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The Flirt


The Flirt Part 3:  
A Taste of Power

It must of been late in my Junior year when I dated someone who liked to play... well, rough. Not abusive just more physical than I had ever experienced before. I don't even remember the guys name now but he took my transformation in whole new direction.

Fooling around in the back of his car and getting pinned to the back seat, I felt a new desire coming from the large varsity wrestler sitting on top of me. He loved the dominance over me but digging deep into his emotions, I felt his urge for me to fight back. My muscles began to slightly swell and fill with strength I had never known.

He looked surprised as I pushed back, but could feel he wanted more. A new rush of strength filled me and was soon able to get out from under him. My body was on fire and wanted more. This power felt like a drug, but fear at being discovered came over me and stopped him before we went any further. I had to get out and just run.

With so much new energy, I ran all the way home without feeling a bit of exhaustion. That was more exercise than I had ever done. Hell, it was the only exercise I had ever done. Up in my room, I stripped down to see how my body reacted to this new development. Holy crap, I looked amazing.

I had never looked so tone and lean. There was a undercoating of tight muscle that reacted to my every movement. My boobs even looked bigger as I examined every angle of this new physique. I think this body type is a keeper.

As with every transformation, I chose clothes that hid or concealed my body. At least for awhile, then I slowly wore more revealing attire to introduce the new Meg. This time was no different. I received mostly positive reaction and spent time tweaking this hardbody. Firm here and tone there.

The best reaction to my new physique was from my friends and especially Jessica. She joined a gym and started a rigorous workout not long after. She would never admit it, but we had an unspoken competition since that Summer at the pool when we were 13. Jess had always been the center of attention until then. She was so gorgeous and would have easily put me to shame if not for my unique gift.

Another year went by and we finally graduated High School. Jess worked hard for her rockin' bod but it still was nowhere like mine. One night over the Summer, we had a heart to heart at the lake. After a long night of laughing and reminiscing, she says "How have you done it, Meg? Your body is incredible but I've been your best friend forever and never seen you as much as lift a single thing."

I hadn't thought of that and was stunned for a moment. My naturally lazy persona didn't mesh with this high-octane body. I could explain my breasts and curves as natural but not this muscle tone.

"Umm, I belong to a great gym with an incredible trainer," I lied completely. Jess quickly responded with the two words I hoped she wouldn't say. "Which one?"

Crap. I knew which gym she belonged to and the other popular ones around town. I couldn't say those and get caught in this lie. But where? What was out of the way, yet believable? I remembered an old run-down gym in the industrial district. Perfect, since none of us would be caught dead down there. A real rough neighborhood. "It's... ummm... near the river in the district. You wouldn't know it."

"Holy shit Meg, you mean Angelo's!"

I hated working out, but Jessica caught me in a lie and now I had no choice. She insisted that she come down and try it out since it had done "wonders" for me. I lied again and said they were closed for a few weeks. Anything to stall. I needed to get a membership and a feel for the place.

The next day I drove down and found the seedy little gym called Angelo's. It was early in the morning with no one there yet. I walked through the door and let out a timid "hello". The equipment looked ancient and kinda smelled. After a minute with no response, I let out a louder "HELLO". Out came an older man from the other room. He introduced himself as Angelo with a thick accent. It's not a place I would typically go to but for some reason it felt like home.

My lying to Jess had gotten me here, so I decided to be honest with Angelo. Well, as honest as I could be. I blathered on about Jessica, the last few years and even never being to a gym or having worked out before. He just nodded, listening intently then simply said "I will help you, my Megan."


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mega Meg

By steelknight3000. A Short story based on jnw550's story Meg's Day Off. Megan seems like an ordinary 18 year old college girl. Perfectly ordinary, except for the fact that she's faster than the speed of light, stronger than a goddess, and can grow bigger than the mountains.

Meg leisurely strolled through campus, letting the warm summer breeze blow through her chestnut hair. She was dressed lightly, wearing a black tank top with a pair of purple shorts and matching flip flops. Her slim unassuming five foot six inch frame hid the true power that lied within. She enjoyed walking among normal people, but her heart quickened with anticipation everytime she thought about letting her hair down.

Amber nearly jumped into the air when she said hello.

