains and head to center stage. The Grand Hall looks only a third full but it's still early in the competition. I can hear my friends cheering but the general audience applause turns to a hush when I come into the lights. Is that supposed to happen?

    I start into my routine, hitting every pose with an intensity I didn't know I had. Each muscle vibrates with explosive energy and I feel that tingling again. I strain to push each muscle group to it's limit and my body reacts with lightning precision.

    Strike the next pose and flex until my body can't take any more. This is exhausting.

    I hear whispers and cell phones going off in the audience. It feels like a thousand camera flashes let loose and I loose my concentration. I slip and fall but quickly get back up and finish my set.

    SHIT! I leave the stage, knowing I blew it.

    I head back to the pump room to wait for call-backs. I feel like crying until I see Susan watching me. She winks and laughs in a way that suggests my doom. Kali & Denise are sitting together so I join them.


    The assistant finally comes in to announce call-backs. We all line-up and head back onto the stage together.

    The audience appears to have grown... a lot. I see my friends cheering loudly along with Jan and other friends from work. Then I see my family and almost tear up. I didn't expect them to show.

    The announcer calls Susan's name to move on to the next round. Kali next. He announces more until there's only one spot left.

    "... and Megan." he finally says. I'm in total shock as the crowd goes wild this time.

    We are motioned off stage and head back to wait for the next round to start in an hour. I feel re-energized and confident. Unfortunately Denise wasn't called and my heart goes out to her. I watch her pack her things, just as Susan "accidentally" bumps into her, knocking her over.

    I want to pump harder than before and take that bitch Susan out. I want to show the world that Meg is the new powerhouse to contend with. I want it all.

  9. The evening moved ahead slowly. I pumped as much as I could before each round and always seemed to grow a little. I went out an stage, did my best and prayed I would move on. Round after round I did.

    The crowd kept growing exponentially as the night went on.

    Now I'm waiting again, lifting as hard as I can to make my muscle even bigger. We just got back from 3rd round callouts and I've made it to the finals. Just a handful of competitors left and I'm one of them. Unfortunately Susan is too.

    Jess comes back and looks all excited. "Do you realize what's happening out there?" I just shrug my head "No" and continue pumping.

    "The media is going Ape Shit over you! Ever since the first round, they've been calling and sending in your photos, trying to find out more about you. People are flooding in from all over to see this new sensation."

    Susan starts to move in closer, trying to eavesdrop. I just stare her down until she backs up. Bitch.

    My heart is racing way too fast now and have to reach for my medicine.

    "OK, ladies, the finals are ready to begin. Best of luck to everyone," the assistant announces.

    Calm down Meg, you can make it through the finals.

  10. I hope that they don't take samples after the event........ remember that your medicine was a "mild steroid"?

  11. Not all steroids are illegal vince3. Though she may have some explaining to do at some point.

    I did have this big piece written out for the first round of the tournament, but blogger decided to come up with an error... and I didn't make a copy of it...

  12. The final contestants make it to the stage... and it's a pose down. Susan heads straight for the center spotlight and holds it like a pitbull. She knows her title is in jeopardy which makes her even more ferocious.

    Kali blocks me as I work my way up to Susan. I'm stunned a little since she's so sweet. My trainer went over the finer points of this stage but it's different when you're out there. It's every woman for herself in a gladiator-like battle.

    The lights beam down and reflect off the glistening muscles as they flex and bulge. My body is tired at this point but I give everything I have and my body shows it. I look ripped and massive!

    Susan sees me coming out the corner of her eye and positions herself. No one will take her spotlight. She is taller and has extremely thick, dense muscles from years of training but doesn't have as much as me... and she knows it.

    The Grand Hall is packed to capacity. The crowd yells out as we try to out pose each other on stage. Susan to my left, Kali to my right.

    My sexual libido is in over-drive and I pray to god the Silver Bullet inside me holds. Susan throws an elbow into my ribs as I move to get in front. It doesn't hurt much since every muscle I have is tensed to the max, but I can feel the dildo begin to work it's way out. Just stay in place for a little while longer!

    I finally overpower Susan for the center spot and the crowd seems to go wild. "Give it everything you've got Meg," I think to myself and push myself even harder.

    The tingling sensation is coming back and my fatigue lets up a little. My muscles feel like they're growing again... right before the judges eyes. Kali & Susan both try to force me back but I own the spotlight.

    The music stops and the announcer tells us to line up. Susan throws me an evil look as I stand next to her. I'm feeling more confident than ever now as the final results are about to be given.

    The announcer begins to speak...

