Sunday, October 11, 2009

Meg's Bistro & Inn

I just opened a new romantic getaway and I hope you all come. It's nestled far away from everyday life in a magical place. The restaurant is dark and cozy, serving the finest cuisine with a special wine vintage that just might have an unexpected effect. There's also a quaint Inn with all the modern amenities if you choose to stay the night. The fitness & recreation facility is state of the art with literally tons & tons of fun. Come for the food, come for the weekend, or just come :)

I may show up from time to time but Meg's Bistro & Inn is a place for your own private intimate encounter. I will set a special table for you and your date where you can live out all your fantasies. Reservations are being taken here.

See you soon, Meg
Note: These are one-on-one collaborative date stories. I set it up but am not involved in the ongoing date. You will need 2 people for a reservation. One of the other Buffies may be interested and you can inquire here.

Guest List:
Mystery X & Amanda
Joshua & Megan
Mr. Thunder & Jewel
Joshua & Belle


  1. Jewel & Cel have reservations and we'll have their table ready shortly.

  2. oh hi meg, its me again, i heard about this place, so may i reserve a place as well?

  3. Yes, MysteryX, we'll mark you down.
    Do you have a date or maybe one of the other Buffies might be available. Let us know.

  4. A red haired man dressed in an expensive looking black suit enters the establishment, scanning the entrance way he makes his way over to the bar and signals for the barman.

    "I need to talk to you boss" the red haired man says flatly.

    "And you are?" the barman asks.

    "Agent C" the suited man replies flashing the barman a card, "I'm with Health and Safety"

    "Oh, erm" the barman stutters worried for his job, "I'll go get her right away!" he finally says, heading out back quickly.

  5. Hi Megan,
    I would love to see if I could make a reservation to
    take you out on a very romantic date and then after a very classy night of
    romance be my buffy for the evening and end off the evening
    with a wonderful night of romance, passionate love making, sensuality, muscle
    worship and clothes ripping after we have both grown and hulled
    out of our clothing. Would u like to join me for a virtual hot date and a wonderful time.

    Let me know if u would be interested,



  6. ah, hehe, no i don't have a date, and since you don't know me that well, you could say i am the slightly dorky guy that doesn't get dates, oh, could i request that when you serve me and whoever else or whatever, that you would be in your 'mega meg' form? i like me a mountain of muscle, you don't have to of course

  7. Well MysteryX, we'll see if anyone is interested. Girls, any one of you interested?

    Joshua, that sounds sweet and thanks for the invite. I'll put you down for a reservation and we'll make a date in the near future. Just need to take care of Benji & the health department.

    Agent C, what can I do for you?

  8. "Ah Miss Jeanne" I start, shaking the owners hand, "We at the IFSSA (International Food Standards and Safety Agency) have received a number of complaints from your patrons about undeserved side effects after eating here" I say, pausing a moment to look around me, "Perhaps we can go into your office to discus this more, privately?"

  9. Hey, I just happen to like the slightly geeky guys ;)

    So meg, could we get a table for two?

  10. Megan youu are worth waiting for. So when
    do u think we could virtual date? I will be patient.
    I think I have a wonderful hot date idea for us. What do you

  11. Well MysteryX, you are in for quite a treat with a date from Amanda. I will set your table soon and hope you have a wonderful time at Meg's.

    Josh, that seating is a little full at the moment so lets wait a bit for the other couples.

    As for Agent C, please step into my office so we can discuss the charges. Hope you don't mind if I lock the door! Care for a glass of wine?

  12. Wow! i got a date with Amanda? Cool! In that case i should prepare for my date, thank you very much meg, i can't wait!