"Oh M-Megan! Hi.."
"Surprised to see your ex-roommate? How are things going with the new girl? Hope she's not as much of a nuisance as I was.."

"Nope not at all! You're great! I mean you' interesting person. So what have you been up to...I mean...there are these weird tremors everyone talks about but...was that..."

Megan smiled while the blond girl trailed off. She could hear Amber's heart thumping beneath her tight pink tank top. She put one hand on her hips.
Amber lost her train of though. She swore Megan's top wasn't that tight just a moment ago. In fact she couldn't help but notice her nipples were poking at the stretched fabric. In fact, the brunette's shorts seemed just a bit...shorter.

"Whatever do you mean Amber? Has it been a noisy at night?"

Amber found it harder to focus. Had her lips always been so full? She could barely mutter a response as her eyes wandered. She hadn't noticed how defined Megan's arms looked. Didn't she look a bit skinny just a minute ago? Not to mention those legs...and that tight stomach. Wait, wasn't her stomach covered when she first said "Hi"?

"I haven't noticed...Then again I haven't been sleeping much lately...Well I did hear about that unusual earthquake that afternoon two weeks ago. Unfortunately I was out that day. I've been feeling so restless lately."

Meg stood up on her ankles and stretched her back. Well defined abs peeked out from beneath her shirt. Amber gulped as the brunette's arms flexed buffer than before. How tall was she again? Five foot nine?

"R-really? You must be busy...I mean 30 credits in a single semester is a bit stressful...right?"

"Um not really. I've already studied for finals and know all the material by heart.  I was actually thinking I might enroll at a couple more schools.  Maybe a few online courses as well?  You know, broaden my options a bit? I've just been busy...exploring lately. The world has just been feeling smaller lately...I guess college does make you a bigger person,"

Her tank top stretched and strained, if she was wearing a bra it would've snapped. The seams of her shorts began to unravel as Megan let some of her true form peek through. Amber guessed she was at least five foot eleven now with muscles like a fitness model. She looked up with mouth agape at her radiant eyes.

"Oh! Sometimes a girl has to let herself go...what's the matter out of breath all of a sudden?"

Amber heard a crack, she looked to see the concrete fracture beneath as Megan's feet pressed hard against the rubber soles of her cheap flip flops. The straps snapped as they were suddenly 3 sizes too small. She looked up to see the young girl's heaving breasts swell, turning the tank top into a tattered sports bra. Her purple shorts were more like swimsuit bottoms now. Megan's growing gluts perfectly rounded out her ass. The Amazon brunette put her right foot forward on tip toes and flexed her right calf, now bigger than Amber's scrawny arm.  The ground gave way beneath her toes and rumbled the area causing lampposts to sway and distant classroom windows to shudder.

"Oops, sorry sometimes I forget my own strength. In fact, I’m not even sure how strong I really am."

Amber felt her shorts get wet at the sound of Megan's sultry, melodic voice as it echoed through her head wrapping her with erotic promise. She could feel the warmth of the now six foot three Amazon's glowing, tanned skin.

"Oh, I can tell you like when I get like this. I could tell from your internet activity you've been looking up news stories and Youtube clips about me. That private browsing thing doesn't work by the way. You would think that video of me…studying… in our old dorm would get old but 7,000 views? That's a lot from just one girl, Amber,"

Amber was a bit embarrassed but excited. She never thinks about any other girls but Megan seemed to spark something inside of her. In fact every other woman did the same from what rumors she heard, not to mention the legions of men who watched her grainy video footage.
Meg giggled as she put both hands on her hips, emphasizing her impressive physique.

"It's okay, I turn myself on all the time,"  She traced her nail over her tit, the sound of it was like scraping a railroad spike over stone.
"ALL the time."

The campus shuddered again, as if a low-flying jet was passing by. The concrete walkway cracked and crumbled as her feet sank into the ground. Her shapely thighs flexed bigger as she grew another three inches. Her top hung on by a thread. Filled with lust and fright, Amber panted rapidly.

"Excited already? Me too, even though this is a tiny fraction of my power. Just holding back makes it feel so much more intense..."

Her top exploded revealing basketball sized tits that kept growing. Sweat dripped down Megan's body as the ubergirl flexed and twitched squealing a little with each movement. The sound of granite slabs grinding against each other reverberated through Amber's skull as the superwoman cupped both of her massive tits, her strength barely enough to make them yield.