  13. The announcer starts by thanking the sponsors, some back water electronics company, they receive a smattering of applause. Then the competitors are thanked which results in a much more energetic applause. Finally the audience is thanked for being great support to the contestants and they all give them selves a hearty round of applause. During all this the panel of judges have been talking amongst them selves, finalising the points and order of the finalists.

    All three girls are left standing in the middle of the stage, Meg can feel all the eyes of the audience on her, but she's too focused on keeping the silver bullet inside her to give them the appreciation they deserve. Finally a light is caste onto the central judge, a guy who has clearly not seen the inside of a gym for several years, "First let me say that this was an extremely close competition, you have all done so well to get to the final" he paused while the audience gave a small round of applause. Meg looked over to Kali and smiled, Kali looked backed and smiled with her friendly smile as if she hadn't done anything wrong in the last round. Meg then turned and smiled at Susan, Susan just gave her a fake patronising smile.

    "You won't win bitch" Susan said through her smile, before smiling to the audience. Meg tried to ignore it, instead trying to see her friends in the audience but the stage lights made it impossible for her to see any of the audience.

    The applause died down and the judge continued, "In third place, with a score of 89" he paused, Meg clenched her pussy muscles tighter making sure her dildo wouldn't escape, she felt Kali's hand grip hers and lightly squeezed, Meg squeezed back, "Is Kali" the crowd erupted into boisterous applause, Meg and Susan both hugged Kali, though it was obvious to all who were watching that Susan's hug was very fake. Kali accepted her medal, small bouquet of flowers and not too small a cheque.

  14. "In second place" the judge paused again, he clearly had practise at building tension, "With a score of 93" another pause, if this kept up Meg was sure she was going to crush the toy in her crotch, "Is...Susan". The crowd goes crazy, Susan is clearly in shock, Meg places a hand over her mouth in disbelief. Kali hugs Meg and she returns the hug, desperately trying to hold back the tears. Susan reluctantly accepts her silver medal, larger bouquet of flowers and a not unreasonably sized cheque.

    Once the crowd have died down the lead judge finishes his duty, "Finally with a score of 95, is Meg, congratulations" once again the crowd go into hysterics, Meg and Kali hug once more.

    Meg turns to Susan, "You were saying?" she said mockingly before waving to the crowd. Meg tilted her head down as the gold medal was placed around her neck, quickly followed by a sash, she was then handed a huge bouquet of flowers and a cheque for a very large sum of money. Then before she knew what was happening the announcer came and thrust a microphone in her face. Meg was stunned, had a question been asked? In all the excitement she wasn't paying attention to what was being said, the announcer clearly trained for such eventualities repeated his question.

    "So Meg, you've just won, how do you feel?"

    "Oh my god, I feel fantastic! I want to thank my trainer, and my friends for being such great support and for putting up with me, and a big shout out to my gym Angelo's! Wow!"

    And just like that the microphone was taken away and moved over to Susan, who just swatted it away like a fly and stormed off the stage, clearly not a gracious looser. Kali and Meg were lead off the stage and back to the changing area. Meg was greeted by her friends who all hugged her at once. "There's reporters outside and everything, they're all clambering to get an exclusive interview with you! You're famous Meg!" Jessica said, hopping up and down with excitement and probably adrenaline.

    "I'm not famous" defended Meg as she put her winnings to one side and started sorting out her clothes, stepping behind a modesty screen she started to strip out of her competition outfit, making sure to be very careful when dealing with her dildo. Thankfully she hadn't crushed it, though it was slightly indented.

    Benji Dude

  15. My friends and family come backstage as I'm finishing dressing. Diana even has Sammy and he runs up to give me kisses. I'm feeling exhausted and hungry at this point but the night is still young.

    We make our way through the hotel and into the exhibition hall. It's packed with people milling about the displays. We enter and the entire room converges on us like a swarm.

    It's a whirlwind with flashes, questions and people trying to get a look at me up close. Not sure what all the fuss is but I kind of like the attention.

    The questions start flying.
    "How does a virtual unknown show up with an Olympia class physique?"
    "What are your plans next? Do you intend to try for pro status?"
    "What is your training regime?"

    They go on and on. My trainer and Angelo clear a path and we head towards the back of the hall. I can see a large display from the show's sponsors - Uriel Electronics.

    A large man with deep dark eyes and enchanting smile comes up to congratulate me. "Hello Megan, my name is Peter Cortona, owner of Uriel Electronics. Congratulations on your win, you're a very special woman. Tonight is a celebration in your honor. Please enjoy yourself and perhaps we can talk later."