  13. Hello Meg,

    What a wonderful blog you have! Awesome. Bigger is better and I enjoy huge muscle on women (i enjoy growing massive my self). I am new to blogging so pardon any mistakes.I enjoyed your stories specially the inneractive ones. Great blogg Meg! Let me intruduce my self,(pardon me) My name is Mr.Thunder and a very close,special and dear friend of mine introduced me to this blog and we have a very close relationship...her name is Jewel. She has captured my heart like no other. With your permission I would like to be a part of this very special fantasy you have created. Also I would like to make reservations at your new 5 star bistro and inn with my beautiful and elegant Jewel!Thank you! Stay big and keep up the wonder blog!

  14. Hello & welcome Mr. Thunder,
    I'm so happy to have you here and I've heard Jewel mention you before. This may be awkward but Jewel is currently on a date at the restaurant, although she hasn't shown up yet.

    The 3 of you may need to work things out before I setup your reservations.
    All my best and hope to see you around here often!

    XOXO Meg

  15. I confidently step into the office, making sure my suit is straight as I do, "If it'll make you feel more comfortable locking the door, then by all means" I say as I take a seat by the desk, Miss Jeanne offers me a glass with some wine in it, "I'm afraid I can't drink while I'm on duty" I say, politely rejecting the drink.

    Miss Jeanne puts the glass back on the side counter and sits down behind her desk.

    "So Agent C" Miss Jeanne says after taking a sip of her wine.

    "Yes, I'll get straight to business" I start, bringing out a small notepad with some notes on it, "There have been a number of complaints, ranging from inappropriate attire from the staff, to poorly cooked food" I pause a moment letting the accusations sink in, "But the complaints I'm really here to discuss with you are the ones involving..." I stop again, double checking my notes, "Involving non-requested, non-desired, rapid muscle and or bodily growth" I look up from my notepad and look at the establishments owner, "Care to answer these accusations?" I ask

  16. "Well first things first Agent C, I assure you the staff dress is up to code and I'm insulted at the accusation of poorly cooked food."

    I grab the glass, down the wine, fill it up and down it again. That's way more than recommended. I fill it up a third time and set it next to me... ready.

    "As far as the last allegation, I... I..."

    Agent C stares as my body begins to grow. My muscles quickly explode through my dress and my chest quadruples in size. My office is small and my body quickly fills the room. Larger and larger with multiplying muscles.

    It's just Agent C and me in the locked room. My body has expanded to fill all but where he stands. My rippling chest presses close to him, nearly knocking him out and forcing him to gasp for any available air. He has nowhere to go.

    "You were saying?"

  17. "I didn't make the accusations Miss Jeanne" I say staying calm, "I just have to investigate them" I conclude, unfazed by the owners sudden and impressive development. "Now the sooner, you calm down and sort yourself out, the sooner this can all be over with, we'll start with that wine you're drinking" I suggest reaching into my jacket and pulling out a testing kit.

  18. I ease up a bit on Agent C. Just a bit. My body feels super-charged and I have to breathe deep to calm down. My chest pushes deeper into him and I have to back off so he can breathe.

    I reach around and grab the glass I poured and hand it over. "Be careful with this" I tell him.

  19. "Thank you Miss Jeanne" I say taking the glass. I take a small amount of liquid and dab two drops onto some reactive paper, the paper turns orange on contact, "Interesting" I muse to myself putting the glass down.

    "May I see your kitchen area now?" I ask, still non-plused about Miss Jeanne's sudden growth, not waiting for an answer, I slip the testing kit away and get to my feet, "If you would be so kind" I add, straitening out my jacket.

  20. I unlock the door and he quickly escapes the confined room. The next trick is to squeeze through the doorway. It's a bit hard with my current bulk but I make it through.

    "Right this way" and we head down the hallway to the kitchen.

  21. Hello Megan,

    I saw the new pictures that Cele posted of you and the Buffies. You look absolutely amazing and so incredibly sexy and beautiful and buff.

    I can't wait to take you out on our virtual date and night of romance and amazing muscle growth after. So when do you think there will be an opening? I know you own the place so let me know when you have a night off to get together.



  22. The testing kit comes out once as I test the food in various stages of preparation, "Hmmm interesting" I muse making a note of the findings before producing a check list.