"Mmmm...feel like a warm shower?"

THUMP. THUMP. Each of Megan's legs was like a steel piston pounding the pavement into pebbles. Each footstep was deliberate, sinking deep into the ground as if she were walking on sand. Amber struggled to keep up with the Amazon as she made her way to the university gym complex.

"You're so...heavy!"

"It's my superdensity. I'm actually over 2,500 pounds right now, which is nowhere near my upper limit. Anything over 10 tons and I have to control myself to keep from getting even denser and tearing fissures into the earth's crust," she said as she giggled.

Amber was dumbfounded. This one girl was turning the impossible into reality.


Megan peeled away the big metal double doors of the recreation center tossing them over her shoulders to spiral into the afternoon sky. They led into the gym's weight room and the few people that were in there working out jumped off their machines to see a six foot eight inch shadow blocking the doorway.

"Morning, boys."

The whole building groaned and shook as she stepped inside it, the tile floor and concrete beneath crunching and cracking. It was if the steel structure could feel the presence of an immeasurably powerful being dwelling within it. The surprised athletes dropped their weights and stepped away. Amber recognized most of them as members of the football team. A taller man craned his neck up to look into Megan's otherworldly eyes. She walked up to the bench press set he was just using. The bar was fully loaded, but Meg gently used her thumb and forefinger to gently lift it up to eye level.

"So cute, just over four hundred pounds!  That must make you really strong, huh?"

She twisted it around a few times like she was playing with a paper clip. Then she crushed the ends together, plates and all, with her neatly manicured hands. The metal crunched together like aluminum foil until it began to glow white hot. As she rolled it into a ball, molten steel dripped from between the topless girl's fingers burning holes in the floor. When it was smaller than a golf ball, she squeezed within her left hand. It sizzled away in an atomic flash of light and energy that Megan calmly contained in her grip.

The look on the guy's face made Meg giggle. Her own sense of superiority aroused her without end as her nipples sparkled with energy for a brief moment.

"Make sure you tell your girlfriend about me. Now step aside boys, it's Megan's goddess time,"

The building rumbled again the super teen grew to a full seven feet tall. Her shorts, which were nothing more than a tattered thong at this point, snapped away as her titanium gluts reached proportions that would put a Brazilian porn star to shame.

"I think I'll warm-up a bit before we hit the showers. Would you like that Amber?"

"Y-yes Megan," was all she could mutter, as she stood entranced by her presence.

They stood and watched as over the next 45 minutes as Megan crushed, molded, mangled, and ripped apart every weight and machine in the gym as she pleasured every part of her body. She glistened with sweat as she molded all the free weights into a shaft of molten steel and fucked herself into a blur with it until it liquefied onto the floor. The squat machine was flattened as she crushed the massive weights with between her thighs while fingering herself. The building shook rhythmically as the dark haired Amazon grinded her pussy against a mangled heap of metal that was once several weight machines. She squished a 100 pound dumbbell in her cleavage and watched it vaporize as her ultra firm tits pressed together like super smooth wrecking balls, making a low thud as she slammed them against each other splattering what was left of it over her chest.

When there was nothing left to play with, she brushed her hair off of her face and stood up. Even more of her power had slipped through as Amber noticed she had grown again by four inches in height and put on a bit more muscle. Yet her figure was even more voluptuous and impossibly feminine. Narrow waist, wide hips and shoulders, and shapely yet powerful legs.

"Mmmm, now where were we?"


The wall of the shower room crumbled as Megan slapped her small hand against it. She used her other hand to play with her nipples as warm water washed over naked flesh. She moaned in satisfaction as Amber lustfully ate out her pussy. The eager blond gripped Megan's hips with one hand as she masturbated herself with the other, amplifying her arousal. Meg arched her back as she ripped a pipe out the walls, sending another gush of water over the girls.

"Mmmff, mmff, oh Goood."

"Hehe, is that all? Don't be so pathetic..."

The tiled floor began to split down to the foundation. Amber felt completely dwarfed by the statue of steel that writhed above her. Megan licked her lips in satisfaction as she massaged her mega-tits, each one bigger than Amber's head. For a moment she became a hypersonic blur, pipes in the wall began to burst. Chunks of the ceiling fell apart. Amber fell back on her butt and was forced to scramble away from the awesome power before her.