    I'm mesmerized by him. We keep moving to the party room but I can't get him out of my head. I look back but he's gone.

    My eye catches a poster for the backwater electronics company that sponsored the contest. The logo for Uriel has a pair of wings surrounding it and a large angel is shown with the headline "Your Guardian through the Storm."

    I stand stunned for a moment. Could it be... but Diana soon grabs a hold of my arm and we go into the dance hall.

  16. Once in the dance hall Meg and her trainer are lead towards a large table full of microphones, Susan and Kali have also been lead to the table. There's a chair in the middle of the table with Meg's name quickly written on a piece of paper in front of it. As soon as Meg took her seat, Susan to her right, Kali to her left, the announcer spoke, spewing the usual press conference drivel. "We will now take some questions from the press" he says, instantly a hundred hands shoot up as all the reporters bay for attention, all calling out to the announcer to pick them.

    A lot of the questions are pointed towards the more experienced girls, Susan is clearly at ease in the spot light of the press but also not happy about being second best, occasionally giving Meg disgusted looks.

    Meg is drawn out of her observations by a question directed towards her, "Meg what does your routine consist of?". Meg blushed a bit at the attention and the thoughts of what she does.

    "It's nothing special" she starts pulling away from the microphone slightly for better sound, "I eat a high protein diet, exercise lots, something like 8 hours a day and make sure to rest. Oh and I walk Sammy my dog twice a day!" the audience chuckle a bit at the normalcy of the last statement. The announcer points to another reporter.

    "Burt Rasling, The Guardian" he starts, Meg's heart skips a beat, "Is this the one who's been sending me the letters?" she ponders for a moment, "What are your plans now Meg?" he asks with no hint of prior knowledge or recognition of her.

    "Rest I think" she starts, again the audience chuckle at the remark, "I've got no plans for a career change, so after I've had a little break I'll be going to back to my day job" she answers, "This press stuff is easy" she thought to herself as she started to relax.

    "What is your day job?" Burt asked quickly.

    "Now Burt" interjected the announcer before Meg could answer, "You know the rules about such personal information" he reprimanded.

    "Of course" Burt acknowledged, "My apologies Meg" he added retaking his seat. There were a few more questions, some directed at Meg some at Kali but, almost as soon as it had started the press conference was finished. Meg trainer came up to her from behind the set.

    "You did great Meg" he said offering his hand to help her stand, "Now it's time to let your hair down and relax" he added pointing towards the dance floor. Meg didn't need to be told twice, quickly walking over to her friends on the dance floor and letting the rhythm of the music course through her.

    Eventually Meg subconsciously worked her way to the centre of the dance floor, along with her friends, lots of people were touching her, running their hands along her curves, grasping her hard muscles, some were polite and asked first, of course Meg never declined, making sure to tense up for them. Oddly there were a lot of women, of all shapes and sizes, asking to feel her muscles, of course there were a lot of guys touching her as well

    As she danced the night away she could feel her dildo getting weaker inside of her, the batteries were clearly dying and as the dildo got weaker the sexual need slowly started to increase. Making her excuses Meg made her way to the nearest toilets.

    Benji Dude

  17. The night began to get late and I was actually tired... something that doesn't happen to me much anymore. The music is still pumping and there's a sea of muscular people gyrating on the dance floor. It's quite a site.

    Unfortunately I can't get my mind off of Peter. It's hard to explain... it's not necessarily a sexual attraction, I just can't stop think about him. I've seen him across the room a few times talking with people but he hasn't made his way here yet. I can make out Angelo talking to him now and leave together. Weird.

    The Uriel Electronics poster and Burt from The Guardian has to be a coincidence, doesn't it?

    I get up to leave for the night but Andrew & Juan motion me over. He placed 2nd in his division and I give him a big congratulations hug. They pull me to the dance floor and start to twirl me around. I can handle one last dance with friends?

    I get lost in the moment until I'm knocked to the ground with a thud that shakes the room. I look up and see Susan standing over me. "Oops, clumsy me," she says with a laugh and begins to walk off.

    Not this time!

  18. I stand with fire in my eyes ready to take this bitch out. The media is all around snapping photos, but I don't care. I'm tired of being pushed around by this loser. Susan keeps taunting me like a schoolyard bully. I've had plenty of those, even recently with Bill.

    Kali and Jess come up to calm me down, but it's not until I see Angelo and Peter that I come to.

    It's not worth it.

    She's a has-been and nobody trying to take me down at the start of my glory. I turn around and head up to the room. The contest is over and I had such a wonderful time.

    Burt, the reporter goes up to Susan and hands her an envelope.

    "You did good."