    "Personal hygiene of the staff? Check" I tick a box.

    "Fish and red meat prepared in separate areas? Check" another box is ticked.

    "Work surface clean? Check" I kneel down to inspect under the work units.

    "Signs of infestation? None" I tick another box.

    "How long do you keep food refrigerated for Miss Jeanne?" I ask as I inspect the walk-in freezer

  23. OK, this Agent is starting to irritate me. I excuse myself for a moment and go back to my office to call the Health Department. "You don't have an Agent C working there? Thank you!"

    The impostor is still nosing around my kitchen as I walk back. "Let's take a look at the freezer" I tell him and we walk into the cold.

    "You've got some explaining to do Mister!"

  24. I smile at being rumbled, "Beautiful, strong and smart" I complement putting the testing kit away, "I'm not from the IFSSA" I say, pulling out a badge, "I'm from Alpha-Pi-Sigma (A.P.S.), I work for the government" I explain flashing the badge to Miss Jeanne briefly before putting it away again.

    "Why are you here?" Miss Jeanne asks, crossing her powerful muscular arms.

    "The government has been aware of your... activities for quite some time now. I'm here to offer you a proposition" I state, walking up to the mountain of muscle blocking the entry to the freezer, "I'm afraid I'm not as resilient to the cold as you are in your current... form" I start, looking up to the owner, choosing my words carefully, "Perhaps if we relocated to your office once more?" I suggest, trying to minimise my bodies need to shake in the cold.

  25. "I have a better idea" and lead Agent C to the "Pit". It's a special room off the main dining area. A spiral staircase takes us down to a completely private dining suite with a breathtaking view and no interruption... unless called for.

    "OK, you better start explaining!" I tell him

  26. I study my surroundings as I'm lead away from the kitchen and by the looks of things, away from the Bistro, always ready for action as per my training.

    I take a seat, making sure my suit is straight, "The government would like to pay you for your formula" I say starkly getting right to the point, "The presidents medical advisor's suggest it may have benefits for health care" I continue as Miss Jeanne takes a seat opposite me, "The military, as always, thinks it has great military possibilities" I finish, suffering a rare moment of weakness I allow my eyes to roam over the muscled lady before me. I quickly catch myself and lock my eyes back onto hers.

  27. I'd be concerned if I didn't catch him looking, everyone does. I lean forward and flex to throw him off guard. It's a little rhythmic trick I've learned to put people into a calm daze. Slowly flexing different parts of my body to a pulse.

    "Tell me more about these military possibilities..." I tell him. "...and what's in it for me?"

  28. "I'm afraid a lot of the military possibilities are classified but I can tell you that some of them do involve the forever touted "super Soldier"" I answer, noting her display but thanks to my training I'm able to combat it's efects, staying sharp and in control, "As for what's in it for you? Well, there's a healthy payout, plus any benifits I deem nesercery to secure the deal" I continue sitting back in the chair and crossing my legs casually. "I have also been authorised to take whatever I need to reproduce the formula should you prove... uncooperative" I confess, my training making sure I don't use any thretaning tones or body language, "But of course I'm sure it won't come to that" I conclude with a practised smile.

  29. Boy, I'd like to see him try to "take" whatever he needs. "I love my country but can't have this formula fall into the wrong hands". The thought of an army of meat-head super gods running around scares even me. Unchecked, there's no power in the universe that could stop them.

    "I'm afraid I have to decline and will be taking that sample back now."

  30. "That's unfortuneate" I say reaching into my jacket pocket and pulling out the "sample", "You may have this back for it doesn't contain what I need, this kit has only told me that the formula is present" I state sliding the testing kit over the table to Miss Jeanne. "What would it take I wonder, for you to part with your formula?" I ask, reaching into my jacket pocket again and pulling out a cheque book. I spot her shocked expression at seeing the cheque book and change my tack, "Perhaps the question I should be asking is why would you decline to help your country?"