Oh fuck, she's getting bigger.

"Oh Amber, you think this is big? Mousy Megan hasn't started yet.."

Megan's earth-shattering thighs flexed, sending shockwaves through the floor and deep into the ground. Each one was as wide as Amber's waist. The super girl felt her growing tits push against the titanic strength of her arms. She pumped yet more power into them and pressed harder against her own steel flesh, which responded by pushing back with even more force. Her buff arms yielded again, making her pour more strength into them creating a loop that caused Meg to fill her muscles with more and more strength in a futile attempt to squeeze her own planet-busting tits. She shuddered in delight reveling in the fact that her own incalculable strength was not enough dimple her invulnerable flesh. She surpassed eight feet tall as she masturbated, her legs squeezing together in pure pleasure. The super Amazon tumbled back onto her ass, the BOOM of the now four thousand pound girl hitting the shattered concrete floor caused another tremor across campus that roused the students out of their dorm rooms. Part of the building collapsed, but Amber remained fixed in self-pleasure practically drooling in fascination as the growing girl played with her self on her back.

"MMMmm, YEEESS, soooo much STRENGTHHHH! Just a bit more...moooore..."

Her powerful voice sent Amber reeling. She ran for cover as she climaxed. She could barely stand as the floor rippled underneath bouncing the lockers up and down. The ceiling finally began to cave. Amber barely managed to slip through the fire exit with nothing but a towel.

Professors stopped mid-lecture as an earthquake shook the quad and spread outwards through Main Street and the surrounding suburbs. Students craned their necks as the walls of the recreation center collapsed inward.

Amber regained her senses as the dust settled. Covering her toned little body,  her eyes made out a figure shifting through the haze. There was crash as a hundred tons of debris shifted.

She braced herself as THOOM shuddered the earth followed shortly by another. THOOM, THOOM, the low rumble sounded like a bass drum the size of a mountain. The sun broke through illuminating eight foot seven inch Megan's  golden tanned and incredibly curvacious body as it stepped out of the former gym. Her powerful form went hypersonic, blurring in place as the concrete particles and bit of metal the clinged to her skin were vaporized. Car alarms went off in the next county.

"Mmm, easy Megan. They won't let you graduate from Crater University,"
She placed one hand on her tit. The gentle tap of her handing touching her breast sounded like a cannon going off. She giggled and talked to herself as Amber covered her ears.

"Damn girl, you aren't even trying yet. Being a goddess rules!"

Meg rolled her massive breasts together, causing a low THUD as they slammed together. Her body heated up as she aroused herself. The moisture on her skin turned to steam.

"Oh look Amber, you look so puny from up here! I think my leg's bigger than you are!"

Amber got wet again as she felt Megan's gaze pierce the towel at her hardening nipples.

"Oh fuck Megan, you really are a goddess..."

"Stronger, Amber. This is nothing."

A huge Meg-quake hit the campus, sending the entire state reeling. She rose four more inches, arms and legs flexing with the power of a trillion suns. Her whole body glowed like a star, arcs of lightning flickered from between her heaving tits. The concrete between her toes bubbled and melted. Her glowing white nuclear eyes glanced downward.

"I'm not even at twelve feet yet," 

Part 2

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Flirt


The Flirt Part 2:  

Middle School ended and Summer came. It was a time of change and growth for all my friends, just more so for me.

I realized what my special gift was and spent the Summer exploring just what I could do with it. When boys were close, I could feel their innermost thoughts and desires. I could absorb them and mold my body to match. Bigger boobs, longer legs, flatter stomach, it didn't matter. It was the greatest discovery of my lifetime.

I spent countless hours of experimentation at the swimming pool. A glance from someone was all it took but also found that a simple touch or casual flirtation made the feelings and transfer stronger. By July I had grown 2 cup sizes to a sold C, grew 2 inches in height, dropped 15 lbs and even my hair grew long and thick. I even had the deepest tan of everyone at the pool. The more I matured (and flirted), the stronger the boys desires became... and the more I wanted to change.

Each time I practiced, the transfer became easier. By Summer's end, I was a completely new woman and getting more attention than Jessica. Dumpy Meg was a thing of the past, lookout World.

My Freshman year of High School started and by the second semester I had the hottest body in the entire school... seniors and teachers included. I had to be careful though. I was the center of gossip with my Summer transformation, but could explain it as good genetics and hitting puberty. What would they say if I grew out my clothes before their eyes (I could actually do that by Sophomore year after lots of practice). I became able to control the speed of the transformation and able to pull male desires from farther and farther away. Someone staring at my body down the hall gave me all I needed to add a little more roundness in the tush.

To say I dated a lot in High School was an understatement. I never stayed with the same boyfriend for more than a month. Partly because of boredom but mostly I was cautious about them discovering my ability. It was hard to continually transform this and that when someone is intimately aware of every curve on your body.

Bigger, smaller, taller, tanner, I changed body types more than most change hairstyles... and loved it. Then something happened that changed the course of my transformations forever.


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Yu-gi-oh Meg

yu-gi-oh Meg
My friend Taylor made me my very own Yu-gi-oh card. ATK 2200, you better believe it.

Laundry Day

Meg morph
Everything's dirty... whatever will I wear today.

Thanks Mav for the fabulous morph

Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Flirt

It's been absolutely forever since I've posted here. I'm not dead or gone, just kinda moved on to other things and feel super bad. I was going through my computer and found this story "The Flirt" that I've had in the works forever and forgotten about.  It's not finished and the title isn't set, but maybe this will inspire me to finish.


The Flirt: Part 1 
The Awakening
I truly believe everyone is special in their own way, but I have a uniquely special gift. My name is Meg and this is a story of how I became... well, let me start from the beginning.

Spunky was the word most people used to describe me growing up. Great personality and attitude but not the prettiest by far. It was a nice way of saying dumpy. That all changed when I hit puberty.

The first time I noticed my special gift was at Jessica's slumber party back in 7th grade. It was late at night as overdoses of sugar and caffeine kept us up talking and laughing until dawn. We compared bra sizes since most of us were starting to develop. Jess had us all beat and was developing at a rapid pace. She was almost a D cup already and the Middle School boys were taking notice. It amazed me how stupid they acted when she walked by, even guys we've known for years.

I thought I heard a noise from outside as Jess finished showing off and put her Hello Kitty pajama top back on. I started to feel queasy and thought it was from the 5th Pixy Stix I just inhaled. This was much different than a sugar rush, more intense than anything I've felt before.

"C'mon Meg, it's your turn," shouted Diana. I wasn't ashamed of my body, it was just hard to follow Jessica’s ampleness. As I started to pull off my top, there was more noise coming from outside. I went to the window and could faintly see two boys staring at me, exposed in my bra.

I should have been mad but the queasiness hit me harder and I slumped down after what seemed like an eternity at the window. Jess dashed over to yell out at the perverts who were already running away into the darkness. She closed the blinds. We laughed. I liked the attention even though we all knew it was directed towards Jess.

She said, "Nice rack, babe" to cheer me up as I almost forgot I was partially exposed. The queasiness was gone and now replaced by a tightening in my chest. I looked down and could actually see cleavage coming from my A cup as they seemed to be spilling out. I quickly put my top back on and was quiet for the rest of the night.

Something strange had truly happened and I needed to figure out what it was.

Monday came and we had become quite popular with the boys at school as rumor of our slumber party spread. At first it was a glance here and whisper there but quickly became much more direct. While at my locker, that queasy feeling came over me again as Sam and Bill walked up. Sam and I used to be good friends, until Bill moved into the neighborhood a couple years ago. He wasn't exactly a bully but definitely liked to tease girls. The two quickly became best friends and an annoyance to me.

The closer they walked towards my locker, the stronger the feeling came over me. Their macho bravado almost made me chuckle as they tried to mimic the worst pick up moves seen in B-rated movies. Their eyes moved up and down my body, not even trying to cover the fact they were visually raping me. It turned me on, a completely new experience for me.

Instead of shying away or running, which was my first instinct, I leaned in and let out my best 13 year old version of a breathy moan. In that instance I could actually feel their thoughts and desires. It set a charge through my body, a tightening in my chest and a yearning for more.


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