  31. Hi megan,

    I guess this restaurant reservation thing is
    turning into some secret gov operation thing
    where they are trying to recruit u for something
    at least that is what benji is doing.

    I just want to take you on our virtual date Megan.

    Anyway let me know when you would like
    to join me Megan.



  32. Don't worry Josh I'm sure Agent C will fail in his mission!

    Then again...

    Benji Dude

  33. Patience Josh, been a little busy the last few days, we'll have our date very soon.

    I take the sample from Agent C and place it between my breasts... a very safe place. Money is not the issue and I'm shocked he would go that route. Something still seems off about this agent.

    "If this is so important to my country, have the President contact me."

    I escort him to the door and watch as he leaves.

  34. I'm dissapointed by her answer, "Very well" I say getting to my feet, as Miss Jeanne stands up I put on my standard issue sun glasses. It's too late in the day to be wearing them really but rules are rules.

    She indicates with her hand for me to go first and she leads me to the entrence, "You shall be recieving a call from the President in the next 30 minutes" I say, taking this oppotuneity to gaze uppon the muscular female once more before turning towards my company standard black car. I take a couple of steps then stop turning to face the establishments owner once more, "Miss Jeanne, I urge you to reconsider your position" I say, looking up at her above my glasses. She doesn't deserve what's coming her way if she sticks to her current path.

  35. "I'm sorry Agent C" she says, crossing her strong arms, "But I've made up my mind, either the President calls me, or no deal" she adds.

    I breathe a heavy sigh and walk up to her, taking my glasses off as I do, "Don't take the call" I say softly, sliding a piece of paper into her jacket pocket. "We'll meet again" I say, putting my sun glasses on once more and heading to my car.

  36. I sit down in the drivers seat, "Well?" asked the Agent D next to me.

    "Make the call" I say flately.

    "Understood" Agent D acknowloges as he reaches for a special bit of kit from the dash board. He attaches it to his mobile and rings Miss Jeanne. I stay seatted, looking straight ahead, knowing what's going to come and hopeing that the nice woman would heed my advice and avoid the static filled, brain nullifying call...

  37. Belle, would you join me for a date at Megs Bistro. Let me know if you are interested. I would love to take you out and show you a wonderful time and show you how a woman should be treated by a gentleman. Let me know if you are interested.


  38. Joshua, that would be very nice, it is a while since a gentleman has taken me ANYWHERE lol!!! as my 'friend' has gone to live in another city i don't see her anymore, so a change may be good.

    I hope the food is ok lol!!!!


  39. Ok Belle. I would love to take you on a nice date and show you a wonderful time.

    Megan could you please set up the reservation for us and let me know when we can come to your restaurant for a nice candlelit dinner.

    Belle if you want to let Megan know and I look forward to our evening together.


  40. OK, that sounds good . . . the time difference may be a problem? but you can start off by ordering some French Champagne, then maybe something nice from the Napa valley when I have finished that. I do hope they do Chinese food, I have not been out for a while and fancy that :)


  41. Hi Belle,

    Well the way it works, is that Megan has to add us to the guest list at her restaurant. You can anything to your hearts content champagne, wine and then after we get to know each other better, I will be taking you on a week long adventure of amazing things and going places like you have never been all over any part of the world you like to go to. I am going to show you an amazing time and you............and then you say.............and you want.....................and you ask me..........

    and then you.................

    So make the reservation and Megan will give us the part on her blog to begin our date and leave the rest to me..........

  42. I meant you can have anything to your hearts content. Sorry typo. lol

  43. Joshua, Meg says we have our table, so let us start . . . I hope it has candles on it, i do like that.

    You can order me some Szechuan style spare ribs as an appetiser. Did I say, I am high maintenance!!! I will need to build up my strength as well if I am going on a week long adventure.

    I am wearing my black dress so you can see my pecs, shoulder and arm muscles flex as I eat. Enjoy :)


  44. I love looking at your big muscles that are so hard and ripped while you eat Belle. Yum. Gorgeous.


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